Rebecca’s Birthday Treat

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Hmmmm…well, if I’m ever going to do it, today has to be the day. After all, it’s my birthday today and a girl should have what she wants on her birthday, right? And today, I want to eat, be eaten and fucked by my counsellor, Ramon.

You see, I have this counsellor at uni that I have had the hots for. I’ve had a crush on him since he started, not quite sure why, but he’s leaving today.

Not quite sure why? That’s not true. You see after a few sessions with him in which we mainly discussed sex, I mentioned that I never knew what a ‘quickie’ was.

So one day, at the end of our session in which we discussed my not liking to wear panties out in public at times, he got me to lean over his desk. I guess he was pretty turned on by our discussion. So was I.

He pulled up my skirt and parted my legs with his knee. I heard him unzip his pants. He pulled down my panties and I then I felt this thick, hard cock slide inside me.

Totally un expecting anything like that, he took my breath away. He fucked me, hard and fast, and then I felt him pull out as his hot gooey cum spurted onto my tight rounded butt. He told me that was a quickie as he wiped my butt with tissues.

I left that day, totally unsatisfied. I went home to my room, hopped onto my bed and satisfied my aching pussie with my fingers, but vowed to really satisfy myself with Ramon one day soon.

You see Ramon has this wonderful voice, big strong hands, and a little glint in his eyes whenever I flash too much leg at him in his office since that day. He wears a fancy religious robe. And apart from that one time he fucked me, he has the strangest effect on me. He’s tall, brown skinned, big hands and a wedding band, but that didn’t worry him, and that only makes me want him more.

I am not so tall, creamy white skin, brown hair and brown eyed. At times all I can do is think of me and him together. Intertwined limbs, dark & light together, just like creamy milk chocolate & rich dark chocolate…..mmmmmm chocolate, another favourite of mine, but lets not get side tracked.

Like I mentioned during our counselling sessions we’d mainly talk about sex. I never really did have a problem to discuss, other than like I said, I loved not to be wearing panties under my skirts, but it was the only way I could get to spend 50 minutes with this hot man each week. I’m sure he knew I didn’t need those sessions with him, and probably thought I wouldn’t come back after he fucked me, but I think he enjoyed them immensely too, although we never ‘quickied’ again. I’m sure he was turned on by our talks, because I was, but it was hard to tell with that big religious robe he always wore covering him.

I always made sure I was wearing a skirt to my sessions and I always caught him trying to peek up my skirt. He had told me several times that he often thought of my lovely legs and hot butt.

It’s my last session with him today. I booked his final appointment at 6.30pm. As I enter his office, he takes my hand and we kiss cheek to cheek as we usually do. I notice there is a new black recliner in there and he explains that it got delivered today and belongs to the sincan escort new counsellor that is replacing him.

I’m smiling moving the across the room to have a better look at it. It’s black, it’s leather. I lean forward to touch it, it’s soft. As he turns from locking the door, he indicates for me to have a seat on the recliner.

As I sat on the recliner, he came and stood in front of me. He asked me to lay back. As I parted my legs, his eyes followed up along my legs, to my creamy thighs and beyond. I heard him suck in his breath. I forgot to wear panties under this floral skirt. Or did I really forget? Oh well, lets go on.

I noticed he became a little flustered as he started telling me this would be our final session as he walked around in his robe and I got comfy.

“Rebecca, am I right in saying that I haven’t been able to help you with your problem of not wearing panties under your skirts?” he asks.

“Why would you say that sir?”

His voice becomes harsh. “Are you wearing any now?” he asks me.

“No, would you like to see?” I replied.

“Rebecca, you have teased me since we started our sessions. Would you like me to look?” he whispers softly.

I didn’t answer, I simply reached down and eased my flowing floral skirt up my thighs, exposing more of me to him than he had ever seen. My legs together, my hand stopped moving, as my eyes meet his making sure he wanted me to keep going. He nodded his head and I moved my skirt up, right over my thighs, revealing my perfectly trimmed pussies landing strip and puffy lips.

I saw him swallow and move forward. He didn’t speak to me with words. He just moved his hand forward, his eyes asking if he should continue. I nodded my answer.

His hand eased up my thigh, pausing at my slit. His finger gliding over it and along the short fuzzy landing strip before sliding back over my slit again. As I watched his index finger slide into my slit, in between my puffy pussie lips.

He moved his long finger back along in between my lips and slid it back and forth. I reached forward and my index finger joined his. What a sight that made. My white finger, his dark finger being hugged by my creamy white pussie lips. I parted my legs slightly and put his fingertip on my clit and we started rubbing it together.

He looked at the door to make sure it was locked. It was. I took my finger away and left him to pleasure my clit with his finger as I slid my fingertip into his mouth.

He just looked into my eyes at first, then a smile broke out on his face. He slipped his finger off my clit and into my mouth. I sucked and licked up my own juices with the same relish I was going to be using on his thick, hard brown cock shortly.

He leaned forward placing his lips on my landing strip, before moving his mouth down a little further till I felt his wet tongue sliding around over my pussie. His mouth never leaving his target, he moved around to the front, parted my legs further and set about consuming and pleasing the birthday girl with his lips and tongue.

Just when he had a firm grip on my clit with his lips and I my hips were starting to ankara escort ease up and fuck his face, the phone rang. And rang.

With clit still in mouth and me on the verge of cumming he mumbled “I have to get that,” and moves to the phone.

I’m so close to cumming, I can’t wait. My hand moves down and takes over where Ramon left off and as he discusses how much longer he’ll be at work with someone on the phone, he watches me as I start pleasuring myself with my fingers as my eyes lock with his again. As my hips gently sway off the recliner, he talks on the phone and starts stripping off his clothing. As my fingers pump inside me he pulls out the brownest, thickest, hardest cock I have ever seen in my life and starts stroking it.

Mmmmmmmm and as he does that stroking thing to my next conquest, my fingers continue to pump and ever so silently, as he strokes and watches me…..I cum. I cum twice to my own fingers.

The phone call continues, I can tell its his wife and he can’t shake her off the phone. I move off the recliner, discarding my top, bra and stepping out of my skirt. I move over to the table where he sits on the edge, still talking and stroking his cock. I run my finger up and down the length of it, and around the tip. I remove his hand and replace it with mine as she continues to talk in his ear.

My gosh, it’s so thick, so brown, like a nice big chocolate bar. My mouth moves to it. To the head at first as he leans back on his desk a little. I suck it into my mouth and move my hands to his balls. Big, thick, heavy, full of the cream I want for my birthday.

This delicious brown cock is my candle to blow and his creamy cum is my delicious cake to savour, eat and swallow.

Who says a girl can’t have her cake and eat it too?

With his hand in my hair and his cock deeply buried in my hot wild mouth, the phone call from his wife comes to an end.

He replaces the handset and with both hands in my hair, I taste his precum.

His hands tighten in my hair and he forces my head down further onto this cock, I feel the tip pressing against the back of my throat.

Too far. I back off a bit, feel the head swell, feel the first spurt, then another. I swallow. He pulls on my hair again, another spurt…mmmmmmm god I knew he’d taste this good.

His balls still in my gentle grasp, and another spurt. I swallow again, taking it all in, not wanting to waste a single drop. I feel him relax a little, and then another spurt. Mmmmmm, delicious. I swallow this last drop of cream and ease his cock gently out of my mouth.

He has a deeply intense look on his face and when our eyes meet his handsome face breaks into a beautiful smile. He reaches up and wipes the side of my mouth with his finger. A drop of cum escaped my hungry mouth, so I’d lick it off his finger.

He takes me into his arms and we kiss. We kiss wildly, deeply, passionately and hungrily as if we can’t get enough of each other. Our tongues intertwine as our bodies intertwine.

He whispers to me that he’s never been with anyone like me before or wanted anyone as badly as he has me.

I simply nod, and whisper back etimegut escort “I want you to fuck me. Now!”

He moves off the table, and sits me on the edge where he just was. He parts my legs, moves in close and rubs the head of his cock up and down my wet, swollen pussie lips. He finds his spot and gently slides that dark, thick, chocolate coloured cock inside my love nest.

He thrusts forward, mmmmmmm, feels so good, looks just as good seeing the colour contrast as he fucks me. I let him fuck me this way as we kiss for a few minutes. Then I reach down between us, flick my fingers over my clit as he fucks me, and again I offer my fingers to him to savour. As he licks my fingers, he slows down the fucking. I gently push him back, take his hand and lead him to the thick pile rug.

He sits down on the rug. I get down on my hands and knees and crawl towards him. His eyes wide open, I crawl right around him as he sits, cock erect and hard watching me. I wiggle my butt in front of him and he leans forward and kisses each cheek as his hand slides up between my thighs and his finger slides inside me. I sway back and forth a little on his finger, but its not really what I want from him.

I turn around and as I kiss him on the lips, I gently push him back so he’s laying on the floor. I move down his body, kissing his chest, nibbling on his nipples, working my down to that hard, erect cock. I take the tip into my mouth again and swirl my tongue around it, sucking it tenderly. I hear him moan…I move away and stand up.

I stand above my counsellor, my legs on either side of his head and slowly squat down so that my pussie is spread across his face.

My pussie touches the tip of his nose, sways back little and tips his chin as I feel his tongue begin licking up the juices already flowing from my happy little pond.

As I squat dance on his lips, while my pussie dances with his tongue, he makes me cum in gushes…my birthday nectar gushing onto his face.

My pussie throbbing with pleasure, I move back, still squatting, spreading my juices along his chest, over his tummy, down to his rock hard cock. I raise myself up a little, take hold of his cock, position myself right over the tip. I lock eyes with him as I slide my creamy, and I don’t just mean white, pussie down onto his chocolate coloured cock.

He puts up his hands, I take hold of them and begin sliding up, down, up and back down on him. As we gaze into each others eyes, our fucking pace increases.

I ride him, up, down, up and down, fucking him like I’ve always wanted to. Fucking him hard. He’s fucking me back just as hard, his hips bucking up off the floor.

And then I feel it, I can’t take anymore, and I see in his eyes that he can’t either, he’s going to cum….we’re both going to cummmm together, I’ve wanted this for so long.

Eye’s still locked on each other, cock about to explode inside me, he whispers, “Happy Birthday, Bec,” as his cock explodes inside me and my pussie gushes more of her juices all over his cock.

This orgasms seems to go on forever, or was it just me cumming over and over again on this cock I’ve dreamed of for so long.

Finally, I lay forward onto his chest. His cock still buried inside me, his arms go around me.

Exhausted, spent, but totally, totally satisfied, just like a girl should be on her birthday. Right?

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