Retail Manager

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Becky approached a customer after scanning the shoe store’s showroom. “May I help you?”

The woman displayed the two high heels in her hand. “Could I see each of these in a size seven?”

“I’ll be right back.” She returned with two boxes, then gestured to a chair. “May I?”

The woman smiled. “Yes please.”

Becky moved the shoe bench in front of her and sat as the woman placed her foot on it. She removed a shoe from the first box, then watched the woman discreetly raise her skirt hem enough to reveal the lack of an undergarment as Becky lifted her stocking-covered foot.

She hesitated fitting the shoe, and the woman tilted her head. “Are you alright?”

The soft voice broke her mesmerized stare. “Yes. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. Your reaction is priceless.”

She couldn’t help but glance again at the secret sensual sight and as she did, the woman discreetly spread her legs. Never had she ever had such an unencumbered intimate view. She slipped the high heel on while frequently glancing at the erogenous vision. She couldn’t help herself. She had never had anyone expose themselves to her, and she found the boldness breathtakingly erotic.

Was the woman making a pass at her? If so, what should she do?… What would she do? She blinked, realizing the difference, then pretended to adjust the shoe and straighten the stocking touching it.

No, she couldn’t. She had a boyfriend and a committed relationship…but her burgeoning inner desire said the opposite. She glanced again. Was her confusingly enamored reaction the result of being caught off-guard?

The woman closed her legs, then switched feet on the stool, and she looked up as the woman smiled before sensually spreading her legs again. “Don’t worry. Your reaction is too precious for the show to be over.”

The statement increased her breathing. Why was she suddenly so willing to see how this developed? Would she do something if given the opportunity? Could she say no, even if she wanted to? Why did she want so badly to get just a single inhale of the woman’s feminine scent? “I’m Becky.”

The woman smiled. “Such a sexy name. I hope I get to call it out.”

What did she mean? Did she just imply…? Did the woman want more? Her pulse raced.

“I’m Candace but my special friends call me Candy. Do you have a boyfriend, Becky?”

“Yes.” She knelt and inhaled as she leaned forward, hoping for a hint of the woman’s sweet erotic musk.

Candy smiled and spread her legs. “That was sexy.”

She startled. “What?”

“Your wonderful inhale.” Candy’s head tilted playfully, “…You want to get closer, don’t you.” then covered her lips with her fingers while scanning the room for eavesdroppers. “You want to taste it.”

Her heart pounded in response and her breathing quickened. “What?”

“It’s okay. I won’t tell.” She examined the shoes after Becky finished slipping the second on. “They feel a little snug.”

“I’ll get you the next size.”

“Why don’t you measure my foot instead?” The woman offered a devious smile, then Becky noticed the metal sizer’s strategic placement as it rested directly under Candy’s seat.

She hesitated, knowing she should go behind the chair to retrieve it, but her racing heart told her otherwise. She exhaled realizing the implication. Should she boldly reach under the front of the seat to retrieve it? She would almost have to put her face between the woman’s legs.

Oh, god…why did she want to, so badly?!

“Please measure it for me?”

She paused as her breathing increased again, then uttered a feint gasp as the woman discreetly lifted her skirt and slid forward as she reached under her chair.

She shut her eyes and inhaled deeply as her face moved intimately close to Candice’s raised hem while reaching for the machine.

“I love when you do that. Would you do that when we’re alone?”

The statement shocked her. “Pardon me?”

“I want to watch you inhale my scent, before you kiss me there.”

Her eyes widened. “Kiss?”

“Yes.” Candy grinned as her eyes glistened. “Don’t you want to?”


Candy raised her fingers to her mouth and whispered as she nodded with delight. “It’s okay. I won’t tell a soul.”

She swallowed hard and thought how eagerly she would comply to the woman’s every wish if given the opportunity, but suddenly couldn’t conjure a reply.

“Slip the other style on and let me walk in them.”

Becky quickly opened the other box and slipped the new pair over her stockinged feet, and Candy moved teasingly close, after standing.

She inhaled deeply again, too overwhelmed by this woman’s overflowing sensuality to hide her sudden yearning, then felt an instant pang of disappointment as the woman walked to the floor mirror in the corner.

Her eyes followed Candice’s izmit escort bayan flowing skirt as the woman continued her private show before turning and smiling. “What do you think?”

Her mouth dropped while noticing the woman’s amazing figure. She was stunning…the way she carried herself…the confidence and sensuality exuding from her.

She gazed into the woman’s dark, perfectly made-up eyes as she returned and stood intimately close.

“Such a pretty face to look down at.”

Her eyes widened and she swallowed noticeably.

Candace raised her foot and eyed the shoe. “I have to think about them. What time do you close tonight?”


“Are you working until closing?”


“Any plans after?”

“Just a little inventory in the back.” Did she really say that? She normally straightened the stockroom as the evening progressed, and left the store at closing. Her heart raced! What was she doing!?

“Is it okay if I come back at closing and make a final decision?”

She nodded as she swallowed again.

“…Adorable.” Candy took a step away, before turning and reaching in her purse. “I forgot. I have something for you.” She removed a small ball of lace and silk and held it toward her, then smiled as Becky accepted it. “I didn’t have them on for my fitting, but I wore them all day, before visiting.”

Becky’s gaze widened as she realized what was in her hand.

Candice smiled at her reaction. “I thought you might like them.”

Becky brought the wadded panties to her nose and inhaled as soon as Candy walked from eyesight, then dropped them as Candy peeked around the corner of the storefront. She could feel herself turn embarrassingly crimson as Candy waved and disappeared again, but couldn’t refrain from raising the soft silk and lace garment to her nose and inhaling a second time. For all the things she owned, this simple gift had suddenly become her most prized possession.

She watched Candice saunter into the store, minutes before closing, then casually browse the wall displays as Becky hurriedly closed-out the register.

“Should I lower the gate?”

She held the key toward her associate. “Yeah. Lock up. Then you can leave.”

He motioned to Candice. “Is she…”

“She’s a friend. We’ll leave by the service door.” She watched the associate lock the lowered gate, then took the key from him. “Goodnight.”


Her heart jumped as she heard the back service door shut, then stared at the intimate stranger.

Candice smiled after placing a shoe on its display shelf. “Are you officially done work?”

She nodded embarrassingly from behind the counter.

“Have you been enjoying my panties?”

She nodded again as she removed them from her pocket.

Candy motioned her closer, with a single finger. “Let me have them.”

She reluctantly surrendered them, then watched the sensual stranger lift her skirt and rub the panties between her legs. “I’ve been walking around aroused, knowing you have them, and I just wanted to add a little of that arousal for you. Is that okay?”

She nodded again as her increased breathing could no longer be hidden.

“Will you do me a favor?”

She swallowed hard. “Yes.”

“Bring them to your nose and show me how you’ve been enjoying them.”

Her eyes widened.


She wanted to. In fact, she yearned to. She had been enjoying Candy’s scent since receiving the prize, but Candy’s knowing plea added to the embarrassment of her desire. She raised the panties to her nose and gently shut her eyes as she inhaled the sensuous fragrance.

Candy stepped intimately close. “You like that, don’t you.”

She inhaled again. “Yes.”

“How much?”

She exhaled audibly. “Very much.”

The woman teased the tips of Becky’s light brown hair. “Say it.”

She stared into Candice’s eyes. “I love inhaling your soiled panties.”

“I love hearing that.” Candice lifted the front of her skirt and reached between her legs, then raised her glistening fingers. “Do you want a taste?”

She swallowed hard. “Yes.”

“How bad? Tell me how much you want to taste.”

Her breathing intensified. “Desperately.”

Candice inched closer. “What do you want to taste?”

“Your pussy.” She lowered her chin. “I desperately want to taste your pussy.”

“Oh, yes. Good choice of words.” Candice placed the two moist fingers at Becky’s lips. “Have you ever said those words before?”

“Never.” She released her breath.

Candice slid her fingers along Becky’s lips. “You desperately want to taste my pussy?”

She couldn’t help herself. She knew how any proper girl should answer, but she couldn’t. After spending the afternoon risking the consequences of being caught inhaling the wonderful feminine izmit eve gelen escort fragrance off Candice’s panties, her heart ached with the anticipation of tasting the source of the most sensual and erotic scent she had ever encountered.

“Lick your lips.”

She did as instructed and became instantly disappointed at the meager hint of intimate sexual perfume the amazing woman left behind.

“Good girl.” Candy’s brows rose. “Did you ever fantasize about caressing a woman’s breast?” Candice smiled at Becky’s reaction. “I love how you offer such powerful nonverbal affirmations.”

She swallowed noticeably.

“I want to feel you unbutton my blouse.”

Her heart pounded as she followed the indirect instructions, then slid her hand inside the open blouse and caressed the delicate lace bra. “You’re almost there. The clasp is in front.”

Her gaze dropped to the enticing cleavage as she unclasped it, then huffed softly.

Candice offered a playful scorn. “Are you going to feel me up?”

She hesitated after hearing the playful derogation.

“Well, are you?”

She instinctively held her breath as she slipped her fingers over the soft silky mound.

Candice glanced down at the hand inside her blouse. “You naughty girl.”

The derogatory words made her gasp as she gently squeezed in mesmerized amazement.

“Is this the first time you’ve ever caressed another woman’s breast?”

Candice’s voice broke her deep trance. “Yes.”

“Do you like it?”

She lifted it gently, trying to memorize its feminine softness. “It’s amazing.”

“Are you eager to taste it?”

Becky met Candice’s glassy gaze. “I can taste it?”

Candice stroked her hair. “I hope you’ll suckle them like a hungry baby, but first we have to find a place to play, don’t you think?”

Becky scanned the showroom. “There’s a desk in the back.”

Candice frowned, “That isn’t much of a shoe store fantasy.” then took Becky’s hand and led her to the seat she sat in earlier. “Isn’t this where you really want to fulfill your secret desire?”

Becky swallowed hard as the vivid recollection of Candice’s discreetly exposed pussy flashed in her mind, and how it had created an inner lust she didn’t know existed.

Candice primped seductively, then sat before tucking her flowing skirt between her spread legs. “Go get your little stool.”

She retrieved it, then hurriedly placed it as Candice smiled. “I love how eager you are to please me.”

She felt her face blush as she sat on the little stool at Candice’s feet, embarrassingly ashamed at being so obvious, but pleasantly ashamed by her new submissiveness.

Candice raised her skirt hem to just above her spread knees. “But didn’t you say you had a fiancé?” Her fingers covered her mouth as her eyes darted left and right. “What would he say about this?”

Her gaze widened as he entered her thoughts. “I don’t know.”

“Let’s worry about that later.” Candice casually raised the dress hem further. “Do you like where you are and what you’re thinking of doing?”

Her breathing intensified. “Yes.”

“Tell me…I want to hear.” Candy raised her skirt hem further. “It makes me hot hearing how badly you’re thinking of doing something so…provocative.” Her brows rose. “Is it me? Am I that sexy?”

“Yes.” Her breathing became almost uncontrollable as she glanced between Candice’s spread legs. “You’re unbelievable.”

“And what would you do to me if I let you?”

“I would…” She swallowed hard.

“Say it. It makes me so hot…”

“I would taste you.”

Candy tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. “Taste what?”

She glanced between Candy’s legs.

Candy lowered her skirt. “If you can’t say it…”

“Taste your pussy.”

Candice huffed playfully. “You want to taste my pussy?”

“And kiss it.”

“It doesn’t sound like you want to very badly.”

“I want to more than anything.”

“…Want to do what, more than anything?”

“I want to taste your beautiful pussy…” She exhaled then breathed deep. “I want to lick and eat your pussy, more than anything I’ve ever wanted.”

“Naughty girl!” Candy raised her dress enough to expose herself. “Are you going to regret it after you’re done?”

Her gaze lowered to the teasing view Candice’s enticing thighs offered; leaning forward slightly while she sat in eager anticipation. “No.”

“Are you sure?” Candy slid her fingertips teasingly over her clit.

“I don’t know.”

“But you can’t wait to taste me, can you.”

“Please, can I?”

“Can you…?”

Becky stared at Candice’s glistening shaved pussy. “Please, can I taste your beautiful pussy?”

“That’s what I want to hear, but what do I get in return?”

Becky leaned closer to Candice’s izmit otele gelen escort spread legs. “I’ll do it until you cum.”

“Do what?”

“Eat your pussy.” She diverted her eyes from Candice’s flawless thighs, to her perfectly made-up eyes. “I need to kiss, lick and bury my tongue in your beautiful pussy until I make you cum in my mouth.”

“A cute little innocent girl like you, with a fiancé…wants to eat my pussy until I cum?” Candy spread her legs further.

She stared at the erotic sight, shadowed by the full, open skirt Candy held in her hands. “Please…please cum in my mouth.”

“And you’ve never tasted another woman before?”

She shook her head demurely. “No.”

Candice teasingly lowered her chin. “But you want to taste my pussy?”

“Please?” She stared at the erotic sight. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Now, how could a woman say no to that?”

Her mouth dropped open as her heartbeat began racing.

Candice slid down in the chair and held her dress up, just enough to invite her under. “And you’re going to lick me until I cum?…Right here where you work?”

She leaned forward and inhaled Candy’s sweet fragrance as her head disappeared under the flowing skirt. “Oh, Yes.”

She felt Candice’s hand press gently on the fabric, and against her head. “Make me cum in your sweet innocent mouth.”

She shut her eyes as Candice’s hand pressed her lips to her sweet swollen pussy, and she opened her mouth and tasted the magnificent soft folds.

Candice fixed the dress over her, then lovingly stroked her hidden head. “Oh, you naughty, beautiful girl.”

She wrapped her arms around Candice’s thighs, then slid off the stool and knelt in front of her as she began memorizing every nuance of the sensual encounter. She had her open mouth pressed against a woman’s vagina, and it was more erotic than any sexual tryst she had ever experienced, though being with a woman was never more than a fleeting fantasy before meeting this stranger.

But her pussy tasted as wonderful as she imagined and she buried her open mouth deeper, trying to savor every moist slippery droplet suddenly spreading between them. She licked and swallowed as the delicious dew spread, registering every moment as more erotic than any previous sexual interlude.

Candice spread her legs, offering further access, then pressed her head deeper. “Do you like that, sweetheart? Is eating my pussy, everything you dreamed?”

She nodded without pause as she continued burying her open mouth inside the slippery folds, then offered an additional soft savoring sigh.

“I hope your fiancé doesn’t come by, because I’m about to cum in his girlfriend’s wonderful mouth.”

She didn’t know why, but the guilt Candy’s thought conjured, added to the eroticism. She knew the ramifications of her actions, and she knew she’d live with them for the rest of her life, but for this moment of intense desire, she had no self-control.

“You wouldn’t stop if he caught us, would you?”

She shook her head without separating from the delicious softness.

“Oh! Oh!” Candice began squirming. “…Oh, Becky!”

She felt Candice press and she eagerly sucked and licked deeper.

“Oh, sweetheart! You really have your mouth buried inside me!” She bucked against Becky’s face. “You love my pussy…don’t you!”

She did! For that moment, she wondered if she liked it more than cock.

“Oh…the security guard and I, have to watch.”

She felt the cool air as Candice uncovered her, lovingly buried between her legs, then her heart jumped as Candy’s words registered, and she looked up in fright.

“I’m only teasing.” Candice pressed her head down again. “It’s fun teasing and being teased once in a while…isn’t it?”

Her passion rose as the teasing provoked her, but she suddenly felt emboldened. Her eyes met Candice’s and her stare intensified. She had Candice where she wanted her and she suddenly felt like taking control.

She slid her hand boldly inside Candy’s open blouse as her mouth kissed with even more passion, and she watched Candy’s eyes widen. She continued staring…watching Candice’s face flush as her orgasm built, then began moving Candice’s hips against her protruding tongue, until the woman panted with delight and bucked against her open mouth.

“Oh! Oh!” Candice squeezed her thighs against her head, then quivered in ecstasy as the first rush of orgasm overcame her.

“Oh! Oh, Becky!”

She continued her erratic thrusts and writhed in delight with each ecstatic pleasure surge, then after the extended ecstasy, joyfully cooed as the prolonged orgasm began to subside.

Becky smiled as she kissed Candice’s inner thighs. “Was it everything you hoped?”

“Oh, Beck…” She struggled to catch her breath as she slid her fingers through Becky’s hair. “That was… the best.”

“The best orgasm you ever had?”

Candy nodded as her intense breathing continued. “I think it was.”

“Then I expect you to stop by every Monday to see when I’m closing….Understand?”

Candice smiled demurely. “Yes, ma’am.”

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