Resist Ch. 01

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After their graduation party Rose and Gordon head home after a hectic year of almost avoiding there chemistry towards each other because they fear that it will destroy their friendship.

“Why is it so difficult for us to be together?” He angrily looked at her and said when they were in front of her house as she drops him off.

“I don’t know what your mean we’re always together.” She tries to avoid the seriousness she feared she was about to hear.

“You do know what I mean. It’s always hard to get to you this year it’s like we lack communications. We’ve been friends for years. But this year was different.”

“Then during the summer I’ll invited you more over.” She said really as possible and cold as if dismissing his true topic whatever it was…

“You always do this. Honestly let’s get this straight what am I too you Rose.” He asked because he had loved her since they were young and they try to avoid their romantic electricity towards each other because of their friendship.

“Will to be honest Rose I love you. So there I’ve tell the truth. And also that’s the real reason why I always have to hide my real thoughts and feelings to you is because I know you would just shove me off and change the topic.” He got out of her car angrily before she could answer.

After a while she drove off but came back after realizing she needed to confess to him too.

She got up on his porch and entered his room just as he got out of the shower and tuck himself in bed.

“Carter!” She walked hurriedly to him and before he sat down in bed she climbed onto of him and kissed him. “Do you want me?” she whispered on his lips.

“Yes.” He says sleepily. She takes off her shirt and Carter got a little bit to exit and gently they lay in bed and he kissed her hard and passionately under him.

“I want you.” She said as she moans it out between their kisses.

With his silky pajamas on she snuggled to open the button of his top as he joyously fondled her breast from her bra.

He helped her with his buttons and she kissed his neck and chest.

“Please Carter.” He kissed her again and she continued on her erotic plea as he fondled her breast more and he takes off all her garments.

“You’re so beautiful. And I don’t think I can get enough.”

“Please Hurry and make love to me.” She demanded.

“Okay. I’ll try.” He gently parts her legs.

Found her wet folds and spread it for exploration.

“You’re already wet?” He dips his fingers from her juices and touched her clip. Which made her close her eyes?

“Please don’t say that.” He entered her with his fingers which startled her.

“Oh sorry Your still tight.”

He whispered through her nape as his pinch her nipples with his other hands.

“Please don’t say any more embarrassing things.” She says ash she covers her face with her hands.

He uncovered her hands and kissed her. Sucking her lips and devouring her mouth until she got distracted.

And he slowly stroke her pussy and entering her lightly with his fingers. She found the rhythm of his demanding gentle fingers.

She was observing the eagerness of his touch as she rocks harder on him holding him strongly as she shivers under his touch even more and he watch her come as she moans loudly and kissed her even harder after she came.

Her breathing was harsher and her body more sensitive as his notice and her nipples erecting ever so delight. She was wanting more and soft under his touch.

“Hamm.” He whispered when he sucked one of her breast and she felt dizzier all of a sudden as she arched her hip looking for his hardness. He pressed his hardness to her and she had to arch her hips to meet him even more.

She arch to meet his trust and hardness and he sucked her nipples he gently entered her as he kissed her left her breast and drew in for a passionately and hard kiss.

Then in the middle of entering her he realize her tightness and she squeeze his elbow in alert.

“I’m sorry. I should have comforted you more on your first time.” He whispered to her and kissed her forehead. “I have to enter you more so that it’s completely in.” She Knows.

And he says “Sorry” again as he looked at her worriedly but also wanting more to proceed because she felt so good under him. But also needed to completely resist so to not hurt her, it’s a good thing he has good restraint. She moaned and shivered as he entered her completely.

“It’s okay. I always pictured it this way. With you on top of me” She arched more to him and closes her eyes as she moaned delightfully.

“I didn’t know you could feel so warm and great inside of me.” She moans as he rocks himself softly to her fearing to go faster.

He withdraw gently on her and enters her slowly again as she arched eagerly meeting his trust. She moaned more and went onto of him.

She rides him hard and he wasn’t sure bahis siteleri if this is going to be good for her since it was her first time.

She knows he was worried about how her first time and she wanted him not to hesitate on her. She wanted him hard and fast. It was her first time but she felt he was hesitating. So she knows he needs encouragement.

Like the seduction she was thought and the novel she had read and learned. “I like how you feel so warm and hard in me.” She teased as she rocks herself and whispered between their kiss.

“Please take me harder.” He arched while she pushed rides on him slow and hard. He pushed her gently to her back and trusts deeply to her and even harder and faster couldn’t stop himself from giving it to her hard as she moaned out her name. “Yes. Please take me harder.”

“Oh gosh yes. Yes.” She moaned and scratch his back accidentally which made him went trust faster and harder as they both came together unexpectedly. He was still onto of her both breathing hard to catch their breath.

“Rose.” He watched her face as she tries feeling her arousal when he exploded.

“Gordon I think I love you.” She explained as she came so hard.

“Yes. Female feels that way when they just cum really hard.” She smiled at him as he withdraws himself to her.

He covers her with the blanket as he cuddles herself to him and she fell asleep.

“I really do.” She insisted as they both slept. “I love you too.”

The next day she already showered and waited for him to wake up. “Are you still alive? Get up.” He shoves him.

“Aren’t you sore?” He observes her and couldn’t believe she was already too jumpy and active.

“Nope I’m not. I’m all good. I have to send your blanket to the laundry so get up. There’s an embarrassing blood on it.” He observes it and she rush to cover it.

“No please don’t stare at it and get up and go shower.” She shoves him to the shower without hearing any word she shuts the door on him. After shower all the blankets and pillow cover was sent to the laundry and he came out with just a towel on.

“My clothes are out here I have to change.” He explained with his nakedness. “Why do you need to explain all the time?” She playfully grabs his towel off him and he came to the cabinet where his boxer is and wears it as fast as he could.

“Why so shy all of a sudden?” She teased as she lay down on bed and stretches herself out.

He walks closer to her and layer close to her. “Are you still sore from yesterday?” He looked at her navel bare in front of him and ran his fingers on it softly.

“No Why. She turns to him and caught her lips.” He positioned himself between her.

“Because of this.” He pressed his hardness between her legs. She pushed her to the side.

“I think we should have breakfast.” She got up and he pushed her back to him making her sit onto of him sitting up. He kissed her nape.

“Just a quick one?”

“Alright.” ………………..

That summer was their last being together because Rosy had to go to the university in Boston.

2 Years later she was at her engagement party and she was engaged Rosa was now entering the high society. When the announcer had introduced the engagement of the Jason and Rosa across the room the invited Gordon sat at the bar observing. Now with blond hair and carried herself like a noble as she graze to the room. “It’s our dear Rosa. I wonder if Lord Brighton knows she isn’t a real blonde.” Ashley… Gordon’s girlfriend said envying Rosa’s attention.

“Why don’t you find out?” He joked.

Gordon could not take his eyes off Rosa and she knows he was there but could not look at him. During the party Rosa had gone inside to rest from the chaos outside and found herself leaning at the wall in the quiet study room.

She heard a footstep and realize instantly it was Gordon and he walks silently in front of her. Both stared silently overwhelmed by their meetings that they could not exchange words so easily.

He takes her hand and pulls her for a long embrace and touch. He attempts to kiss her but her refuse and turns her cheeks around so she could kiss just her cheeks. “You can’t marry him. You can marry me.” Gordon proposed.

“Oh. Gordon you must stop thinking of our past. We are only childhood sweetheart and we can’t be more than that.”

“Why must you refuse me all the time? You don’t love me? Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll stop hoping.”

“I don’t love you like you think I could love you.”

“I don’t believe you.” He punched the wall angrily cutting his fist. She takes his hands and licked his wound as they stared more deeply.

And he attempts to kiss her again but this time not on her lips but her shoulder as close as her nape and she moans from his touch.

And she offered him a kiss as she attempts to touch her lips to his lips as he devours it hungrily canlı bahis siteleri like a beast.

Their tongues tasting and battling each other passionately and trying to match each other’s increasing pleasure.

She almost lost her senses but got a hold of herself. And she pushed away. “Goodbye Gordon.”

After days had passed and Rosa getting married in a few months Gordon lay awake unable to sleep.

Twisting and turning in bed and rubbing his head. In the middle of the night he saw lying down beside him like it was a dream.

He didn’t want it to be a dream and he lay on his side stared at her and didn’t want to move so much for he didn’t want to wake her or wake himself.

“Stop staring at me.” She woke up and pushed him to his back. She then went onto of him sitting down on his belly.

“How did you get in my house?” He asked Rose……..

“I have my ways.” She answered. Before he could ask for more and she takes off her shirt leaving only her panties.

He reached for her breast and sat up to suck on them as she attempted to hold herself from the arousal of his touched.

She moved her thighs to his now hard loin and she stretch back farther offering her breast as he feast on them. “Marry me.”

He places her to her back and forces her to spread her legs wide for him to see. He touched his hands on the soaking panties. “Were you thinking about me tonight?” He joked.

“No. And I will not marry you.” His response was quite as he pressed a finger to her clit which made her shiver. Carter takes off her panties w/o effort and spread her wet folds.

When he lowered his head she tries to close her legs and he only made it wider when she resisted.

His fingers spread her pussy lips and he licks them. “I miss how you taste.” He said as he continued to suck on her clit and licked her juices from inside her pussy walls.

“Hamm.” She offered herself to him as she rocks herself in response.

His tongue entered her pussy and she rocked forward. Then He entered his tongue deep in her as she stretches herself open and her juices were dripping for him to taste her even more.

He stroke more deeply and urgently finding rhythm as she grew more wet and offering herself from his welcomed attack on her vulnerability.

Then he lay onto of her before she came and kissed her lips. Then He enters with his fingers and pinch on her breast more.

She opened her legs wildly at his stroke, and continued rocking herself more urgently as she meets each stroke and their kissed meet passionately until she came. While moaning loudly

“Please take me Gordon Carter.” She whispered beneath their passionate kiss as he withdraws his hands from her throbbing organ.

“I don’t take I can do that to an engaged woman.” He teased reminding her wrong they are doing and that he offered her marriage and what they’re doing should be sacred if they were.

“Oh. But we are not in 18th Century Carter.” She takes off her soaking underwear and pushed him to his back. She takes his pants and shorts only to reveal his hardness and licks it teasingly as she attempts to stroke it but he holds her wrist.

“Stop it Rosa.” She quickly rubs her wet folds to his hardness and he could help but close his eyes as the feeling of her wet folds caresses him delightfully and she continued to rub.

He hold her hips and though he would push her away and he wanted to but instead he continued to richly moved her hips continuingly hitting her clit and rubbing delightfully on his hardness as they stared at each other with great passion and urgency and his hands pinching her nipples and stroking her breast as it increase more of her moans and she begs to be taken hard.

“Take me hard Carter. Please.” She kissed him hard as she begs and her wanton needs increasing. He wanted her as much but wanted her to suffer even more except he wanted to be inside her just as much.

“Marry me then.” He strokes her wet folds never increasing its stroke but only making her grow more wanton.

“Please Carter were best friends we can’t marry. But I want you so much to fuck me right now.” She increased her rocking hips but he won’t let her. So he pushed her to her back to make her wait for her agonizing delayed of coming.

He munches on her very sensitive breasts and teases her wetness with his hardness never pressing to deep or enters her. And she moaned more eagerly. And looking by her eagerness he knows he couldn’t help to take her hard as well.

“Oh please Gordon.” By her look and eagerness he knew it was time. And she screamed loudly as he enters her as the void was filled and made her felt delight. “Yes. Yes. That feels so good. Take me harder. Fuck me more.”

He enters her harder and she moaned more delightful. Rosa meets each stroke openly and grinds herself from each stroke.

She came so many times she canlı bahis forgets as he reached for her very sensitive clit for him to recharged again as he layer her down to her side. And he finds him rocking himself harder to her.

“Oh Yes. Gordon takes me like that yes.” She encourages him as they kissed harder as he enters her and as she receives him. And he came and as she came just as hard.

Few hours later they woke up. “You came inside me again without permission.” She proclaims without anger.

“It feels good when I come inside of you. It feels right also.”

He admits as he reached for her very wet folds and felt his liquid still flowing and he was throbbing from his touch and he heard her moan.

“I’m still sensitive from what we just did.” She explained.

“Do you want to bathe with me?” He offered as he continued stroking her with his fingers and she follows the rhythm of each slow stroke.

“Yes.” In the bathtub they kissed and washed each other and she grew wantonly again and found him hard as much as before.

They quickly dried themselves and moved to the bedroom.

He sat down the bed as she bends her head to suck his penis. She takes the tip of his penis and Suck him hard.

“Oh Gad you’re so good at this you had a lot of practice while you were away?” He jokes as she takes him all and he couldn’t help but lay his back to the bed.

“Not really only on Wednesdays.” She joked.

“Stop!” He regained strength before he came, sat up and she withdrew her mouth from his penis and kneeling between his legs.

“Did I do something wrong?” She asked as she got up.

“No.” He said and he spreads her legs to make her set onto of him and he layer back on the bed then he enters her more slowly as she dropped her hip to meet his hardness. She controlled the pace as he devoured the view of her wonderful pink nipples.

And he sucked bit her nipples hard. “Do they fuck you like this?” He whispered between his lips as he pinch her other nipples and she squirmed. She moaned offering her chest further to him.

“No. Only you. You’re the only one. And you’re the only one that feels so good like this.”

She moans and places her back to the bed he withdrew his aching penis and spread her legs wide apart. And caress her wet pussy lips with the hard tip of his penis and he rock between the lips touching on her clitoris.

“Oh… that feels so good.” She holds his penis and tries to put it in.

“You shouldn’t rush on these things.” He says as…

He stroke her gently and touching gently on her side and touching her more gracefully as he licks her neck and shoulders that made her shiver even more.

“Oh Gosh Carter take me now.” She moans as she became more sensitive from his every touch.

He enters 3 fingers in her wide wet pussy and she stretched out her back and pulls her hips closer to his fingers rocking her hips as if receiving every trust.

“You’re so wet and slippery.” He teases her and places his other hand to her breast and kneels in the middle. He penetrated his demanding hands in her and she stretched herself even more to make her cum.

“O Gad I’m going to come so hard!” She came and her juices came rushing even more from her pussy. She laid limb and catching her breath as he lay on top of her and entered her more hard.

She felt more sensitive as he entered her and all her pussy muscles were more aware of his heat that she shivered.

“Hm… that feels so good.” She kissed his lips and their tongue twisted each other as they suck each other’s lips.

“Come for me again baby.” He requested as he puts his finger in her clit and press on it hard as she wildly moaned in response.

“O Gad yes… ah… Fuck me harder.” She whispered as he invades her mouth at the same time.

He flips her to lie on her chest and she lay straight to the bed with her butt high and welcoming.

He bites on her butt cheeks and separated the cheeks to peak on her now red and so wet vagina.

It was twitch and making a hungry noise and he could not wait to enter her from behind.

“Do you like that?” He whispered in her ears to ask.

“Yes. Please fuck me more.” She demanded.

And he did. He holds one of her breast and sucked on them as he tortured her other one with his other hand and devour her pussy with his penis until he came inside.

And they kissed passionately and finished washing themselves.

“You came inside of me again.” She joked and splash water on him.

“Will it feels good coming inside of you and besides I have my word that I’ll take all responsibilities.” He touched her belly and she shoved it laughingly.

“Do you like my hair blonde or brunet?” She asked as they climbed back to bed and they cuddled.

“I like both. I’m familiar with the brunet but with you blonde I see no difference though you’re beautiful in every way.” He hugs her tightly and both fell asleep deeply. In the morning she tried to get off him so she could leave and as she did and then he hugs her tightly.

She wanted to stay but knew it would only make things complicated.

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