Pet Ch. 01

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I hadn’t had a lot of luck with Craigslist, so when I got Claire’s pictures, I initially thought they were too good to be true. She was exactly what I’d been fantasizing about: a true MILF, 40 if that, strawberry blonde and gorgeous, like a grown up version of the cool girls from my high school. Though at 30 I wasn’t that much younger than Claire, I felt like we were worlds apart: she lived with her husband in the suburbs, had two kids at sleepaway camp, bought paper towels in bulk. I was finishing art school, living with two roommates in a live/work loft; I had the feeling we might be each other’s fantasy come to life. So I wrote back. She was kind, not great with words but better on the phone when we awkwardly arranged to meet. “I need David–that’s my husband–to be involved,” she said. “He doesn’t have to do anything, but he’ll want to watch.” Fine by me. The idea of playing with Claire’s tits while her husband’s balls tightened made my vision swim.

A week later I stood on Claire’s doorstep in the clothing she’d requested, in detail, in her last email. A navy pleated skirt, a soft white blouse, white cotton panties, no bra. I wore high heeled black ankle boots and straightened my black hair, to make it look a little longer. It almost hit my nipples, now. I was young looking enough for it to be a relatively authentic schoolgirl vibe, if a little gothy with my purple nails and rows of earrings. I loved that she’d specified an outfit, like I was a meal made to order.

I shivered under my coat.

Claire appeared, smiling in a printed wrap dress. “Claudia.” She looked me up and down, and took my hands in hers. “Wow. You’re so beautiful. Thanks for coming.” I stepped in. Even in heels, we were about the same height.

“Thanks for having me,” I said automatically. She laughed and took my coat. She led me into the living room. Two glasses of red wine waited on the coffee table. I took one and sat on the couch, feeling a little dwarfed by the hugeness of the house. I looked up through a skylight.

Claire sipped her wine, looking at me, and I met her gaze. She really was beautiful, in a complete Real Housewives way: the smooth self-tanned skin of her toned legs, the slightly frosted pink eryamanda yeni escortlar lipstick. Everything about her looked normal and expensive. I wondered if she’d done this before, once or one hundred times, and as if she could hear me, she leaned in and said, “Don’t be nervous.”

I could tell that meant, act nervous, I like it. I smiled and she started touching the hem of my skirt almost absently with her fingers. “I hope it wasn’t a long drive for you. You’ve probably never even been out here.” “I actually grew up not far from here,” I said. She playfully narrowed her eyes. “Is that right?” I laughed and tugged my earrings. “I know, ‘the city has changed me.'”

Claire’s hand trailed off my skirt to my waist, then up to my cheekbone. “I was just going to say, I can’t imagine running into someone like you at one of the mothers’ houses. You must have tortured the dads,” she looked at my mouth softly. “Maybe the moms, too.”

I closed my eyes and let her kiss me, so softly, her lips barely closed. We mouthed each other like that, then I gently touched my tongue to hers. She moaned into my mouth. She sat back, replaced our wine glasses, and kissed me again, this time letting her tongue go everywhere. I could feel the heat coming off of her body. I pressed my palms against her sides and slowly moved them up until I could feel her tits through her dress. They were fake but really nice, too big for her frame in a sexy way. She broke away again, this time motioning for me to get up. “Let me look at you.”

I stood up and turned, slowly, in a circle, flaring out my skirt at the end. My nipples were poking through my thin white shirt. Claire stared at my chest. She pulled me by the hand into her lap and, using both hands, gently grazed my nipples with her fingernails. I moaned and involuntarily squirmed in her lap. “You’ve got the most perfect tits,” she murmured. “Look how sensitive,” pinching my nipples through the fabric, brushing them, pressing them gently like buttons. I humped her lap, desperately for something to make contact with my clit. The only thing hotter than her playing with me was watching her do it, this beautiful older woman, playing me like an instrument.

I sincan escort bayan wasn’t the only one who felt that way, as something moved in my periphery and I turned: a man, tall, sipping a short glass, looking simultaneously bemused and intoxicated. He was handsome with a square jaw and broad shoulders, brown hair graying on the sides.

“Well,” he said appraisingly.

“Claudia, David.” Claire said, lightly licking my earlobe. “Baby, this is the girl I told you about.” She peeled my shirt up over my breasts and the cool air made me gasp. “My new pet.” The nickname sent a new current to my pussy.

“Our pet,” he corrected, smiling, but he didn’t move from the doorway. I could appreciate the scene: his wife on the couch, molesting a little art school girl for anyone to see. I felt like a naughty toy, a prop.

“She’s lovely,” David said, raising his glass to his lips again. “Why don’t you suck on her tits for me.”

Claire looked up at me devilishly and stuck out her pink tongue, slowly lapping at my nipple. My breathing went ragged. She swirled her tongue expertly around my nipples, closing her lips around one and the other. “Yeah,” David said. His jeans were tenting. “Make them all wet.” Her mouth was so hot in the cool room. I thought of it and instantly wanted her mouth on my pussy. I squeezed her with my thighs, and, sensing what I wanted, Claire gently moved me up, pulled my skirt to the floor, and sat me back onto the couch. She moved down to the floor, her back to David. She spread my knees wide and carefully traced her finger down the soaked front of my panties. “She smells delicious,” she said, lightly kissing where my swollen clit pushed up. I moaned.

David set his glass on the floor and took two steps closer. Eyes locked to mine, he undid his belt, unzipped, and pulled his cock free. He wasn’t wearing underwear. He was heart-stoppingly thick. He slowly stroked and squeezed it, almost exploratively.

“Are you going to let us see your little pussy?” He said softly. I almost didn’t realize he was speaking to me. I nodded, and Claire hooked her fingers under my panties and slowly pulled them down my bare legs. They were so wet they stuck slightly ankara escort in the front. She widened my knees further. Though I was sitting, I felt like I was on tiptoe with my boots still on. I could feel how hot and needy my pussy was. Practically pulsing.

David said nothing but stroked his cock harder. Claire’s fingers circled my ankles and squeezed gently, holding me there. She dipped her face down, looked up at me with her big blue eyes, and touched the tip of her tongue to my aching clit. I felt dizzy. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, not after her teasing my tits for so long and not with David taking in the show.

Looking over Claire at him, I decided to make it good. I lifted and circled my narrow hips, grinding my pussy in slow motion against her warm, wet tongue. She moaned into my mouth, releasing her hold on my ankles to reach into her underwear and rub herself. I felt so dirty, naked on this strange couch, pushing my clit out, squeezing my tits together, rolling my nipples, as David, almost fully clothed, rapidly stroked his now near-purple dick. I came here to be a little fuckdoll for these sweet suburban parents. I thought of all the parents I could’ve fucked in high school, who maybe saw me at sleepovers or band practices and thought of me spread open and dripping like this. The thought drove me crazy. Claire locked her lips around my clit and sucked hungrily, swiping the tip of her tongue back and forth as I whimpered and bucked.

David suddenly stepped forward, around Claire. He put one knee on the couch. His cock was so close to my skin. I looked up at him as Claire kept working on my pussy. Without thinking about it, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He kept stroking, then put his other finger in my mouth. I sucked it needily. He took it out. I closed my eyes–Claire was sending me to the edge, I could feel myself gushing into her mouth. With my eyes still closed, I felt something on my lips. David’s cock. He was feeding it to me. I sucked his head between my lips and looked up at him. With Claire between my legs and David in my mouth I felt completely ravaged. I immediately started to cum. David groaned, pulled out, and shot hot cum on my mouth and down across my tits. Claire kept lapping at my pulsing pussy until I cried out.

Naked, glistening with David’s cum, I felt the sweat on my neck and behind my knees. Claire leaned back on her hands and grinned. “Darling,” she purred, “we really can’t wait to see you again.”

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