Prove It!

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It was late, impossible to work another minute.

I’d sat at the desk and watched the deep peach color along the horizon turn violet, then black. It was hard to tell the stars from the city lights this time of night. Everything shimmered. The view out over the city was mesmerizing–a complete distraction, at night, in fact. I was also distracted by the puzzle, still unsolved, in the formulae in front of me. I took off my glasses and tugged on the pencil that held my hair in place. I shook my head, glad to let the long, thick braid work free, and unbuttoned my lab coat. Finally, even the most obsessed engineers had gone home and I could relax. I put my feet up on the lab table and leaned back in the chair, eyes closed, and rested. So much for decorum. So much for math.

My mind wandered through events of the afternoon. I remembered working with Jeff, a tall, quiet man whose ideas I admired. He had an attention to detail that fascinated me. He never missed an event and his ability to predict what would come next surprised us all. He was obsessed with numbers. When other people made rash assumptions, he’d say, “Oh yeah, try to prove that.”

I mused about whether or not he made love like that–careful and second-guessing, learning quickly and applying what he observed for better outcomes. I laughed. Maybe. I’d like to know, I thought, I’d like to see for myself. I felt the muscles between my legs tighten–yes–I’d like to know–like to let him prove that!

I imagined him working alone in the lab at night, bent over a stack of spreadsheets, intent and focused, shirt sleeves up, lab coat and tie over the back of his chair. I’d seen him that way a hundred times, and it had an appeal that I couldn’t pin down. I liked the way he breathed when he worked, and in the quiet of an empty lab, it was easy to hear even softest sounds. He’d read, sigh, and draw in a long breath and hold it. It had the tenseness of being on the verge of something. Gave me shivers. It seemed like he got pleasure from puzzling, it had an electric quality to kızılay escort it. Recalling this, I reached down and undid the top two buttons on my shirt. I slipped a hand inside and started to rub the nipple, which immediately got hard. I squuueeezed and bit my lip, thinking of that engineer, deep in thought. I heard myself moan in the stillness of the lab. It echoed. I reached for the other breast and pinched the already-hard nipple. I could feel myself getting wet.

I imagined that Jeff leaned back in his chair and stretched. And then, in a lazy and most curious kind of way, he sloooowly undid his zipper and reached his hand inside his slacks. As if standing in front of him, I could watch as he pulled his cock from the opening. It was already hard.

He stroked himself, eyes closed. He was not quiet. He’d tug and twitch at the sensation and then say, “Oh god, yes, do it.” He paid such careful attention to the head, red now and dripping pre-cum, which made it shine in the desk light. Slowly he made small circles on the tip and then gently rubbed the underside. His mouth opened in pleasure and his voice was clearly audible… “I love to watch you do that.” This very intelligent, very creative man was not only obsessed with numbers. He was visualizing someone doing something that obviously turned him on. “Ohhhh yes, my little slut, do that…”

I was startled out of my fantasy by the realization that the voice I heard was not imagined. It was real. Quietly, I slipped down off the lab stool and tip toed down the corridor. There, just a few cubes down, was Jeff, sitting on his lab chair, zipper down, cock in his hands, just as I’d imagined. The only difference was, he was stroking harder and using two hands, not one. I wondered how soon he’d come.

“Suck it, baby.” His eyes were closed and he was shaking. His whole hand was wet now– his cock was soaked and ready. He’d parted his legs, which were trembling, and was cupping his balls now with the free hand. I walked up behind him and whispered in his ear, “Suck it? OK, ankara etlik escort I will, but first this….” I tied a lab towel over his eyes. He laughed nervously and said, “Hey, who is it?”

I whispered, “Not important,” moved in front of him, and knelt down between his legs. I took his hard cock in my mouth and sucked. It didn’t take long before he was ready to cum. He was really talking now, and not at all quiet. “Oh god, yes, suck it. Oh god, I’m going to cum. Drink it, you little slut. My little math bitch. Suck my hard cock..” I followed his directions, hoping no one else had stayed late. Anyone within 50 feet could have heard every word. He came, reaching down to pull my head close to him while he did. He slid down in the lab chair and groaned. “Ohhh, nice. Oh, Yeahhh.”

I laughed softly. He dozed for a few seconds, dazed by the experience and then I said, “OK, brain boy, up.” I hopped up onto his desk and spread my legs. I was so wet I thought I might slide off. I pulled his head forward and held it there. I opened my pussy lips with my left and held his head with the right. I whispered into his ear, “Lick.” He did. I was already shaking so hard it was all I could do to not fall off the desk.

With amazing precision, he licked my clit, which was swollen and throbbing. I couldn’t help myself. Such a bright man, I loved to give him directions. He never failed–everything, exactly as I said. He drew back and begged, “Please take the blindfold off, I want to see. I have to watch. Oh god, I want to see this. You’re so wet.”

I noticed as he leaned back that his cock was hard again and that he was touching it, pulling and squeezing. It was already wet. I leaned forward, “You’re wet, and hard, and red. I can see it. You don’t need to. My clit is hard, too, and I’m dripping–now lick!” “Jesus,” he said as he leaned forward, guided by my shaking hands.

Obedient, he licked. I caressed my breasts. A small sweat was forming on my brow from the heat of the desk lamp and from the sight of Jeff’s demetevler escortlar cock, harder than ever.

This guy was amazing, a real scientist in every sense of the word. He used every sense to collect information and adjusted accordingly. I never had a more expert, more articulate tongue inside me. I encouraged him, quietly. He leaned back to breathe and said, “You gotta tell me who you are, I have to know… Oh god you’re so hot.” I leaned forward and put a nipple in his mouth. “Suck.” He did. And hard.

I was close to cumming when he put a couple of fingers inside me and bit lightly on my nipple. I shouted, “Oh yes, it’s good. It’s so good. Don’t stop.” I leaned back, too off balance to sit up straight.

Jeff stood up suddenly and pulled me to the edge of the desk. He spread my legs and grabbed his cock. He pushed it inside and then pulled me forward, and up a little. “Better angle,” he said, “better friction.” Ever the engineer, I thought, but he was right on target. He thrust hard and I felt myself starting to come. My puss tightened around his cock and I saw him squeezing his balls. He started to shake and really thrust deeply.

“And now, my little bitch, the results of your experiment…” And we came. Deliriously. Loudly. Nothing intelligent about it. I was completely out of control.

As it subsided, as slid off the table and pushed him back into his lab chair. I slipped his cock inside his boxers and zipped him up carefully. “Leave the blindfold on for 2 minutes or this will never happen again, hear me?” He smiled. “Two?” he said. “Two,” I said.

He grabbed my wrist as I turned to leave. “You’re the best,” he whispered hoarsely, “the best. I think I know who you are.” “Oh yeah?” I said, “Try to prove it,” and bit his neck lightly.

Back at my desk, I rearranged myself, put my hair back up and buttoned my lab coat. I put my glasses back on and returned to the papers with the almost-solved equations. Damn. Soon, I heard Jeff’s soft shuffle in the corridor. He leaned into my cube and said, “Working late?” “Nah,” I said, “just got here.” He walked in and looked at the formulae.. puzzled. “Hey Missie, look.” He scribbled a few numbers below what I’d written. “Unbelievable,” I said, “That’s it.” “Oh yeah,” he said, “try to prove it” and winked…and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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