Rachel Wants To Fuck Simon

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It was his eyes that first attracted me to him. He had eyes that seemed to penetrate deep into your very being. Compelling eyes. Bedroom eyes. I wanted to fuck him right from the moment I first saw him.

His name was Simon. He worked in another part of the office. It was my friend, Melanie, who first told me about him and encouraged me to go with her when she had to see him about some work. I saw him through the window before we went into his office and I knew immediately that I wanted him. It wasn’t just his cute face, or his athletic figure, or that tantalizing ass. It wasn’t just the way he walked, the confident way he lounged in his chair, or the sparkle in his eye when he looked at me. No, there was something else, something indefinably erotic about him. I knew that whenever I was with him, it would happen. His very presence would do it to me. My pussy moistened the moment I sat opposite him.

I was wearing a tight pair of denims. I stretched out in the chair opposite him, while he talked to Melanie about work. I tried to highlight my curves. I knew my tight shirt showed off my tits. I wanted to get that first impression right.

When our eyes first met, something magical happened. I smiled at him, leered a little, wondered what he would think if he could read my mind. I knew he was probably mentally undressing me, but did he know that I was doing the same to him? Did he know that I was imagining him fucking me hard before we had even introduced ourselves? What would he have thought if he knew I was as wet as anything and as horny as hell?

In those few brief moments, I was aware that he looked me up and down. It must have been deliberate, the way he started at my feet and then moved his eyes up my legs, lingered on my crotch, moved up my body, over my breasts and then settled on my face. He was staring intently at me, almost as if he could see right into me.

I tried to confidently smile at him, tried to affect that “come fuck me” look, but I don’t know if it worked. In truth, I was so flustered, I don’t know how I looked. I swear I thought I saw a bulge developing in his pants, thought I heard him sharply draw breath, but my own heart was thumping so much I could barely take it all in. My face was flushed and my pussy was on fire when his eyes met mine.

In those moments, I saw him standing up, asking Melanie to leave us alone, and locking the door. I saw him closing the blinds, then removing his tie as he walked back to his desk, undoing the top button of his shirt, all the time staring at me, undressing me. As he got closer, I opened my legs a few inches, his eyes caught the movement of denim and he moaned. Enjoying the effect I was having on him, I ran my tongue along my lips and simpered at him. I felt like such a slut, but I didn’t care.

In my instantaneous fantasy, Simon knelt in front of me, between my legs, and ran his hands along my thighs. I shuddered with delight. His hands were so firm and so confident they were going to get their way. His touch made me feel weak and when he reached up and grabbed my shirt by the collars and ripped it apart in one quick tug, I moaned.

Simon paused briefly to look at my tits and the black bra I was wearing. I knew my nipples had hardened, betraying my excitement. My chest was heaving and he was watching my breasts rise and fall. Then he half stood, leaned forward, ran his hands over my tits, squeezing and kneading just the way I like it. He leaned in towards me, his crotch touching mine. I could feel his dick through his pants, hard, hot.

His face moved into mine until our lips were only an inch apart. “I have to fuck you,” he whispered.

“Mmm, bahis şirketleri fuck me,” I responded. I was so incredibly horny that I just wanted him inside me, but he had other ideas. As we kissed and rubbed against each other, his hands reached for the button of my jeans. I moaned because of the way he looked into my eyes as he lowered the zip, pulling slowly, but so firmly. Then he had my jeans off and I was sitting there in just bra and pants. He had a half-smile, that cocky look of “I did it” on his face. He moved back in to touch me, but I held up my hand, as a traffic cop would. He looked confused, alarmed and disappointed all at once. I’ve always loved it that way, getting the guy to the point where the threat of rejection is unbearable to contemplate.

“Take your clothes off,” I commanded. “Strip for me.”

Simon looked relieved, but slightly self-conscious as well. Perhaps he wasn’t used to being dominated like this, but my self-confidence was asserting itself and I became determined to milk it for all I could.

“Go on,” I whispered.

He stood, our roles now reversed. The Simon who had so confidently locked his office door was now being directed by me. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt. To my delight, his chest was relatively smooth. I feasted on his form, admiring the shape of his shoulders, the size of his arms, the flatness of his stomach. I groaned as I drank in his body and my eyes were drawn to his hard little nipples. Damn, he was gorgeous.

And then he began to remove his pants. I felt my pussy get even wetter and I began to squirm. As he lowered his pants, I could see he was wearing a pair of blue briefs. His hardened dick was visible through the cotton and I could also see the shape of his balls. Now I was struggling to stay in control, but I wanted to see how far I could take him.

“Stop,” I directed.

He stopped, again looking puzzled.

“Lick me,” I said, grinning at him. “And don’t touch yourself while you’re doing it.”

He groaned in a mixture of delight and exquisite agony, then lowered himself again till he was in front of my spread legs. I didn’t realize my left hand had moved down and was lightly caressing my clit through my underwear. He kissed the top of my hand, taking each finger into his mouth in turn, kissing and sucking on them. It made me so hot.

And then he pulled my underwear to one side, exposing my cunt. I suddenly felt vulnerable again and so deliciously cheap and nasty. He lowered his face to my pussy and I moaned in anticipation of the tongue-lashing I was waiting for.

But Simon was smarter than I thought. He stopped and blew gently all around my pussy. I started begging him to lick me, but he wouldn’t take any notice. Instead, he gently pulled on my pussy hair, while his hands caressed my inner thighs. I watched his face buried in my nether regions, looked down his naked back and could barely believe this was actually happening.

Then he moved away from my pussy and moved up my body, trailing wet kisses all the way along my stomach, around my breasts, on my neck, my cheeks, and finally all around my lips. “Please lick me,” I begged him. “Make me cum.” I was unashamedly pleading with him. But he responded with a single word that made me shudder with desire: “Wait.”

I thought he was going to kiss me, but he ran his mouth along mine, then came back and ran his tongue along my lips. It was so erotic and I suddenly had to feel him, so I reached out and fumbled for his dick. I found it rock hard inside his briefs, so impressively hard. I gripped it and squeezed, causing him to moan into my mouth. I smiled at him: we were more equal now. We both had discovered bahis firmaları the power to control and pleasure the other.

“If you don’t lick my cunt, I won’t let you fuck me, you bastard,” I hissed at him, trying to gain the upper hand in this psychological battle.

Like an obedient schoolboy, Simon dropped to his knees again and I suddenly felt his warm tongue on my pussy. I jumped with shock and pleasure.

And then he began to lick and tongue me and I knew I wanted him to do this to me night and day. He was so good that all my previous lovers paled by comparison. He would lick the full length of my cunt lips and then suck them into his mouth, pulling on them so my pussy opened. He would use his tongue to delve into my cunt, fucking my wet hole with that skillful red tool. Then he would stop and kiss all around my crotch and down my thighs before blowing on the entrance to my cunt. I had never felt anything like it before and it was all the more sexy and satisfying because he so obviously enjoyed it.

Simon feasted on my pussy for over twenty minutes. At times he would lick fast and hard, then he would kiss and gently stroke my lips, before latching onto my clit and licking rhythmically, first up and down, then in circular motion. By now I was just lying back and enjoying the sensation of his tongue on me and inside me. I began to pull on one nipple, rubbing it and squeezing it, trying to match his rhythms and complement the intense sensations he was giving to my body.

When I finally came, it was one of the most intense orgasms ever. I arched my back, my legs stiffened and my pelvic area began to shudder and vibrate. It was an orgasm that began in my cunt, but spread out to all my extremities. My fingers tingled, my toes curled. I yelped and moaned and whimpered as the sensations flooded throughout my body. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I cried out.

But he wasn’t finished with me. All of a sudden, he left my pussy and quickly moved up to kiss me. I could smell myself on him and I was overcome with the desire to lick my juices from his face. I wanted to taste myself on his lips and on his tongue. Like a wild woman, I began licking and slurping at his face, cleaning him and tasting myself at the same time. It was the most delicious thing I have ever experienced.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered to me, but I had other ideas.

“No, it’s my turn to make you wait.”

He moaned into my face. “What do I do?”

“Masturbate for me,” I told him. He looked flabbergasted, but then he seemed to be turned on by the idea and he ripped his underwear off, exposing his beautifully erect dick. I moaned and marvelled at the beauty of this strange male organ. I desperately wanted it inside me, fucking me long and hard, but I also wanted him to cum once so he would last longer when I finally let him inside my cunt.

Simon stood there, a picture of maleness, hard dick in hand, slowly stroking his organ just inches from me. It is the most fascinating thing a woman can ever see. With one hand he held the base of his cock, whilst the other stroked up and down, twisting as it went, moving around the bulbous head and then stroking back to the base again. With every stroke he became faster and faster and I knew that after what we had just done he wasn’t going to last long.

I reached out and stroked his thighs, then ran my hands around to his ass, savouring the firm backside and feeling his cheeks clench as he wanked himself. I ran my hand down to his balls, feeling the firm sac and the heavy testicles within. I used my fingernails to caress his balls and he gave a guttural moan of approval. I rubbed his light pubic kaçak bahis siteleri hair and pulled on it as he had done to me. I looked up to see him opening and shutting his eyes as his orgasm built, and then I said: “Fuck me, Simon.”

With that he moaned loudly and his dick exploded, sending a stream of white cum onto the chair. He was now gripping his cock like a vice, squeezing and pulling as his balls emptied their load. Another spurt hit me in the chest, dribbling down my tits. I looked up to see him lost in another world, still stroking his dick to some strange internal rhythm. Then he loosened his grip and lightly ran his fingers along the full length of that magnificent penis, before gripping it again and stroking it at lightning speed. I watched in awe as another thick load of sperm erupted from the tip of his dick, this time landing on my clothes lying on the floor.

And then he was just standing there, looking slightly silly and self-conscious, breathing heavily and gasping, cum still dripping from his dick, sweat glistening on his brow and chest. It was so arousing. I just had to have that dick fuck me then and there….

But it wasn’t to be. As I refocused on the present, I was still sitting in the chair, Melanie was still there and he was staring intently into my eyes. Mmm.

A couple of days later, we were briefly alone in an elevator. I could feel his eyes boring into my back. For a second I imagined him coming up behind me, bending me over, ripping my underwear off and sliding his lovely hard dick all the way into my dripping cunt. I wanted to feel him grab my hair and pull me back towards him. I wanted him to smother me and dominate me.

I imagined him roughly ripping my clothes off in that elevator and going down on me. Oh, god, I wanted to feel his tongue running over my clit, pushing into my cunt, fucking me orally. I wanted to feel his hands on my ass, slapping my cheeks. I knew he would be a creative lover and I was desperate to experience his skills.

But I restrained myself. Instead, as I turned around, I couldn’t help noticing he was hard. His cock was straining under his pants and he had a silly, horny, boyish look on his face. For a second I almost wilted. I wanted to go to him, to stroke that dick and release it from its cage and suck and suck and suck on it. I wanted to feel his cum rushing into my mouth. And I wanted to give myself to him, to be his lover, his friend, his fuck partner, to be part of him.

But I simply left the elevator after a few meaningless words. I was feeling so horny, but I’ve always enjoyed being a cock-teaser. I wondered whether he would go somewhere and wank himself to thoughts of me, but I bet he wouldn’t imagine that I would do the same.

I went to the bathroom and locked myself in a cubicle. Now almost in a frenzy, I hiked up my dress, pulled my pants down and set to work on my wet pussy. With my right hand, I caressed around my mound, pulling gently on my cunt hair, circling a finger around my clit. Then I ran a finger up and down the length of my clit, before sliding it into my cunt and finger-fucking myself. Christ, I love that, love that feeling of being filled. With my other hand, I rubbed one nipple then the other. Both were erect and hard now, anticipating the climax to come. I stroked my clit in a half-circular manner with one hand and pulled and squeezed one nipple with the other.

I must have been moaning and gulping for breath, but the intensity of the orgasm made me oblivious to anything else. Fortunately, I came in a frantic, bucking frenzy before anyone walked in. I was rearranging myself and washing the smell of sex from my hands as a young woman from my office entered. She gave me a quizzical look, I winked at her and quickly left.

As I sat back down at my desk, still flushed from my masturbation, I decided it was time to make real contact with Simon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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