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“I’m taking off. Are you staying?” my friend questioned me.

“Yea, go ahead;” I replied with a big smile, “I’m having too much fun.”

“Don’t do anything I would do,” she said smiling back before leaving.

I had gone out to a local bar with a close female friend for a few drinks and conversation. We had intended on it being a low-key night. But when we arrived at the normally relaxed bar, we found there to be a rowdy crowd of young men. We sat at a distance at first but eventually two of them ventured over and invited us to join them. They were all out celebrating the birthday of their friend, Chase. He was the last of them to finally turn 21.

Now my friend wasn’t much into younger guys so she was less enthused than I. Most of them were actually older than the birthday boy but only by a few years. They had asked me my age and I had them guess. “28,” the one guy shouted out just as his friend replied with, “26”.

“Now take the average,” I told them. “27,” they shouted proudly toasting each other. And I allowed them to believe that they had correctly calculated my age.

I really had my eye on one of the guys that had originally invited us over. But as I continued to drink and party with them I got the distinct impression that there existed a unanimous campaign to get me to go home with the birthday boy. He was a cutie; but a touch too young for my taste. Then I commented to myself how I had never actually done someone a full decade younger. Suddenly the idea gained appeal. We closed the bar down at 2am and I left with Chase.

“Do you live alone?” I asked in a whisper as we entered the apartment which was actually the upstairs portion of a duplex. “Nah,” he told me, “But my roommate is out of town.”

Once in his room we were on the bed and losing clothes quickly. I pushed him down and climbed on top of him, first sliding down his body to take his dick in my mouth. He moaned and told me I better stop. Pulling me up from that position with one hand he fumbled for a condom with the other. Once situated, I pulled myself up to a sitting position. Straddling his body eryamandaki escortlar I slammed by pussy down onto his cock. He was pretty thick so it was a bit of a tight fit which he commented on. Placing my hands on his chest I bounced my ass up and down quickly pumping my pussy with that thick dick. Then he came. It had only been a few minutes. He apologized for his quick performance before promptly passing out. I was admittedly a bit disappointed but honestly hadn’t been expecting anything terribly impressive from a drunk 21 year old. I drank too much myself to drive home, so although against my preference I was spending the night. I crawled under the covers with him and masturbated myself to orgasm before falling asleep.

It was only an hour or two later when I woke, terribly thirsty. I didn’t want to wake him so I just made my way to the kitchen for a drink. We had passed through on our way in and I remembered seeing a case of bottled water on the table. I didn’t even care if it was cold or not.

I had finished almost half the bottle when I was startled by the opening of the door to outside. In stepped a man about 6’2 with broad shoulders and an athletic build. He was older than me but probably not by much I assumed. He had a full head of thick brown hair and a magnificent smile as he, in a startled tone spoke to me, “Well hello!”

“Hello,” I replied back feeling a little embarrassed as I stood there in Chase’s boxers and a t-shirt that I had picked up off his floor. “You must be a friend of Chase’s?” he asked. I paused for a moment before responding affirmatively and then asking, “You must be…his roommate?”

There was that smile again. “Um…well, you could say that,” he said. There was an awkward moment of silence while we stared at each other before he added, “I’m his father.”

I nearly choked on the water I had been casually sipping. “Don’t worry about,” he said as he appropriately interpreted my nervous expression. “We often pass ourselves off as roommates or brothers,” he added. “Most people guess Chase for a little older and me for a little younger,” he continued etimesgut bayan escort with his explanation. “Yea,” I finally spoke, “You don’t look old enough to have a son that is 21.” He smiled and informed me, “I turned 41 last week.”

And I thought to myself, “Hmmm. I have never had a man a full decade older either.”

“So you look a little older than 21,” he commented to me. I agreed that I was. He asked my age and of course I made him guess. “27,” he stated firmly. “Very good,” I told him with a smile. After-all, that was the age I went with earlier and I figured that we mine as well keep it consistent between father and son.

Speaking of keeping things consistent between father and son…

“Would you like a cold one?” he asked motioning towards my now empty bottled water. “Sure. Thank you,” I responded. He removed a bottle from the fridge and walked toward me. His age was a bit more apparent up close but as his sexy eyes stared down at me I found myself less interested in that water. As if reading my mind, he set the bottle on the counter next to me. Sliding his hand through the front of those boxers that I had thrown on, I felt his hand lightly touch my pussy. His hand was cold from holding the water. It felt good. With his other hand he grabbed one of mine and placed it on the bulge that had grown in his pants. The nervous, excited anticipation was pumping through my body and then he spoke. “You’re a little slut aren’t you,” he asked and I looked up to him before he continued, “You picked up my son at a bar, came home with him, and yet here you are wanting to fuck his father too.” What could I say? It was true and he had begun rubbing my pussy causing it to grow extremely wet. “Am I wrong?” he quested me. I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly slid down the zipper. He smiled as I slid my hand into his pants to pull out his cock. His size wasn’t quite as impressive as his son’s had been but he was sober so I suspected the performance would be better. Besides, the idea a fucking an attractive father and son pair in one night had me ankara escort so intensely aroused; it was intoxicating.

We stood there for a minute or so, him rubbing my pussy and me stroking his cock. He finally broke the silence by asking, “So, do you want to fuck?” I looked up at him with wanton eyes that clearly expressed my desire. He pulled the t-shirt off over my head. He paused, staring at my tits before grasping them in each of his large, strong hands. He squeezed them firmly before sliding his right hand upwards and stopped, resting lightly around my neck. “First, get on your knees, he demanded.” I did as I was told and he promptly pushed his dick between my lips. I was able to take him fully into my mouth. He responded with a moan but allowed me only a minute to demonstrate my skills before pulling out from my mouth and announcing, “Let’s go.” Grabbing my by the hand he pulled my down the hallway and past Chase’s room on the right, past the bathroom on the left and into a room at the end of the hallway.

He pushed me put against the bed face first, bending me over and nearly tearing from me Chase’s boxers. He slammed into me from behind. My pussy was so wet, cum ran down both my inner thighs and legs. I was moaning loudly before I remembered Chase, just down the hall. When I stopped making noise he turned me around, grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. Pulling me to the end of the bed he lifted my legs together in one strong, tight grip and continued to fuck me like that. OH, that was good, I mumbled to myself as he entered me again. I had already cum twice when he decided to spread my legs, keeping them up in the air, one in each hand. Pushing them back as far as they would go (which is pretty far because I’m rather flexible) he leaned over me and continued to pound my pussy in an angry fashion until he came.

My legs were shaky as I exited that room and ventured down the hallway back to Chase’s. I wasn’t drunk any more but I was exhausted. I quietly snuck in the room and tossed his boxers and t-shirt onto the floor where I had found them. I looked at him, peacefully sleeping in the bed and briefly contemplated passing out beside him. But then I imagined the morning, being there with the both of them awake and together; Chase not knowing that I had fucked his father after he had fallen asleep. Yes…that would be awkward. I picked up my clothes, dressed and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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