Quickie: The Experience Ch. 03

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Big Tits

*Third part of the series. I hope you enjoy it.”

I awoke in the middle of the night, cock hard once again from the dreams of Cari’s taste. There was no denying I was intoxicated with her scent, her taste, her touch. I longed to have her by my side, yet there was no communication from her at all over the past two weeks. So I decided I would attempt to put her out of my mind. I told myself that what happened was just a two time thing and nothing else would come of it. And so I went out with friends and attempted to put Cari behind me. It worked, for a while.

I met a girl, a curvy raven-haired girl with large brown eyes and an inviting smile. We had been dating for about a month when I got a random message from Cari. Apparently my brother had told her about my new girl and she wanted the two of us to come over to her place for dinner. I froze when I heard the message, torn between my lust for Cari and my loyalty to Megan. After talking with Megan about Cari’s invitation, leaving out of course the two previous incidents with her, we decided to go ahead and accept the offer.

I admit walking into güvenilir bahis Cari’s house and being introduced to her husband, Dan, was a bit awkward for me. I also admit that despite my best efforts, none of my feelings towards her had died down. The moment she answered her door in her short black shorts and loose t-shirt, my cock twitched. Her shorts weren’t tight, yet they hugged her ass as she turned and led us into the living room. Her husband was sitting on the couch watching the football game.

Cari indicated us and made the introductions. “Dan, this is Keith and his girl Megan.”

Dan gave us a nod and greeted us quickly before returning his attention to the game. Megan sat down on the opposite couch and asked him “How has the game been going so far? The Cardinals even making an attempt at coming back?”

Dan didn’t take his eyes off the game as he grunted, “Not that you can tell…”

I left them into the living room as Cari walked into the kitchen. My mouth started watering as she stepped up to the stove and started stirring the spaghetti sauce. Such a simple meal, yet it always got güvenilir bahis siteleri me hungry. We stood there in silence, her back to me as she worked on preparing dinner. Thoughts of what happened between us ran through my mind, watching her ass move from side to side didn’t help either.

I fought against the urge to walk up to her and embrace her. I fought the urge and lost.

I remembered how she had taken control of our last two meetings and I felt it was time for me to step up. And so I did. I stepped behind her and in one swift motion, I brushed her hair away from her neck and began kissing her lightly.

She made a small protest, “Keith, we cant…” Yet she made no move to pull away. I took that as a sign to keep moving forward. The fingers of my right hand traced up her inner thigh until as my left hand slid up underneath her t-shirt and caressed her stomach. Again, another small protest. “Keith…”

I didn’t stop. My fingers slipped underneath the hem of her shorts and easily found their way under her panties. Her head dropped back onto my shoulder as I nibbled on her ear. iddaa siteleri My fingers rubbed her pussy, which became wetter by the minute. First rubbing the outside lips, as far back as I could reach, then slowly stroking up to her clit, with a detour to dip inside her warm folds.

Her hips began rotating in rhythm with my fingers. The motion bringing her ass pressing against my hard cock. It was all I could do to keep from pulling her shorts down and impaling her right there.

Faster and faster, her hips bucked against my hand. Her breathing matching her frenzied pace. With a muffled moan, she came hard on my fingers, drenching them in her juices. She leaned back against me on unsteady legs as she fought to remain upright. She caught her balance and turned her head, kissing me passionately before breaking it off. “That was a very naughty thing for you to do, Keith.”

I smiled, “I know, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Apparently you did help yourself…” She smiled mischievously.

I quickly stepped away and placed my fingers in my mouth as footsteps echoed from the living room.

Dan entered the kitchen, followed by Megan, and looked at me, “Looks like you already tasted the sauce, and how do you like my wife’s recipe?”

I smiled and pulled my fingers out, making sure all of the juices were off. “I’m addicted…”

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