Punished in Panties

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Again? Seriously? Just what is the fascination with my underwear drawer.

Oh I know this isn’t the first time.

How? Because you always move things around. It’s pretty obvious. Plus I’ve seen what you do with my dirty panties.

Come here.

What am I doing? I’m taking off your pants. I figured since you like my underwear so much you should try a pair on.

Oh no you come right back here.

I wasn’t asking, I was telling. And if you ever want to cum again then you’ll do as I say.

Lose your boxers too. That’s it. Don’t cover up, I want to see it.

Hmmm let’s find you a nice pair, I think this one will do.

Why pink? Well if you’re wearing girly panties you might as well look the part.

Now step into them. There you go. Let’s pull them up all the way.

I love this pair, high waisted and silky. They really hug me tight.

Guess they run a little small on you huh. Oh wow, you’re already hard. Does wearing my soft, silky panties make your cock that hard, that quick?

You can barely fit in there. Look at your cock poking out the waistband of these girly pink panties. You like the pretty little white bow? And the lace detailing around the edge.

Here see, where I’m running my hand along the leg opening.

Since you liked panties so much you’d probably enjoy a bra too.

Nope, we’ve been over this, I’m in charge if you want to cum.

Lose the shirt mister.

Now to find something that’ll fit across your strapping chest.

Here we go, this should do.

I know it’s not matching but I don’t think we need to worry about that, black goes with pink.

Well if you didn’t want to wear a bra you shouldn’t have been caught rooting around elvankent escort in my underwear again.

Plus it’s technically not even a bra, it’s a bralette and a pretty one at that. See how lacey and soft it feels against your skin.

OK, spin around. Put your arms through here. And done. Turn back around.

Oh you’re starting to look the part. Your pecs almost fill the cups sweetie.

Of course it’s tight, it’s made for my slender frame, not your muscular body. Here, let me loosen the shoulder straps a little.

Don’t give me that. Your mouth may be saying no but your cock is rock hard and oh look, you’ve made a damp spot on my… your panties.

The more you complain the more I’m gonna’ keep going. I’ve got plenty more for you to wear to transform you into a cheap whore.

Like what? Oh sweetie just you wait.

Sit down on the bed.

Just let me find it. Ahah, here we are.

You love it when I wear stockings, I want to see what all the fuss is about. Now raise your leg up.

Can you feel the cool silky touch around your leg?

Now the other one.

Very sexy. You’re shaping up to be a pretty little sissy slut.

You heard me. Sissy slut. That’s what you are.

I think you’ve wanted me to catch and punish you for a long time now and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

Run your hands up your legs and feel how smooth they are.

Now give your tits a squeeze. Like this.

Nuh uh. No touching your sissy cock until I say. You haven’t finished getting dressed yet.

What’s next?

I knew you were getting into this.

Next is a garter belt. Can’t have your stockings falling down now can we?

This emek escort one ought to do. At least it matches your bra and stockings.

Stand up and let me clip it around you. There you go.

No silly, panties go on the outside. Tuck the garter straps beneath your panties like this.

Now hook the garters to your stockings like this.

Last one. Perfect. How do you feel sissy?

Oh I can tell you like it. Look at all that precum. Let me help you with that.

Nope, that’s all you get for now.

You’re still not dressed yet.Two more things – let me just find them.

Oh I’m serious. Can’t go out looking like a complete whore can you.

A pretty pink pleated skirt to go with your panties and a simple white blouse to cover your little titties.

Now step in. Let me just schooch that up there. Breathe in, this might be a little tight.

Oh look I can see the tops of your stockings under that short skirt. Such a naughty sissy.

I think you can manage the blouse by yourself. Nevermind the top buttons, it’s always sexy to see a little bra strap.

I know it’s tight, welcome to being a woman.

Oh look at you. Very sexy. Look at that tight ass. I think you look great in my clothes. It’s a lot of effort to dress up for you, I hope now you appreciate what goes into it.

Anyway, time for punishment.

No this wasn’t the punishment. I know you’re secretly getting what you wanted you little sissy. Feeling my dirty panties rubbing up against your cock. Feeling my stockings cut into your thighs and my garter belt pinching around your waist. Feeling my soft lace bra stretched tight across your back and chest. Look at how my skirt swishes eryaman escort when you move.

No, no, this is the punishment.

Lie face down across my lap.

Come on sissy slut, lie down. There you go.

Let me just lift up your skirt like that.

Nice panties, I used to have a pair just like them.

Nope. These are yours now. All of this is yours. Whenever i tell you to get dressed up I want you to wear all of this for me.

Such silky pink panties. Your ass really fills them out slut.

What do you mean, what am I doing? I’m pulling your panties down. It’s not a real spanking unless it’s on bare skin.

Because I want to spank you. For all the times you left a sticky mess in my nice pretty panties and didn’t think I’d see it.


Oh stop squirming or the next one will be harder sissy.




I’ll do as many as I want until I think you’ve gotten the message.


Now repeat after me. I will only cum in my own panties.


Stand up. Oh look your cock is practically throbbing. Don’t tell me you enjoyed being spanked as a sissy slut.

Now how should I finish you off panty boy?

It was rhetorical, I’ve already decided.

See what easy access there is with a skirt? No more awkward belts and buttons. I can just hoick it up, grab your sissy cock so easily and start jerking away.

Nope, your panties stay on. Everything stays on slut. Just imagine you’re having a quick and dirty thrill.

Mmmm, I had no idea you’d get so turned on by being dressed up like a cheap whore. Who would of guessed?

I don’t think you’re gonna’ last long. That’s OK though. I want you to cum for me. I want you to fill your panties with cum.

Oh there you go. Oh wow there’s so much. Keep going. That’s a good sissy.

Look what a sticky mess you’ve made, can you feel how damp your panties are?

That was fun. I hope you learned your lesson, I’d hate to have to punish you again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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