Period Sex

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“When did a little blood become such a big deal?” He pulls her closer to him. She smiles at him questioningly.

“You really don’t care?” His smile meets hers.

“Not in the slightest. Why, does that surprise you?”

She places her bag on the coffee table. “I guess I’m just used to guys being assholes about this.” She puts her hands on his chest.

“Guys are too often assholes in general.” She nods at his words and they both laugh.

He grabs the glass of wine from the coffee table next to them. “I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with immature men in the past.” He puts the glass to her lips. “On behalf of all of us, let me make it up to you.”

He shoots her a wink as she takes another sip. She kisses him, the taste and smell of red wine inundating his senses. “I’d like that.”

Their hands begin caressing and exploring each other as new lovers do. Her fingers run through his hair and down the chiseled curvature of his abdomen. His hand cradles her neck, while the other hand traces its fingers down the small of her back. They press lips to lips and lips to skin, feeling out the textures and the flavors and the pace. She toys with his bottom lip in her teeth to see if he’ll nibble back. He wraps his tongue around hers to see just how nimble it can be.

She tugs up on his shirt, but with wide shoulders like his, it takes several pulls to get it off. He returns the favor, unhooking her bra and pressing his chest firm against hers. Her fingers grab his belt buckle, and she walks the two of them backwards to the edge of the bed. Their eyes are locked as he pushes her softly onto linen. She bounces lightly, breasts moving beneath her shirt. He leans down slowly, sliding his hands up her thighs, fingers pushing against the tight fabric. She gasps a little and pulls him closer.

Kisses spread from her face to her neck to the space between her breasts, his strong hands caressing them as her nipples slip between his fingers. The kisses don’t stop. They head further down, becoming stronger and more erratic the lower they get. As if they’re building to something. He gets to her pants line and runs his tongue along it. Their eyes meet, and she feels fingers pulling open her button and zipper.

He lifts her legs into the air, running his eyes and hands along them from her ankles to her ass. Staring at them longingly, like he’s admiring a sculpture. His fingers slide under her ass cheeks and wrap around the top of her jeans. They pull off smoothly under his grip.

Palms caress her thighs as they slide down and push her legs open. She looks down to see his pants already off and his erection pointed towards her. Those hands and lips of his were so distracting that she didn’t even notice his clothes come off with hers. But she feels it when the warmth of his thighs press along the inside of her legs. They envelope escort eryaman her skin, the body heat merging and making its way up her spine to the back of her neck.

She didn’t expect things to go this far. Not tonight. How many men have changed their tune the moment she told them she started her period? Enough to be a pattern. Enough to set an expectation. Enough to put an end to a long night of great first impressions and sexy flirting and wonderful buildup. But here she is. With his hard torso and thick legs running along the lower half of her. She’s so wet she can feel it, and his hardness is resting just a few inches from its destination. He is clearly different. He is not a pattern. And he doesn’t seem to give a fuck about expectations.

She pulls his face to hers, tasting him again and running her fingers through his hair, to the firm muscles of neck and shoulders. Every part of him is hard, tense with the anticipation of the moment. She feels the enlarged head of his cock leaning against her pussy, the wetness of it almost inviting him in. He shifts his eyes from hers to her chest, then down to his own manhood. She grabs his cheeks, pulling his gaze back to hers.

“I might get your sheets dirty..” Her stare is half nervous half questioning. His hands slide up her chest to her face, pressing his lips to hers as he does.

“I told you, I don’t care. Make them as dirty as you want.” He laughs and moves his lips to her neck, pressing in and pulling on flesh as they pull away. She moans against the warmth of his mouth and his hands, which explore every inch of her. His fingers grip her hips, as he lifts himself and pushes his cock to rest against her. She can feel him throbbing on her clit, a perfect union of eager parts ready to make themselves one with each other.

“I want you.” His whispering lips move to her chest and her stomach. Suddenly, she feels his kisses bouncing along her skin just above her pussy.

“Is he really going there?” Her thought doesn’t linger long before being answered. His lips surround her clit, sucking it into her mouth. She can feel his tongue play with it, pulling it along the inside of his mouth. She bucks at his touch, the wetness of his mouth rushing around her. She spaces out, hands pushing into the sheets next to her. Next thing she knows, his lips are back to hers, his teeth nibbling on her bottom lip. She can tell from his heart rate he is more aroused than before. Like a fire has been lit within him.

He rubs his thick head against her, pushing inside slowly. She wants all of him and grabs his butt, pulling him deep into her. She cries out, as he fills her up and she sees his mouth fall open above her. She loves feeling full, every inch of him throbbing and running along her insides. They move slowly at first, two lovers taking in every new sensation and texture. ankara escort His soft movements turn into heavier thrusts, while her delicate hands begin gripping his scalp and squeezing his strong leg muscles. She runs her hand down his chest, ab muscles rippling beneath as they contract and expand from labored breaths. His arms hold him up, as he dives deep into her pussy, lifting slightly each time to press against her g-spot. She exhales with passion each time he does. He leans his shoulder into the pillow behind them, allowing his weight to press down into it and making his hands free. One set of fingers plays with her bouncing breasts while the other run its thumb along her lips.

Their eye contact is piercing. She takes one of his fingers into her mouth, sucking on it. He responds by turning her hips completely to the side, so her ass is facing up. He stays inside of her, fucking her deep, with her eyes still locked to his and fingers slipping between her teeth. She lifts her hips up, moving her knees to press into the sheets. She arches her back, offering her ass to him. He obliges quickly. She feels his cock slapping against her clit, its long shaft running along her vulva and then bouncing on her ass cheeks. She giggles at his playfulness and he returns the laughter. The small, playful moment quickly descends back into carnal craving when he pushes back into her, every crevice of her insides filled once again.

She screams into the pillow and bites its fabric. She can feel his hands gripping her ass cheeks, and a swift slap on them ignites her skin red. It is as unexpected as it is welcomed. His hand moves around her pussy lips, fingers playing with her clit between them. He spanks her again, just what she wants right now. Her fingernails grip his leg, digging into them with each forceful thrust. It’s like he plunges deeper with each minute, his balls slapping into her and giving her a sense of fullness that brings her closer and closer to the edge. She can feel herself getting closer, and she wants to cum with him deep inside of her.

Her fingers move to her pussy, where his are still rubbing. She lays her fingers over his, guiding his pattern to match the exact pressure and rhythm she needs to finish in this position. His other hand runs along her back, transitioning between massaging her and pulling her shoulders towards him. He wants to be as enveloped in her as she wants to be filled by him.

“Pull my hair!” She arches her head back, ready for him to fulfill her request. He does so eagerly, fingers sliding along her scalp and gripping. His hips are pulled so tightly against hers now that there’s no telling where she ends and his cock begins. He’s so deep in her she can feel the end of him pushing against her. The other sensation is his fingers moving in tandem with hers, as her elvakent escort clit is rubbed wonderfully by both of them.

“I’m gonna cum, cum with me..” She feels the words flow out of her naturally. There is nothing right now but his warmth and rhythm matching hers, as she senses herself reach that elusive peak of pleasure. The last stop before the final fall into ecstasy…

Then she’s there. An explosion courses through her, her hips tightening and every inch of her clenching against him. He yells out, a yell that only accompanies a finish in likeness to hers. She feels him explode inside of her, warm pulses spreading from her pussy to somewhere deeper within her, like ripples of energy making their way through her stomach and chest to her legs and hands. She can feel his hard chest pressed into her back, his hand clenched tightly to her clit and her neck. She opens her eyes, vision blurred and barely registering.

They float there and pulse together, eventually falling to the side and letting the sheets overtake them. Exhaustion kicks in. His hands slowly shift to her breasts, his legs wrap around hers. He is folded around her, body heat a cozy blanket as the blood returns to the extremities.

“That was amazing. You’re amazing.” His words settle in to her ears. She’s still in a daze, but manages a little smile and wiggle of the ass against him. They rest there for a few minutes, recovering in their own ways, but still together.

She eventually sits up to grab the wine glass from the table. It tastes extra sweet and silky on her tongue. Littles notes of chocolate and cranberry hit her senses. She turns to him.

“You weren’t kidding, were you?” He moves to join her on the corner of the bed.

“Not in the slightest.” His tongue finds hers again, as she feel his fingers rest gently onto her pussy, cupping it. The warmth of them and light pressure sends a shiver through her.

“Come rinse off with me.” She watches him stand up and head for the door, turning to her as he reaches its handle. His cock hangs still half hard between his legs, broad shoulders and defined muscles rippling with his gestures. She moves towards him, bringing the wine with her. The edge of the glasses pressed to his mouth, and he takes it in gladly. Her lips follow.

“Fuck me again, in the shower.” Her statement is less a statement and more a command. He reaches his hands under her ass, lifting her up as he does. She floats in the air, suspended by his strong arms, her breasts leaning against his chest. She feels his cock throbbing a bit, as if it’s already trying to press up into her again. He doesn’t even need to respond with words. She can tell his body is ready.

Seconds later, the shower head turns and hot water flows out. The candlelight bounces off the walls and two sets of feet step in to break the steady stream of jets. They fall into each other’s arms again, the water cascading over them. She wraps her hand around his thickness and he lets the delicate softness of her pussy lips move along his playful fingers, as they both disappear into steam…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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