Quality Time with Gramma

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When I was eighteen I met a lady who changed my life. Phyllis was fifty- something and a real sexy grandmother. She had a cute figure and obviously worked out and kept in shape. She wore clothes that showed off her figure and she had a self presence that exuded sensuality.

As a teen I was told I was pretty but I felt awkward and ugly. My breasts were slow in developing and my body seemed to thin and gangly. Boys were nice to me but it never went anywhere. My parents touched a lot and hugged and kissed us kids as well. I wanted some of the touching from someone other than my parents.

Gramma Phyllis (not my real grandmother) lived in the same town and would visit my folks frequently. We spent time at her house as well and everyone loved Gramma Phyllis. It seemed like everyone in town knew and liked her. Gram was so open and honest that it would frequently catch you off guard.

On a day that my last boyfriend broke up with me, I needed to talk to someone and I decided Gram was the best source of advice. She was home and the voice on the phone invited me to hurry over. She must have sensed the desperation in my voice.

Gram opened the door and stood in front of me in a sheer robe that was open. I tried to avert my eyes but Gram hurried me in and made no excuses for her appearance. We went through the house to the patio off the kitchen. Gram doffed her robe and lay down to continue her sun bathing.

“Carol get rid of those awful clothes and get some rays. Then, tell me what in the world could be so wrong.”

Gram’s nakedness gave me a subtle permission to undress although I did so very slowly and turned so as not to face her. I lay on my stomach on the lawn chair and blurted out my sad story of love gone wrong.

“Were you screwing?”

I shook my head.

“Are you still a virgin?”

I nodded.

“Do you want to be a virgin?”

I shrugged my shoulders. It was a one way interrogation so far.

“Child what do you want?”

I began to cry. I was blubbering that “I didn’t know.”

“Carol, you have to have a clear idea of what you want or you will always feel out of sorts. This requires some serious thinking and perhaps some redirection. You can get there easier by deciding what it is that you don’t want. Then it is easier to see what is left.”

Grams asked question after question and I either nodded or shook my head. After a long session it started to become clear.

Gramma Phyllis tried to sum it up. “You are suffering from what all of us go through at different points in our lives. You want to know where you fit into all of this. One thing I can tell you is that until you love yourself you will not make a good mate for anyone. Until you love who you are, you will try to define yourself by the values of others. Some of those might fit but most will not be you. You were embarrassed by my open robe and nudity. You are embarrassed at your own nudity. Girl, that is the body that God gave you and you need to love it and maximize its’ strengths and work on it’s weaknesses. Attractiveness is not a great set of tits or a perfect ass, it is an attitude. If you exude sex and self confidence you will attract men you might want a relationship with. If you show weakness and lack of confidence you will constantly get loosers.”

Grams mentioned two ladies that I knew that were really sexy and I realized that it wasn’t their bodies. They did just exude self-confidence an sexuality. I was beginning to see what she meant.

“Do you Jill yourself?” Grams inquired. Seeing that I had no idea what she was talking about she said “Masturbate?”

I blushed and gave an almost unperceivable nod.

“See, you are embarrassed. It is normal and nothing to be ashamed about. You are loving you when you do that. You are giving you pleasure. You don’t have to shout it to the world but you should never apologize for it.”

“Have you had sex yet?”

I shook my head.

“Do you want to?”

Now I nodded with a little more authority.

“I know a man who is a kind and gentle lover. He would be really good for a first time. He is older but handsome and intelligent. bahis siteleri If I arranged a date with him with the idea that he would take your virginity and show you what a good lover is like would you be willing to go?”

My responsive was tentative.

“Look dear, this is a huge step. You must either want it or not. You can’t be wishy-washy about it. Perhaps you need to think about it for a while and give me and answer within a week or two. I’ll tell you right now that this guy can fuck my brains out any day of the week. He is a wonderful lay and really knows how to eat pussy.”

I blushed and lowered my eyes.

Grams stood and dove into the sparkling blue pool water to cool off. I loved how unashamed she was. Grams had direction and apologized to no one. She was not pushy or rude, she simply moved without apology.

The idea of fucking anybody was exciting but an older man must have played into the father-incest thing. I loved my father and had on occasion fantasized about what it might be like to seduce him. Three days later I called Phyllis and agreed.

Phyllis and I had a meeting on dressing for the deal. We did the make-over and she changed me from a girl to a woman. Actually a woman with a mission. I got a more mature haircut. We worked on the perfect look for make-up. I wouldn’t use much to enhance my youthful image yet still appear a woman. Phyllis and I shopped for a dress and found a mid-thigh black wrap-around with a fair amout of cleavage that show cased my tits and legs in a barely respectable manner. We also found a sexy lace demi-bra that pushed everything together to add to the intrigue. The grand finale was a matching thong. My bush was pushed out on both sides of the thong and it looked all wrong but Phyllis said she would take care of that. The final stop was the shoe store for a set of heels that really set off my legs but were comfortable to walk in.

Notice that Gramms became Phyllis, my partner in crime.

Back at Phyllis’s she had me strip and she shaved my pussy then did a wax job. That was not the most pleasant thing I had been through but two things occurred. One, I really loved the way my pussy looked. Two, I found I was getting turned on to Phyllis. I even had enough nerve to mention my stirring feelings to her.

“Honey, I get turned on when someone is playing with my pussy too. And, it doesn’t matter what sex. Have you ever played sexually with another girlfriend?”

I admitted that in my early teens I had touched a girlfriend on a sleep-over but I was so embarrassed by my behavior that I couldn’t face her for weeks.

“Well, I have to admit that shaving your pussy made me wet and horny and I will definitely have to relieve myself after you leave.”

In the most brash and daring statement I have ever made, I asked Phyllis “Would you like to eat me?”

Phyllis said, “I would love to.” She pushed me back on the counter-top and spread my legs. The second her tongue hit my pussy I thought I was going to die. I had never felt anything so wonderful. I closed my eyes and drank up the flood of feelings as Phyllis licked and sucked. With her thumb and forefinger she closed my pussy over my clit and rubbed up and down. Then, she inserted a slim finger into my pussy and flicked my clit as she probed for my G-spot. When she got to the G-spot, she massaged it as she sucked my clit.

What happened next was a life event. In an overpowering rush of physical and emotional feelings I came with such force that I must have passed out. As the world came back into focus, Phyllis was standing there with liquid running down her cheeks and the counter-top was soaked in liquid. I was so embarrassed because I thought I lost control and peed all over.

“Honey, that is cum, not pee. You can learn to do that at will if you want. When I squirt, it drains me for hours. It effects different folks in different ways. I find it is the ultimate release for me. When I masturbate to take the edge off, I squirt.”

I began to grin. I felt great. I felt a freedom I had never felt before and I felt like a woman who had control of her life. Well, at least a little canlı bahis siteleri bit.

I asked Phyllis if I could return the favor. She agreed. We cleaned up my cum and she put a towel on the counter. Phyllis spread her legs and began to talk me through the act. She explained that I should not be afraid to tell my lover how I wanted to be done. I was to tell them what felt good and what did not. She told me folks aren’t mind readers and they may think that they are doing an Olympic performance when they are actually at the high school try-outs. But, I can only fault myself if I fail to tell them what I need.

Afterwards, we had “foo-foo” coffee and discussed our success at the mall and what I might expect from my date. I was to meet him at a restaurant in a city 60 miles away. It would be a lunch and an afternoon of sexual pleasure. He was aware of the mission and a willing participant.

Anticipation built through the week. I could hardly think of anything else. I had to change panties with some regularity as I was sure I reeked of sex. I was not able to eat much and my parents thought I was coming down with something. I explained that I had a college interview and was nervous about it. I didn’t like lying but was to uptight to get into it at the moment. I actually think my mom would have understood. Dad would too, but he would have to think about it for a while. By that time it would be over.

Mark Piper was sitting at the table when I arrived. He was about fifty and very handsome. He stood and gave me a little hug and a kiss on the cheek after he introduced himself. He did not seem the least bit nervous and immediately launched into questions about my plans for school and a career. He seemed genuinely interested in me. I saw his eyes glance at my cleavage and he smiled with approval. He told me how pleased he was that I was so beautiful and intelligent. He admitted some fear when Phyllis asked him for the favor. He said her trusted her implicitly, but he was still nervous. I laughed and took his hand. We had a glass of wine and a wonderful light lunch. He was a wonderful conversationalist and lunch flew by. He then explained that he had taken a room in the inn next door.

I marched next door and into the room like I had done it one thousand times. I was completely at ease. He shut the door and gently pulled me into his arms.

“I am really looking forward to this.” And he gently kissed me on the lips and lingered. I opened my mouth to receive him and let him know that I was ready to receive him. We kissed a long time and it was wonderful. He was a good kisser and I was getting the idea that he was going to be a good lover as well.

Mark began peeling away the wrappings. With each garment that came off he stood back and looked with appreciation. He certainly said the right things and I felt very comfortable standing before him in my demi-bra and thong. I began with his tie, then slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He had a hairy chest which I ran my hands over and notices how firm he was. His buckle was easily undone and he helped me as he stepped out of his slacks. He was fit and trim. He was not a hunk but he was very handsome and a man that was making my juices flow.

We lay on the bed and began kissing and caressing. I mentioned he was a good kisser, but I have to add to that he had great hands. He had a light touch that sent shivers up my body. My cunt was dripping and I was really feeling like I wanted to be fucked. He unhooked my bra and commented on my gorgeous tits.

He skillfully worked his way around them and did a marvelous nipple squeeze that left me breathless. He looked at me like a treasure. He didn’t stare but took in everything with a great sense of appreciation. I could tell I turned him on.

I helped him pull his shorts down. I took his rigid cock and slowly stroked it as he sucked my nipples. He drew me in and gave my nipples a nip and let them slip out then, repeated the act. The way he manipulated my tits was a work of art. I was about to cum and we had barely begun. The next suck and nip put me over the edge and I shuddered with an orgasm. It was small but canlı bahis wonderful.

I was suddenly overcome with the need to have his cock in my mouth. I felt so lusty. My pussy was dripping, my tits, tingling, my stomach had a strange edge. I was soooo ready.

Porn movies emphasized huge cocks and his was not. It was probably 6 inches but had some girth. I couldn’t get my fingers completely around it. It was hard in the center and soft and velvety on the outside. I loved the way the skin slid over the hard center. There was a drop of clear liquid on the tip and I had to have it. I licked it out of curiosity. There was little taste but I loved it. I bent down and sucked his cock into my mouth being careful not to scrape it with my teeth. Mark moaned. I could feel his body tense. I assumed it was pleasure. As I was taking in all the tastes and sensations of a cock in my mouth, I felt Mark’s hand parting my legs for access to my pussy. I swung a leg over his and sort of curled to give him the best angle I could. His fingers were thick and he slid one deep into me triggering the second orgasm. An orgasm with a stiff cock in your mouth is one great feeling. I was burning up with lust. I almost felt like I was losing control of all my faculties.

Mark slid a second finger in and gently massaged my G-spot. The third orgasm came with a squirt. It didn’t give me a release but made me feel like I was burning up and out of control.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pleaded, “Jesus Christ, FUCK me! Fuck me silly. I want you so much.”

I rolled on my back and opened my legs. Mark moved gracefully between them and lowered himself on to me. His cock slid in with no pain and little effort. I muffled a scream and came with such intensity that I think I did the unconscious thing for a few seconds. A drifted back to pleasure that was almost unbearable. I had a strange thought race through my mind that I had wasted all my high school years. Oh, I loved fucking.

We fell into a rhythm so sensual. His chest hair brushed against my nipples and felt so good. His cock was doing magic. His hands moved over my body making me tingle and respond to his every touch. The pleasure had maintained an extreme intensity for a long time. Then, I could feel from the deepest depths of my soul something happening to me. I began to moan and my head involuntarily thrashed left and right. My hips rose to meet Marks with great urgency. Then, Oh My God! My entire body became filled with the most unbearable pleasure I have ever experienced. I could feel Mark stiffen and his cock swell to an even larger size and begin to pulsate in my cunt. I rose to meet him and he released with an animal sound. I could feel his cum splash on my insides, again and again and each squirt brought on a spasm of pleasure within me. At that moment I lost all sense of self. There was only ONE.

My muscles twitched and spasmed as I was filled with aftershocks. This lasted for a long time. Marks gentle hand soothed my body as the spasms continued.

A hand shook me. I came from a place far away and slowly drifted to the present.

“We need to think about getting you home. It is 11:00 P.M.”

“Holy Shit!” I exclaimed. We got here about 2. What happened.

“Well, beautiful, you got quite a work out, as did I. We both kind of passed out.

Sweetheart, that was the best sex I have ever had and I can’t believe it was your first time. You are so beautiful.”

“Mark you are amazing. Could we do this again sometime soon?”

“This may sound theatrical but my job is done and yours has just begun. Like Phyllis explained, you need to find yourself and be comfortable with you. So, that isn’t a no, but it is a no for now.

Phyllis got the full review. She was genuinely pleased. I would tell her of my conquests and we shared stories that I still didn’t feel comfortable telling my mom.

Two months later I dropped in on Phyllis unexpectedly. She met me at the door in her open robe. She kissed me on the cheek and led me to the back yard. Mark was sitting in a deck chair with a huge boner. He smiled and started to stand up when he saw me. He was not embarrassed about his condition.

“Stay seated.” Phyllis ordered Mark. ” Get out of your clothes if you want to. He’s all ours” she said to me with a lusty smile.

I went from zero to naked in record time.

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