Rainy Day Wish Comes True

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Reaching the top of the front stairs, I looked over the front door. Nervous, I couldn’t seem to make up my mind how to proceed; but then I didn’t have too. As if you’d sensed me on the stairs, you opened the door. Even knowing you knew I was coming it still surprised me. Crossing the threshhold, I could feel my body start to tremble. Anticipation and mild fear warred through me.

After a week of teasing, taunting and tantalizing each other, here we were – face to face. And I couldn’t think of a thing to say or do. My mind had gone blank and all of the carefully rehearsed lines left my thoughts. Then you wrapped me in your arms and hugged me close. I knew it was right.

Smiling, mostly at my own ineptness, I followed as we sat and watched the television and each other. We chatted, each struggling to find an inner calm. Oh how I hated feeling as shy as I did then. I wanted to touch you, to kiss you, to know what it felt like. You said something about having to “double-check on them” and my brain, overwhelmed with need and nerves, barely registered it.

I sat there frozen in an instant of time, every moment of indecision weighing heavy. You came back and knelt in front of me; I’m sure my eyes went wide as I watched, only partially hearing you, knowing you were going to kiss me. Then you did. Your mouth pressing into mine as your body relaxed into me.

My body lept to life, tingling and shivering with buried wanton need as I eagerly kissed you back. Opening my mouth with no urging, I wanted to draw more of you into me; to taste as much of you as I could. After moments or hours, you drew back and stood. You took my hands in yours and led me to your bedroom.

We stood together in the low light of the lamp. The power of our lust and cravings rushing over us both. Shaking and trembling I drew back for a moment as I fought to get air into my lungs. Shakily, I smiled and assured that it wasn’t you, that I was so excited I couldn’t catch my breath. I watched you smile at that, a little smug, and you reached for me again.

I revelled in your height, the broadness of your shoulders. Slowly, the more I stood within your arms the less afraid I was, the more beautiful I felt. Boldly for me at that moment, I started to unbutton your shirt. I parted that lovely blue and bared your skin to my mouth. I licked and kissed that skin softly before finishing the task and began to slide your shirt bahis siteleri off. I felt you help me, eager to be free to touch me. Playfully, I held fast to your shirt. I used it to trap your hands for a moment or two to give me a chance to continue to tease my mouth over you. I could hear the pleased sounds in your throat. Stepping back, I released your shirt and waited for you.

I watched as the cuff stuck fast on one arm and you almost ripped it in your haste to get free. I tried to keep aware, to keep sane but couldn’t. I raised my arms and eagerly let you strip my shirt from me. Here then, I was vulnerable. I couldn’t look at your eyes, afraid of what would be there. For nought though. I watched instead as your hand came up to trace along my breast and then over my collar bone, up my neck to cup my face. Then again I had your mouth on mine. Your tongue teasing me into distraction as your hands raced to free my breasts from the bondage of my bra.

I began to tremble slightly, all I could do was hold you to me as I waited. I needed this, to be touched like this. My mind was overwhelmed and unable to decide; it could only feel. You stepped away and extinguished the light. All the while I stood there, shivering and trying to think. I wanted to reach out for you but couldn’t seem to muster the movements.

Then you were back in front of me, holding me close. Then, deliciously, your mouth was on my breasts. Oh! how it felt so good. So warm. It flamed my body higher and made me want more. Turning, without breaking our hold on each other, mouths and tongues teasing, we stumbled to the bed.

At it’s side, I grabbed at you to keep from falling. Felt you hold me to you tight and kiss me again. Then your hands were at my waist and undoing the fly on my pants. My eyes looked up to yours and I was certain every fear I had was shown in them as you slowly pushed my pants off my hips.

Exposed, in nothing more than a single, brief pair of panties, I watched you kneel before me. I felt your fingers curl in the fabric at the waist of my panties and tug and knew that in moments I would be bare, utterly exposed to you. Feeling like I was truly shaking, I looked down to find you watching me and I smiled slightly. I felt the panties slide down, caressing my skin as they went. In my heightened state of need, I heard or imagined you making a sound of delight. Then I was wrapped in your arms once more and canlı bahis siteleri you whispered “I’m going to fuck you” into my ear. Never had I heard anything so erotic. Then quickly I was being pushed back on to the bed.

There, on the edge of your bed, I felt your tongue as it stroked along my core. I whimpered, a soft mewling sound as you tormented me with the soft heat of your tongue. A few licks and I was aching to cum, a few more licks and I felt your fingers slide inside my slick passage and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. Quickly, your hand pumped your fingers into my pussy as your tongue danced on my clit and I heard you, heard the moan as my body start to shake and my cunt convulsed as your mouth and fingers made me cum.

You stood, quickly shed the rest of your clothes and then stretched out over top of me. Feeling your body, the heat and weight of it, pressed into my skin was wonderful. I wrapped my arms around you and kissed you. Passionately, desparately we kissed. The kiss deepened, and became almost violent we needed so much. Taking only as long as necessary to protect us, you were there suddenly.

So full of feeling, so needy. I had you inside me and didn’t want to let go. I tried not to move, to savour the moment but it was too much. I had to have you, I need to fuck you as much as I needed to be fucked by you. So hard and thick, like velvet covered steel, you moved inside me. I could do nothing more than feel and hold on. I felt every inch of your hard shaft stroke me. Every thrust pushed me higher. I could feel I was close to the edge again. Oh how I wanted to shatter, to cum around you, to orgasm on your cock. I wanted to feel it, for you to know it. Then my mind ceased to function again. Nothing but light, energy and pleasure was noticeable.

Breathing hard, we curled up together on the bed. Smiling and resting. You actually apologized for moving too fast and not taking time. I didn’t want time. I wanted what I got. I wanted to be needed so desparately, wanted so hard that it was the driving need. I felt so free, so well fucked, so confident. I had one of your arms across me and the other pillowed under my head. So lovely, so right, so very good.

We’d been curled up for a few minutes when you started to stroke my body. Exploring, testing, seeking to see if I wanted more. I knew I did. I felt your hand tease at my pussy. Then a finger slid over the crack canlı bahis in my ass and you heard me purr with pleasure and arousal. Stunned and pleased you set out to torment me more. Stroking that sensitive flower and making me shudder. Then your fingers slid inside and you started to open me.

I was so wrapped in pleasure I couldn’t talk, could barely make noise. Oh how I wanted it, I needed it. I wanted you to have me however you wished and wasn’t going to stop you. Long minutes of writhing on your hand as you prepared my ass to be fucked by you. Opening me, stretching me, making me wait. I was so wet, so shrouded in pleasure that it was easy to soak you. Then your cock sank into my ass, to the hilt and we both groaned.

My body, already on fire with delight couldn’t hold out. You fucked my ass and held me close, whispering to me the whole time as I buried my face to keep from screaming out with pleasure. I could feel the wave coming. Every thrust brought it closer. I knew, I knew I would cum this way for you and I did. As I lay there trembling I felt your orgasm spew from your cock, felt it throb and amazingly wanted more but was too spent to act on it.

We curled up again, face to face and nuzzled and kissed each other. Both of us breathing heavily, both of us spent. Surprisingly we handn’t singed anything though it felt like we should have. We lay curled up for a while, cooling off and catching our breath. We talked about getting something to eat and more to drink.

I could feel you then, hardening slowly against my leg and brushed my finger against you. Slowly I pushed you onto your back and teased my mouth down your body. Kissing, sucking, licking, biting – just light touches until I was near you shaft. That I engulfed. I teased your head, flicking and stroking it with my tongue. I heard you moan then. I heard you moan more when I swallowed as much as I could and you felt the head press into my throat.

I felt your hands on my head and shoulders, urging me to take more of you. I did. I was eager to taste you now and slid all I could, brushing my nose into the fine hair as I sucked you into my mouth. Pulling back off, I bent down and teased your balls. Licking them, sucking on slowly, rythmically, before moving my mouth back to your head to taste the fluid leaking from you.

You stroked my cheek and smiled. Together, we stood, dressed and made our way downstairs. Both too exhausted to continue but hungry. We shared some pizza and talked. Each of us relaxing with the other. Our bodies ached, still needy, but without the will to do more to slake the thirst we had. There’s always next time though.

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