Playing to the Audience

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Big Dick

Once again, Lauren found herself alone in a hotel room at the end of the day, this time in Atlantic City. She stood naked in front of a large window, high above the ground, watching the sun set over the water. Lights were coming on up and down the shore, and she could see the waves gently lapping the sand.

A very successful week had left her horny as hell. From Los Angeles to Phoenix, Vancouver, New York, and finally here, Lauren had concluded her business efficiently and mercilessly. She would surely receive a generous bonus for her performance this quarter, but the rush she got while doing it was real reason she succeeded so consistently.

She ran her hands over her sleek abdomen and chest, then cupped her small breasts, rubbing her palms over her nipples. She held her breast with one hand and ran the other down to caress her snatch. She slid her middle finger lightly between her smooth, hairless lips and back up to press on her clit. The sensation was pleasing, but she knew it had been too long, and that her body was hungry for the real thing.

Lauren focused on her reflection in the window, and took in the two inches of dark roots showing in her hair. “How trashy,” Lauren thought to herself. The thought seemed to resonate with her mood. “OK, then, trashy it is tonight.”

She dressed herself in a lacy black top that was hard to distinguish from lingerie; tight, calf-length leopard-skin pants with a bit of a flare at the bottom; a dark red leather jacket with buttons (left open, of course); and platform sandals that displayed red-painted toenails. She finished the look with hot red lipstick.

“There,” Lauren said to herself. “That ought to get me what I need.”

Lauren headed for the elevator and took it to the top floor. The car was lined with mirrors, allowing her check out the effect from all angles. She was quite pleased with the way the jacket stopped at her waist and let the spandex display her ass to perfection. “What a slut I am,” she thought. “Time for a drink to get in the right frame of mind.”

The elevator doors opened and Lauren headed for the cocktail lounge. Practically every eye was on her. She leisurely strolled by the big windows that displayed the panorama of the city. In no time there was a man at her elbow offering to buy her a drink. She accepted, requesting champagne. Lauren enjoyed the cool, dry vintage and continued to view the lights below, ignoring the voice that pattered at her.

After a time, Lauren favored him with a winning smile, handed him the glass and headed out for the elevator again. It was time to hit the town.

She walked out the doors into the soft, humid air on the boardwalk. People strolled in couples and small groups. A clutch of young men leaned at the railing, undressed Lauren with their eyes. Some of them offered lewd proposals. She flashed a smile and walked on.

Lauren walked into a big hotel and through the casino. She ended up at another lounge and enjoyed another fool’s glass of champagne. This wasn’t working. The only men approaching her were entirely too desperate. Just because she was looking for a good fuck didn’t mean she wasn’t interested in a bit of subtlety. She wandered the floor of the spacious casino, but despite drawing the usual stares, she found that the majority of the people there were too busy pissing their money away to care about anything else. Pasty, drunk vacationers sat welded to slot machines with their plastic cups full of quarters or silver dollars. Bored Midwestern wives propped themselves up on stools while their husbands emptied their bank accounts.

Her meandering brought her to a billiard room, were she found a crowd more along the lines of what she was looking for. The raucous atmosphere of the casino was replaced by a much calmer, moodier feeling. The room was large, with rows and rows of tables. Smoke swirled in the light that came from the lamps hanging above the tables, leaving the ceiling in darkness and the space between the tables dim. Knots of people talked and laughed around the tables, watching others play. Practically all of them were better dressed than the folks in the other rooms. These were people who were enjoying themselves in a social situation.

She made her way between the tables and found herself appraising a fine set of buns encased in long, skinny, black jeans. She rested against the adjacent table and watched. Another man sat to the side on a stool with a beer, his face bearing the look of a man who is being beaten methodically. The man in black smoothly stroked his queue and made his shot, then moved around the table. He again leaned over the table, lining up his next shot. He slid the wooden shaft back and fourth through his hand, caressing it, and then with a sharp, controlled thrust sent the ball in motion. With a solid click, the white sphere transferred its momentum to the five ball, which ricocheted of the soft felt and dropped into the side pocket.

He glanced up and caught bursa escort her eye, acknowledging her presence with a subtle smile. His warm, hazel eyes sparkled under the light from above. He straightened up and moved around to the end of the table near where Lauren rested. She watched him bend over the table and sight along his stick, allowing her to study his profile. A lightly ribbed black cashmere sweater covered his trim torso and revealed the ropy muscles moving in his arms as he again stroked the gleaming queue in his large hands.

“Were you looking for a game?” he asked, not breaking his glance from the table.

“Maybe,” she said softly. “But certainly not this one.” He pocketed another ball and then moved back to the opposite side of the table, still intent on the table.

“Which one do you mean?” he asked. “The one you seem to have started isn’t too bad.”

“I guess that depends on how it ends.”

“The conclusion might depend on who makes up the rules,” he said, and precisely slammed stick into the cue ball with a force he had yet to display. The balls knocked around the table, one sinking into a corner pocket as others came to rest.

“I’ll leave the rules up to you,” she replied.

He paused in lining up his shot and looked at her again. Lauren bored into his eyes with a smoldering look. He calmly returned it, and then looked back to the table, moved to a new angle, then deftly pocketed the eight ball out of sequence. He tossed a few twenties onto the table and walked to over to Lauren.

They left the hotel together with his hand on her waist. The hot night air hit Lauren again as her footsteps thudded on the wood. She moved slowly through the still evening, feeling the heat from his body so close to hers, his unmistakably male scent triggering deep changes within her. He confidently traced the contour of her tight ass, his large hand sliding over the slick synthetic fabric. Lauren felt herself moistening as his fingers subtly insinuated the work they were certain to perform.

He led her to a break in the wall, where steps led down to the beach. By the hotel’s light, Lauren could see couples here and there making out. She removed her sandals and felt the sand slide between her toes. They headed toward the pilings of a pier, where it was darker still.

There he slid his hands under her leather jacket and gripped her shoulders, pushing her back against the rough wood to kiss her. His slightly chapped lips contrasted against her full, soft mouth. She parted her lips slightly and his tongue darted over hers. He leaned into her and moved his hands up behind her neck, holding her head as he intensified their kiss.

She shifted her hips forward to feel his hardness against her, pressing her groin against his. Lauren’s nipples hardened and sent electric jolts throughout her upper body.

He began nibbling her neck, moving one hand to her breast while the other slid down to grip her ass. He slid his hand under the narrow strap of her excuse for a blouse and pushed it and her jacket off one shoulder, then caressed the smooth skin of her breast, which fit completely in his hand. He pinched the hard nipple in the crook of two fingers as he squeezed the soft flesh and nibbled at her lower lip.

He moved his mouth down and bit and teased her nipple while his hand groped at her crotch through the spandex. Lauren spread her legs as best she could, and ground against his fingers as he stroked her mound. He pushed the flimsy, soaked material into her cunt and dragged his finger over her swollen clit.

Lauren was in ecstasy to finally have strong, masculine hands manipulating her body. She was moaning uncontrollably at the feeling of his slender fingers repeatedly slipping over her labia and rubbing the spandex over her button. His mouth was locked to her breast and his open hand pressed her ass forward, putting more pressure against the other as it manipulated her toward her climax.

Grunting, she rhythmically bucked her hips against his hand again and again, seeking release, but as she drew near his fingers retreated from her nerve center to gently stroke over her whole mound. With a frustrated moan she dug her fingers into his back, pressing her cunt against him again. He relented and began to trace circles around her clit again, only barely brushing that most sensitive spot.

As she neared her orgasm again, he broke off and left her panting. He exchanged places with her, bending her mouth to his crotch. She spread her legs wide to avoid putting her knees in the sand and unzipped his jeans to release his hot, rigid cock. A thrill went through her as she saw how big and thick it was. It was not huge, but would certainly stretch her to capacity.

Lauren wrapped her hand around his thick shaft and greedily lapped up the salty precum that covered his soft head. Then she took him deep into her mouth, slipping her wet lips over his head with an appreciative “Mmmm.” She escort bursa was so terribly hungry for this. She gripped down low and pumped up and down with her fist while she licked and drooled over his warm meat. She continued to moan and groan as her universe constricted to the pulsing member in her hand and her mouth.

He put his hands on her head and bucked his hips back and forth. Her saliva coated his cock and her hand slid up and down his shaft as he fucked her face. Her bright red lipstick smeared along his cock as it emerged from her lips, only to sink deep into her mouth again.

Lauren took him deep into her throat, and he instantly groaned and shot his load. She pulled back to savor the taste in her mouth. His hands gripped her head and kept her from moving as jet after jet coursed over her tongue and splashed against the back of her throat.

Her wet cunt was desperate to be filled, and she started working on him again as soon as he stopped spurting. She applied all of her formidable skill as a cocksucking slut to restore him to his previous hardness. She looked in his eyes as she slurped and sucked, pumped and licked his gorgeous, thick member between her luscious lips. She pulled her head back and stroked his shaft with one hand.

“Come on, baby,” she said. “Show me how hard you can get! I know you want to sink your man meat in my wet cunt!” She went back down on him, taking his hardening shaft down her throat while pressing on the base of his cock with her other hand. She bobbed her head up and down, her lips brushing his pubic hair as she took him all the way.

He pulled her to her feet and turned her around, bending her at the waist. Lauren put her hands against the piling for support as he fondled her ass. She pushed back against him, and he pulled her pants down. His fingers quickly slipped into her wet gash, and he worked at her clit expertly. He stroked the furrow of her ass with his hard cock. His damp shaft slid up and down between her cheeks and his thick head stroked her lower back. Lauren repeatedly tried to push back to take him, but he kept moving away. Then he took his hands away from her and she heard the sound of his zipper.

“Time to go,” he said. “We have an appointment,” and started walking away.

Lauren couldn’t believe it. Her breath was ragged, her cunt burning. Who was this jerk who expected her to placidly follow him? But curiosity as well as the considerable desperation in her crotch her made her pull up her pants and follow him all the same.

Lauren caught up with him before he walked up the steps, and he warmly smiled and waited for her to put her sandals back on. He took her hand in his and they set off. She started to ask him where they were going, but he silenced her with a wink.

He took her to a building that was somewhat smaller and older than most of its neighbors. Inside, they made their way to an ornately appointed suite, where a voluptuous Latina waited, dressed in a burgundy red dress. Her large breasts hung loose in the sheer fabric, her large nipples clearly outlined. Her eyes traveled over Lauren’s form appreciatively.

The woman stepped forward and reached up to slip the jacket off Lauren’s tall shoulders. “Good work,” she said to the man as she stepped back and evaluated Lauren more closely.

The man said, “No work at all. She came to me, as if bidden. She is most talented, as it turns out.”

“Then you took the time to sample her yourself? I hope you didn’t go too far.”

“No. I believe I merely raised her level of anticipation.”

She looked up into Lauren’s eyes and said warmly, “You’ll do just fine. Let’s find something pretty for you to wear.”

Lauren was a bit concerned by this turn of events. She was still craving this man’s large cock, acing for it to be buried in her cunt, but now it looked as if something more complex was afoot. She was also unsure what this woman’s role was. Lauren thought of herself as absolutely hetero, and the look in the Latin woman’s eyes put her on her guard. Still, she was as hot as she ever had been, and figured she would be able to assert herself if the need came.

She took Lauren by the hand to a large dressing room arrayed with stunningly sexy clothes. She helped her out of her clothes and selected a black corset with purple panels at the sides, then proceeded to lace it expertly, but not too tightly. “They’ll want you to be able to breathe,” she said. Lauren’s mind raced, wondering who “they” might be, but she knew she was entirely ready to submit to anything.

The woman added a sheer black thong to the corset, reaching down and calmly molding the crotch to Lauren’s labia. She finished the outfit with a pair of glossy black heels, and then spent some time on her hair and makeup. When they emerged from the dressing room the man was there, naked to the waist in black leather pants, his thick cock clearly outlined against his leg.

“Very nice,” he murmured, taking escort bursa in her transformation. She glanced at a large mirror and was pleased with what she saw. The short corset tucked her already slender waist into a pleasing curve and pushed what breasts she had up onto display. She turned a little and saw how the heels caused her butt to jut out nicely, with the black fabric drawing a line down between her cheeks to the treasures offered there.

He stepped forward with a piece of cloth in his hand and blindfolded Lauren, then took her hand and then led toward the large doorway.

Lauren heard the double doors open, and felt slightly cooler air as they moved forward. Her breath caught in her throat and butterflies danced in her stomach.

From the sounds, Lauren could tell that they were in a slightly larger room. He slowly walked her around it in a circle. Lauren was aware of quiet people around them, revealed by small movements and breathing. She heard murmurs of appreciation as she proceeded around the room, tightly gripping the man’s hand. The situation had stimulated her unbelievably, causing her pussy juices to soak her tiny panties to the point of dripping.

They wound up in the center of the room. He whispered, “One step,” and she climbed up, then one step further. Her knees brushed what felt like a bedspread. His gentle hand on the small of her back urged her forward, and Lauren climbed onto a high bed. He guided her toward the middle of the bed, and another pair of hands (a woman’s?) assisted in putting her on her hands and knees. His hand moved from the small of her back lightly down to stroke her ass, gently kneading as he went. The woman’s hands slid over her shoulders and down her arms with a strong, massaging pressure over her singing skin. His large hands gripped her ass cheeks and squeezed, spreading them and rolling her hips forward and her lower back downward so the saturated black fabric covering her snatch was presented for all, glistening in the light. There was a murmur from the audience, and he pulled her back toward him and rubbed her wetness against his leather-encased hardness.

The gentle pressure of the woman’s soft, small hands provided a counterpoint to the rough handling she was receiving from behind. The hands continued to stroke and massage her arms and shoulders, reaching under to caress her chest and glide over her breasts, which had worked their way out of the loosely laced corset in this position. Fingers rolled over her rigid nipples, sending waves rippling through her body. The room was silent, and Lauren knew she was the point of focus for an unknown number of eyes. Her nerves were electrified, and she again felt the sensation of his skilled fingers stroking her snatch through the thin material of the thong. She let out a low moan and pressed back against the hand that worked up and down her labia and pushed the soaked panties into her slit. When he finally slipped his hand under the panties and started rubbing her pussy in earnest, Lauren began to cum. His rough fingers thrust in and out of her snatch while his thumb pressed firmly against her clit. Lauren pushed her ass back against his hand, moaning and panting. He fucked back with his fingers and she bucked against him again and again. The woman helped Lauren maintain her balance by clutching her head to her bare bosom. Lauren was pushed over the edge and came deliciously, drenching his hand with her wetness.

As her orgasm subsided, Lauren found herself rocking slowly, his hand still in her pussy and her face turned to one side, cradled against the soft breasts. A ripple of applause worked through the room. Lauren realized the blindfold had worked loose and opened her eyes.

The dimly lit room contained about a dozen attractive, well-dressed couples of various ages all sitting at small tables with drinks. A waiter was working in the back of the room. The bed, made of brass and covered with a quilted wine red spread and illuminated with diffuse spotlights, was on a raised, round pedestal about twelve feet in diameter. The tables were arranged evenly around her, and the audience looked extremely pleasant and well mannered.

The Latina moved back from Lauren a bit. She sat on her round haunches in front of her, now dressed in only a white garter belt and stockings. She gave Lauren a warm, somewhat steamy smile and ran her hands up over her breasts, squeezing them softly while pushing them up. She was obviously turned on, and Lauren admired her full breasts and dark skin as she pinched her nipples. The realization that she had had an effect on this woman gave Lauren a bit of a thrill.

Now the bed shifted a bit, and the thong was removed. The man gripped her hips and pulled Lauren toward him, rubbing his shaft against her ass. Her whole body was crying out for his cock. It was hard as steel, and the heat of it burned into her flesh. Lauren pushed back and ground against it, in heaven with the feel of his hot rod against her supple ass cheeks. Slick wetness smeared between them, her wet, swollen cunt gaping open and their mixed juices dribbling down her leg. Lauren tried to move to find his cock, but his strong hands maintained control of the situation.

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