Right Neighborly Of You

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Damn, she’s cute, he thought, trying to maintain his cool while conversing with his neighbor. A funny word to describe a woman approaching 50, but it fits, he told himself. Contrary to the popular wisdom about older men and younger women, he preferred them closer to his own age, with the wisdom, experience, and maturity that brought. Plus, he liked real curves.

Lisa was indeed cute, a small, tight little package that belied her age. Five foot three, maybe 120 pounds, she worked out on a regular basis and the results were obvious in her six pack abs, her toned legs, and her small waist that curved into perfect hips and a world-class ass. Her eyes were wide set, large, and quite blue, actually drawing one’s gaze into their depth. Her dark blond hair ended at the top of her neck, and she was wearing her usual workout uniform of bike shorts, a sport bra top, and running shoes. Even sweaty she was a turn-on. Perhaps because of it.

They had first met at a neighborhood party a couple of months earlier, and even with their respective spouses within ten feet she was obviously coming on to him as they talked.

“You are so interesting. We need to get together sometime,” she had said with a suggestive smile, her striking eyes locked on his. She often stopped to chat while he worked on his yard, and apparently had no problem showing him her body. On one occasion she had told him about her hip surgery and pulled her shorts down to show him the minute scar, completely exposing her ass and bringing half her bush into view. He chuckled whenever he remembered that.

This visit had begun quite innocently. They both enjoyed photographing wildlife, and he had shared some of his better shots with her. She had seen him with his camera in his yard, and walked over. She was between jobs and he was semiretired; both of their spouses still worked and were gone for the day.

“Getting some good ones today?” she asked. “Those pictures you sent me were amazing.”

“I think I have some,” he answered. “I was just going to download them.”

“Oh, good,” she opined. “Maybe you have another one I can use as my computer wallpaper.”

They walked into his back yard. He sat on a long patio bench, klasbahis yeni giriş leaning forward to the laptop on the table and inserting the memory card. She ignored the large chair and sat down right next to him, her thigh against his and her body so close that his arm rested on her left boob. Oh damn, he thought. Her husband is one lucky bastard. It was one of the thoughts he often had when he saw a beautiful woman – that someone got to fuck her on a regular basis.

He downloaded the pictures as they made small talk, and he began to cycle through them. One was of a Great Blue Heron just taking flight, wings spread wide and its head leaning forward.

“Ohmygawd!” she exclaimed. “That one is amazing! How do you take such great pictures?” she said, grabbing and squeezing his leg.

Slightly embarrassed by her praise and flustered with the excitement of her hands on him, he thanked her and explained that many of his better shots were due to dumb luck, being at the right place at the right time with the right equipment.

“No, no, you’re better than that” she said. “You really know how to capture a scene.”

He cycled through more of the pictures, her hand resting on his leg, her body against him, her boob against his arm. He wasn’t inexperienced at philandering, but this was moving so fast that he wasn’t entirely sure how to react. Was she just being friendly? Was she like this with everyone, or were her actions indicative of a more intimate goal?

Deciding to chance it, he put his right hand on her leg, allowing his fingers to rest on the inner part of her thigh. Far from resisting, she moved her other leg away, actually widening the space between her thighs. Their faces were turned towards each other as they talked, barely eight inches apart, and her large eyes were locked on his. When she moved her hand to the inner part of his thigh he was breathless. He began to slowly stroke the inside of her smooth, silky thigh. Her hand on his leg had moved dangerously close to his junk.

As if in a scene from a movie, they suddenly attacked each other hungrily. Lips sought lips, tongues darted and explored, hands stroked and rubbed, moans and grunts intermingled. klasbahis giriş She swung over and straddled his lap facing him, bringing their bodies against each other. Damn, he thought, she feels better than she looks. His hands wandered over her torso and down over her hips, marveling at the feel of her tightly muscled body.

Momentarily breaking the kiss, she sat up slightly and in a fluid movement pulled her sport bra up over her head, exposing her small but perfectly shaped breasts, a bit larger than tea cups but perfectly proportioned to her small frame. He noticed that she didn’t have tan lines and smiled before burying his face in them, kissing and sucking and tonguing her nipples to erectness as she sighed and pulled his head tightly to her chest. He loved the feel of her bare back against his arms and hands, letting them wander down to cup the cheeks of her perfect, heart-shaped ass.

Leaning back slightly, she grabbed his t-shirt by the shoulders and pulled it off over his head. Embracing in an intense, deep kiss again, he felt the points of her breasts against his chest. Their breathing was coming almost in gasps as they clawed and groped each other.

“Wow. You feel better than I thought you would,” she said breathlessly when their lips parted. He responded with another long, deep kiss. A moan escaped her throat.

“I want you. Now,” she said, standing up and reaching for his waist. With expert hands she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, and he lifted his hips slightly as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles. A brief pause to pull off his shoes, and she completed the task. He was buck naked, his member a throbbing rod of desire and anticipation. She kicked off her own shoes and shimmied out of her shorts, standing momentarily before his hungry eyes. Not a tan line in sight, he mused. Nice. She was not one who shaved her pussy to perfect baldness, preferring a more natural look that he found enticing.

Dropping to her knees on the patio, she reached for his cock and moved between his legs. Without a pause, she took his shaft fully into her mouth and moved her head up and down its length, klasbahis güvenilirmi slurping hungrily when reaching the head and letting her tongue circle the glans. She grasped his rod at the base with one hand and used the other to reach down and stimulate her clit. He dropped his head back and closed his eyes with pleasure. What an unbelievable turn of events, he thought. Life is SOOOOO good. He buried his hands in her hair and she sucked.

Releasing his cock, she stood up then straddled his lap again. Using her left hand, she guided his shaft into her dripping pussy, closing her eyes and moaning as she lowered herself completely onto it.

This is so perfect, he mused as she moved up and down on his cock. She has the body of a goddess. He could feel the heat inside her, a literal burning sensation that stimulated him even more. Her perfect body was plastered against him, her arms around his head as his own hands cupped her ass, one cheek in each. Up and down she went, his mouth now nuzzling her neck to then kissing her full lips. She gripped his head in both hands a planted a long, passionate kiss on him, her tongue exploring his mouth hungrily. Guttural moans escaped her throat and her breathing came in short gasps as she approached release.

His own orgasm was close; he could feel his balls starting to quiver. Steady, boy, he told himself, hold it now and wait for her. That momentary distraction served to delay his orgasm long enough for hers to begin, her arms gripping him tightly to her as she felt each wave wash over her entire body. He allowed himself to go then, filling her with his hot jizz as he shook with each spasm and he grunted in release. Slowly their bodies subsided, but they remained locked in that position for what seemed like hours, neither willing to let go of the other. She cradled his head against her upper chest.

“Ohmygawd… ohmygawd… ohmygawd. I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” she finally said.

“Me too,” he replied. “You’re an amazing woman.”

“Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself,” she said with a smile. She leaned back slightly and looked into his eyes. “So, what happens now?” she asked, suddenly serious.

“Nothing except this,” he answered. “You and I both know we’re not going to make any major changes in our lives yet, so let’s just enjoy our little secret for now.”

“Works for me. Being home during the day certainly has its benefits,” she said, melting into another long, deep kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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