Popcorn Ch. 03

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Note: It’s been a while and thank you all for being patient waiting for the Popcorn final chapter. I received mixed requests to either stay with the soft swing or go all the way. So I guess I will disappoint one of the groups. Don’t read if swapping spouses upsets you. Please read Chapters one and two to get up to speed. All rights reserved.


“Is that them?” Robin asked Carl who was peeking out the small window towards the front of her house.

“I think so….yes it’s pulling into the driveway,” he said moving over by her on the sofa. “Turn on the TV.”

“What do we tell them?” She asked hearing the car doors closing outside.

“Nothing. If they want to say something they can start it.”


“The light is on,” Cassie said holding Mark’s hand tightly. “I hope Carl doesn’t go ape on us. He’s got a bad temper sometimes.”

“If it gets out if hand I’ll leave,” Mark said as he opened the door with his key and peeked inside. They heard the TV on and saw the light on in the den. “I’ll go first.”

“Hello,” he said to give them a warning before they appeared. He moved inside the room first and saw his wife lying on the sofa with her head on Carl’s lap. Both were completely dressed.

Neither Carl nor Robin acknowledged them.

Mark moved into the room and stood watching a wrestling match which he knew both Robin and Carl hated. “You can’t be watching this.”

“I’ll get us all some coffee,” Cassie said peeking around Mark’s body.

“Do you want coffee Robin?” Carl asked not looking at their spouses.

“No, I think I’m going to bed.” She sat up on the couch and turned and gave Carl a long kiss before standing and walking by her husband. She didn’t look at him as she took his hand in hers and pulled.

Mark turned looked at Cassie who waved for him to follow Robin. She then moved next to Carl. “Do you want to go home?”

“It depends,” he said looking at her.

“On what?” She asked starring in his eyes.

“You know,” he said firmly.

“Not here,” she said standing up. “Let’s go home.”


Robin was in the bathroom for five minutes and when she came out wearing long cotton pajamas Mark was pretending to be asleep. She moved next to him and reached over to turn off the lamp. They both had their eyes opened for the next ten minutes before he spoke.

“I guess it got out of hand.”

She didn’t answer.

“Did you do it?”

“Did you?”

“Define do it,” he answered.

“IT…did you fuck Cassie?”

“No,” he said quickly. “We…uh..we were very close but…we both thought of Carl and you.”

“Good.” She smiled and turned over.

“Whoa…hold on. Uh…come on..tell me.”

“We didn’t do it either,” she smiled. Again they got quiet.

“I love you Robin.”

“Me too.”


“I don’t believe you,” Carl said when Cassie told them that they stopped short of intercourse.

“That’s great Carl. You mess around behind our backs first and now you don’t believe me. I’m telling you the truth. We didn’t do it but we both wanted to.”

He pulled the car into the garage and turned it off. “We did the same. I mean…we didn’t go all the way…but we wanted to.”

“What now?” She asked taking his hand in hers. “What now?”

“I’m not sure. We need to think about it. What do you want to do?”

“Definitely think about it. If we do it we can’t take it back.”


Nothing more was said the next day. Both couples went about their business like they would on every Sunday. Carl was still in bed when Cassie shook his arm and woke him up. “I’m going to Church.”

“Wha…What? Church. You never go to church.”

“I know,” she said as she turned and walked out of the room.

Robin was having the same conversation with Mark. “If you don’t want to go fine. Just don’t give me a hard time about it.”

“Robin, I’m sorry. I know I started it with Cassie and it messed everything up. But we didn’t and you didn’t so nothing bad happened.”

“Right,” she frowned. “None of us are Saints but at the same time we crossed over some lines.”

Mark quickly finished his cereal. “Wait for me and I’ll go with you.”

“I want to go alone,” she said seriously.

He sat back down and watched her walk out.


Cassie didn’t see Robin sitting a few rows ahead of her until they all stood up to sing. She quickly noticed that she had left her husband at home as well. After the service was over she hurried outside and found Robin’s car. When her friend walked up to it she moved to the passenger door. “Open up because we have to talk.”

Once in the car and after they looked around to make sure no one was close by Robin started crying. Cassie was no help because she did the same. It was Robin who stopped and reached over to hug her friend into her arms. “How did we screw up so bad?”

“I don’t know. I know that I love Mark and you so much and so does Carl,” Cassie said as she sniffed and wiped her eyes.

“Us too. God, what are we going to do? I don’t want to lose our friendship.”

They bonus veren siteler stayed quiet for a while when other churchgoers passed by. “I know that it’s what got us here but…but I don’t want to stop…you know..with Mark,” Cassie said hoping that Robin wouldn’t be mad.

Robin laughed and wiped some tears away. “I don’t mean to laugh but I feel the same way. I never was upset that you were with Mark. What upset all of us was that we were not together.”

“You’re right,” Cassie smiled. “So what do we do now?”


Mark sat in his boxers staring at the TV showing highlights from the weekend sporting events. He was happy that none of them went all the way but was sad that there was tension between them now. He was getting up to get another beer when the doorbell rang. He opened the door and saw Carl.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Mark said not caring that he was in his boxers. The two of them had already seen each other naked anyway. “So you missed Church too.”

“Yeah…I didn’t get much sleep.”

“Wild night with Cassie?”

“Not even close,” Carl grinned. They moved into the living room and Mark brought them both a can of brew. Carl opened the can and held it out to tap Mark’s. “To friendship.”

“To friendship,” Mark grinned. They both took large gulps and sighed. “What now my good friend?”

“I think that might be up to the women,” Carl answered. “I mean if we don’t continue with the swap I’m not sure if I can see Robin without thinking about it.”

“Same here. I think the only way is to just do it. It’s obvious that we all want to. I know Cassie still loves you.”

Carl tapped his beer can against Mark’s again. “And Robin still loves you.”

“So are we saying that the only way this is going to work is if we…uh swap all the way?”

“That’s the way I see it,” Mark grinned.


“Sex has been the best it’s ever been,” Cassie said to Robin. Their cars were the last ones in the parking lot.

“And if we quit now we will always wonder how it would have been.” Robin glanced at the Preacher who was leaving the church. “I should feel guilty about desiring another man but I don’t.”

“I don’t either. I mean it’s not wrong as long as we all agree right?”

“Right. But we have to be together. We can’t let that happen again,” Robin smiled. “Do you think the boys will agree to…to take it all the way?”

“There’s one way to find out. Let’s stop and get a movie on the way home.”

Mark jumped when he heard two car doors close and ran to the window to see Cassie and Robin walking up to the front door. “They are both here.” He thought about pulling on pants but decided to stay in his boxers. When they walked in he was sitting on the sofa a few feet from Carl.

“We are glad you both are here,” Robin started. “Cassie and I have been talking and there is really only one solution to our situation.”

Carl glanced at Robin’s short dress and low cut top. “We’ve talked too.”

“Who goes first?” Mark asked also checking out Cassie’s long legs.

Cassie leaned over and whispered something to Robin. Robin giggled. “I’ll tell Carl and Cassie will tell Mark. Stand up.”

Mark jump to attention and Carl was right behind him. He saw Cassie walking toward him and expected her to tell him that it was over. She leaned to his ear and whispered, “I want you to fuck me.” Before he could react her lips captured his earlobe and sucked.

“AH..SHIT!” He moaned.

Robin waited and laughed when Carl turned to hear Mark’s exclamation. She too whispered in his ear. “I want you to fuck me.” Her right hand turned his face and lips to hers.

Only kissing sounds and moans were heard the next few minutes. Hands roamed to breasts, privates and asses. Finally Robin pushed Carl away. “You two go down stairs and get the basement ready.”

Mark had his hand under Cassie’s dress cupping her nearly bare ass cheeks. “It is ready.”

“We think it would be better if you take the two mattresses off the sofa beds and put them side by side on the floor.

“Wall to wall sex,” Carl chuckled.

“We’ll see how much you boys are up for it,” Cassie challenged as she reached into Mark’s boxers and grabbed onto his ready hard cock. “Now go before we fuck you two here.”

“Let’s go,” Carl said pulling Mark towards the basement door. Once downstairs they hurried to open the sofa beds and remove the thin mattresses. “Keep the sheets on them,” Mark directed.

He sat on the one sofa with his hard-on sticking out of his boxers while Carl removed everything but his underwear. “Should we turn on the TV?”

“Yes,” Cassie said as she moved into the room wearing only a thin see-through nightgown that Robin provided. Her small perky dark nipples and trimmed bush could be seen through the material. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Behind her Robin walked in proudly displaying her large mounds and rigid tips through a similar sheer nightie.

The four stood side by side next to their mates with the two women in the middle looking bedava bahis at the make shift sex bed. They knew they would be kissing, touching and fucking for a few hours.

“I want to start with my husband,” Cassie said taking his hand and lowering her and him to the soft padding. Next to them Robin and Mark did the same.

“You’re so hard,” Cassie whispered holding his thick prick that was pushing out of his boxers. She lightly touched him as she sucked on his earlobe. “Soon you will be fucking my best friend with it.”

“Ohhh,” Carl moaned as he glanced over his wife’s body and saw Mark pulling off Robin’s nightgown. He quickly did the same to Cassie until both women were nude. “And Mark will be fucking you with his long hard dick. I want to watch it push inside of you.”

This time it was Cassie’s imagination picturing another man fucking her. “Ohhh.”

“I don’t want to cum,” Mark said to his wife as her finger made his shaft even harder.

“You’re saving it for Cassie aren’t you?” She giggled. As his middle finger parted her swollen vulva her legs opened as wide as they could go.

Mark rubbed her raised clitty until her body was shaking. “I think she’s ready for you Carl.”

Carl looked at his wife. “Go for it,” Cassie giggled.

Mark moved away and allowed Carl in between his wife’s opened thighs. They both saw the dripping pussy juices lubricating her sex making it ready for the thicker man.

“Please,” Robin begged reaching out for the shorter man. Her hands held onto his shoulders as his body lowered and shifted forward and forward until the tip of his cock pushed into her ready and wet opening. She pushed him upward and all four watched as the cockhead slowly disappeared.

“OH…GAWD!!” The woman cried as the thick pole moved steadily inside one inch at a time. Her thighs were quivering and the sweat from his forehead dripped down onto her neck.

“He’s almost all inside,” Cassie commented as she too took the missionary position and pulled Mark into her Venus Fly Trap. As his body lowered her legs closed trapping him inside. Both of them forgot to watch Carl’s final inch disappear.

Robin couldn’t see her husband’s cock pushing into Cassie’s pussy but could see the woman’s reaction when the longer tool moved past where Carl’s penis had ended in the past.

“It’s sooo BIG!” Cassie moaned snapping her head back and gasping for more air. “It’s filling me…UP!”

Robin wanted to brag how Carl’s cock was stretching her but no words would come out. The pleasure was intense after the long foreplay sessions with him. He was pumping in and out steady again and again trying his best not to cum before Mark. He glanced over and saw Robin’s legs locked at her ankles around his waist. He could hear the wet slapping sounds as Mark’s piston smacked into her wet depths.

None of them knew how long they had been fucking. It seems like a long time but it was only for a few minutes. Cassie’s pulled Mark’s lips and tongue down to her own to keep her screams controlled.

“Fuck!” Robin cried out. “FUCK ME CARL! DON’T STOP! DON’T EVER STOP!”

Carl grinned knowing that she was near a climax. He moved faster and harder until her lips lifted and her fingernails dug into his soft behind.


Carl had heard of multiple orgasms and had never given his wife one. He was about to cum himself when he felt Robin’s body shake again.


Cassie too was close and seeing and hearing Robin cum made her desperate. “Do…it…fuck me,” she whispered in Mark’s ear.

But Mark wanted to stretch it out. He glanced over at Carl and Robin as they watched him slowly push deeply into Cassie’s depths. After grabbing her ankles he pulled them up to rest onto his shoulders. It opened her up even more and gave him a better angle to push even deeper.

Carl saw more passion on his wife’s face than ever before. The veins in her neck and forehead popped out and sweat poured from both of their bodies. “Tell me what you want Cassie,” Mark whispered.

“You know…you know,” she said back. It felt like his cock was about to push up into her throat.

“Deeper? Do you want it deeper?”


Mark grinned and moved slowly, then moderately and then faster and faster until they both lost it. “I’M CUMING BABY!! CAN YOU FEEL IT?”

“YES…OH GOD YES…I CAN FEEL IT…OH YES…ME TOO…ME TOO!!” Her body was bent in half with her feet up next to her head. He was bouncing as his long fucking ram pounded her.

“OH SHIT…OH SHIT!” Mark climaxed.


The two couples stayed connected as they tried to get their normal breathing back. It was almost fifteen minutes later when Robin fell off of Carl onto her back. His cum slowly leaked from her satisfied hole.

She turned towards Cassie and Mark and reached over and cupped her friends left breast. Cassie turned and opened her eyes. “Excuse me but that’s my boob.”

“I’ve always wanted to see them and deneme bonus touch them.”

Her words caused Mark to lean back and watch his wife touching another woman’s titty. “Let me get off and you two can touch as much as you want.”

“What?” Carl asked waking up from his satisfied slumber. He too watched Robin playing with Cassie’s nipple and felt Robin move off his semi-hard cock. He moved back and leaned against the sofa and was shocked to see Robin playing with Cassie’s nipple.

“You keep that up and I’ll be ready to go again,” Carl chuckled. He peeked over at Mark and saw the man’s cock also showing some life.

“Well when you are ready so am I,” Robin giggled towards Carl. She moved up onto her hands and knees and pushed her round butt back at him.

“Shit,” Carl gasped when he saw Robin’s pink rose pedals open up for him. By the time he was ready to mount her ass Robin’s lips dropped and suckled on Cassie’s right nipple.

“What about me?” Mark complained seeing the other three involved.

“Bring it here,” Cassie smiled as she licked her lips. Her head turned as Mark knelt down by her head. He leaned forward until she engulfed the crown and started a slow sensual sucking.

Carl had the best view of everything going on. He smiled not really believing that the four of them were totally naked sucking and fucking on the thin mattresses. “Why didn’t we start this a lot sooner?”

Mark looked over at him and gave him the “It doesn’t get any better than this” look. Cassie’s head was moving side to side to take as much of his hard-on as possible.

Robin realized that Carl was not as long as Mark but his thickness felt good spreading apart her moist red pussy lips. Doggie style wasn’t the best for her to get off but it really didn’t matter because they had a good two hours before stopping. As she suckled the hard tip her right hand slid down Cassie’s body until her middle finger parted her dripping slit and rubbed over her ready clitty.

“Shit she’s fingering her,” Carl announced. He had a beaver’s eye view of a female-to-female fingerfuck.

“Shit yes,” Mark grinned as he felt himself ready to cum again. “Cass…I’m getting…getting close.”

Her eyes opened and locked on his as her lips did the same to his pink lollipop. He was now pushing forward and back. “I’M…I’M CUMING!” He announced if she wanted to move her lips away. But they stayed locked while his cannon fired three times with full loads. “NOW!! AHHHH!”

Carl was in control until he saw his best friend unload into Cassie’s mouth. “OH FUCK…ME TOO!” He held onto Robin’s hips as he fucked forward and back. Again and again until he pushed forward and came. “HERE IT CUMS!!”


Mark and Carl fell onto their sides after cuming again in a short time period. They had not climaxed that fast since they were teenagers. Neither knew the women had walked upstairs.

“I need a shower,” Robin grinned closing the master bathroom door behind Cassie. “Would you like to join me?”

Neither Cassie nor Robin had climaxed during the second sex action so they were both horny and willing to try something new. After Robin set the water temperature the two women moved under the warm-hot water.

As Cassie grabbed the soap and rubbed her soapy hands over Robin’s bare back she whispered, “I’m not sure what to do.”

“I think you do,” Robin responded by opening her legs and putting her arms on the shower wall for support. Moments later she felt Cassie’s trembling fingers move down over her buttocks and then underneath until her middle finger pushed into her cum-filled pussy.

“Ummm,” Robin moaned feeling the thinner softer fingers fucking her. “Would you like for me to do you at the same time?” She laughed when Cassie reached around her body and handed her the soap. After Robin turned facing her BFF their fingers moved between their legs while their lips and tongues met and meshed together.

“HEY LET US IN!!” They heard Carl’s voice shouting through the locked bathroom door.

Cassie pushed her head out. “NO…GO AWAY!”



“MAKE US SOME POPCORN!” Robin shouted to Mark.

The men gave up and headed downstairs. As Mark popped some popcorn Carl laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Mark said smiling at his friend.

“We just fucked each other’s wife and they are upstairs naked in the shower going at each other and…you are popping corn.”

“They got us a movie on the way home,” Mark said pouring the popcorn in a large bowl. “Did you see the title?”

“Yeah, it was titled, ZEBRA LOUNGE,” Carl said. “I wonder what it is about.”

“I’m not sure but I can’t wait to eat this popcorn.”

When Cassie moved back into the shower she turned into her naked friend. Their hard nipples pressed into each other’s boobs while their hands moved around to pull their naked fronts together.

“Easy, I’m a little sore,” Robin whispered when Cassie’s fingers parted her pussy lips and rubbed over her pleasure knob. “It feels good.”

Robin closed her eyes when Cassie’s fingers raced to get her off. Their legs became wobbly as they approached their zenith. “I’m so close,” Cassie whispered after moving her lips to Robin’s earlobe.

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