Pleasing My Man

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I’m thinking about that night that I tied you to my bed. You were naked and blindfolded.

You were a little freaked out but excited to see what I had planned.

You lay there testing out the knots, laughing nervously and I just looked down at your beautiful body.

God, I love your body.

You are so damn sexy and you have an amazing cock.

It’s so big and thick. I love how it feels when it’s stretching out my tight, pink pussy.

I love wrapping my hand around it and pumping it up and down and I love sucking it. Trying to fit it all in my mouth without choking.

I guess you could say I worship your cock.

No one has ever fucked me like you have. I just want to please you. I want to be your slut and your dirty girl.

After admiring my handiwork I begin to run a feather down your arm, across your chest and up your other arm.

You’re squirming and laughing saying “baby stop.” But I keep going. Down your chest and stomach, up and down your thighs. You’re begging me to stop.

“Please, that tickles.”

I just giggle “Awwww poor baby.”

I let the feather touch your balls and run it over your cock. You moan a little and that turns me on.

I love hearing you moan, knowing that I’m making you so horny. I put down the feather and I take off my clothes.

I put my panties over your face and let you smell my sex. I’m so wet right now.

“Can you smell my pussy baby? Can you feel how damp my panties are? My pussy wants you so bad. Do you want me to fuck you baby?”

“Yes. Oh fuck. Yes.” Your voice pleads with me.

I straddle you and tease your cock. Letting the head feel my wetness. You try to push into me but I don’t let you.

You’re not getting off that easily.

I’ve got another little surprise for you.


I touch the cube to your lip and watch it melt. Nibbling at your lip and licking up the water drops.

I run the ice down your neck letting the ice melt on your hot skin. First cold ice, then my warm lips and tongue.

I move the ice over your nipple and then suck it in my mouth, gently biting it. You love that.

You’re really squirming under me now and your breathing bursa escort is so heavy.

I take the ice and run it down your cock, to your balls. You’re moaning and begging me to let you up.

I don’t listen.

I lick the tip of your cock and run my tongue down the length of it. Swirling my wet tongue around your rock hard dick.

I tease the tip putting it in between my lips, sucking the head of it so hard you think I’m trying to suck it right off.

Finally I let you have a little more.

You don’t know it but I’ve been practicing.

I can swallow your cock. I can take the whole thing right down my throat. I bob up and down on your dick, my mouth stuffed full.

I come up for air and your cock is covered in spit. I want you to see, so I take off your blindfold.

You blink, trying to adjust to the light again.

I spit on your dick some more and stroke it with my hand.

I really made a mess of it.

I fuck you with my mouth bringing you to the edge over and over. Your legs are shaking and your sweating and your begging and pleading with me to give you my pussy.

You’re squirming in your ties and moving your hips, so fucking turned on.

Since you’ve been such a good boy I decide to reward you with my wet, hungry cunt.

It’s dripping for you.

I put 2 fingers in and wet them with my juice then I put them in your mouth and you suck them greedily.

I sit on your cock and take the tip in. Slowly giving you more and more until it’s all the way in and your balls are up against my pussy lips.

I just sit there on top of your dick. Slowly ridding it.Teasing it.

Taking it all the way out and slamming back down on it.

I ride you hard and fast and you want to cum so bad.

I snicker.”No, no, no. Not yet.”

You plead with me. “Please baby untie me so I can fuck you properly.”

“Maybe,” I say but ‘first I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum. If you can do that, I’ll let you fuck me.’

I sit on your face and move my wet cunt all over it.

You start lapping at my pussy like a dog. Licking up all my juice. Sucking my clit and fucking me with your tongue.

I bursa escort bayan love when you eat me out. “That’s it baby. You know how to make me cum. Make your pussy cum baby. Make it cum all over your fucking face.”

You grunt and continue to eat me. Sucking my clit into your mouth, licking and sucking my pussy lips. Tonguing my slit.

I grind into your face. “Oh fuck baby. You’re going to make me cum so hard.”

I ride out my orgasm while moaning and calling your name.

That was so amazing. You always make me cum so good..

I rest my head on you for a minute.

“Untie me now” you say. ‘I need to fuck you.’

I untie your feet first and then your hands. You stretch your arms and legs out.

Suddenly you grab me and get on top of me. Pinning my arms down.

You’ve got a wild lustful look in your eyes. “You like teasing me you little slut? You think you can tease me like that and not get punished?”

You grab my hair and shove your cock into me, biting my lip and thrusting into me so hard.

Your cock is hitting my cervix and all I can do is moan and tell you how much I love it.

I love when you fuck me rough but this is the roughest you’ve ever been with me.

You squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples. I wince in pain.

“Aww does that hurt baby? I’m sorry,” you say. ‘Let me kiss it.’

You take my nipple into your mouth and suck it and bite it. I cry out “ouch baby!”

You don’t care, your animal instincts have taken over and you just want to fuck.

You look me in the eyes and tell me “turn over you fucking slut. Get on your fucking hands and knees and put your ass up.”

You grab my hips and start slamming your dick into me.

I’m moaning and talking dirty to you. “It’s so deep baby. Oh yes, fuck me baby. Claim it baby. Show that pussy who its owner is.”

You grab my wrists and hold them tight. Slamming into me harder. I can feel my pussy starting to climax again.

You can feel it too.” Are you gonna cum for me again my nasty girl?”

“Oh yes baby. Yes. Pound me with your dick!”

I’m fucking you back. “That’s it baby. Right there. That’s the spot. bursa bayan escort Oh my God baby! Can you feel my pussy cum on your dick?”

I can’t control myself. I scream. I don’t care if neighbors can hear. You make me feel crazy good.

I cum all over your cock. My pussy squirts at you. It’s never done that before.

You look at me. “Oh fuck babe you just squirted on me!”

You grit your teeth, “fuck. That’s such a fucking turn on!”

You fuck my pussy slowly feeling my orgasm as it subsides on your cock.

You look down at the wet spot on the bed. “Fuck babe” you say. ‘That was, wow…You’ve never done that before.’

You grab my chin. “Now it’s my turn and I want to fuck your mouth.”

You pull me up. “I want your head hanging off the edge of the bed so I have full access to your throat.”

I do as I’m told. A good slut always does as she’s told.

“Yeah that’s my good little slut” you say standing over my face. You pump your cock into my mouth.

That lustful look is back.

“You really have been practicing? You’re such a dirty girl. My dirty slutty, nasty girl. Is that right baby?”

“Mmmmhhhhhmmmm!” I moan sweetly. It’s all I can say as you thrust your cock down my throat.

“Look at you baby. My cock is balls deep in your mouth.” You smile at me pleased. ‘You certainly are a nasty girl.”

You push your hips into me, fucking my mouth.

I look up at you with a sparkle in my eye. “Now I want you to cum baby. Cum in my mouth. All over my tongue. I need your cum baby. Please, give it to me.” I’m panting. ‘I need your cock juice, fill my mouth with it.’

I can feel you tense.”Ahhhhh, ohhhhh my God! Damn, suck me baby! You’re gonna make me cum so hard!”

You fuck my mouth faster.

“That’s it baby milk that dick. Ahhhh, ohhhh fuck!” You grab my head and hold it on your dick.

You cum in my mouth and I can feel your cock throbbing and throbbing. Exploding with all of your hot creamy cum. It’s hitting the back of my throat.

“Ahhhh! Swallow it all down baby. Take all of your man’s cum. Yes baby! Just like that. Suck every last drop. Clean my dick off!”

I do as I’m told licking every last drop of cum from your cock.

We both collapse onto the bed totally worn out.

You pull me into your chest. I kiss your lips and rest my head on you. I let out a deep sigh. “Well that was pretty incredible if I do say so myself.”

You laugh and pull me closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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