Photo Studio Ch. 08

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Authors Note: This is part of a series and is built on characters and settings from previous chapters.


It was almost evening before I decided to head over to the new house and see how the construction was coming. I knew that Sunny had been hard at it trying to get it done as quickly as she could. She said the new walls were pretty well framed up, but now all the electrical and plumbing had to be done, a large job that would take several days.

I grabbed my Cannon to take some shots of the work, just for memory sake, and drove over to the house. I was actually surprised to see Sunny’s van still sitting in the drive as I pulled up. Grabbing my camera I headed into the house and closed the door behind me.

Inside the house it was quite warm, so I dumped my coat near the front door and then started walking around taking pictures of the spaces, separated by the sideways ladder type structures of walls without any coverings. In some ways it felt like I was looking at the skeleton of the house. I heard banging above me, and after a few more shots, climbed the stairs to the second floor. It didn’t take long to find Sunny crouched down on her hands and knees, her ass stuck in the air as she worked on some piece of pipe in the corner of the enlarged bathroom. I could see a tiny red triangle of cloth and three strings, two zipping around her round ass and one disappearing into the sexiest little plumbers crack I had ever seen. I carefully aimed the camera and snapped a picture, the sound making Sunny jump in surprise.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. Just taking a few pics of your handy work,” I said as I aimed the camera at the bare studs that would be the walls and took another picture.

“It’s ok,” she said as she rolled over to sit on her butt in the middle of the floor. “I was just fighting with that damn pipe and didn’t hear you come up.”

“No problem. Don’t let me disturb you though,” I told her.

“Fair ‘nuf,” she said as she rolled back onto her knees, sticking her ass in the air again. “Been trying to get this damn thing down the wall space for half an hour, it just wants to be obstinate.” She said as she went back to tugging and twisting the pipe.

“Looks like it’s not behaving,” I answered, looking at her ass again, and the tiny bit of red thong panty that showed above the belt that looped through the worn blue jeans.

“Not much,” she grunted as I aimed and snapped another shot of her sexy looking ass. “I’m gonna have to cut some shit if I don’t get it pretty soon. Sometimes getting things lined up is hard, but then it’ll just slip in,” she said as I took yet another close-up of her butt.

“I’m sure you’ll get it,” I told her as I took one final picture of her.

She stopped what she was doing and turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. “And if you don’t stop taking pictures of my ass, you’re going to get it too!” She said a bit sharply.

“Hey no problem. I’m just taking pictures of the walls!” I lied, aiming the camera at the far wall and taking another shot.

“Why don’t I believe that?” she asked as she turned back to the pipe.

I turned and walked away, hearing her say “YEAH!” as I got to the top of the stairs, presumably because she finally got it where she needed. I headed down the stairs and started taking pictures of the gutted kitchen and the start of the electrical work near the new breaker box. I had asked why they didn’t put the box in the basement, but apparently there wasn’t a good place to put it that was dry and had access up where they needed it. It would save me a lot of money to put it in the kitchen instead. But Sunny assured me that I wouldn’t even know it was there when they were done.

“Hey Scott?” I heard Sunny call from the second floor.

“Yes?” I called up the stairs.

“Would you bring me that box of pipe stuff sitting on the floor by the front door?” she called back.

“Yeah, sure,” I answered, walking to the front door and grabbing the box of stuff that I had laid my coat on. I dropped my coat on the floor and headed up the stairs with the box of fittings. “Here you go,” I said as I carried it to the bathroom.

“Thanks!” she said, taking the box from me as she rolled back to sit on the floor. She set the box on the floor and then grabbed at the hem of her t-shirt, sliding her hand into it and then pulling it up to wipe across her forehead.

There was absolutely no way I could have been prepared for the view her motion afforded me. Her chest was almost completely uncovered, both of her round firm and braless tits were fully exposed, each one easily the size of a half a large coconut, her areola each elongated, nearly twice as tall as they were wide, and centered with a hard erect pink nipple nearly as large around as my pinky. As she wiped her face her tits gave only the slightest amount of wiggle, each full creamy orb firm and holding its form without any support.

“So. What do you think?” she asked, looking up at me and bursa escort smiling.

“Fantastic!” I answered, my mind answering what I thought about her tits before I realized she meant the work downstairs. “A very professional job from what I can tell!”

“Good!” she said as she dug a part out of the box and then rolled back to her hands and knees to work on the pipe again, trying to fit the new fitting into the end of the pipe.

My cock, already getting hard from the quick flash of tits she had given me, was getting even harder with the sight in front of me. There was no doubt in my mind that the pants were now sagging very much farther down her ass than they had been before. Nearly a full third or more of her creamy white butt was displayed above the top of her jeans. It was all I could do not to grab hold and try to pull them down farther.

“There’s a bottle of glue in there. Can you hand it to me?” she asked, wiggling on her knees a bit more, causing her pants to pull down a few fractions of an inch farther.

“Uh sure,” I said, stepping over next to her and digging in the box until I found a metal can with a screw on lid. “This?”

“Yeah.” She answered, looking over her shoulder . Any chance you can put some on this pipe. I really don’t want to let go again.”

“Yeah, sure,” I answered, stepping across her body so I was straddling her, leaning over to reach down where her hands were inside the floor.

“Put some right on the outside of this,” she said holding the PVC elbow out for me.

“Sure.” I answered unscrewing the lid and dipping the round pom-pom shaped brush in the clear liquid.

“Right around that far part….yeah right there,” she said as she shifted a little below me while I reached out with the dripping pom-pom. I rubbed the brush around and around the outside of the elbow and then dipped the brush back into the can. “Now you have to do the inside of the other part, but you gotta hurry before it dries.”

“Ok.” I answered, dipping the brush and quickly reaching down toward where she was holding the other piece in the floor. “I can’t reach,” I said as I stretched.

“Get lower,” she said. “I can’t move it.”

“I’m stretching as far as I can,” I answered.

“Well, you need to get it all the way down into the fitting!” she snapped.

“The only way I can reach is to practically lie on top of you!” I answered in frustration.

“Then do it! We’re running out of time here.”

“Fine,” I said as I crouched lower, easing my weight on top of her. I could feel my hard on pressing against the small of her back as I reached farther, finally getting the brush into the fitting and swirling it around.

“That’s it!” she said as I pulled the brush out. She carefully pushed the fitting into the end of the one I had just put glue in, twisting it until it was just right and then letting go of it. “So, is that a pocket full of tools or are you just enjoying yourself?” she asked as I continued to lie on top of her while I put the lid back on the can and screwed it closed.

“Huh? Sorry,” I said as I pushed myself up and climbed off of her back. I looked down as I did, checking out her ass, startled to see even more of it showing, the top of her pants having worked down while we wiggled to get the pipe together until more than half of her ass was showing. “Damn,” I breathed as I stepped back.

“Damn belt keeps coming undone!” she muttered as she stood up, her pants sliding down even farther as she grabbed the sides and got ready to pull them up. I got a brief look at her whole, practically bare, ass as she wiggled to pull them up, turning to face me as she buckled them low on her hips. “But then I suppose you were enjoying the view anyway, weren’t you?” she asked me as she pushed the metal gripper around the web type material of the belt.

“I wasn’t…” I started to say in my own defense.

“Ohhh don’t lie. I know you were checking out my ass. Although I’m not surprised. A lot of guys are ass guys, although I would have pegged you for a tit man myself,” she said, grabbing hold of her t-shirt hem and quickly skimming it up and over her head, tossing the shirt onto the floor next to her.

I stared at her now exposed bare tits, each one perched on her firm, muscular chest. The creamy orbs were round and firm, each nipple poking straight at me in the center of their oblong areola.

“Ohhh….well now see, I thought you were a tit man,” she said with a girlish giggle. “Given how you’re staring at these little beauties, I guess you like what you see,” she added, sliding her hands up to cup both her sexy tits, giving the nipples a little tweak between her fingers. “I bet you’d like to get your hands on these, wouldn’t you?” she said as she stepped closer to me, her hands gently massaging her breasts the whole time.

“Well, they are pretty good looking,” I said, looking down at them.

“They’re not bad, but I always felt like they were a bit small. Now my butt…That’s bursa escort bayan my best attribute, I think,” she said as she turned around and wiggled her ass at me. “I know you were checking it out, so what do you think?”

“Well, from what I saw it looked pretty good,” I admitted, looking down at her jeans covered ass as she rubbed it back and forth across my hard cock inside my pants.

“Bet that feels pretty good too. When you were on top of me it felt like you were getting pretty turned on. Were you? Turned on I mean?” she asked, rubbing her ass slowly back and forth across me.

“Uh….yeah. I was.”

“Mmmmmm that’s good to know,” she said seductively. “Feels like you’re getting even more turned on, you’re so hard right now.”

“A bit.” I agreed, moving my hands onto her hips.

“I bet you’d love to get my pants down again, wouldn’t you? I saw you taking pictures of my ass. Bet that’s the sexiest plumbers crack you’ve ever seen, isn’t it?” she asked as she continued to rub back and forth across me.

“Yeah, it is,” I groaned softly.

“Hmmm well, how about a little more?” she asked, bending a bit more at the waist and letting her pants slide down part way. With about half her ass showing she continued to rub back and forth, her cheeks now bumping over my rock hard shaft in my pants. Time and again she rubbed back and forth, each time letting her pants slip a little farther down until the only thing she had on above her thighs was the tiny red thong panty.

“Ooooooh god!” I groaned as she bounced her now bare ass across my pants, my hands on her bare hips, my fingers gripping the only thing she had on that high, the tiny strings that held the thong panty on.

“Come on stud! Why don’t you just pull that hard cock out and let me feel it between my cheeks! You’re not bashful, are you?” she teased.

“Hell no!” I responded, broken from my hormone induced trance. I pulled the camera from around my neck and let the strap slide through my fingers as I lowered it to the floor. It only took me a second to unbuckle my belt and undo the button. The zipper was a bit more trouble since she kept rubbing her ass back and forth across me. I finally just stepped back slightly and jerked it down, shoving my pants and underwear down to my knees in one motion, leaving my hard cock sticking up at an angle. I grabbed her hips and stepped back toward her, letting my cock nestle between her creamy soft cheeks.

“Ahhh much nicer!” she moaned as she wiggled on it, bending over farther and reaching between her legs to tease my balls. “So? Are you just going to play with my ass?”

“Oh trust me I can do a lot more than that!” I answered her, grabbing hold of the tiny strings that made up the tiny thong panty, pulling it as far down her legs as I could reach. . “Try this!” I said, pushing my hips back and grabbing my rock hard cock. I pushed my cock down and rubbed it up and down between her fat meaty outer pussy lips, drawing her surprisingly copious juices from between them, lubricating my engorged mushroom head. With my head glistening with her wetness, I engaged it into the entrance of her tunnel and then let go to grab hold of her hips. In one smooth motion I shoved my hips forward, driving my cock deep into her pussy and drawing a cry of surprise mixed with pleasure from Suuny’s lips.

“That more like it?” I asked as I started driving my cock in and out of her pussy, holding on to her smooth firm hips for leverage. Each stroke drove deep into her, her soft velvety tunnel caressing each inch of my sliding cock until my engorged head pressed against the end of her tunnel.

“OH FUCK!” Sunny cried, standing bent over with her hands on her knees, her legs spread only as far as the pants around her knees would allow. “Wait a minute,” she panted after several minutes of me slapping my hips into her bare ass. She pushed me back and stood up, turning around to face me. Her breasts and chest glistened with beads of perspiration as she reached for the hem of my shirt and pulled it upward. “If we’re going to do this, it’s not going to be a quick bang me and run! Get these clothes off and fuck me right!” she snapped in a commanding tone.

“Yes maam.” I answered in surprise, lifting my arms to let her push my shirt up and off.

She tossed my shirt aside and then crouched down, undoing my boots and forcing me to lift my leg to pull off my boot and pants leg. I barely had that foot back on the ground and she was pulling the other one up, jerking off the boot and leaving me in nothing but my socks. She quickly untied her own work boots and half stood while she stepped out of them, pulling her pants off each leg and then standing straight up, straddling the pile of pants and boots between her legs.

“Now. Come here!” she commanded, reaching out with her arms as she stepped closer to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head down towards her, pressing her soft lips urgently against bursa bayan escort mine. She kissed me hotly, her tongue trying to tease its way into my mouth impatiently. I finally recovered from my surprise at her forcefulness and wrapped my arms around her waist.

I kissed her back, my own levels of desire slowly inching back up to what they had been before she took me off guard. I slid my hands down to her ass and cupped each full cheek, squeezing and kneading them. Feeling my hands under her ass she half jumped, half lifted herself with her arms still circling my neck, her legs wrapping around my waist, levering herself up until I could feel my cock slip from where it was trapped between us. With surprising strength she held most of her weight up with one arm and her legs around me, reaching behind and under her to push my cock toward her pussy with her finger tips.

“Yeah….that’s it,” she moaned softly as she slowly lowered herself down on my cock. “I kind of like this,” she cooed as she tried to ride herself up and down my rock hard shaft.

I awkwardly walked the short distance to the closest corner, pushing her ass into the corner as I tried to lift her enough so I could pump my cock up and down into her hot wet pussy. She unwrapped her legs from around me one at a time, finding places in the raw stud walls to support her feet. With her weight now supported by the walls and not my body, I was free to hump my hips, driving my cock in and out of her pussy as she held my face to hers, her moans now coming into my mouth after she closed her lips to mine again.

I could feel every inch of her pussy squeezing and caressing me as I pumped in and out, her pussy grabbing and squeezing me as if it were a hand stroking me in time with my own strokes.

“Oh shit oh shit….I’m going to cum!” she gasped, breaking the kiss and tilting her head back in a long slow groan of pleasure as her whole body was wracked by spasms and jerks. I kept pumping up into her for what seemed like an hour before her body relaxed. I could feel my body getting close to its own climax, my strokes growing faster and shorter by the second.

“NO! Not yet stud!” she gasped, pushing me away until my cock pulled from her, slapping up against my stomach and standing there twitching and jumping on its own as my body screamed for release. She slowly climbed out of the corner and pushed me back with a hand on my chest until we were in the middle of the next room. “On the floor on your back there stud!” She commanded me.

I really didn’t know what she had in mind, but I was dying to get my cock back into her pussy and unload what was waiting for her. I lay down on the floor facing up, but was surprised when she stepped over me and knelt down facing my feet rather than my head, her knees pinning my arms to the ground.

“Now stud. Lick my hot little twat. See if you can make me cum again and maybe I’ll give you the happy ending you’re looking for!”

It wasn’t like I would have said no, but she never really gave me the chance to tell her that I enjoy licking a good pussy almost as much as fucking one…as long as the fucking comes sooner or later.

She quickly bent her legs to lower her dripping wet pussy down toward my face, her feathery inner lips now engorged and protruding from between her meaty outer lips. I reached out with my tongue and pressed it between her lips and licked the length of her pussy, tasting her sweet nectar while she engulfed my cock with her hot wet mouth.

“Ohhhhh damn,” I groaned softly between licks while her head bobbed up and down my shaft. I knew I wasn’t going to last long the way she was going and I dove into her pussy, well at least as much as I could do without hands, licking between her lips time after time and spending long seconds flicking my tongue across her exposed hard clit.

I felt her mouth slide down my cock as I tried to lift my hips to drive it deeper, my cock plunging past the back of mouth and into the tight confines of her throat. She gagged slightly but then pressed deeper until I could feel her lips touch my balls. “OH SHIT!” I grunted into her pussy as I felt my balls start to release the gallons of cum that were pent up and waiting for release. Much to my shock she pulled her face from my cock and squeezed hard, almost painfully hard, around the base of my cock just as the first squirt of cum started its trip. The result was that instead of a hard gush of hot cum leaping into the air, all that came out was a small trickle that rolled down the length of my shaft before sliding over her fingers, my cock suddenly starting to soften from the sudden surge of pain.

I lost track of how long we lay there, her head bobbing up and down my shaft until I was once again rock hard, and my tongue making the trip spectacular up her slit over and over again. I made sure that my tongue teased her clit in some way with each trip and also, frequently as I could, pressed it as deep into her tunnel as I could. I would have preferred to have the use of my hands to drive a finger into her, but she continued to pin them to the floor even though I had tried to extricate them.

“Are you really ready to cum now?” She asked, pulling her face from my cock and looking around her arm at me.

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