Reach Out and Touch Someone

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Copyright LB_2006, all rights reserved. This is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is entirely coincidental.

This story picks up where “The Sportin’ Club” ends. Each stands on its own, but you may want to read the first story to understand the history of the characters. Thanks to all who gave me feedback on my first effort – as always, any and all comments are appreciated.


The phone in the kitchen rang, and as usual I ignored it. Three rings in, I realized that Kim wasn’t going to pick it up, so I stumbled out of my chair and leapt for the handset, hoping to beat the answering machine to the pick up.

“Hello?” I answered, slightly annoyed. Chances are at this hour it was going to be a telemarketer anyway.

“Larry?” said a somewhat familiar voice. I tried to place it, but came up short. It didn’t sound like a telemarketer, so I replied.


“Hi Larry, this is Brenda. We met at the club in Nevada?” She phrased it as a question, but I knew who it was as soon as she said her name.

“Hi Brenda. How are you?” I replied, hoping that she was in town and horny.

“Oh, I’m great. I just came into town to see an old roommate, but she doesn’t get back into town until Sunday. If you and Kim are around, I’d love to get together.”

“Um, sure thing,” was my response, but I had no idea how Kim would take it. “When?”

“Well, I’m free tonight. I’m at the Marriott and have a rental car, so if you gave me directions I could pop on over. If it’s cool with you and all…”

I needed to stall for just a second. I thought it was cool, but needed to feel out Kim. Having meteoric sex with a high end call girl at an out-of-state brothel was one thing; inviting her over to your house was something else entirely.

“Hey Brenda, can you hang on for just a sec? Let me see what Kim is up for?”

“Sure thing, Larry.”

I put the phone on hold and padded back to the bedroom. I caught Kim on the exercise bike.

“Hey babe,” I said, trying to sound calm, “Brenda is on the phone.”

“Brenda?” Kim asked, “You mean Brenda from the Sportin’ Club?”

“Yep – that Brenda,” I answered, even though the total population of Brendas in our list of friends and relatives was exactly one, “She wants to know if it’s OK to pay us a visit. She’s in town and can come over tonight.”

I expected a pause, or even some slight uncertainty. Instead, Kim greeted me with an enthusiastic “Sure, but if she’s close I’d better jump in the shower.” So much for any nagging doubts.

Thumbing the phone back to life I said, “Kim says she’d love to see you” and proceeded to give her directions. Like Pavlov’s dogs, I was beginning to exhibit a conditioned response to the sound of her voice. Mine had nothing to do with salivation.

I cracked a bottle of red wine to breathe and put some Robert Cray on the stereo. Pouring myself two fingers of bourbon, I tossed it back and waited for the night to unfold.

Kim came out of the bedroom wearing a little black dress and a mischievous grin. I couldn’t help myself, so I asked, “What are you wearing underneath that? You look hot, by the way.”

Kim glanced at me and smiled. Turning away from me she bent over and ran her hands down her legs. When they got to her ankles, the dress had hiked up enough to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Her magnificent ass came into view, and she asked me, “I hope this is OK.”

“You look fucking amazing,” was my response. I was thankful I’d downed the bourbon, because my nerves were already on edge. Clearly, there was no doubt in Kim’s mind about what would happen here. Still, I thought it best to raise the issue.

“Are you sure you’re OK with this?” I asked.

“I’m sure.,” was Kim’s reply. Issue settled.

The stereo belted out lyrics about playing in the dirt, and I was trying to decide if another bourbon would be a good idea when the doorbell rang. Kim rose from the couch, looked me in the eye and said, “Let’s go greet our guest.”

Brenda stood in the harsh light bahis siteleri of the motion sensor on the back deck, dressed in faded jeans and a black sweater. Any fears I had about the neighbors were laid to rest; dressed as she was, Brenda looked more like a PTA mom than a high priced hooker. I opened the door to let her in and said, “Hi Brenda, you look great. C’mon in.”

Brenda stepped up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, Larry, and thanks for having me over. I was a little nervous about calling you guys.”

Kim greeted Brenda as soon as she stepped in the kitchen. “Hi Brenda, it’s great to see you again.” They hugged and kissed each other on the cheek, and Brenda presented Kim with a bottle wrapped in silver Mylar. In case she needed to explain herself, Brenda said, “I hate to show up empty handed. I’d love a glass if you feel like opening it now.”

I took the bottle from Kim, uncorked it and poured us all a glass of Chianti. The cabernet I’d opened earlier would have to wait, and I had no doubt that we’d blow through both bottles in no time. Ever the gracious host, I said “Let’s head to the living room. I’ll throw a fire in the fireplace to take the chill off.”

Kim sat on the couch and Brenda took the cushion next to her. That left one available for me, and I was silently thankful that neither opted for the love seat. Taking the easy way out, I chose a wax and sawdust firelog over real wood. Sure, it lacked a little atmosphere – but I didn’t want the job of tending a fire all night long. A few minutes of fumbling produced a satisfying flame, so I took my seat on the couch next to Brenda.

We talked through the first bottle of wine and into the second, and we ran out of small talk just before we ran out of wine. I was about to ask if anyone needed a refill when Kim leaned over and kissed Brenda, gently at first, but with rapidly increasing urgency. Their tongues danced, and they paused only occasionally to catch their breath. Brenda’s hand found Kim’s breast, and she began to trace slow circles over Kim’s nipple. I watched it stiffen and poke through the sheer fabric of her black dress. My own hand fumbled for Brenda’s breast, but her sweater was too bulky to transmit any sensation of touch.

“It’s warm in here,” Brenda said, pulling away from Kim, “Let me get a little more comfortable.” Standing up, Brenda shed her sweater and jeans to reveal a crimson bra and matching panties. “Better,” she said and resumed her spot on the couch. Turning to me, Brenda’s lips met my own and I felt her tongue on mine. My hand found her nipples and I alternated, pinching and tugging, left then right, through her bra. Kim had moved down to her knees on the floor, and was rubbing Brenda’s legs with her fingers. I watched from the corner of my eye as my wife parted our guest’s legs and began to kiss her way up. I pulled back to watch my wife’s tongue trace lines down the sensitive skin of Brenda’s inner thigh. Kim alternated, first one leg then the next, but stopped short of Brenda’s panties. Reaching behind her, I unfastened Brenda’s bra and pulled it off her shoulders. My tongue went to her nipple just as Kim’s fingers traced their first line on Brenda’s slit, through her panties. An electric shock went through her and a low moan escaped her lips as Kim’s fingers continued their exploration. I continued to lick and suck Brenda’s nipples, pausing to bite them gently.

“Um, I love it when you bite my nipples. Bite them harder.”

I did as she asked, and got rewarded by Brenda saying, “Um, fuck yeah. I like it like that.” My teeth continued their work, and I was really surprised at how hard I was biting her nipples. “That’s so fucking good.,” was all she kept saying.

Kim had done all she could through the fabric of Brenda’s panties. Grabbing the waistband, Kim pulled them off Brenda’s hips and revealed her smoothly shaven and very wet pussy. Pulling her to the edge of the couch, Kim parted Brenda’s legs and began to lick circles up the outside of her labia, with an occasional flick of her tongue across Brenda’s canlı bahis siteleri swollen clit. I couldn’t take any more, so I stood up and got undressed. Naked, I straddled Brenda on the couch. My cock was just the right height for her, and I felt her warm lips and magical tongue envelop my hard cock. My hands continued their work on her nipples and Kim picked up the pace on Brenda’s clit. I could hear an occasional pop of air and I knew that Kim was sucking hard on Brenda’s clit, just the same way she liked her own clit to be treated. Brenda moaned, but kept working on my cock, alternating head bobs with circles of her tongue. She used her teeth to provide just enough friction without causing pain, and her fingers stroked the sensitive skin on my scrotum.

Brenda’s hips were bucking up and down, and a new sound was coming from her sopping wet pussy as my wife slid several fingers inside of her. Her moans were turning to grunts, and I knew from the spasms in her legs that she was about to cum. Kim picked up the speed and violently fucked her with three fingers as her tongue lashed at Brenda’s clit. I felt my own orgasm rising with Brenda’s, and it was my “Don’t stop I’m gonna fucking cum” that put her over the edge. Brenda grunted loudly as she rode out the orgasm on Kim’s hand and face, and kept sucking my cock until the last of my cum was gone.

Kim was the first to break the silence. “THAT was fucking hot. I felt your pussy contract as you came. That was such a turn on.”

The couch was getting a little crowded, so I suggested we head to the bedroom. I wished we had room for a king size bed, but figured we’d make do with the queen we had. Besides, I thought, bedsheets don’t leave rugburns on your knees. I stood and took Kim’s hand; in turn she took Brenda’s hand and we walked back to the bedroom.

“Get comfortable,” I said, “while I go light some candles and turn down the lights.”

“I don’t think I could get more comfortable,” Brenda replied, “but Kim needs a little attention to relax.”

Overstating the obvious, Kim replied with “You guys have got me so fucking horny right now.”

As I left to look for a lighter, Brenda was unzipping Kim’s dress. I wasn’t gone for long, but when I returned Kim was naked, on her back, with a pillow under her ass. Brenda was eating Kim’s pussy, while she fucked her with two fingers. I watched, transfixed, as Brenda stopped long enough to lick a finger on her other hands and begin to work on the tight muscle of my wife’s ass. Kim grunted as Brenda’s finger slipped inside, and I grew hard watching Brenda’s hands and tongue alternate rhythms. Kim’s grunts turned to words, and she directed Brenda, “Um yeah, that feels good. Can you turn your fingers around inside of me?”

Brenda chuckled and said, “So you want me to find your g-spot again, huh?” I hurried to light the candles and get in on the action.

Brenda changed positions so she could rotate her two fingers upward. She began to put steady pressure on Kim’s g-spot, and continued to fuck her ass with her other hand. Her tongue danced across Kim’s clit, and Kim was moaning steadily now. It came out as “Oh fuck fuck fuck um yeah,” and I watched her brow begin to furrow and her legs begin to twitch. As the color rose in her face, I knew her orgasm was imminent. Brenda kept up her work, but stopped just before Kim reached her climax.

“Oh fuck Brenda don’t stop. I’m so close… please make me cum.”

“Kim, I’ll make you cum but you have to let Larry fuck me. I need to feel his cock inside me.” Brenda punctuated this by darting her tongue across Kim’s hyper sensitive clit. Kim’s hips bucked as she tried to fuck Brenda’s fingers, but Brenda was a master of the tease. Access denied.

“Yes, Brenda I want to watch Larry fuck you. Just please make me cum.”

I was already in position behind Brenda, and slid my cock slowly into her sopping wet pussy. I’m not sure what I expected, but Brenda was tight – even tighter than my own wife.

Brenda grunted as my cock drove home, but worked on Kim with a renewed fervor. It took canlı bahis only seconds before Kim exploded in orgasm, screaming “Oh fuck Brenda yeah fuck me fuck me fuck my ass!!!” The force of the climax drove Kim to an upright position, and she continued to thrust her hips against Brenda’s fingers. The orgasm ended with a series of guttural “um, um, um, um, um” grunts, and Kim fell backwards on the bed.

I didn’t want to cum again so soon, so I used my cock to tease Brenda. Turnaround was, after all, fair play. I would fuck her for a few strokes in slow motion, then pull out and rub my cock up her lips and across her clit. She shivered and said, “I need you to fill me with your cock.”

Slowly, I slid my cock down her lips and stopped just before I entered her. Brenda drove her hips back to take me in, but I pulled back. “You fucking tease!,” Brenda protested.

Kim had recovered enough to join in again. Reaching into the bedside table, she pulled out a silicone rubber vibrator that was her personal favorite.

“Don’t be rude, Larry,” Kim chimed in, “If our guest wants you to fuck her I think you should fuck her good.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. My cock slipped back inside Brenda, and I grabbed her hips to pull her to me. I drove my cock deep inside her, as Kim scrambled underneath armed with the vibrator. I pulled out, heard a familiar buzz and felt the tingle of the vibrator as I drove my cock back home.

“Oh fuck, Larry your cock feels so good. Um, Kim yeah right there. Yeah, that’s the fucking spot.”

I continued the long, slow deep fucking until I felt Brenda began to shake. It was my cue to pick up the pace, so I began to fuck Brenda faster. For good measure, I licked my index finger and began to work on Brenda’s own asshole. My finger slipped inside and Brenda moaned deep.

“Um, yeah, fuck me hard!”

My hips were pounding against Brenda’s thighs, my finger was working in and out of her ass and Kim had turned the vibrator up to high. Brenda panted, thrust her ass back to meet my strokes and started to roll her head from side to side. Houston, we have lift off.

Her orgasm hit her like a freight train, and she shrieked into the pillow, “OHFUCKOHGODYOUGUYS..I”M CUMMING..DON’TFUCKINGSTOPOHFUCKOHFUCK!”

Her sounds put me over the edge, and I drove my cock deep inside as I began to cum. It felt so good I didn’t want to stop thrusting. I kept pumping until the first streams of my spunk began to leak from Brenda’s pussy. I pulled out, and watched as a drop rolled slowly down her thigh.

The score was me 2, Brenda 2 and Kim 1. Kim said, “I’m going out to the hot tub, you guys want to join me?” which really meant ‘I want to get jet fucked and cum again, really hard’. Without hesitation, Brenda and I both said “Sure.”

We grabbed towels and headed out to the hot tub. It was in the back yard, but secluded enough that privacy wasn’t really a problem. We threw our towels over a lawn chair, and I dragged back the cover and fired up the jets. Kim and I had had some meteoric sex in the hot tub since we had it put in. The strength of the water jets produced some mind-blowing orgasms for Kim, and the sensation of weightlessness coupled with the reduced lubrication from being underwater helped me to cum quickly, too. This time I was just here for the show, as I knew it would take me a while to recover from cumming twice in the past hour.

We hopped in, and Kim climbed up on the seat to position her clit in the stream of water. Brenda climbed behind her and I watched her hand disappear in the bubbled water. I was reasonably sure that Brenda was working her fingers in and out of Kim’s pussy; my theory gained credibility when Kim’s head rolled back and she whispered a low “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Not wanting to miss the fun, I moved next to my wife and began to pinch and tug at her nipples. Kim was already trembling, and I watched her climax began to build. Just before it hit, Kim’s eyes opened and she whispered, “Oh God you guys I’m gonna cum again…..” Her eyes closed, her hips bucked and I watched her ride the orgasm to conclusion.

Spent, Kim took a seat on the bench and I sat next to her. Brenda shuffled over to my left and put her head on my shoulder. For this frozen second in time, I was the king of the world.

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