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She hired me to find out if her husband was cheating on her. That was easy to prove. He wasn’t very discreet. Now flat on my back watching her beautiful, tight, silken cunt slide up and down on my engorged cock, made it seem pretty pointless. But I knew it wasn’t about fidelity or morality. It was all about money. He had lots of it. He cheated on her. And now I had the opportunity to help take some of it away, while getting the best damn fuck of a life time.

Two near perfect, melon sized breasts filled my hands. The hard little nipples dug into my palms.Between her chaotic groans, whimpers and grunts, she threw her head back and howled, screaming some variation of, “Fuck…shit…dam…ya baby…you fuck me so good…oh God, oh God.”

She lifted her hips off me until only her pussy lips held on to the head of my cock. Those sweet lips actually sucked on the swollen, purple head, causing me to groan, whimper and grunt myself. After teasing me for a few minutes, she slowly lowered her hips back down, and I watched my cock disappear into her warm, wet sanctum of love.

“Holy crap,” she whispered(the same words flashed through my head)as she fell onto my chest, crushing her huge breasts against me.

“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” She whispered. She held her lips against my ear. “You feel so good inside me.” She began to bounce her hips rhythmically with short, little strokes. Damn! It was time to take this little bitch by the hand.

I wrapped my arms around her and raised my knees forcing her legs further apart. I slammed güvenilir bahis my hips up into her driving my cock to hilt. In one, swift move, we rolled and I sprang up on top, raised up on my hands and shifted my weight to my knees. I grabbed behind her knees and pushed them to her chest, tilting her hips up and bringing her jewel into maximum exposure. My cock was completely lost inside her.

“Now we’re going to fuck,” I said smiling down at her. She had a look of mild shock on her face. I didn’t move or speak for several seconds. Then she smiled.

“Well, Okay. Gallop that mule home cowboy.” She let out aYeehaw! and arched her back.

I laugh as I began a slow but steady fuck, sliding my cock out, then driving it back in. I shifted her legs to rest on my shoulders and as I increased the speed of my drilling operation, one hand fondled her clit and the other hand fingered her ass hole. It was hard to believe a man would cheat on this, but lucky for me, he had done just that.

“Oh shit! I’m gonna cummm,” she screamed. Her face contorted with animal lust. I long stroked her as fast as I could. Our bellies smacked together, and my balls slapped against her sweet little ass. I pushed her ankles off my shoulders and she wrapped her legs around my waist, humping and bucking. A groan emerged from her throat that quickly morphed into a scream. Her vaginal juices slurped and gurgled with each out-stroke, running down around my balls and into the crack of her ass. My own lusting pressures began to build, sucking all the energy from my feet and güvenilir bahis siteleri the top of my head into a swirling vortex into my groin.

I collapsed against her magnificent chest and she locked her arms around, driving her torso up and my cock in. As her teeth sank into my shoulder, my stone hard nuts shrank up into my crotch, my cock swelled in her love channel, and as my orgasm erupted inside her, I threw my head and harmonized with her scream.

“I’m cummin’ with you, baby,” I managed to squawk out as my throbbing cock shot load after load of sperm into already soaked pussy. As I came, it sparked a second orgasm for her, and she began to bucked uncontrollably, slamming into me, crying, whimpering, cursing, and begging me not to stop. I kept driving my cock into her long after I had shot my last load just to keep pace with her orgasm. And gradually, we both slowed to a stop and melted into each other. My shrinking cock slipped out of her, and the love potion of both our juices seeped out of her cunt, dripped down passed her ass hole and soaked my office couch.

We lay that way for ten or fifteen minutes, and finally she whispered, “You’re a pretty good fucker.”

And just as I said, “You’ve got one sweet pussy,” a key rattled in the office door lock, and Marge, my long suffering, portly, middle-aged secretary walked in, stopped cold, and stared at doll face and I on the couch. My pants were still around my ankles. Doll face’s heels were locked behind my knees, and her makeup was smeared across both our faces.

Marge iddaa siteleri stood there for a few moments. No one spoke, until finally she said, “Hi, guys. Don’t get up.” She waved her hand as she walked past the couch as if we were sitting there sipping tea. She entered my private office, and closed the door behind her.I’m going to have to fuck her some day. She’s so cool,I thought as I rolled off doll face and stood up pulling my pants up with me.

“Okay, sweetheart, here’s the deal,” I said as I put my shirt on. “Go home, act like nothin’ has happened, you don’t know a thing and everything is cool.” I reached down and helped her from the cum soaked couch. I looked down at her sweet downy pussy and watched my sperm ooze out and run down the inside of her thighs. I couldn’t believe I was getting hard again, but I thought of Marge in the other room, and junior wilted like day old spaggetti. “Here’s my cell number. Call me the next time he leaves the house.”

She hadn’t said a word since Marge interrupted our like fuckfest. Blown away was putting it mild. She turned around and bent over to step into her panties and I couldn’t resist…I reached out and caressed her ass and gave it a squeeze. She turned and looked up at me, bent over with those unbelievable breasts hanging below her, and a smile finally broke across her lips.

“You know Sam,” she straightened up and slipped into her bra, “That was the best…” I stopped her by putting a finger against her lips.

“Save it, doll face. I haven’t even began to show you what I can do.” I grabbed her shoulders and turned her hooking the clasp on her bra. “My tongue has received awards.” I leaned in and licked her ear. She reached between us and gently grabbed my crotch.

“Mine too,” she whispered.

To Be Continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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