River Fun

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River Fun – Chapter 1

I rolled the window down in an effort to cool off, the hot desert air whipped into the cab as I headed down the 10 freeway towards Blythe. I adjusted my Raybans, pulled off my shirt, and stepped on the gas. The AC in my F-150 worked about as well as a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest when towing my new toy; a 20′ “Ultra” speed boat.

I recently stumbled across this little treasure while I was thumbing through the newspaper on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

This boat was incredible. It roared at about 350 horse power and the paint job was an awesome set of blue flames that licked down the sides onto the engine compartment. It looked fast just sitting on the trailer. I saw it and had to get it.

About a week after I got a call from my mom’s brother Brett down in Los Angeles. He was invited me to vacation with his family for Memorial Day at the Colorado River.

Uncle Brett was a handsome guy, he was married to Sarah, a buxom brunette 10 years his junior. At 40 years old she looked closer to 30, with long dark hair usually kept in a tight pony-tail to showcase her high native-American cheekbones and pretty face. She was a voluptuous woman and her no-nonsense attitude was infamous with our family. Their daughter Morgan must be 20 or 21 by now. She was similar to her mother in attitude and the darkness of her complexion. When we were kids her pretty face was narrow if a little drawn. She was all knees and elbows at 5’2″ and 85 pounds. I saw her last about 4 years ago, just before she moved to Florida to go to FSU.

All of my friends were busy for Memorial Day weekend so I figured I would fly solo. Besides, there would be plenty of people on the sand-bars to hang out with, and people are really relaxed out there from what I was told. It was like one big 3-day long party…

I resort was NOT what I was expecting; it was more like a hodge-podge of cabins and trailers strewn about in a loose knit community known as “Palo Verde.” There were old dilapidated trailers next to nice recently built cabins. The whole community surrounded a pond stemming from the main part of the River.

My uncle and his family would not be in until about 4 so that would give me plenty of time to get settled and take a look around, maybe even go for a boat ride.

The cabin was older, and from the outside it looked weathered and rundown. I let myself in to turn on the AC so it would begin to cool the place down. The inside was done comfortably; it had that vacation feel to it. I unloaded my things in a downstairs bedroom and decided to take a tour of the surrounding areas.

I went around the side of the cabin. There was a dock for two boats down a gravel trail about 25 yards from the cabin. I also found a small shed where the golf cart would be. My uncle Brett said it should be gassed up and ready to ride if I wanted to take it for a whirl… thinking about it, getting around on a golf cart made sense; it was about 105 degrees so walking in this heat would be miserable.

When I pulled the shed door open, I was expecting an old tore-up golf cart, you know, the ones you see on retirement golf courses.

Uuumm…Yeah right…

This thing looked like a mad scientist had gotten a hold of it. It was emerald green, with a chromed out roll-cage, big knobby tires, and about a 8″ lift that made it look more like a dune-buggy than a golf cart.

I got behind the wheel and started the cart; it was surprisingly quiet as I pulled out of the shed and around the front. When I stepped on the gas my neck snapped back and the tires kicked up dust and rocks as I fishtailed up the dirt road!

The cart was perfect for the uneven dirt roads that meandered through Palo Verde. The place looked deserted when I had first arrived, but trucks and SUV’s pulling some form of watercraft began to filter in; blasting their music. I found the little general store aptly named, “The Hole in the Wall.” There was also a bar adjacent to the store with the name “The Other Hole.”

After leaving the store area I discovered the boat-launch. So I drove back to the cabin, grabbed my truck, and headed down to launch my new toy.

As I drove towards the boat-launch, an old 67 Chevy pickup truck rambled around a bend towards me, it was bright red and beautifully restored. Two young ladies sat in the front seat, both wearing dark sunglasses. I was immediately drawn to the driver of the vehicle. Thick strands of long black hair billowed about her. Her full lips were glossed with a light shade of pink glittering lipstick, which contrasted erotically with her dark skin. She wore a white, nearly transparent, spaghetti strap tank-top. Her tits were perfect and they stretched the material of her shirt.

As they approached, they stopped laughing and I could see that they were looking in my direction. The driver’s lip curled into a smug smirk, but her eyes were blocked by her glasses. I couldn’t tell what she was looking at. I lowered my Rayban’s to the bridge of my nose, and flashed a machiavellian grin.

The 1xbet yeni giriş driver pursed her lips into a sexy pucker and flashed me naughty smile…. I winked over the rim of my glasses and drove on to launch my boat chuckling to myself…. This was gonna be a crazy weekend…

I got the boat launched with a little help from a couple of guys. One of them croaked, “Duuuude, sick-ass boat bro… Bet you’ll pull mad pink with that beast!”

I smiled…This guy was off his tree…

I tossed each of them a beer for their efforts and was on my way towards the dock near my uncle’s cabin. I was nearing the dock when I noticed a small beach surrounded by cat-tail reeds. There was a narrow walkway leading up to an amazing looking cabin decorated like an old Spanish Villa.

Whoever owned the place must have mad cash! I filed that little spot away for later. It was a perfect place to take someone if I scored this weekend; and by the looks of things, my odds were pretty damn good. A few minutes later I was tied off and walking up the path to the cabin.

When I came around the shed I saw something that made my heart skip a beat; there in the driveway to the cabin was the red 67 Chevy……

As if on cue, the door to the cabin opened and out scampered the blond passenger. Her long blond hair was board straight, and fell past her shoulders. She must have been 5’10” and about 125 pounds with a body that could stop traffic. I can’t believe I didn’t really notice her before. She made my rod twitch.

She wore a black tank-top that barely covered her full tits. Her tight stomach had that sexy little crease, which lead to a pair of warm up pants. I bet she had gorgeous pins under those pants.

It struck me like a freight train……OH SHIT….the driver was Morgan!

I was totally checking out my cousin!

God! She looked nothing like the gangly little girl she was when she left for college! Her lips…sensual! Her tits… perfect… damn was she fine…

…Snap out of it nim-rod!!! She’s your cousin…

Then it dawned on me…she blew me a kiss too!… oh shit… my dick twitched a little when the implications hit home.

I jolted from my speculation and notice that the blond had stopped what she was doing and was staring directly at me….

…Had she just spoke?…

“I said Hello….” Her voice was low with a hint of concern.

A lump formed in my throat as I searched for words that would not come. I smiled lamely and took a deep breath to steady myself.

She must have known I wasn’t there to hurt her, because she smiled a moment later. She had dark glasses on but I had the feeling she was checking me out. “Are you Morgan’s Cousin?”

“Yup,” I croaked …at least I got that right….dumb-ass.

She relaxed considerably, “You scared me, we knew you were here because of your stuff, but we didn’t know where you’d run off to.” Her voice was raspy and low; very sexy.

I regained a bit of my composure, “I wasn’t expecting anyone for another hour or so.”

I made my way up to the driveway and walked around the front of the vintage truck extending my hand. “I’m Matthew, but everyone just calls me Matty.”

She looked at my hand and smirked. It finally dawned on me that she was holding a duffel bag and pillow.

I looked down chuckled, and she quipped, “That’s not the kind of hand I need.”

We both laughed at her witty response, “I’m Lindsey.” She tilted her head towards the backseat of the truck and said, “Can you grab Morgan’s stuff and bring it in?” Without waiting for an answer she turned and walked back into the cabin.

I watched the way her ass swayed from side to side as she walked up the steps to the cabin door. The perfect twin globes moved in the most enticing way. Small crescents of ass-cheek winked at me from the bottom of her shorts. “Damnnn!” I muttered.

I fished my cousin’s shit from the back of the truck and I started up the steps to the cabin. It was then that I notice that my cousin’s bag was un-zipped. I reached for the zipper to close it, but something sparkled in the sun. It was a pair of thong panties made of a silvery satin material. A thin string of diamonds connected the thong portion to the hip straps. As the bag moved the sun glinted off the material and stones like tantalizing gems. The image of these hot little panties burned into my memory as my cock came to life.

WAIT… these were my cousin’s underwear! What the hell was the matter with me…… I zipped the bag up and went into the house. It was dark in the cabin compared to outside and as my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room.

There, standing in the bathroom was the woman in the red Chevy. I could not believe that beautiful creature was my cousin Morgan. She was facing the mirror, looking down at the sink. I saw that she was wearing the same set of dark red warm-up pants as Lindsey, with a gold strip down the side…FSU… colors. I would have sworn this was a different person than the girl I remember. She had filled out in all the right 1xbet giriş places…….

Just then she pulled her long wavy black hair, which fell to the waistband of her pants, into a pony tail. My eyes continued lower…you could have bounced a quarter off her ass. Her arms went above her head and through the mirror I caught a glimpse of the best set of tits I’ve ever seen. Suddenly she stopped and turned to regard who had walked through the door.

“Matty… Is that you???” She was squinting because the sun was coming in from my back and she could not really get a good look. “I didn’t hear you pull up.”

“Hey Morg.” I said, standing there with her bag in front of my swelling prick.

She sauntered out of the bathroom toward me and stopped in surprise when she recognized my face. Then a smirk surfaced, “Look who the cat dragged in… I was wondering where you ran off to when we got to the cabin.”

She stood up on her tip-toe to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I would swear that the kiss was longer than appropriate but I shook the notion away; she was probably just glad to see me after such a long time.

I returned the hug, and her tits squeezed against my chest, they were nice and firm.

“You’ve done all sorts of growing up!” I said approvingly; stepping back to admire her assets.

“You’re not doin so bad yourself, looks like you’ve kept at the gym since I saw you last.” She chirped. Her eyes strayed down my body, and I got the feeling she was doing more than just returning the compliment.

“You can toss my bag in our room” she pointed to where I could hear Lindsey unpacking her things.

“Staying in the same room as yer friend, eh?… Batting for the other team are we?”

She snapped a wicked glance upon me and winked, “Not unless you liquor me up first.”

I laughed and jerked my head towards the ice chest, “Grab a beer.”

She painted an indignant look on her face, “My god Matty! What a perv!” Then she gave my arm a playful smack as she returned to the bathroom.

My gaze lingered on her supple form, “Your NOTHING like what you were when you left for school.” My voice was low and not meant for her to hear, but she paused at the threshold of the bathroom when I said it; glanced back over her shoulder and with a flick of her tongue, licked her pointer finger and pressed it to her sweet ass with a hiss, “Yeah, I’ve been drinking milk… you know… does a body good.”

Shaking my head I walked into the bedroom, “See… NOTHING like when you left.”

I tossed her duffle bag on the bed, and looked over to Lindsey. She was putting a light blue bikini into the dresser. As she bent over her warm-ups rode low on her hips, accentuating her prefect butt. The hip straps of a lacy red thong appeared, riding down her hips to meet at the center of her lower back, where they joined a transparent mesh tri-angle leading into the recesses of her delectable ass. She looked up, and if she caught me eyeing her back side, she gave no indication.

“Did it take you long to drive from Santa Barbara?” She asked while continuing to unpack.

“Yeah, was about 6 hours, towing the boat took longer than I thought.” I said offhandedly trying to act nonchalant while this sex-kitten, showcased all her cock-teasing undergarments.

“Must have cost you a fortune in gas.” She said.

“Your not kidding; but it’s worth it, I can’t wait to get out on the water,” My boyish enthusiasm bubbling over.

She stopped unpacking and looked up at me with her striking blue eyes. “Morgan and I really liked it when we passed you on the way in.” Then with a chuckled she added, “We had no idea who you were when we drove by. We were just admiring the boat AND driver”

She continued, “Morgan said she hadn’t seen you in years and she wondered what you were going to look like.” A smile crept across her face at the last statement as well, I thought there was more to the story than she was letting on.

I peered into her sparkling eyes and grinned, “Well, Let’s just say that the old truck was not the only thing ‘I’ was admiring when you two drove by.”

A knowing smile crossed her face, but before she could respond I headed for the kitchen and my ice chest of beers.

“Anyone drinkin?” I called over my shoulder as I dug in for a cold one.

They both chimed in, so I grabbed a few and plopped on the couch to wait for them.

We spent the next few hours bullshitting as we did our best to empty my ice chest of grog. These girls were outspoken and not the least bit shy. Each of them had dated more than their share of guys in school. Being cheerleaders they leaned towards the athletic type, but Lindsey said, as she tossed back another healthy slug of brew, “Jocks are always selfish, they’re too caught up in their own shit to really take care of a woman.”

Then she added with a little glint in her eye, “I dated a blind guy for a few months. Now talk about a giver… he used his hands in ways I’ve never…” Morgan’s smile took in her ears as she had obviously heard this 1xbet güvenilirmi story before, and she started to giggle. Lindsey looked over at her and it was over, they both fell into a fit of laughter.

I drained the last of my beer and got up to retrieve another one. As I leaned over I peered under my arm and caught the both of them leaning in, whispering together while they looked my way.

Just then some lights spilled into the driveway and I heard the healthy engine of my Uncle’s hummer shut off. Uncle Brett and Sarah must have made pretty good time. They came into the room and greeted everyone. The chatted as they unloaded their stuff into the master bedroom. They were bushed from the trip but made an effort to stay up and catch up with everything that was going on with the family and everyone’s lives. It was around 10:30 when they announced they were gonna hit the sack and bid everyone good night, they also suggested us “Kids” to call it a night since we were going to have a full day tomorrow.

We smiled, and nodded as they left the room. I turned back to the girls and they were rolling their eyes.

A few seconds later Uncle Brett’s head popped out from the doorway, “Or you guys could do what I would in your position.” With grin he was gone.

We were peeling out of the driveway in search a party before the lights had gone out… It turns out that there were PLENTY of things going. We must have stopped about 5 different places all packed with people getting shit-faced. They ranged between 18-25 and were all a bunch of misfits with too much time on their hands; basically our kind of crowd.

The girls had absolutely no problem bumming beers. Every red-blooded guy jumped at the opportunity to talk with these two honeys, they were practically forcing alcohol at them; coaxing them to stay and party at their camp. I must admit it was a rush walking into a group of people with a smoking broad on each arm.

We were at one camp, and this muscle bound no-neck was trying his luck with Morgan. He was tattered and I could tell by the way he was horsing it he had no chance. I’m not for salting anyone’s game but this guy need help. Sure enough a few minutes later Morgan’s body language showed she was looking for a way out. Ever the gentleman, I snagged two beers from an unattended ice-chest and headed towards the pair.

The muscle leered at me as I approached and tossed me a lecherous wink as if saying, “I got this one in the bag,” Suddenly he leaned in to her ear to whisper something. She shook her head and gave him a sympathy chuckle, he was oblivious… I swooped in.

The guy bristled visibly at my arrival and stepped back, appraising me. Never looking at him, I slipped a beer into her delicate hand.

“Here’y go sweetie, I lost you there for a sec.” I looped my hand around her slim and waist as I turned to face the muscle. Her skin was hot and firm, she must have hit the gym pretty regularly.

“Supp big fella…” My tone was matter of fact.

He rocked back on his heels. He was so lit-up that a whole set of emotions rolled across on his face in slow motion, anger, surprise, disappointment… it was like watching a mime on prozac.

Morgan didn’t miss beat, she snuggled up to me and stuck her hand in my back pocket…squeezing it playfully for the wanker to see.

“Thanks hon… Steve here was just telling me about his truck, and that he has a queen size mattress that fits perfectly in the bed.” Her tone was mocking poor Steve, even sober this guy didn’t stand a chance.

Steve was flabbergasted…His brow furrowed and he began, “Dude… I uh…” I cut him off with a hand. “Hey it’s cool chief, mind if WE (signaling Morgan and myself) go take a look.” As an afterthought I shot him the same smug wink he gave me about 45 seconds ago.

Morgan’s eyes popped wide at my statement, but only for a moment. His face puckered like he had just sucked on a lemon. Not wanting to be one-upped she added, “Ohhh… that sounds fuuuunnn!” she purred in a low husky tone. She she quipped, “But only if I can be on top…” She followed up with a sexy little giggle as she turned into the nape of my neck and began nibbling on my collar bone.

My jaw went slack, and the muscle looked like he was gonna pop… he croaked something in drunkish, and headed back towards the camp towards the rest of the group.

Gooseflesh made its way across my skin. Morgan looked up at me with a wicked little giggle, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you liked the thought of me on top…” With a playful pat on my ass she looked up into my eyes, the darkness added an exotic, forbidden feel to her gaze.

I leaned down to her ear, “Well, I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress… and… apparently your’re a sucker for a knight in shining armor.” I let my hand trace the small of her sculpted back and slide across her ass as I pulled away. I needed some air or things might go down a road I was not intending………..

I thought I caught a glimmer of disappointment cross her face as I grabbed her hand and led her back to the main host of people where Lindsey was waiting for us at the golf cart. I glanced over at Morg as we were walking and I saw her snap her eyes forwards like she had not been looking in my direction, but I knew better.

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