Poison Ivy Ch. 06

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Ivy raced to the door, eager to greet John after his long absence.

“Baby!!” he screamed, taking her in his arms and kissing her passionately.

“Oh God, I’ve missed you, Ivy,” he said, as they both walked into the living room together.

As they sat on the sofa, they could barely keep their hands off of each other. Ivy was pleased knowing that Melissa had a bird’s eye view of what was taking place.

Finally, Ivy spoke, “Baby, I’ve missed you so bad, I thought you had forgotten about me and our baby,” she said, taking John’s hand and placing it on her stomach.

John smiled, “No way in Hell could I forget you or our baby.”

Melissa was horrified. Her knees began to get weak and she felt as though she was about to puke any second. How could he do this to her? Ivy’s just a child and no doubt has been with so many boys she’s lost count.

Ivy and John continued their love fest on the sofa and within minutes John had slipped off Ivy’s bra and top, tossing them right in front of the hallway closet door. He pawed at her hot teen tits, rubbing and massaging them making Ivy’s nipples as hard as tiny tan rocks.

Ivy slid her hand down inside John’s pants, grabbing his thick throbbing cock and quickly wrapping her warm palm around the shaft and rubbing her thumb over the pisshole which was already oozing pre-cum.

“You know the fucking drill, baby,” John whispered.

Ivy giggled and stood up, bending over the large glass coffee table in front of the sofa.

“Oh fuck yeah, I missed that hot ass,” moaned John, giving it a light slap before unzipping his pants.

“I wanna fuck you up the ass, Ivy,” John hissed, “Don’t deny me baby.”

Ivy looked over her shoulder and stuck her ass all the bursa escort way out, “I’d never deny you anything, Daddy,” she whispered.

John smiled and whispered, “Good girl.”

Before he mounted his teen whore, John went to his knees and reached up, spreading Ivy’s ass cheeks apart. He moaned as he lowered his mouth to her tight brown asshole. This was something Ivy had never experienced. She began getting wet immediately.

“Oh God, John,” she moaned as John’s tongue darted in and out of her tight asshole.

Ivy made sure she looked directly at the hallway closet, she wanted Melissa to see the joy that her husband brought to this teenage slut.

When John was satisfied that Ivy’s hole was wet enough, he stood up, placing his hands on her perfect hips and slowly slid his massive cock into the tight puckered hole.

“Mmmm, God, John, oh God, you’re so fucking thick,” she moaned.

“Mmm and my slut’s asshole is nice n tight for Daddy,” said John, slowly beginning to pump his cock into her.

Ivy gripped the coffee table tightly, moving it just a bit.

“Fucking you is all I’ve thought about, baby,” he moaned, fucking her a bit faster now, “I’ve wanted to jack my cock off inside you for 2 days.”

Ivy arched her back and thrust her ass further around John’s cock, milking it like only a good slut could do.

The pair spent the better part of an hour fucking like two wild dogs while Melissa watched helplessly just a few feet away.

“Do you fuck your wife up the ass?” Ivy moaned.

“Fuck no, that prude doesn’t even like sex,” John answered breathlessly.

Ivy smiled huge looking directly at the closet. What must this be doing to prudey Melissa? It made Ivy wet knowing that bursa merkez escort John’s wife was watching her husband fuck the shit out of the neighborhood slut.

Finally, John yelled out, “Mmmmmmm God, baby, it’s cumming, Daddy’s gonna fill up your hot asshole with his seed!!”

Within seconds, Ivy felt John’s thick gooey cum spraying deep within her ass. She moaned out loud, praising John for being such a great lover, making sure she was loud enough for Melissa to hear.

As the last of his cum leaked out inside of Ivy, John leaned down and slid his tongue up and down her back, making her giggle like a school girl.

Once he slid his cock from her wet asshole, both John and Ivy sat on the sofa, naked and talked.

“I have a surprise for you, baby,” moaned Ivy, slowly running her fingers thru John’s hair.

“Oh yeah? I love surprises, what is it baby?” he asked anxiously.

Ivy just smiled and stood up, walking over to the hallway closet.

John watched intently, no idea of what he was about to encounter.

“Baby, remember you said something about your wife not being home?”

“Yes,” he replied, a bit puzzled.

“Well wonder no more!!” she said, half laughing as she opened the closet door.

John froze, unable to find any words.

“Awww, baby, what’s wrong? I thought you’d like my surprise,” said Ivy in a fake pouty voice.

“What the fuck’s going on here, Ivy?” he asked angrily.

“No, that’s my question,” said Melissa, “You’ve been fucking this whore?”

John didn’t speak right away, he just sat there, hoping in some way, this was all a dream, a facade.

“Answer me you 2-timing piece of shit,” yelled Melissa.

“Yes, honey, answer bursa sınırsız escort her, she’s your wife, she deserves to know,” said Ivy.

John shot Ivy a death glare as if to say your ass is mine now bitch.

Ivy just stood there, still naked and dripping with John’s cum, satisfied in what she had accomplished.

“I’m waiting!!” shouted Melissa.

“Baby, I don’t know what to say,” said John, “It just sort of happened.”

“No, John, fungus just sort of happens, not fucking a 19 year old whore and knocking her up!!”

Ivy suddenly burst out laughing, no longer able to hold it in.

“I’m glad you think this is so fucking funny, you home wrecking whore,” said Melissa, fighting back tears.

Ivy slapped Melissa across the face, sending her back against the wall.

“Listen up, bitch, no one fucking talks to me like that in my house, get the fuck out,” Ivy hissed.

Ivy opened the door and pushed Melissa out, almost pushing her to the ground. Her attention went back to John.

“I told you I would tell her, next time maybe you’ll believe me,” said Ivy.

“You’re a psychotic fucking bitch,” said John, getting up and pulling up his pants, “It’s over, Ivy, I told you it wasn’t the right fucking time to tell Melissa!!” he shouted as he walked over to the door.

“John? Honey, before you go, I just thought I’d tell you there is no baby, there never was.”

John became extremely angry.

“What the fuck did you just say, bitch?? No fucking baby?? Then what was the fucking point of telling Melissa, you fucking cunt??” he yelled.

“I told you, John, I want you all to myself, I told you I wanted her out of the picture, but did you believe me?” said Ivy.

“You’re a fucking lunatic,” John said as he stormed out of the house.


Ivy stood there, smiling and looking out the curtain, watching John crawl back home with his tail between his legs as she said to herself, “John has no fucking clue how interesting this shit’s about to get.”

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