Returning from “Trip to Goa” Ch. 02

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Hello, friends I am sure you all would have enjoyed the story Returning from “Trip to Goa CH 01”. In this part I have shared my Mom Deepa with Asif and in return I got the chance to enjoy his Mom, Najma.

After talking to Asif, and chalking out the plan for the night I visited Asif home along with Mom. Before leaving home, I request Mom to speak to Najma aunty and tell her “as they have now tasted young boys and got sexually active. They must find a way where they can have fun everyday and not just once in a while.”

Mom spoke to Najma, “Hello dear, how are you feeling? Hardik was saying that you were not well or tired sleeping all day. I believe Hardik is coming to your place tonight. Is Asif too coming here to my place? Any idea?”

Najma replied to Mom, “No I have no idea of Asif’s plan, but I feel he should come to you as he too would like to have fun. Last night Hardik was soooo very good in bed, I can’t tell you. I am still feeling trickling between my legs. I am feeling shy to tell you, I was wet all day. Hence I was lying down all day feeling lazy. After many years I have been feeling very horny. Hence I wanted Hardik tonight to fuck me.”

Mom was very happy to note that Najma was talking boldly and she was very honest in saying she wanted Hardik to fuck her tonight. Mom said, “Najma, true same is the feeling with me too. After few years of marriage our sex life became dull. And I too was busy with household chores. Only a few years ago I got hooked onto the internet and was reading stories and videos. Then I got a new friend’s circle, who were sailing in the same boat, but they were ready to take a risk and they all enjoyed parties in farm houses where they got gigolos and had fun whenever they wanted, which I could not dare.”

Mom further said, “Most of the time I used toys. But Asif was too good, I bet. I have never had such a wonderful sex in my life. Though he was new, not experienced but his stamina, his hard-on and my god his cut dick was driving me crazy all night. Honestly I also feel the same as you. I still have a feeling of his dick between my legs. I was feeling a bit shy calling him to my place tonight.”

“Come on Deepa, you can call Asif any time, he is like your son. He wouldn’t refuse to come over to your place. Especially, if he gets to fuck you all night.” Najma quickly replied to Mom.

Mom said, “I know if I call Asif he will come running to me. But Najma I was thinking, how can we enjoy every night? I cannot call Asif every day or night. And same with you. I am trying hard to think, what is the best way to enjoy every night? If you can think of anything, do let me know. I don’t mind coming to your place once again tonight.”

Najma in a confused tone, “Deepa, I too thought over it all day. If you don’t get me wrong. I feel only one way we can enjoy having sex whenever we want. However I am not sure if you would like it or not.” Hesitantly, Najma confessed “If you don’t mind incest, I mean if you fuck Hardik and I fuck Asif. But I am really nervous. What will boys think of us?”

Mom without waiting replied promptly, “Yes you are right Najma, I too thought the same. If you are game for it let us try it tonight. And if we succeed you & I can have fun every night with our boys and exchange them on weekends. Laughing loudly!!”

Everything was pre-planned by Mom & me, finally it was decided and Mom will join tonight

. Asif overheard yalova escort his Mom talking to me and inviting me tonight. He confronted “Mom, have you called Hardik? Is he coming tonight? So you two are going to have fun!! And what about me? Mom.” Asif further added, “Please Mom ask Deepa aunty to come as well, I too have been horny and aroused all day. If you want I can show you, how aroused I am?”

Smiling in her lips, Najma said, “Oh my poor baby, just got the taste of a woman and see how boldly he is talking to his Mom?” giggling,,,, “How aroused & horny? So what do you want me to do?”

Asif kept his eyes down feeling shy, “Mom, sorry but I was requesting if you can ask Deepa to come”.

“Ok honey, I have already told Deepa to come over. She may come along with Hardik. Now be a good boy and help Momma in the kitchen to cook something special for dinner.” Najma replied looking into Asif’s eyes.

As planned, we reach Asif’s home with special dress for tonight and cards to play the game. As soon as we rang the doorbell, Asif’s eyes glowing in excitement looking at Deepa. Instead of hugging Deepa. He hugged his mother Najma, kissing her cheeks he said “Thank you Mom”.

Najma aunty spread her arms inviting me in a hug. Hugging Najma aunty, my hands reached her butts caressing and pulling her closer to my crotch. “Hmmmm” a moan escaped Najma aunty’s mouth. After finishing dinner we were ready with our plans. Mom wanted to inform everyone which was known to Asif, Najma & myself. However it was a surprise for all of us as Najma was not aware that Asif & I knew about it.

Mom, “Boys tonight if you want to enjoy more than last night? I have a plan, if you all agree to it we shall have fun all night.” She went on explaining the plan, “We have a pack of cards, Najma & me will have one card each which will be “Queen of Heart” and “Queen of Diamond”. You both should pick one by one cards from the pack, if you get “King of Hearts” or “King of Diamond” then the queen is yours till you cum. If you get “King of Spade” and “King of Clubs” then, you will be blind folded. We both will take a seat on one of the sofa chairs and you need to come to one of the chairs and take the queen. Enjoy blindfolded till you cum. Are you all ok with this game? I am sure we will have fun.”

I asked “Mom, what if you have “Queen of Hearts” and I get “King of Hearts”, will you be my queen? Looking at Najma, And if we are blind folded and Asif picks up Najma will you agree to be Asif’s queen?” “This was a direct question to both Mom & Najma aunty as this will lead to the beginning of incestous relationship.”

Najma aunty & Mom, both relied simultaneously, Najma “Hardik, now that I have been in bed with you in front of Asif. Asif can very well black mail me or force me to sleep with him.”

Mom completed the sentence, “Better we thought of giving into you and enjoying it rather than you forcing on us.”

Asif exclaimed! “Wow Mom, it’s like a dream come true.”

“So what are you both waiting for? Come on, play the game.” said Mom.

“Mom & Najma aunty had already picked their cards, and one of them had Queen or Hearts and other had Queen of Diamond. We were not aware who had what card. The Card pack was shuffled and we started picking up the cards. As luck or trick would favour. I got King of Heart and Asif got King of Diamond. As we put our cards on the table, Mom came to Asif and sat yalova escort bayan on his lap and Najma winked at me and called me to her. Tonight we were not going to separate rooms. But all four of us would play in the same room and watch each other without inhibition.”

“Asif was hungry like a wild animal, he quickly kissed Deepa and pulled her top in a moment, unhooking her bra, Asif’s hands were caressing Deepa’s boobs. In between kissing Deepa was moaning, ahaaaa A_S_I_F. She called out his name in one long word. This was her expression of enjoyment when Asif squeezed her boobs.”

“My lips were locked on Najma aunty’s lips. My hand too roamed on her boobs. Najma aunty herself unbuttoned her top and bra. Letting out her boobs free to my access. Her nipples were already erect. I took her nipple in my second and middle finger and used my thumb and last two fingers to squeeze her boobs simultaneously, pressing on her erect nipples with fingers. Najma bit my lower lips in pleasure.”

“Watching at Asif & Mom, Asif’s head was bent down sucking on Deepa’s nipples and his hands continued playing and squeezing her boobs. Deepa had arched her back giving her full breast to Asif to do whatever he likes to do. Her eyes were closed and face was literally showing the pleasure that she was enjoying. Biting her lips Mom letting out moans in a low tone.”

Najma aunty looking at Asif and Deepa, pulling herself up and pulling my head down to her boobs said, “Hardik, suck my boobies hard and make me scream. Come on my baby, look at my nipples, they are erect and wanting to be sucked hard. Ohhhhh, Yesssss baby. Ahaaa baby suck them hard and squeeze them.”

“Listening to Najma, Asif’s head turned to see his Mom enjoying with his friend. His Mom’s words gave him such an arousal, he could not hold his dick in his pants. Asif quickly got up and pulled his pants down, getting fully naked.” He said to Deepa, “Look at my manhood!, he is so eagerly waiting to be tasted by your mouth.”

“Najma who had closed her eyes momentarily dropped her head back. Came live to see her son’s fully erect dick for the first time after he became a man. She moved my tongue on her lips making a slurping sound.” She called Asif, “baby come to Momma, let me have a closer look at my son’s grown up manhood.”

“Asif’s eyes gleamed hearing his mother’s words. He came closer to Najma. She touched his dick wrapping her fingers around it. His dick was cut, purple head was shining with a drop of pre-cum. She rubbed his pre-cum around his unskinned head. Making Asif’s body shiver. Slowly she brought her mouth closer and let out her tongue to taste her own son’s pre-cum. Moving her tongue around her son’s dick head, she put her lips around his dick slowly sucking it into her mouth. Asif was in deep pleasure as his Mom’s mouth wrapped around his shaft. He has no words to explain his pleasure. He arched his back and let out a loud moan “F__U__C__K” “Mom.”

“Watching them in pleasure, I looked at Mom, she was also looking at Najma & Asif. I moved to Mom and removed mom’s long skirt and panties. Mom was wet, her pussy outer lips shining, I could not wait for Mom to widen her legs further. I buried my face between her legs and quickly started sliding my tongue on her moist pussy lip tasting her nectar. Mom moaned loudly, “Hardik, beta (son) slowly.” I continued lashing my tongue on her pussy lips. Licking it vigorously. Then escort yalova my tongue stopped at her swollen clitories, I took her clitories in my lips and started sucking it like a tiny nipple. Mom couldn’t handle it any more, she pulled my hair and forced my head towards her pussy. Also she pushed herself towards my face so that my mouth was completely locked on her vulva.” “SCREAMING loudly, ahaaa oh my god, I am cumming.” “Her hot fluid filled my mouth.”

“Hearing a loud scream, Najma stopped sucking Asif’s dick and Asif too turned to watch Deepa in total blissful pleasure. I pulled up my face and saw Najma aunty looking at my wet face. Najma aunty pulled down her salwar and panty, spreading her legs. She called me Hardik. Come, your aunty’s pussy has been on fire since last night. Come darling, give me the pleasure you gave to your Mom.”

“Her pussy lips parted easily at my touch. Her heat had reddened and swollen her entire pussy. It looked like she was on fire. I licked her dewy petals and tasted her cream. Najma aunty screamed as I trusted my face into her succulent cunt. My tongue entered deeper in her cunt, moving my tongue in and out of her sensitive cunt, sending out shivers in her entire body.” Najma aunty’s head dropped back while holding my head she gave a loud moan saying “Ohh my god, Ohh my god Hardik, yes I am cumming.”

“On the sofa chair, Mom was kneeling with her back bent forward. Asif was pounding his dick in Mom’s pussy in a doggy style. Their body slapping sound was covered in the room. Looking at Asif’s thrusting speed in Mom’s pussy, Najma aunty’s eyes gleamed, wondering how her son was pounding Deepa”.

Looking at Najma aunty’s eyes, I asked “Do you want Asif to fuck you now?”

Najma aunty, “No Hardik, you can take your aunty. Asif can take me whenever he wants.”

Asif listening to his Mom he turned and said “Thanks Mom, I love you.”

Najma aunty, “I love you too beta (son).”

“I lay on my back and asked Najma aunty to ride on me. My dick was fully erect looking at the ceiling of the room. Najma, slowly sat on my dick and started moving up and down on my dick. Her boobs were jiggling as she was riding on me. I took her boobs in my palm and started squeezing it. Pulling her down I lifted my head to suck her nipples. She continued to ride slowly. I too gave her pushes from below meeting her thrusts, sliding my dick in and out of her wet pussy.”

“After riding for 15 minutes, Najma aunty increased her speed sitting straight and jumping up & down. I placed my thumb between my abdomen and her pussy trickling her clit so that she gets more aroused. At the same time I was thrusting her from below. Trickling her clit gave her pleasure and she quickly moaned Ahaaa yess Hardik, I am gonna cum. Oh my god yes I am cumming..,”

“On the other side Asif too yelled, Deepa aunty FUCK I am cumming. He pulled out his dick and came on her back. All of us were tired, panting and sweating. We lay down for some time catching our breaths.”

“Half an hour later we all freshened up. Mom and Najma aunty wore satin long shirts with front opening and reaching upto their upper thighs. They both looked hot and sexy in their shirt. Asif & I went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks and coffee. When we came out we saw, Najma aunty and Mom were kissing each other and fondling each other’s boobs. We enjoyed snacks and coffee and the game continued all night. Asif and I both had a threesome with Najma and Deepa.

To continue….

Hope you all are having fun reading my stories. If you share your thoughts and comments. It will surely help me improve my narration and story plot.

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