Punjabi Cop Priya Adventures Pt. 02

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As Priya moved her hips up and down, Robert couldn’t believe what was happening. He had broken into a police officer’s house, to deny his part in the crime in which he was the prime suspect. But here, he was fucking the beautiful Indian detective whom he said he will fuck early in the morning. Though the juggling of Priya’s breasts were amazing, he was not excited. Robert was anxious and in despair. This lack of confidence caused his penis to go soft.

Priya sighed once again, she was in another world, a world where she was a mere woman, waiting for men to pleased her. His penis was so good and strong, her body felt so good for a few minutes, but that was it. When his dick went soft and her pussy started hitting blank shots, she stopped and got up. For a minute she thought of going down on him, giving a blow job and make it hard again, but her inner respect stopped her. She grabbed a towel to cover her breasts and swung around his shoulders to reach for her gun.

Sitting diagonally opposite to the suspect, Priya covered her pussy with legs crossed. She held her gun in one hand while her fingers in the other hand snapped at the suspect. The suspect who seems to have lost in his own thoughts was brought back into attention.

“How did you enter my apartment, and what do want?”

“Door was open and I knocked several times. Seeing no response, I let myself in.”

Annoyed at herself for not locking the door, Priya continued with a stern face and her interrogating voice.

“You didn’t answer my question fully,” she said.

“I came to prove my innocence,” Robert replied.

“Naked.” Priya finished his sentence.

Robert blushed. “You were beautiful,” he added.

“Am I not now?”

“No not like that. You are beautiful. escort ankara Like I said in the morning, it will be an honour to please your body.”

“You said you will fuck me, like a scoundrel. Don’t act like a gentleman.”

Priya doesn’t like anyone to disrespect her dignity. She was furious and left the room without further questioning. Later she went through forensics and once again to the crime scene to search for missing evidence or clues. Being on the outside and fresh air helps her to reduce madness. It was one of the things that was a helpful lesson learned in the compulsory anger management classes that LAPD made her to take.

“Don’t take me wrong. I was distracted. That is why I came to apologize now.”

But Priya’s eyes were fixated on his penis. Though soft, the meat was good 4 inches (ca. 10 cm) and thick enough to plough through her pussy. His balls were hanging down as if they were glass marbles, small yet strong. Priya’s lustful vision made Roberts penis alive. As his dick started to rise again, Priya came back from the spell. She uncrossed her legs, kept them on the cocktail table giving a full view of her pussy.

“Let’s hear that apology.” Priya said.

“I am sorry for use of the parliamentary words earlier and for breaking into your house. I am terribly sorry.” apologized Rob

Such a dumbass. No wonder someone had framed him for the murder. If someone had framed him. He is the prime suspect still. With such an open invitation, any men would be having their mouths in her pussy, but this pussy is still apologizing.

“Perhaps I was not clear in my point. I need you to come here, kneel and apologize,” she said pointing at the floor between her knees.

Robert moved towards her and kneeled, escort etlik his face right in front of the love hole. He looked up, Priya’s face was between two mounds of mammary glands.

Coupled with the words “I am sorry again,” Robert accepted the invitation.

As His Tongue rolled upwards on the mounds of labia Priya was pleased, he was not a dumbass. Cunnilingus continued for another 15 minutes until her juices drenched his faces.

Priya moaned “Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” but was not satisfied.

She held his hand, “Come on lets have a bath together,” and took him to the bathroom.

As the water rolled down her breasts, Robert was licking and sucking the nipples. The nipples which were already hard, now under the action of his rough fingers, poked and erupted as if it were to burst out of the breasts. Priya pushed him down but Robert took control.

He held her hand and turned her around. Priya’s buttocks are now in the view. He pinned her against the wall and tried to insert his hard cock, but Priya was Play full. She adjusted enough to slide the penis on her labia but not enough to enter the love hole.

Priya pushed him and ran outside the bathroom. Watching the swaying buttocks, Robert followed her with his penis pointing at the ceiling. As she entered into the bedroom to try and lock the door, Robert ran towards it, to keep his hand between the door and frame, to stop it from locking. Playfully Priya turned around and moved towards the bed.

Robert could no longer control. He thought of going in slow and steady, but the bitch cop is showing her police intelligence. Robert did something that Priya dint expect. He grabbed both her legs and pushed her into the bed. As Priya pushed back towards the headboard, escort demetevler Robert again grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him. Now with her legs spread and pointed towards the ceiling, Priya rumpled her bedsheet and in stroke, Robert sent his rocket into heaven.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” both screamed in unison deriving pleasure from each other. Robert ploughed through her pussy. The long absence of the visitors has made the love hole tighter.

Priya was writhing in pleasure and pain. Her body was aching were a nice piece of meat, which she has got now. The suspect had the stamina to go on, rocking not only the bed but also her body.

“Fuck me bastard, Fuck me harder,” Priya’s cried.

Robert was now going in and out like a train engine crying “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.”

After what seemed to have been a long time, Robert cried he is going to cum. Priya released her grip on the penis now started sucking it. Priya deep throated the penis, going back and forth. Poor Robert couldn’t control the soft lips which were draining the juice out of him. Thick sprouts of semen filled her throats.

Priya looked at the clock. It was just past eight, what seemed like a long duration of passionate lovemaking was just over an hour long. Immersed in own thoughts, she went into the kitchen for water to dilute the protein which she had just swallowed.

Fucking a suspect who was under interrogation will jeopardize the case. However, her immediate fear was what he is going to do next. He has already cummed twice in an hour. She feared that the suspect may sleep on her bed which technically will make this a date instead of a spur of moment affair. Instead, he has come behind her and had started massaging her butts. His penis is already hard, and she could feel it poking her ass hole.

“Priyaaaaaaaa,” moaned Rob in her ears.

Priya felt her ass will be on fire tonight and so she searched for something to soothe it. Meanwhile, the probe had found its destination and was ready to enter.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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