Remembering that Night

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Female Ejaculation

Early Friday afternoon, a co-worker approached me asking me if I had anything exciting planned for the evening, I looked at him, smirked my “oh yeah right” sort of smirk, and replied,” Oh yes, I have hot date with the television waiting for me tonight, there is never anything exciting going on at my house unless of course you consider being bitched at for hours upon hours exciting, why what do you have in mind?”

“Well a friend of a friend of mine is throwing some kind of party tonight and we have all been invited, why don’t you come down, and hang out with us for a while.”

“You know what that sounds like a good idea to me, I could use to get out of the house for a while, what time is this party?”

“It starts at seven O’clock and if you want to you could come with me, I am going alone anyway.”

“That’s alright I will follow you, meet me here at six thirty and we will go from here.” As my day continued I kept thinking about what my friend had just invited me to, its been what seems like forever since I’ve actually gone out anywhere without “Her” attached to my hip. Finishing my day I actually was quite excited to be going out and really looking forward to it, although I knew when I was to tell her, she would have holy shit fit, but I didn’t care, I was going and that’s all there was to it.

Arriving home that evening, I found that she wasn’t home, I was so glad about that, as I walked past table, I noticed a note that was left for me it read, “Be here when I get back” hell she couldn’t even sign it, that’s just the kind of bitch she really is, well the joke was going to be on here because I wasn’t going to be there. I went into the bedroom, picked out what I wanted to wear; yes I got to bring out my “I’m going out” clothes you know the ones we men can’t wear after we enter that marital institution. Stripping out of my every day work clothes, I entered into the bathroom and started the shower, getting into the shower, turning my back to the water, allowing it to beat down on my sore and tired muscles, the water cascaded down over my chest, down my belly and over my shaft, causing it to rise, yet don’t ask me why, but the thought of an evening out away from here was arousing to me. I knew however I couldn’t leave in this state of arousal, I needed relief, and I needed it now. This was my way of guaranteeing that he would behave tonight, even though it’s been eons since I’ve had escort sincan any kind of sexual contact with anything other than my right hand, wrapping my hand around it slowly I began to jack it from base to tip and back again.

I continued my generous attack on my own thick, hard, and throbbing shaft as my head went back against the shower wall, feeling my balls beginning to tighten, my shaft growing harder in my hand, I let out with a holler so loud I swore my neighbors could have heard me as spurt after spurt of cum shot out of the head like an active volcano hitting the back wall of the shower. My body began to spasm from release. Getting my wits about me, I washed myself up and proceeded to finish getting ready for the evening. As I finished putting on my clothes, I combed my hair, and just as I grabbed my leather jacket, throwing it over one shoulder, I looked into our full length mirror, and was pretty impressed with what I saw. I grabbed my keys off the table, and I was off to meet my buddy. When I got to work I figured I would be the one waiting for him, he is never on time for anything, but he’s a pretty cool guy, and to my surprise he was already there, he waved at me, and I back to him as we headed out.

Twenty minutes later we arrived in front of this house, no actually its not a house, its more like a damn castle, this place was absolutely huge. Shortly after we stopped a guy came to my door, and asked to park my car, Oh yeah now I was in heaven, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s parking my car, why should I do it, if someone wants to do it for me, I gladly let him do it. My buddy and I walked to the front door, as he rang the doorbell, someone in what seemed to be a uniform answered it. I was floored when we walked inside, marble everywhere, and chandeliers of crystal. God this place was amazing. I looked at my buddy and laughed.

“Where the hell are we, in the tajmahaul?”

“It seems like it doesn’t it?” he replied. Just then the same person that answered the door, asked very politely to take our coats, and then showed us into the main room where this party was being held.

As these two great big doors were opened my eyes landed on this goddess that stood before me, her long burgundy hair flowing over her very shapely and ever so sexy shoulders, she had a magnificent body, that was well defined in her long red dress, that showed off the side of one leg nicely, ankara escort as this dress had a full length slit in the side. I stopped instantly, and I swear all the blood in my body ran instantly to my shaft, as he was again coming to life. I just continued to stare at her, when my buddy snapped me back.

“Man, are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Oh yeah I’m fine. Let’s go get a drink.”

“Walking past this woman, my mind was swimming with nothing but thoughts of her, to me this seemed pretty strange but for some reason I just couldn’t help it. My buddy and I made our way over to the bar, I had a beer, and he had some kind of crazy drink that I’ve never heard of before. We ran into some other co-worker friends of ours and began to talk with them, talking about our day at work, and all the crazy stuff that’s going to be happening. Yet even then I could still only seem to think about her. I turned my head briefly to see if she was still there, and she was gone. I looked around the room scanning to see if I could find her but she wasn’t in sight. When suddenly out of the blue, I felt someone brush up against me, as a hand passed over my ass, across my pocket that my wallet lives in. I jumped and covered that pocket, my wallet is always one of the first things I protect, yes my wallet, then my livelihood. As I turned to see who had brushed against me, that smile flashed in my eyes like a flash bulb on a camera. God she was breath taking, her beautiful brown eyes sparkled like the moon reflecting over a blanket of freshly fallen snow, I wanted to stop all time and capture that very moment, that wonderful look in her eyes, the tenderness of her soft sweet smile, but in a flash she was gone. I tried to return my thoughts to the conversation that was being held between all of us, however it was almost hopeless.

The conversation seemed to go on for hours, yet it was only a few minutes later when I infact once again had that same brushing again. This time I didn’t dare to turn, I was afraid if it was her she would be gone again, and by now my throbbing cock just couldn’t take it. My buddy looked over at me and gave me a devilish sort of look.

“Uh oh buddy, someone has her eyes on you.”

“Oh come on now, get out of here who would possibly be watching me?”

“You know who, I saw you staring at her when we first walked in here tonight, all I can say to you is you etimesgut escort bayan better be nice to her…she signs your pay check man.”

“Oh yeah right sure she does.” I replied in disbelief.

“I’m telling you, when our company was purchased, it was her family that purchased it, and she owns it.” As he was saying all this to me I began to wonder if it was really true or not, “could she really be my boss? Does she really sign my paychecks? “

“Your friend is really smart, he knows what he is talking about.” I hear whispered to me in the sexiest of a voice. Taking my hand, I was lead into the middle of the living room; she pulled me down onto the couch next to her, and just stared into my eyes. As I went to say something, she wouldn’t let me; she covered my lips with her finger.

“You don’t have to say a word, all you need to do is allow me the time with you tonight.”

“But I…”

“Not a word, not one word” was all she replied. Slowly she leaned into my body, her erect nipples so erect they could have cut glass pressed into my chest, her fingers running into the back of my hair. Her full and luscious lips pressing softly against mine. I was so overtaken by feelings, and emotions, and the intoxicating scent of her wonderful perfume, it’s like suddenly this big and I do mean big room was now completely empty except for her and I.

In a matter of seconds I had this gorgeous woman now straddling my massive erection that was tenting tightly against my khaki pants, her tongue probing at my lips wanting inside my mouth, my lips fell captive to her tongue my mouth accepting her advances. Our tongues began to tango, dancing the passionate of dances. Feeling her opening my pants, my erection now freed and in the palm of her hand, feeling her wetness rubbing against my shaft, it was all I could do to hold back from releasing. She still didn’t say a word to me, moving her thong aside, she envelopes my entire length with her hot, and very wet pussy, her muscles closed down around my girth, sucking me deeper inside. Her magnificent hips began to roll on me, as her pussy grinds even deeper. Her wetness now covering my shaft, as her juices began to run down over my tightening balls. Her soft moans in my ear, turned to passionate, animalistic growls, as her pussy tightens tighter around me, her body began to tremble. Wrapping my arms tightly around her we rode through wave after wave of heart stopping orgasms. As our bodies began to settle, she looked deep into my eyes, and whispered…”there’s more for you after all are gone tonight”…she kissed me one last time, and arose off my lap, and was off until the party was done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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