Public Swimming (Shadow Cuck cont.)

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I never revealed to Trey that I was aware of his sexpassing (trespassing with the intent of sex). What was I supposed to say? Bro I watched you fuck the shit out of that girl you snuck into my house. Not a chance. I always deliberately put on an air of toughness when he came around. I know what I am but he doesn’t have to. Let the Treys of the world reap the real rewards while others like me watch. For if I was to go back in time, walk down those stairs and proclaim my authority as the rightful heir to the house, the universe might explode. My type was never meant to get it.

Yet I’ve dreamt of a parallel universe where I did go down those stairs. It often goes like this:

Once I acknowledged the sex noises coming from the living room I, with a strong air of authority mixed in with some locker-room humor, rolled in, gripped the latch of my belt and ripped it off my pants like I was preparing to crack a whip.

“What the fuck man? You snuck into my fucking house and didn’t even send an invite.” I quickly tear my shirt off.

Trey laughs as he continues thrusting.

“Boy I thought you was in school—and I didn’t know you were cool like that.”

He said this without even skipping a beat. She moaned, he smacked her ass and continued, “If I would’ve known, this trick would’ve already been knocked out on the couch by now, our sperm on her teeth.”

Ironically after this crude remark the girl’s moaning increased in intensity. Her eyes were now shut most likely aroused by the thought of fucking for a living. I laughed and Trey and I high fived before I wrapped my fingers around my semi-hard cock and shoved it in her mouth on her next gasp. Once fully enveloped by her saliva my cock thickened. Her eyes were closed and her head did not move voluntarily apart from the recoil Trey’s doggie-style thrusts into her pussy from behind caused. These thrusts were the fuel that propelled her magical mouth to make my cock disappear then reappear with each passing second.

Unfortunately this was nothing more than a construct of the mind. I was left with this one skewed reality; confined to my thoughts and imagination while Trey was living a teenage dream. If only he could record his shagging, I thought, then I’d at least be able to live vicariously through him. However one hot July evening changed everything.

I was mowing my front lawn as I do every Sunday. As I push the mower towards to sidewalk I hear a resounding “yerppp” breaking through the mowers violent symphony of slashing grass. I look up and jump back when I see this 6’4 black man towering over me and my mower. Trey and these two girls that he was with start to laugh. I pull out my earplugs and join in the laughter to dampen my own embarrassment.

“We were standing in front of your lawn for 5 minutes—bro that look on your face; you were on another planet.” He wasn’t far off; I happened to be in my parallel universe.

“Sorry man, I didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Yea man I hear that,” he responded puffing out his chest, adjusting his pants and glancing at the girls. They giggled.

“Listen yo, you’re looking pretty worn out. It’s too hot for that shit.” He nodded towards the mower. “Why don’t you come with us, we were just about to go blaze this in the woods.”

One bahis siteleri girl profiled me with her cat-like eyes and whispered something in the other girl’s ear which made them giggle. I cock my head around toward the house and notice that my mother is now staring at me through the window with her lips straight as a pencil. It must be a blood thing, I always sense her gaze when it’s directed at me, it’s like a sixth sense. I lift up my hands and shrug my shoulders. She looks at Trey and the girls then back at me. Her blank expression bends upward into a smile. I’m off the hook. She affirms my leave with a nod. Generally she never lets me off without completing my chores. It must’ve been because of last night; I heard something I haven’t heard in a while. Mom and dad were fucking. He had a heart attack four years back and since then the only noise that escaped their room was snoring. But the other day I noticed some medication I have not yet seen before on the kitchen table. That must be it. The old dog stretched his legs and the old clam opened up her shell. God bless them; seems like everyone is fucking except me.

“Yea man, I’m down,” I responded, wiping the sweat from my brow.

“Word. And put on your bathing suit. After, we’re going to go chill at the pool.”

“Got it—imma go change real quick then be right out.”

I ran inside, changed into my swimming trunks and joined them, leaving the mower and the half mowed lawn behind.

We walked into the woods and found comfort in this drug den about a half a mile in. Some hippie clique from a university near by made this den a year back. It was essentially a small convertible log cabin; 10 feet wide by 10 feet long. The walls were built up but there was no roof on it. The floors were covered in psychedelic tapestries and a large Grateful Dead flag hung against one of the walls. Trey and the girls looked so out of place; two beach blonde barbie dolls with a black stallion, not a dirty hippy gene in their DNA. There were a couple benches that outlined the hut’s perimeter which we sat on. Trey took a fat joint out from out his backpack, lit it, took three fat tokes, then proceeded to pass it to one of the girls. Smoke filled the air like it was coming from the finished version of this hut during a cold winter night.

“My name is Ashley,” said the girl directly on Trey’s right.

“I’m Angelina,” the girl next to her said.

“I’m Jake.”

This was a fail on my part. I should have introduced myself after I came out of the house. The whole walk they must’ve thought it strange that I hadn’t.

Once the high had set in I began to think about the space, how many psychedelic induced orgies were held here, how many ounces of cum had soaked into these rugs. Prior to expanding their mind with drugs, these guys were losers. Now they’re the school’s spiritual leaders. Although they’re false prophets like the priests who praise peace then go after children. I heard from a dealer, who by request delivered drugs to the den, that when some freshman babe wanted to get in on their lifestyle, they needed to go through a spiritual awakening. This involved getting blasted by the “elders” during an acid trip. They needed to fuck out the demons inside you. These demons they claimed, canlı bahis siteleri were the result of years of conditioning by mainstream society. It supposedly wasn’t rape and the girl did not have to commit. But an insecure girl who was out of her body was going to fail to control it. Fuck those pigs.

I heard the girls start to giggle and then Trey let out a thunderous laugh. Ashley covered her mouth with her hand, looked up at my face then down towards my groin. I look down and behold I’m stiff as a log. My swim trunks were tight and the outline of my cock was as visible as if I had shoved it against one of those pin art toys that people stick their hands and face in. I simply blush and slam my legs shut. Trey can’t contain himself. Amidst his laughter he jokes, “One day I saw this shit called Horny Goat Weed in my brothers room—maybe they sprinkled some of that shit in this weed.” I’m too embarrassed to respond. Ashley’s shoulders shake as she continues her giggle fit over my predicament. But Angelina meets my eyes and starts to blush.

She was so cute. There was an element in her that Ashley did not possess. Perhaps it was understanding or compassion. As she gazed into my eyes I knew that she could feel what I felt. A mean brew of loneliness, longingness, and a dash of jealousy. Most girls would resent these traits in a man but unlike her clone she possessed a nursing personality.

I shut my legs from embarrassment; she opened hers up. In the sunset her white two piece bathing suit glowed like a modern angelic garb and as the sun beamed at the back of her head a halo had formed. I looked down towards her pussy and saw the outline of two supple lips of perfect symmetry at the divide.

“This sun got me feeling like a slave worker out on a cotton field,” Trey said exhaustively. I suppressed laughter for the fear of feeling like I was condoning racism. He was African American and it was just a historical simile but it was an unfortunate part of history and my people, the Europeans, were to blame.

“Let’s bounce to the pool,” Trey continued.

Dusk was around the corner. In an hour the pool would close. Adults and their children were pouring out in preparation for dinner. The kids were all cleared out but some adults still lingered in the shallow end. It was mostly older muscular men, divorced and reliving their youth, conversing with fit younger girls, seeking a daddy that would fulfill their wildest desires both monetary and sexual.

Being too young for this crowd we decided to hang around the deep end. Trey hung in the corner with the girls while I, still embarrassed after what happened in the den, swam a couple laps in the pool. At the end of one of the laps I notice one of the older men call out to Angelina. Although hesitant, she swims over and begins conversing. If only I had those kind of balls, I thought to myself. Trey then calls me over. When I got to the corner Ashley’s tongue was snaking around Trey’s.

“Could you cover us man? Like turn around and make us disappear?” Trey said freeing his tongue for a moment.

“Sure,” I responded. I’m not the type to ask questions.

I turn around, spread my long lanky arms and grip two edges of the pool. Initially I heard one resounding moan behind me and then canlı bahis I felt Trey’s ass slam against my lower back. I quickly understood the situation. Loneliness, longing, and jealousy poured over me like the girls cum on Trey’s cock no doubt. I couldn’t say anything though. What kind of homie would I be if I backed out? As feelings of anxiety started chewing at my pride I notice the other girl starting to swim over. She assesses the situation quickly and her mouth gapes open at the realization. She proceeds to duck down underwater, grab my ankles and swoop my legs up.

She struggled to stay afloat and ducked underneath the surface again. I felt a light tug on my shorts then all of a sudden, like she meant to rip a waxed bandage off of a leg, my shorts shot down to my ankles. My cock gained solidity before it had even broken the surface. She brought my legs back up and now my cock bobbed up and down like a buoy. I clasped my legs under her armpits to keep her stable. My quads would have to pay but the price was right. With unwavering eye-contact she took me inside her mouth. And how deep she went. And how masterful she was. It’s like her tongue was sliding down the grooves of a large fleshy screwdriver. It covered every crevice, it followed every vain like the outline of a navigation system path.

For a long moment I lost track of time and space. Trey’s ass kept slamming into my back, his girl kept moaning, my girl kept sucking. Loneliness, longing, jealousy, these were adjectives of the past. Lust, libido, contentment, I updated my dictionary. It was only when I averted my gaze from Angelina’s mastery on my cock that I realized the risk this situation posed. I look down at my feet. My trunks were wrapped around my ankles like the cuffs of a prolific convict.

A lifeguard starts walking down the edge of the pool from the shallow end. “Hey what’s going on!?”.

I got caught with my pants down. Literally.

I squeeze my thighs tighter around the edges of her chest, then swing my legs down taking her underwater. “This asshole is not about to give me blue balls,” I mutter under my breath. My angel, now submerged, doesn’t skip a beat. “Yo Trey, lifeguards coming,” I say to him turning my head. His girl moans and Trey puts his hand around her mouth, “Shut-up, I’m about to finish.” Till this day I don’t know if he finished inside her or if molecules of his semen are floating around till this day. But the moment the guard reached us, me and Trey let out a synchronized grunt of bliss. Once my angel sucked out the last of it, she dove back above the surface with the grace of a mermaid. “What the fuck are you guys—are you—for real?” The lifeguard said. All four of us jump out of the pool and start booking it towards the exit. No patrons seem to be aware of what had happened, yet for some reason their expressions were ridden with disgust.

We run along the wooded trail and when we stop at the den to catch our breath we start laughing at the absurdity of things. We all glance down at the same time and laugh harder. I was butt naked, my trunks left behind like a shipwreck at the bottom of the pool. And once again my girl blushes. She wraps her body around me covering my privates and kisses me on the cheek.

“It’s ok, no one is at my place. You can borrow my brothers clothes.”

We split where two roads diverged in a green wood. Trey and Ashley down the clearer path towards his house, me and Angelina taking the one more overgrown in direction of hers.

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