Relaxing By The Pool

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Bob had had a long journey. The flight was tedious and now dehydration was making his mouth so dry, too much wine on the flight probably. It was always weird landing in Australia, jet lagged and disorientated after the 22 hour journey, but it was over now and Bob was looking forward to some sleep.

He checked in at 2 pm but despite the nice shower and the overwhelming tiredness, he could not get to sleep, it was the middle of the day!

He decided to go down to the pool and have a couple of drinks next to the water and relax, he was sure he would soon get tired enough for sleep.

The pool was quiet, except for 2 lads who were playing water polo and one girl on the opposite side sunning herself. Bob didn’t concern himself with any of them and sat down with his drink that he had brought up from the pool terrace around the corner.

Bob settled on to a lounger and took a sip of his drink. The lads got out and towelled off and Bob noticed how young and muscular they were, and wistfully remembered when he looked like that! He wasn’t in bad shape now, in fact he was still in good nick, but he often pined for his bachelor days now he was married. He was happily married, but his business took him all over the world and he sometimes got lonely, and over thoughtful.

As he had been thinking the boys had disappeared and the girl was sat up stretching, it looked like she had fallen asleep. She got up and Bob then noticed how beautiful she was. She must have been 5 foot 6 inches tall approximately and she had beautiful long dark hair. She had shades on so he couldn’t tell her age, but she was a beautiful young woman, and had a wonderful body, so curvy, large breasts, pressing against her one-piece costume. Bob realised he was getting aroused and shifted uncomfortably, aware his cock had grown erect in his swimming shorts.

At that moment the girl chose to walk around the pool to the springboard. Bob was mesmerised as she elegantly strode around, her body so young and toned, it was obvious she was very athletic, and Bob felt a warmness fill his belly, nerves and sexual desire all as one. The girl walked straight past him and glanced and smiled, Bob’s heart nearly flipped, now without her shades, he could feel himself melt in the chocolate brown eyes that had looked at him.

He was very conscious that she must have noticed his now raging hard on inside his shorts, but she said nothing. Instead she dived elegantly into the pool, and swam a length under water. güvenilir bahis At the other end she pulled herself out of the water and the sun shone off her smooth glistening skin.

Bob was mesmerised, his tiredness seemingly gone. The girl then walked down to the bar and returned towards him with a drink, in fact two, one for her and Bob looked around to see who the other was for, but could see no-one. Then the girl approached him, his heart was thumping in his chest, he was sure she must have heard it! She sat down next to him,

“Hi, my name is Helen, I hope you don’t mind but I got you the same again,” as she passed him a bottle of beer, and swiftly took a long gulp from her own bottle, the cold lager tasting good to her.

‘Not at all, thank you’ Bob managed to stammer.

“I have not seen you before, have you just arrived?”

‘Yes I have just got in from the airport, I have a meeting in the City tomorrow, but despite my jet lag I couldn’t sleep’, Bob went on.

“It can be tricky can’t it, I don’t travel much but my parents occasionally take me abroad, and I get tired too,” Helen said.

It was only the that Bob realised that this beautiful woman must only be about 19, her skin was so young and smooth, her breasts full, but pert and firm. Shit he was almost twice her age, but despite this he could not withhold his sexual excitement.

“I noticed you looking at me, so I thought you might want to chat?.” Had he been staring, Bob realised, his actions were a bit scatty, the jet lag was affecting him more than he realised.

“Don’t worry,” Helen went on, “I don’t mind, I like it when good looking men find me attractive,” her confidence was unerring, “I was bored anyway, my parents have gone up the coast for the night to visit relatives, but they are boring so I decided to stay here and do some reading.” She looked up and took another large swig of her beer. Bob did likewise, almost finishing the beer in one, his nerves shot to pieces by this confident young woman, who he realised was coming onto him. The situation both scared and excited him!

“So what’s your plan for the day now you can’t sleep?” Helen asked.

‘I hadn’t given it much thought, I was hoping to get sleepy, but it isn’t happening’, Bob replied.

“Why don’t we do something together, we are both alone and could do with the company I bet?” Helen said flirtatiously. At the point she stroked his knee and looked at his shorts, Bob was so conscious of his hard cock inside.

‘Sure’ güvenilir bahis siteleri was all he could mutter, the beer the jet lag and the sun were making his head swim with all sorts of thoughts.

Before he realised what was happening, Helen was sat next to him, on the edge of his lounger and was stroking his leg, she didn’t say anything but stared straight into his eyes, her hand caressed him and reached inside his shorts, he gasped as he felt her fingers enclose his hard shaft. “What’s this?” she teasingly said, “you appear to be all turned on.”

At the same time as she gripped his hardness she began to stroke the damp material of her swimsuit between her legs, and let out a little moan. Bob couldn’t believe what was happening, and was totally oblivious to the fact they were outside, all he knew was he wanted to fuck this beautiful young woman, and he was fast getting the impression she felt the same way.

She moved the material of her costume to one side and allowed her fingers to part her own lips, allowing Bob to see them plunge into her own wetness. She was lost to herself now, but maintained her grip on his penis, stroking it expertly. She didn’t open her eyes but whispered, I need this thick cock, deep inside my wet pussy. She moved and straddled Bob, releasing his shorts, and freeing his raging hard on. His cock sprung upwards, the hot sun making it tingle.

“It’s so big, it will fill my cunt so well,” Helen purred, she seemed to have become a different person, and there was no stopping her now, not that Bob had any such thought, he was just as desperate to be inside that beautiful wet cunt, he wanted to be engulfed by her young tightness.

Helen unhooked her shoulder straps and her breasts sprang free of her costume, her dark nipples protruding proudly, she tweaked one and grabbed one of Bob’s hands and pulled it toward her, “feel me, touch me, use me like a dirty little slut, because that is what I am, I am your whore for the rest of the day, fuck your little whore.”

Bob was speechless, but more turned on than he could ever remember. He stroked Helen’s breasts as she rubbed her clit hard, he could see her wetness, her firm breasts flushing red with excitement, her nipples rock hard under his touch. He leant forward and took one into his mouth, sucking hard on it and biting it gently, making her shudder with pleasure. “Oh yes use me you dirty bastard, I am your little sex toy.”

She moved a little and raised iddaa siteleri her hips, all the time rubbing her clit, building her excitement. Bob’s cock was fully engorged, standing proud and his glans was stretched thick with blood, desperate to be inside this woman. She grabbed his shaft and teased herself, rubbing the tip of his cock between her parted lips covering it with her wetness and groaning out loud as she had her first mini climax as she rubbed her clit. Then in one swift sliding movement she plunged down on his rigid cock. It took both of their breaths away, they gasped in unison as she squeezed her tight cunt onto his thick swollen cock.

She began to rock, her breasts jiggling impressively before Bob’s eyes, he could not believe how good she looked or felt, not only that but she was horny and dirty. “Fuck your little whore, please fuck me.”

Bob didn’t need the invitation he was going to anyway, but her moaning and dirty talk only excited him all the more.

She lifted off him and turned around presenting her arse to him, her wet pussy open and waiting. He took no time in moving into position and plunging his thick cock into her wet hole. She bucked and gasped beneath him. “God yes, do me like the slut I am, fuck me doggy style you bastard, make me cum.”

Bob banged into her frantically and animal like, her grunts and moans spurring him on. He wet his finger and pushed it into her ass hole, making her scream with pleasure, “Oh yes fuck me sir,” she gasped. Her tits hung impressively as Bob fucked her mercilessly. He knew he would cum soon, and wanted her to too. He finger fucked her ass faster and pounded his thick cock into her wet cunt. She was close, and she reached for her hard clit and rubbed it frantically.

Bob pushed harder, and could feel her cunt tighten on him, ‘take it all you little slut, take my big thick cock, and cum for me’, Bob was really in the mood now, and his animal like grunts and fucking were driving Helen wild. She bucked beneath him as her orgasm rushed through her loins and belly and swept into her chest. Bob felt his semen rise, his breath quicken and his neck go hot as his orgasmic rush exploded over him. Helen came 2 or 3 times as the floods came over her, Bob’s cock pumping spunk deep inside her cunt.

After some minutes they collapsed forward, exhausted from the sex. Bob whispered in Helen’s ear his room number, and withdrew, leaving her exposed, looking dirty and slutty, but she didn’t acre and loved it.

When she turned round Bob had gone. She covered herself and smiled, and dived in the pool to cool down.

Meanwhile Bob was in the lift to his room, breathless and stunned at the turn of events, and the afternoon was young as yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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