Quickies: Helen

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“Pumpkin, your cum’s delicious but if you drink a lot of juice, it’ll taste so good I’ll never be able to stop eating your love fluids.”

I was talking to Helen on the phone at work. She was a secretary in the financial aid office of the small local college. We’d become the proverbial “friends with benefits” after I’d met her at a bar one night. She was a single mother who I found out had an insatiable appetite for cum and cumming. That night she took me into the parking lot and sucked my cock until I was fully drained and then thanked me and handed me her phone number. I called her the next day, wanting a repeat but also wanting more. I also mentioned that I wanted to return the favor.

Helen laughed, “Honey, you have no idea how much I enjoy just sucking cock. And your cock is perfect because I can take it all the way into my throat without gagging too hard. I’ve done this a lot in case you didn’t figure it out and I get plenty of pleasure from just swallowing.”

We made plans for that night. It was the first time I knew that I was guaranteed sexual pleasure on a first date and that made me a little nervous. I went to pick Helen up, a dozen roses in hand and a tingling cock in my pants. “Oh, you’re so sweet.” She said. “But I really want your cock.” She gave me a cock-hardening kiss.

At that point, I didn’t know if she was serious about wanting my cock right then but in the weeks to come, I found out that she was. We went out and had a nice dinner. Helen was very open about the çankaya escort fact that she had a stable of men who she serviced fairly regularly. It was mind-blowing but not as insane as the blow-job she gave me later that evening.

After dinner, Helen was very forward about wanting my cock for dessert and she insisted that we go to my place. She pulled off her panties in the car, allowing me to finger her as she undid her blouse and removed her bra. She didn’t bother with rebuttoning herself and as we walked to my door, I could she her big tits bounce. Helen wasn’t the most fit woman I’d ever had but she was definitely the most sexual. She was attractive in a simple, natural sense and she carried her extra weight nicely.

Once inside, Helen poked around and found her way to the bedroom. She was so nonchalant and confident. I was speechless but no words were required. Helen sat on the bed and undid my pants. She moaned as she took it into her open mouth, just holding it there on her tongue. Then she had me lay back and began sucking me. It was so delicious to have her expert mouth on me, her tongue flickering, her cheeks sucking hard, her lips clenching on my shaft.

I wanted her to get off too so I maneuvered her around so I could eat her. Helen’s skirt billowed over my head as I discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties and she lowered herself on my face. Our mouths worked frenetically until I couldn’t control myself and Helen sucked a big load of my cream down her throat. “Yummy!” ankara rus escort She breathed after she swallowed a big gulp. “I’m gonna keep you hard.”

Helen began licking my thighs and balls, all the way to my asshole. The whole time she pinched my cockhead with her fingers and made loud noises. I was enraptured and my cock throbbed like never before. When she felt the power return to my cock, Helen shifted positions and took off her skirt.

“Fuck me baby, make me cum.” She demanded. I was so turned on by this sexpot secretary that I got on top of her and ramrodded my cock into her waiting hole. She groaned and hollered, “Yes, hard and rough you fucker!!!”

I pounded her as our bodies became a wild spasming of flesh. “Suck my tits while you fuck me!” I complied, taking as much of her tit into my mouth as possible. “Fuck me. Bite on my tits! Make me feel it! Make me sore!”

An unbridled intensity erupted in me and I attacked Helen’s body with all my energy. She began to flail underneath me as I did all she wanted. “Oh shit! I love it!!! Yes! I’m gonna cum you bastard!!! OOOOhhhh!!!”

I released her tits, pulling them through my teeth and focused on pistoning into her cunt. Helen’s nasty efforts had me on the edge and I wanted to prolong her orgasm before I unloaded again. She reached down and began to play with her clit, “Straddle my tits and cum on my face!” I quickly pulled out of her and did as she said. I mauled her tits and pumped up between them. ankara yabancı escort When I felt the first cum-rope surge through my shaft, I released her tits and exploded on Helen’s face.

Helen moaned as I coated her. It was so hot to watch my cock spurt onto her chin, lips, and cheeks. She was still fingering herself and writhed in pleasure. “Kiss me. Share your beautiful cum with me baby.”

I’d never done anything like that before but in that moment I couldn’t resist. Helen gave me the sloppiest kiss ever and locked my body into a tight grinding action that caused her to cum again. We moaned together, never breaking the gooey, cum-stained kiss.

When we finally calmed down, Helen asked me to drive her home. She rested her head on my shoulder and we held hands on the short drive across town. Her clothes were a mess and there was dry cum on her face but she looked incredible anyway. She smiled at me before getting out of the car. “I hope you like anal because we’re gonna have lots of fun together sweetie.”

All I could say was, “Helen, you’re amazing. Thank you.” I felt stupid saying thanks but it was all I could utter. She smiled and leaned back into the car to tongue kiss me. “See you soon, stud.”

Over the months, I drank a lot of juice and Helen told me that I could just show up anytime at her house for blow-jobs. I did that and on a regular basis, she sucked me off outside her office during her lunch breaks. Once she swallowed my load in the stairwell of her office building at the end of a workday and another time she let me fuck her in the bathroom. I moved away a year later, but sometimes I still call Helen and we have phone sex. I’m about to call her now and talk her through one of her patented silent office orgasms right now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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