Private Lessons Side Stories Ch. 01

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For Women

IMPORTANT NOTE: This contains major spoilers for the main series, Private Lessons. It is heavily recommended you read that first.

These side stories take place at different times both during and after the original story. Some of them might have relevance to future side stories and some are just cute little one offs I felt like writing.

Valentine’s day

Note: This one takes place around chapter 2 or 3, very early in their relationship.


Amirah walked the halls with her head on a swivel. Public displays of affection were banned on campus, even if it was Valentine’s Day.

Not that Amirah was a heartless monster. On the contrary, with her newfound affection for a certain tiny blonde woman, she even pitied her students. Of course they would want to express their love for one another. But she was the Headmistress and rules were rules. She made a lot of enemies that day, confiscating gifts (that would be returned later) and sweets and breaking up couples who got a little too close to one another.

But her eyes also scanned for something else. Her shadow. Or more specifically her missing shadow. The girl that usually followed her around was nowhere to be seen and that worried her. Partly because she missed her presence and partly because she was afraid of what her absence meant.

Lacey probably had some grand thing planned for this day. Maybe a bouquet of flowers or a life-sized statue of a chocolate version of her. Or both. The longer Lacey was missing, the more worried Amirah got. Because she had to do her job.

After making so many enemies, she absolutely could not accept whatever Lacey was going to give to her. Especially not in front of other people. So she kept on the lookout for her pretty blonde head as she scanned the halls for rule infractions.

It was right during her lunch when Lacey struck in the worst way possible. Amirah noticed students looking in her direction, which was strange considering most avoided their gazes in fear most of the time. She understood why when she turned around and found the one and only Lacey Cambell standing behind her. She was so busy looking for her shadow it snuck up on her exactly where it was supposed to be.

Out from behind her back she produced two objects. A single rose, and a heart shaped box of chocolates. Simple, yet effective. Amirah’s heart swelled and threatened to burst from the gesture, as well as the dread for what she had to do next.

The entire hallways fell silent. All eyes were on the two of them. Lacey didn’t seem to notice them as her eyes were locked solely on Amirah’s. They glowed with only the purest of affection. She extended her arms to give the two items to Amirah.

She managed to transition flawlessly from the shock to her usual persona, taking a second to clear her throat and adjust her glasses. “I appreciate the sentiment, Miss Cambell, but I can not accept these.”

Lacey looked taken aback. As if it never even crossed her mind that her lover would reject her humble offerings. Then her face went into a little pout as she once again extended the objects to her, this time with a little “Hmph.”

“Sorry, but the rules are still the same as they were three seconds ago, Miss Cambell.”

Lace began wordlessly bargaining with Amirah. She took away the chocolate and only offered the flower. Amirah shook her head. Then she tried just the chocolates. Another shake. As a last-ditch effort, she took out a single chocolate from the box and presented it to Amirah.

“I’m sorry Miss Cambell but the answer is still the same.”

Amirah’s heart nearly broke and she hoped it didn’t show on her face when Lacey’s pouty face gave way to sadness. She packed up the chocolate and walked away. Amirah could feel the eyes on her again, having earned even more ire for making the school mascot sad.

Later, Amirah’s office

The day was near its end when Amirah got the knock on her door.

“You may enter.” In walked Lacey. Oh no. She sat down in one of the chairs in front of her desk and looked at her. Then she produced the items again and laid them on Amirah’s desk.

“Lacey. I can’t take these. I told you.”

“Yeah, in front of everyone. But it’s just us here. No one has to know.”

Amirah sighed. “I would know. We’re already breaking enough rules as is wit-” She was interrupted by Lacey’s sniffling. “No, please Lacey. Don’t do that.” While crying, Lacey once again produced the single chocolate and placed it on her desk. After a hopeful second, she started to cry harder. Amirah got up from her desk and went around to comfort her. She kneeled down and pulled Lacey into a hug.

Lacey spoke through her sobs. “I-I- I just want-wanted to show-you how much I-“

“Shhhhhh. I know Lacey. I know.” She kissed her student’s forehead. “I appreciate it. Truly. And I appreciate you. But my pride as a professor won’t allow me to accept this. And it wouldn’t be fair if we were the only ones allowed to kaçak iddaa break the rules.” Amirah tried to separate what they did after classes from her job as much as possible, lest the same feeling of duty inhibit that as well. But accepting this wouldn’t be fair to everyone else she’d chastised that day.

She held Lacey for a few minutes as she calmed down. “You OK now?”

“… yeah.” Lacey started to pack up her offerings, still crestfallen. Still tearing Amirah’s heart to pieces.

Amirah tried to think of some way to make Lacey happy. But every way involved accepting the gifts, which she couldn’t do because it violated the rules. Unless… it didn’t violate the rules.

“One moment Lacey.” Amirah went back to her desk and sat down. Then she turned her chair around to face the back of the room. She cleared her throat and recited from memory. “Ahem. Professor’s rulebook, chapter eight, page sixty-nine. Professors must confiscate any and all prohibited items, including and not limited to smart devices used at the wrong times, alcohol from underaged students, any pornographic material, blah blah blah… “She quickly skipped ahead in her mind. “Lost items. It is the duty of Professors to find the rightful owners of all lost items. In scenarios of easily identifiable items, return them to their rightful owners at appropriate times. But!” she raised a finger. “In scenarios where the item’s owner can not be identified, the Professors will store it in a safe place until its owner comes to claim it. Should the items be perishable or become unusable during their time in the professor’s care, the professor will then dispose of said item.” She could only imagine the look of confusion on Lacey’s face until she heard her gasp.

She then heard rummaging behind her. “Miss Cambell, you are dismissed.”

“One moment Headmistress!” She could hear the smile on her face. After another minute, the rustling stopped. And then she heard the door to her office open and close. She sighed and turned around.

Surprisingly, there was only the single chocolate on her desk. Strange. A quick examination of the room revealed two more hidden around it. But that was all. When she asked Lacey about it after their ‘lesson’ that evening, the girl pretended to not know what she meant.

It was only on the next day that Amirah understood her play. Each day for the next week, she would find a couple of chocolates placed in areas only she would find. And on the last day, she found a single rose sitting on her desk when she entered her office.

New regulations/Investors draft:

Note: this takes place around 5-6 years after graduation.

Amirah’s Apartment

“And now we have all new regulations! I’m forced to take breaks during the day, making sure I can’t stay as ahead of my work as I have for nearly a decade now. And you’d think I’d be able to just make up for it later, but no! They also limited my amount of overtime! It’s like they don’t want me to perform at my best!” Amirah complained to Lacey.

The two of them cuddled on Amirah’s couch, Lacey lovingly wrapped in Amirah’s arms. After a few months of tending to their little angel, Lacey decided that Amirah was being neglected and started to spend more time with her to make up for the time during and after the pregnancy.

Amirah protested this of course, but Lacey shut her down because while they spent quality time together, Shani and Akila would be right down the hall in Asad’s apartment should the need to go see them arise. And so for the past couple of weeks, the girls took turns spending time with their favorite neighbor. Though Lacey spent much more alone time with Amirah since Akila was still being breastfed and got fussy if it wasn’t straight from the tap. Though that just meant the four of them would hang out together when it was Shani’s ‘turn.’ Although Lacey did put up with a fussy daughter sometimes to give them days alone so they could ‘catch up.’

“I’m sure that’s not what the investors want.” Lacey responded while sending a text to her wife, asking if it was OK if she spent the night. Getting the go ahead from Shani, she placed her phone down and snuggled in closer, resting her eyes.

Ever since some anonymous donations poured major cash into the university, there had been many changes to how things were run for both the betterment of the students and professors. Or so they said. Amirah considered the new policies asinine and a hindrance to her productivity.

“What else could that mean? I can’t do my job properly if they won’t let me.”

“How ahead of your work are you usually?” Lacey didn’t bother opening her eyes.

“Usually two to three weeks.”

“And how far ahead are you since the changes have been implemented?”

“Around a week and a half.”

“See? Nothing has changed. You are still well ahead of your work, everything gets done, and everyone has more time off to tend to their personal health.”

“Bu-” Lacey wouldn’t let up, casually interrupting kaçak bahis Amirah.

“You’ve been sleeping better lately, haven’t you?”

“Well, yes b-“

“And eating better?”


“Feeling all around more energized and healthier, both mentally and physically?”

There was a pause before Amirah spoke. “Well… Be that as it may, I-“

“And. Because of the new policies, you have a lot more free time to yourself to do fun activities. Such as visiting your god-daughter and her two beautiful mothers.”

“Of course, but I really have to think of the students-“

“They are going to dislike you either way. All they know is you tell them what to do and give them exams. All the extra work you do goes unnoticed. It’s a lose-lose.”

Amirah scoffed. “It is not a ‘lose-lose.’ It matters not if my students know about the overtime or not. I don’t do my job for appreciation. I do my job for the satisfaction of forming young ladies into proper women.”

There was a long pause after that line. So long that Amirah thought Lacey had fallen asleep against her mid conversation. That was, until she spoke up. “So you’d rather work than spend more time with us?”

An immediate pang of guilt struck Amirah in the chest. For all the grievances she had about the new policies, the silver lining was that she was able to see the three of them more. To have a more active role in Akila’s life and more quality time with her two favorite, former students. Weekends on campus became family outings for the four of them. Lunch breaks with mandatory rest left time for face timing Akila and seeing her face light up as she recognized Amirah on the screen. And long nights of work in her office were replaced with lazy evenings like this very one, relaxing and spending time with those she loved. She could see how her complaints could seem like she’d rather be at work than with them.

She squeezed her lounging brit. “No! You three mean the world to me. I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything.”

Lacey sounded near asleep as she yawned and squeezed slightly tighter. Her voice sounded oddly smug. “Thought so.”

The tone of her voice set off something in Amirah’s mind. As if some hidden puzzle had finally come together in her subconscious and was now ready to be presented to her consciousness. She tends to forget a very important fact about her lovers. Every time she offered to pay for something, they would turn her down and make sure one of them paid for it. And if she did somehow pay for something, they’d make sure to pay her back in ways she couldn’t refund/deny. And they, Lacey in particular, had no problem spending exuberant amounts of money on simple impulses and wants, like gifts for her girlfriend or wife or daughter. Why would she? Both she and Shani are extremely wealthy.

If Lacey had one virtue, it was perseverance. Amirah knew firsthand she was willing to do anything to get what she wanted. So what if she wanted more quality time with her Headmistress?

“… Lacey.”


“How much did you give the university?”

All she did was adjust to get into a more comfortable sleeping position. “A lot.”


Note: This takes place 2.5 years after graduation.

Campbell-Almasi Penthouse

Amirah took a seat in the living room of their penthouse. Even after years of coming here, she was still amazed. She worked hard and wasn’t exactly poor, but compared to her pretty great apartment, this might as well have been a mansion. I always did wonder why he didn’t just buy a mansion or an estate. It was an ever-present reminder of the difference between her acquired status and the truly wealthy.

At the current moment though, Amirah was focused solely on her girlfriends seated in front of her. Ever since she entered the threshold, she felt something in the air. Lacey didn’t seem as excited to see her as usual, and Shani had never been good at hiding her guilt from her old professor. The second sign was their current seating arrangement. Usually the three of them sat or laid in some three person pile on the couch, cuddling and/or performing other loving activities. Instead, she sat on one side of the giant U-shaped couch while the girls, in her eyes they will always be girls, her girls, sat on the other. Lacey sat as straight and proper as she could and Shani attempted to follow suit. She noticed that they held each other’s hands for support. She eyes their matching wedding bands.

Amirah could assume what was coming. It was the day she had been waiting for ever since she entered this relationship. A day that she figured was right around the corner since she attended their reception. She decided to speak first. Ripping the band aid off herself might lessen the pain.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” She reverted to her professional demeanor. She didn’t trust herself to remain calm if she allowed her emotions to show.

Lacey followed. Her voice was as shaky as she felt. illegal bahis “As you know, Shani and I are married.” Amirah nodded. “And even though we own the apartment next to yours and all the nights we spend together, we still technically don’t live together.” a swallow followed by another nod. “And despite our insistence, you refuse to join us in marriage or to even move in with us.” Amirah could feel her stoicism start to crack for the first time in a decade.

Shani stepped in at this point. “Because of this and your work, we don’t see you as often as we’d like. Either because we are traveling or some family thing or simply you have a ton of work to do. And we figured it wasn’t fair to you that we get to be together all of the time.” This is it.

Lacey jumped in again. “So Shani and I wanted to tell you-“

She interrupted them. Despite her professional tone, she had lost the battle and could feel the tears start to come down her face and heard her voice crack. The only part of her that stayed strong was her posture. “I understand completely. I knew this would come eventually and I am prepared to accept it.” She wiped her eyes on her sleeve as she saw their faces shift further into concern. She couldn’t take it. She started to stand. “I just want you two to know that my time with the both of you were and always will be the happiest years of my life.”

She had expected them to be silent as she left. She expected the apartment next to her to be sold or rented out or something. What she had not expected as the two of them hugging her and basically dragging her back down to the couch. Why must they make this harder than it needs to be?

“What are you talking about? Why are you crying? What’s wrong?” Lacey’s voice sounded panicked as she squeezed Amirah for all she was worth. Amirah could sense the same sadness within it that she felt. But she also sensed genuine confusion. They should be trying to console her right now. Making promises that neither party will keep about keeping in touch because the pain of what once was would be too great. Instead they were inquiring about her meaning.

Amirah collected herself for a moment, taking comfort from their embrace, potentially for the last time. “Are you not breaking up with me?”

“What!?”/”No!” Both girls screamed out in unison.

“Then what are yo-“

Shani spat out the words at breakneck speeds. “We just wanted to let you know that we understand how you might feel being alone all the time so we wanted to give you options.”


Lacey took over. “We just wanted to tell you that if we aren’t around and you ever feel the need you could sleep with someone else.”

A wave of emotions flooded Amirah as the pain of the imagined break up left her body. Her tears of pain were replaced with tears of joy that joined Shani’s and Lacey’s own as she was filled with relief. Another emotion that rose in her was indignation, though a small amount. The third one was a sense of mortification.

It was her turn to be confused. “What?”

Shani again. “Sometimes we are gone for a while and we leave you alone. We would feel better if we knew that you were able to take some comfort in another’s arms in our absence. We don’t want you to think we ‘re being selfish and neglecting you.”

Amirah squeezed the both of them as hard as she could. “I’m sorry but I refuse.” Before they could interject, she kept going, recovering a fraction of her authoritative tone and placing it in her voice. “You two worry too much. You may be gone sometimes but I am never lonely. You two make sure of it. You two call me every single day. Sometimes we fall asleep with facetime on and you always bring me back some wonderful gift. I don’t need nor want to take comfort in anyone else.”

After a long pause Lacey said, “You sure?”


She could feel Lacey’s smile. “I’ll give Asad the bad news.” Amirah couldn’t hold in her laughter as a lighter mood fell over the cuddle pile.

She had thought the moment had passed, but Lacey, in her patented stubbornness, insisted on getting the last word. “Well… the offer is always on the table for you should you ever want to take it.” The whiplash of the emotional shifts she had experienced in the last few minutes had left Amirah exhausted. She didn’t have the energy to argue with her. Instead she just basked in their love on the couch. Before their feelings evolved and they began the process of making more love, of course.


Note: This takes place 1 year after graduation.

Penthouse bedroom:

Lacey laid in their bed, nude as the day she was born, next to her girlfriend. Excitement had once coursed through her body, but now she was left dumbfounded and disappointed. Even her dick, which was once painfully excited, was only at half-mast.

They had been over Amirah’s place earlier in the week but they got sent home early. At some point Amirah took Shani into another room and she heard her girlfriend get a very stern talking to, though she couldn’t hear why. Shani was very quiet on the drive home and it worried Lacey. Though she prodded, Shani wouldn’t tell her what had happened and neither would Amirah.

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