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I was home alone in my office. One of the benefits of working from home is being able to dress as I please. Since I had a video call to deal with, from the waist up I had on a dress shirt and tie. But from the waist down it was a pair of board shorts. My wife Alison had gone out earlier for lunch with her girlfriend, Geri. Alison is a real knock out, and I always get a kick out of watching the reactions as she enters a room. She loves to hear me describe them, and lately she’s been dressing more and more provocatively when we go out. I love her for who she is, but her having 38D boobs on a five foot eight inch frame, with lush hips and long legs is the icing on the cake. Her red hair and green eyes makes her stand out in any crowd.

Her friend Geri Stamos was her roommate in college. They share some background that would have you think they were more than roommates – but nothing you could definitely point to. I’ve asked Alison about it and I take her word for it. Geri’s a real pistol – at five two she’s tiny, but she’s as well built as Alison. The times I’ve been with both of them have been a real hoot when it comes to watching the watchers. And they both play up to them, loosening buttons, bending over, and even holding on to each other – again, that hint of something between them. Anyway, they were out of the house for the day.

By noon I had powered through the final draft of a presentation I would be giving the following week, and then had a 90 minute conference call that took everything I had to stay present. The client was simply being a dick, and all of us were doing our best to cope with that and get his sign off on our work. When we eventually won, I breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as the call was over I made our travel and resort reservations for a two week trip to the Caribbean. It would be a great surprise for Alison. Then I fired up a joint and sat back. There was nothing else on my schedule for the day, so what else was there to do but take off the dress shirt and tie, relax in my t-shirt and shorts and dial up some porn.

You do it, right? Nothing else to do, feeling really good, why not find some porn and relax, right? Well, maybe you don’t. I don’t care. It was what I did, and the way things went after that is what this story is all about. Do you have favorites? Actors? Actresses? Scenes? Mine have varied over the years. When I first discovered porn, nipples were all it took to get hard. Then I found blowjobs and that kept my attention for at least 6 months (I was 18 at the time.) They gave way to fucking. To doggy-style fucking. And so on, and so on. Whatever got me hard got explored until it no longer had that charge and I had to find something else. For the longest time I was hooked on big black cocks and how white women dealt with them.

But recently, I’d tumbled to pegging. Somehow, the videos of hot woman strapping on artificial cocks and taking that attitude of “now I’ve got a cock and your’re gonna find out what it’s like” had captured my attention like nothing before. And then videos where they had their men first suck their “cocks” and then take them up their asses were like a siren’s call. I was looking at every site I could find, from Pornhub and Porntube to straponfuckvideos and peggingvideoz and more. I was being drawn into them and had begun to wonder what it would be like. What would it feel like? Would Alison possibly get into it? How would I ask? What would she say if she found out I liked the idea?

So, I’m at my desk in the home office with two different videos on screen – one on each monitor. In one, two women with large – but not gigantic – dildos were spit-roasting a fairly well-built dude. They were also into each other. They played with each other’s boobs while humping the mouth and the ass of their boy. In the other video, Mistress Annette, dressed in a latex bustier, had a twelve inch black dildo and she was working it into the strapped down ass of a hooded partner. With every push of their hips, I was getting harder and hard. As you can expect my shorts were down at my feet and my cock was in my hand. I’m a little above average, but no porn star in that department. Still, I was hard as a rock and slowly edging when I heard the voices behind me.

“Damn, Steve, if you’re going to watch porn, you might want to face your monitors away from the door. That is, if you are hiding it.” Geri’s raspy voice rang loud and clear.

“He’s always watching. I’m glad he doesn’t hide it – but this is new! Look at that! Looks like my man has found a new kick. Isn’t that a happy coincidence!” bursa escort That was Alison. We often watched porn together, so I never hid the screens. But we hadn’t since I started to watch the pegging videos.

I stayed in position. My hand stopped moving but it was still attached to my cock. Maybe I could brazen this out.

“Okay, Steve. Turn around. Slowly. I already know you’re jerking off, so don’t try to hide it from us!” Busted! Okay, Alison and Geri were about to get an eyeful. I turned around to face them and my jaw dropped to the floor.

“Did you think I didn’t know you’d fallen for this stuff? Honey, I know every time you develop a new taste in porn. I was surprised with this – but also very happy!”

Alison was dressed in black leather; a black leather corset wrapped around her waist, and her boobs hung over the top. The nipples were distended – like they get when she’s turned on. And below the corset was a garter belt attached to thigh high black stockings. But what stood out was the 8 inches of artificial cock protruding from her crotch. Whatever material it was made of made it look real, including how it bobbed up and down.

And Geri? She was in a very similar outfit, only her boobs were encased in a latex bra. Her cock, however, was a monster! It had to be 12 inches of thick, black rubber since it too was moving on its own. As they moved towards me I caught a glimpse of naked ass flesh on both of them. My cock resumed it’s status at attention. It looked like they had been watching the videos I had seen. As it turned out, that was exactly the case.

“On your knees, boy!” Commanded my wife. “Lose the shirt as well. Then crawl over here.”

Stunned, I simply followed her orders and followed them as they moved to the leather couch in the room. They both sat back with their hips thrust forward, their new cocks standing straight up at attention.

“Start sucking your wife’s cock, boy!” Said Geri. “Time to see what she’s had to put up with all these years.”

“That’s right, Steve. Time to find out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of things. All those fantasies you’ve been telling me about wanting to see me take on big cocks? Well, you are going to see first hand what it is you’re asking of me. When this is all over we’ll revisit that. But for now, I’m in charge and I want no back talk. SUCK MY COCK!!”

With that a hustled between her spread legs and took a closer look at what she was flaunting. It had to be eight inches, which was bigger than mine. I really did look like an erect, cut cock. The balls protruded from the harness she was wearing, and she was stroking it as if she were feeling something. It wasn’t life-like (I’d seen some that were molded from actual models) but it really resembled a cock, veins and all. I stuck out my tongue to play with the head of it; the pee slit was a depression in the mold, not a real slit.

“Don’t play with it, boy, suck it like she said.” With that Geri stuck her hand on the back of my head and pressed forward. I had no choice but to open my mouth. When I did it filled up my mouth and I took a few moments to get used to the feel of it. Once I got a little comfortable it was all or nothing – so I attempted to get it past my glottis and into my throat. The first time I gagged but managed to keep from puking.

“Good cocksucker! Don’t you dare puke on me!” Said my wife. “Try again.”

And once again I pressed forward onto her rubber phallus, and this time managed to suppress the gag reflex and get the head into my throat.

“Look at the faggot! He’s a natural cocksucker!” Said Geri.

“I figured he would be; I think he’s got many hidden talents.” At that point Alison stood up, forcing me to my knees. With her hands on my head she began to pump her “cock” in and out, aiming to get me to swallow the whole thing. I was inclined to oblige her.

“He’s got a really nice ass, you know.” This from Geri. “Let’s see how tight he is.”

I felt her hands on my ass cheeks, separating them, and then I felt her warm, wet tongue working its way around my asshole. I liked being rimmed – Alison would get into it when she’d had a bit to drink, and I always responded. Here I was, bent forward at the waist to give Geri access to my ass, and doing what I could to open my throat and let my wife fuck my face with her dildo. I was being used, and I felt myself responding. I had no need to prove I was a good fuck, or to hold out so my wife could orgasm. Instead, I was the object being worked over by two dominating women bursa escort bayan and I let myself go with it. I was really getting into it, hoping Geri would begin to work her tongue into me when they both stopped.

“Okay, faggot, time to get you ready.” Alison pulled out of my throat and helped me to my feet. Together they guided me into the bathroom, and Geri pulled out an enema kit.

“I know you keep thinking Alison and I were lesbians. Gets your little dickie hard, right? Well, we never got into that, although I’ve been having some new and dirty thoughts about your wife. Like maybe her pussy might be worth exploring – we’ll see. But what she never told you was how the two of us were known as Peg and Pegeen back in college. So you falling for pegging videos was perfect! We get to visit our old identities and we’re going to enjoy ourselves. Hell, it looks like you might enjoy it too – but frankly, I don’t care if you do! Before the night’s done I’m going to plant “old Rafer” so far up your ass it will feel like it’s coming out of your throat! Except it won’t be able to get out because your wife is going to fuck your face and keep it in. What do you think?”

“I’m your boy toy, girls. Use me.”

“That was too damn easy! I thought he was going to struggle – at least a little bit. Husband of mine, this is going to change our relationship.”

I nodded. “I know. I’m okay with that.” Alison nodded, left the bathroom and Geri took over.

“Get in the tub and on all fours, faggot.” Said Geri. I complied, and once in the tub I felt the nozzle worked into my ass, followed by a rush of warm liquid.

“Hold it in!” Said Geri. Again, I obeyed. After a few minutes, I was instructed to get out and let it all go. I did, and then she had me get back in the tub to repeat the process. When it was done, Geri gently washed my ass and brought me into the bedroom.

Alison had been busy – there, in front of the bed, was a padded bench.

“Lie on your stomach, faggot.” This from my wife. I obeyed.

Once on the bench they positioned me so my ass was at one end, my cock free, and my head just reached over the other end. Then, before I knew it, my legs were tied to the legs of the bench and my hands were tied to the other set. I was now completely at their mercy. Instead of being cowed, however, I was incredibly turned on. My cock had never been harder – a fact not lost on either of them.

“I told you he would be perfect. And here you’ve had him all these years. How could you have missed it?”

“Our sex has been great. I didn’t realized how much I missed the Peg Sisters until I saw he’d been watching the videos. Then it was perfect.”

“Then let’s have you take his ass first. Get him warmed up for me. “Old Rafer” shouldn’t ever be someone’s first fuck. Warm him up!”

With that I felt something cold and wet in the crack of my ass. Fingers began to swirl lube around my sphincter, poking at it and prodding it. Soon a slippery finger made it past the entrance and began to lube me. Then another finger, and another. I was being opened up and I was warming up to it. They were right – I was going to like this!

“See how his hips are moving? He likes it! Let me get your cock lubed, and then I’ll turn on the camera.”

“Wait!” I said. “Camera? I don’t…”

“Shut up, boy. We are going to capture every aspect of turning you into our toy. First your wife will get you started and then I am going to destroy your ass with my cock. And we will then be able to watch it over and over when ever we please. Maybe we’ll let you see some of our other videos. Hell, maybe we’ll post yours online!”

Suddenly I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue as the submissive boy toy. I mean, the idea of being able to watch me star in a video was appealing, but the thought that people I know might see it gave me pause.

“Like it or not, we’re doing it and you don’t have a choice. So I recommend you like it.” As soon as my wife finished her sentence, I nodded.

“I’m your toy.”

Geri stepped away, and then the lights were brighter and I heard the noises our camera makes.

“Open wide, faggot. I’m about to fuck you raw!” I couldn’t believe this was my wife talking! But I did everything I knew to do to relax my asshole and soon I felt pressure on it as she began pressing her cock into me. It went in with a pop, and I groaned from the pain. Alison knew what she was doing – she stopped and just held it there as I adjusted.

“Do you like it?” Came Geri’s voice.

I moaned.

“I asked bursa bayan escort you a question! Answer me.” This was accompanied with a swat on my ass.

“Yes, mistress, I like the feel of that cock in my ass. Please put it in deeper.”

Alison giggled. Geri applauded. I pushed back against Alison and felt that cock go deeper into my ass. I can’t explain the sensation, but it was mesmerizing. Might have been the weed, but I was feeling things in my ass I had never felt before, and my cock was responding. I was actually dripping!

“He likes it, Ali! Start pumping him!”

And Alison did just that, pumping in and pulling out until just the head was left in my ass, then thrusting forward, burying that cock even deeper than that last time. I heard moans and groans and realized it was me! I was enjoying it completely as she began to hammer away at my ass.

Then I was surprised as the motion of that dick began to jerk and twitch. I didn’t know that part of that dildo was actually buried in Alison’s pussy – but I did know she started cumming and I heard her shrieking as she did. Eventually she collapsed on my back, that hard bar of flesh like rubber deep in my butt.

“Good job, faggot! You made me cum! Just for that, I’m going to clean off this cock so you can suck it, and Geri is going to tear up your ass with her big black destroyer. I’ll be back.” She pulled out slowly and my ass felt empty. As she left, Geri came around to my face and presented me with her big cock.

“You won’t even be able to get any part of this in your mouth.” She began rubbing it all over my face. “This is your reward for making my sister cum. Are you ready for it?”

I nodded.

“I can’t hear you faggot. I said, are you ready for it?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Tell me what you want. Beg for it.”

“Please, mistress, I want you to take that big cock and work it up my ass. I want you to fuck me as hard as you want. Get it all into me.”

She grinned. “I knew it. I’m going to like this.”

She moved behind me as Ali came back and positioned herself in front of me.

“See how clean it is? It’s clean enough for you to eat, faggot. While Geri plows your ass I am going to fuck your face, and neither of us give a shit if you like it. We are in charge and you are our toy. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress. I understand. You can do anything you want – I’m just here for your pleasure!” I looked her in the eyes as I spoke, and she seemed to tear up.

“I love you” She mouthed, not making a sound.

“I know” I mouthed back at her. And then she pumped her hips and her rubber cock went into my mouth. She held it there, with little motions of her hips. And that’s when Geri pushed four fingers covered with lube up my ass. I would have screamed except my mouth was full.

“Here it comes, faggot. Here comes my monster cock, ready or not.” Since Alison had

already fucked my ass, I just concentrated on opening up and letting her in. As the head was being pushed in the pain was excruciating. I bit down on the cock in my mouth – it was a good thing it wasn’t real!

I was seeing stars for a bit, and both of them held still while I adjusted. Soon I could feel that gargantuan dong in my ass begin to move forwards. Geri was good – she was slowly working it in, then pulling back, and with each forward movement going deeper. Meanwhile Alison was now pumping her dong in and out of my face. She pressed up against the beginning of my throat, and with a push was past my gag point. Now she was simply fucking my face. I was held between two invading dongs and unable to move. All there was to do was accept it and begin to wish they would get off. I knew Alison could, and I figured Geri could as well. I just had to keep opening myself up to the invasion of my ass and mouth. At some point I think I started having out of body sensations, like I was above everything and watching.

It was amazing. Tied down. Fucked up. Just existing for their pleasure. And like before, Alison started cumming on her dong in my throat. That felt amazing! As she was yelling out her pleasure, Geri’s big log started to change rhythm and she took began to orgasm. With one final thrust she went deeper than any other, and I could feel that vibrations of her twitching pussy on the black dong invading my ass. Despite the discomfort and the pain and everything else that I had going on, I was a happy man that I could make them happy.

Eventually they withdrew from my body. They carefully untied the bindings at my wrists and ankles and helped me off the bench. I collapsed on the floor, and soon they were cleaning me off.

“Tell me, Geri, did you ever use that on yourself?” I asked.

“Maybe. Maybe not.” Was her coy reply. “Let’s just review the video and we’ll see where that takes us.”

That’s for another story.

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