Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect Ch. 05

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Trudy woke slowly from a deep sleep the following morning. Lying there, with her eyes still closed, she took a moment to luxuriate in her surroundings. The bedsheets were expensive; gossamer soft against her skin. A fresh, morning breeze was floating through an open window from the otherwise silent, rugged landscape outside. And best of all, she could feel the warm, soft skin of a naked Eddie pressed against her. With a surge of excitement, Trudy realised that this morning was the first time they would be waking up together, without Eddie having to leave ridiculously early. Slowly, she opened her eyes and drank in her first sight of the day. And what a wonderful sight it was.

‘Good morning, my love,’ murmured Eddie. His large hands, which were already lying across Trudy’s body, began to stroke her gently.

‘Hi,’ she smiled softly. ‘I was just thinking how lovely it is to wake up beside you.’

‘Mmmm, definitely,’ he agreed, pulling her body towards his and wrapping her into a tight hug. ‘And, as soon as you’re willing, I want to make love to you,’ he sighed. ‘Desperately.’ A shot of adrenaline sped around Trudy’s body.

‘So, apart from that minor bombshell,’ grinned Trudy. ‘What’s happening today? What time do you have to leave for work?’

‘I’m not working for the rest of your time here, Trude. I want us to spend some proper time together without interruptions.’

‘Thank you, Eddie. That sounds lovely,’ she agreed, stroking her hand gently across his chest.

‘Although, when I’m staying in the hotel, I am still reminded of work. So, with that in mind, I’d like to substitute this room for a log cabin nearby, where we can be alone, in complete privacy and without any interruptions.’

‘Yes, please,’ breathed Trudy. ‘I can’t think of anything nicer.’

‘Excellent,’ grinned Eddie. ‘It’s about five miles away. As the scenery around here is so beautiful, I was thinking we could hike up there. The hotel staff can take the Range Rover and our luggage up there for us. If you’re game?’

‘Absolutely,’ nodded Trudy. ‘But any chance of some breakfast first?’


‘Have you looked at your phone yet?’ grinned Trudy, carefully negotiating her way around a steep, rocky outcrop and then striding ahead.

‘No,’ replied Eddie warily. ‘Do I need to?’

‘No. Just checking! God, I love it here!’ she exclaimed, drinking in the dramatic scenery around her. From their elevated position, part way up the side of a mountain, the landscape of forests, moorland and lochs stretched in every direction, whilst an eagle soared overhead.

‘I’m so glad,’ nodded Eddie. ‘Me too.’

‘I’ve only been to Scotland once before,’ explained Trudy. ‘A family holiday with Tom and my parents. I’ve got such happy memories of it, I’ve never dared return before now.’

‘Why’s that, Sweetheart?’ asked Eddie gently.

‘Oh, my Mum died when I was eighteen,’ sighed Trudy. ‘Breast cancer.’

‘I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t realise.’

‘Thanks. My Dad couldn’t really cope or live without her, I guess. He kind of gave up and fell apart. Within a few years, he was gone too.’

‘Come here, my love,’ said Eddie gently, pulling Trudy into his body and holding her tightly. Bowing her head, Trudy allowed Eddie’s hug to overwhelm her, until the feelings of sadness subsided and she felt strong enough to continue. Eventually they broke apart and holding hands, they strode forwards together.

‘Did you have a happy childhood?’ asked Eddie quietly.

‘God, yes!’ smiled Trudy sadly. ‘My parents certainly weren’t rich but we never wanted for anything. I had a blessed childhood, full of friendship, laughter and love. How about you?’

‘My parents were…are…fairly strict,’ explained Eddie. ‘They have very specific ideas about how things should be done. I never wanted for anything either, other than my parents aren’t very demonstrative. There weren’t a lot of cuddles in my childhood.’

‘I’m sorry to hear that,’ said Trudy sadly. ‘I hope I can make up for that, in your adulthood!’

Eddie laughed, squeezing her hand tightly.

‘I hope you can too. You already are.’

‘I meant to say,’ said Trudy. ‘Next Saturday, a ball is being held where I work. We’re allowed to bring one guest each and I wondered, if you’re not busy, if you would accompany me?’

‘I’m really sorry, Trude but I can’t,’ said Eddie. ‘Next Saturday evening, I’ve got a big presentation to give for work.’

‘Oh, no problem,’ said Trudy quietly, biting back the feeling of disappointment. ‘Maybe I’ll ask Emma.’

‘Yes, that’s a good idea,’ agreed Eddie. ‘You must still go and enjoy yourself.’

‘There’s no way it will be as good without you,’ she smiled. ‘So, what’s the presentation?’

‘I’m shitting myself about it, actually,’ grinned Eddie. ‘It’s my first chance to introduce myself and my ideas to the whole company.’

‘Well, if it helps, I think you come across as honest, open and very approachable,’ replied Trudy. ‘There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll have a lot of support.’

‘Thank you, gorgeous girl. That makes bursa escort me feel better. Traditionally, the management and the staff have been quite separate. I’d really love to try and improve the relationship there.’

‘Nothing beats going around and meeting people individually,’ explained Trudy. ‘If you can find the time, speak to people about their work, their ideas of how things can be improved. After all, the staff do the work day in and day out, so they are best placed to identify weaknesses and issues. I think you could learn a lot that way.’

‘You’re right,’ nodded Eddie. ‘I should definitely do that. Thank you.’

‘No problem. My consultancy invoice will be in the post,’ grinned Trudy.

‘Can I pay you any other way?’ grinned Eddie.

‘If you don’t have much money, I’m sure we can come to some other form of arrangement,’ giggled Trudy.

‘I’ve got money, Trude,’ replied Eddie.

‘You don’t act like someone who has money,’ stated Trudy.

‘Maybe I’m a good actor?’ smiled Eddie.

‘I don’t think you’re that good. Nobody with money would drive around in a Landrover with no suspension.’

‘Hey!’ joked Eddie. ‘Leave my lovely Bertha out of this; she’s practically a member of the family. Besides, you were standing up for her not so long ago. She’s unique!’

‘She certainly is,’ replied Trudy. ‘Just like her owner!’


The steep ascent minimised the amount of conversation Eddie and Trudy could share for a while, as they companionably climbed the slopes of the steep Scottish mountain, breathing heavily. When their destination eventually came into sight, Trudy was immediately aware that the description “log cabin” didn’t do the building any justice at all.

Set on the bank of a tranquil loch, fringed with pine trees, the isolated wooden structure was a large, long, single story residence which fitted perfectly into its natural surroundings. It was also the only building in sight for miles.

‘Wow!’ exclaimed Trudy as they reached their accommodation. ‘This place is incredible.’

‘I just love it up here,’ grinned Eddie, pushing open the front door. ‘I’m so happy to be able to share this with you.’

‘You must be a very good customer,’ said Trudy, entering the amazing space and noting that all their belongings had already been brought up and unpacked.

‘I’m definitely not a good customer, just a very regular resident,’ grinned Eddie. Walking into the kitchen area and opening the fridge, Eddie pointed out the very well stocked supplies. ‘Can I interest you in a late lunch, followed by a Jacuzzi?’

‘I haven’t brought a swim suit,’ replied Trudy.

‘Good,’ smiled Eddie. ‘It would most definitely be surplus to our requirements.’

‘Don’t forget your promise, Eddie. If you’re starting something, you need to see it through,’ said Trudy, a wry smile on her face.

‘Don’t you worry,’ breathed Eddie, grabbing Trudy around the hips and pulling her into his body. ‘I am starting something and it’s going to be seen through to the conclusion of me screwing you utterly senseless.’

‘Promises, promises,’ smiled Trudy.

‘Threats more like,’ Eddie smirked. ‘You wouldn’t be so confident if you had any idea what you’ve let yourself in for, locked up here in my log cabin, in the middle of nowhere, where nobody except me can hear you screaming my name.’ Trudy felt her stomach lurch as he stared deeply into her eyes.

‘And don’t forget,’ he added. ‘On top of that, I need to pay you back, or should that be thank you, for last night.’ Grinning at the look of shock on Trudy’s face, Eddie released her, opened the fridge and started putting an array of delicious foods on the kitchen table.

‘Help yourself,’ he offered. ‘And whilst you do, why don’t you tell me what it is you want in bed.’

‘In a word, you,’ smiled Trudy shyly, enjoying a sublime piece of smoked salmon, as Eddie poured two glasses of champagne for them. ‘Beyond that, I’m not sure.’ Leaning towards her, Eddie dropped his voice to a low sexy growl.

‘Should I completely dominate you? Should I make you beg for me? Do you want hard and fast, or slow and sensual? Should I tie you up and blindfold you again? How long should I make you wait before I allow you to orgasm that first time?’

‘Eddie!’ gasped Trudy.

‘How loudly do you want to scream?’ he continued. ‘How many times do you want me to make you come?’

‘I…I…’ she stuttered.

‘You’re never going to forget the next few hours of your life, Trudy. I promise you.’


Once they had eaten lunch, which due to extreme nerves in Trudy’s case, amounted to very little, Eddie picked up her hand and led her through to a sumptuous bathroom, with a Jacuzzi set into the floor. With a flick of a switch, the Jacuzzi burst into life, spurting forth bubbles from its previously dormant state. Turning to face her, he slowly and lovingly peeled Trudy’s clothing from her body. Repaying the favour, they were soon standing naked before each other. Eddie took her gently by the hand and manoeuvred bursa merkez escort her into the warm, frothy water. Sitting down on one of the seats, he pulled Trudy down towards him.

‘Sit astride me, Sweetheart. Facing me,’ Eddie instructed. Trudy did as she was asked, opening her legs wide, in order to sit on his lap. Utterly lost, she gazed deeply into his eyes, unable to ignore the rapid waters, speeding across her most intimate area which was now fully open to the onslaught.

‘God, I’m crazy for you,’ he sighed, tenderly dropping his lips to Trudy’s and kissing her thoroughly. As their kiss became less and less controlled, Eddie pulled her body close against his and began to slide her body along his erect cock. As Trudy’s clit was nudged along his substantial length, she gasped in surprise.

‘The first time I slide my cock into you,’ sighed Eddie, kissing along her neck and whispering into her ear. ‘Tell me how you want me.’

‘I don’t know,’ sighed Trudy. ‘I’m not sure I care. I just know I want you.’

‘I’d love to be able to watch your face,’ breathed Eddie. ‘I don’t want you to think I’m always a missionary man, but just for that first time, I’d love to watch your expression as I slide myself into you. I want to see the shock registering when you suddenly realise how much your body is going to have to stretch, in order to accommodate me. I want to see your face crumple when I drive you through that first orgasm.’

‘Oh God,’ groaned Trudy. ‘Please, I need to make love with you right now.’

‘Anticipation, remember,’ he smiled.

‘You’ve made me wait long enough,’ complained Trudy. ‘I need you to fuck me.’

‘You’ve gone from making love to fucking within the space of ten seconds,’ laughed Eddie. ‘Just imagine where you’ll be in ten minutes. Or ten hours.’

‘Don’t you dare make me wait that long, Eddie!’

‘Mmm, so demanding,’ smiled Eddie, tracing his fingers down her spine and along the cleft of her ass. Opening his legs slightly, Trudy’s legs were automatically opened wider too, her pussy effectively suspended in the swirling waters. Placing his hand beneath her, he ran his fingers across her body, delicately touching and tickling her sensitive ass, swollen lips and eventually her throbbing clit. Gasping at the intense feelings, she clenched her internal muscles, desperate to be gripping Eddie’s cock.

‘Before our emotions get the better of us, talk to me about contraception,’ he murmured, still stroking her. ‘I’ve got condoms with me. Are you okay with them?’

‘No, I want to feel you,’ sighed Trudy. ‘I don’t want anything between us.’ Eddie looked at her questioningly.

‘I’m on the pill,’ she added. ‘And I’ve had a check-up recently. I’m clean.’

‘I had my regular medical a month ago, and ditto,’ breathed Eddie. ‘But are you sure?’

‘I’m sure,’ sighed Trudy. ‘I’m dying to feel you inside me.’

‘I’m dedicating the entire afternoon to focusing entirely on your pleasure,’ he sighed. ‘Come with me.’ Pulling Trudy to her feet, they exited the hot tub and, having flicked a switch on the wall, Eddie guided them into the large, luxurious shower. Warm water pumped from the huge shower head as he squeezed some shower gel into his hands and carefully soaped every inch of Trudy’s body. Trudy then reciprocated, savouring the delicious feeling of her slippery hands running across his well-toned body and silky-soft erection.

‘Mmmm,’ groaned Eddie as she touched him so intimately. He lovingly dropped his head to her lips and drew Trudy into the most exquisitely sensual kiss. Once they were both shaking with desire, he led Trudy out of the shower, wrapped her in a soft, white towel, placing another around his own waist. With fingers entwined, Eddie escorted her slowly into the bedroom, where they fell into the centre of the enormous bed.

Pulling Trudy into his arms, he continued to kiss her very thoroughly, their lips and tongues making their own form of love to each other’s mouths.

‘Close your eyes,’ he murmured at length. Smiling, she allowed her eyes to slide shut. Moments later, Eddie’s warm, slippery hands were massaging her feet and she could smell a delicious peppermint foot lotion. The initial sensation caused Trudy to gasp and attempt to withdraw her foot, but she quickly relaxed into the amazing feelings he was causing to her body. She didn’t understand how, but his fingers sliding across her feet seemed to be shooting corresponding flashes of pleasure directly to her pussy, as each stroke he made on her feet turned her body on a little more. It wasn’t long before all Trudy could hear were her own moans. Eventually, Eddie’s voice permeated her consciousness once again.

‘Turn over, Sweetheart,’ he instructed, pulling off her towel as she started to moved. In a super-relaxed state, Trudy fought with her own limbs, in order that she could turn over onto her tummy. Once she had done so, she felt Eddie straddle her and sit on her ass, astride her. With a sweeter smelling body oil, in which Trudy thought she could detect hints of relaxing bursa sınırsız escort lavender, he began a deep muscle massage of her body.

Sighing even more deeply than before, she all but collapsed into the pillow and entered another world. Eddie’s touch was amazingly capable as he kneaded her muscles into willing submission and manipulated the ligaments in her shoulders and neck like a professional masseur. By the time he’d also completed a massage of her buttocks and legs, concentrating on key pressure points which made her tingle with pleasure, Trudy was in such a state of relaxation that she could have slept for the next twenty-four hours.

‘That was…uhhhh,’ she breathed, unable to even find the right word to describe her experience.

‘Good,’ smiled Eddie. ‘I haven’t finished yet. Roll over again for me,’ he murmured, placing a couple of pillows beside Trudy and helping her to lay on her back, where the pillows ended up under her ass, raising her hips.’

‘What are you doing?’ she groaned in her part-slumber state.

‘Something nice,’ he sighed. ‘Keep your eyes shut for me and relax.’ Doing as she was asked, Trudy therefore felt very serene, when she felt Eddie placing incredibly light, butterfly kisses over her stomach and down her thighs. Feeling his warm breath on her legs, she couldn’t help remembering the last time he had blown on her inner thighs. Groaning in willing submission, Trudy slowly opened herself up to him, allowing complete access to Eddie’s mouth, her movement making her aware of how incredibly wet she’d become.

‘Mmmm, that’s better,’ he breathed. Placing his body between Trudy’s legs, Eddie leant up and gently sucked one of her nipples into his mouth until it was hard beneath his tongue. Trudy’s head rolled to the other side of her pillow, unable to process the delicious feelings racing around her body. Slowly, he kissed across to her other nipple and repeated. Zig zagging his tongue down her rib cage and stomach, he then came to rest over Trudy’s wide-open lips. With her hips raised and her legs stretched, Eddie had the luxury of full and easy access. Using the flat side of his tongue, with incredibly light touches, he delicately lapped at Trudy’s velvet soft folds until she was bubbling over with anticipation.

‘Oh God! Please, Eddie. I honestly can’t take any more. I need you,’ she sighed, eyes still closed in ecstasy.

‘I know. It’s okay baby,’ breathed Eddie, kissing his way up Trudy’s body to her mouth. ‘I need you too. Desperately.’

Wrapping a hand around each of her wrists, he raised Trudy’s hands above her head, holding them down firmly on the bed. Her eyes immediately snapped open in glorious anticipation of what was going to happen. With his eyes never leaving her wide, disbelieving ones, Eddie then adjusted his grip so that one of his hands held down both of Trudy’s. With his spare hand, he guided his hefty erection through her sensitive folds, placing himself carefully in position. Aware that with one thrust, Eddie could sink deep inside her body and with no idea how he would proceed, Trudy started to shake with anticipation, unbridled longing and desire.

‘Oh God,’ she whispered, as Eddie ever so carefully leant forwards and Trudy’s body began to open up for him. Straight away, Trudy was aware that making love to Eddie was going to be like nothing she had ever experienced before. To start with, Eddie’s cock was in a different league to any other lover she’d previously known, with a girth beyond compare. As he continued to enter her, still incredibly slowly, Trudy also realised, with a flash of emotion, that he was going to be an incredibly tender, giving and gifted lover; something else she sadly had no previous experience of. Eddie returned his hand to her wrists but his eyes, full of lust, never broke contact with hers.

As Eddie sank still deeper, already feeling stretched to her limits, Trudy began to clench tightly around him. As this happened, her eyes began to flutter closed and she groaned deeply.

‘Keep your eyes open,’ murmured Eddie, as he continued to slide into her. ‘We’re nearly there.’ Taking him at his word, Trudy tried to keep her eyes open but unbelievably, Eddie’s initial entry still hadn’t come to an end. Eventually, a panting Trudy felt his body push fully against hers and she knew that he was completely buried inside her. The knowledge gave her a thrill more powerful than she could ever remember experiencing before.

Releasing Trudy’s wrists, Eddie threaded his fingers through hers but continued to clamp her hands above her head. Her legs were wrapped tightly around Eddie’s waist in delicious anticipation, hips tilted up by the pillows he had placed beneath her, which caused a delicious friction when he slowly began to rock his hips, sliding within.

‘Jeez-sus,’ breathed Eddie through clenched teeth. It was clearly taking every ounce of concentration not to simply give way to his body’s natural reaction and slam himself uncontrollably into Trudy until they both came violently. ‘You feel…utterly incredible. You amazing, wonderful girl.’ Trudy was beyond communication at this point, capable only of moaning and rasping in response, as the feeling of Eddie filling her rapidly lifted her towards that first orgasm. As her muscles became progressive tighter, Eddie was clearly aware of what was about to happen too.

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