Patty’s Lace Ch. 14

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Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword about a mountain girl making it in the big bad city.

Chapter 14, Party at Rockets!

He woke her up with a kiss and she scrambled to find a clock, whew, 3pm. We won’t be late. He went to the bath as she started the pot perking. She heard the shower and went to the bath, and Miss Layla went a little too far over the shower curtain rod, falling into the shower. Young said, “I Love You, too” as he presented the gorgeous full slip to her from the back of the shower curtain.

She was soaked with water and a little soapy, but Patty said, “Nice Catch” as she stepped into the shower taking Miss Layla back in with her. She hugged his neck and said, “It’s Water Conservation Day!” as Miss Layla got thoroughly soaked with the warm shower water.

“Every Day in L.A. is Water Conservation Day!” Young said.

Patty replied, “And that’s a good thing!” as she soaped Miss Layla up and used her as a washcloth on him. His soldier popped to attention when she stroked him with the stunning wet slip. He took Miss Layla from Patty and used it on her. She humped the pretty slip as he used it down there, then she took it, stroking him with her silky body and hem lace as she screwed herself with its lace bust.

When she finished, Patty rinsed and hung Miss Layla on the towel rod in the shower. She and Young washed and played with each other until the hot water ran out. Stepping out, she dried him and went for the armoire’ as he attempted to dry her. Sliding the lace full cut panties up her wet legs, a Racy Red and Lacy Cabernet mini half-slip followed. A Matching Cabernet Camisole went over her head covering a strapless silicone bra, then she went to the kitchen for coffee.

Pushing the pastries back into the cabinet, she went to him with a cup of coffee and some Reese Cups. He took a sip as she seductively took a bite from a cup. Kissing her lips, he said, “Just Right.”

She fed him the rest of the cup, then he took a bite of the other, and shared the rest with her, asking, “What is the Plan of the Day?”

“Let’s go get some real food! I know this place on Hollywood Boulevard in Highland Center, I believe You will like!”

Young replied, “Let’s” as Patty looked at the clock. 3:45pm, still plenty of time.

She found her skirt like Quinn had, a Light Grey Plaid Mini and its Matching Blazer in the sewing room. Both were light enough, so she decided to go without a blouse leaving the jacket open for all the world to see her sexy cherry red camisole.

Young came in, looking her up and down saying, “WOW! You look so HOT! Where are You going Missy? A Party?” as he took her in his arms.

Patty hoped she had not let the cat out as he kissed her, leaning back in his arms she replied, “I just want to look good for my man, I want You to be proud of me.” and looked down.

Lifting Patty’s chin with a finger, James said, ” I am, and always will be Proud to be with You, I Love You!” He watched as Patty’s eyes lit up and sparkled as she looked into his.

They just stood there for a few moments looking into each other’s eyes until she broke away saying, “Let’s get rolling!” as she tossed him a pair of jeans.

He laid the jeans on the table and opened the wardrobe bag. Inside he found the Timberland Pro Gunmetal Grey Canvas Pants and put them as she watched biting her lip and smiling. As he put on the Willow BUGTech Safari Shirt, she came to him, saying, “Mmmmmm, So Rugged, So Sexy, where ya from, Cowboy?” as she buttoned his shirt.

“Weatherford, Oklahoma, Ma’am,” Young said, “Home of The Eagles.” Making a motion like he was tipping a hat.

“WOW, So You are a For Real Cowboy! Oklahoma!” Patty said as she finished buttoning and smoothed his shirt. “A For Real Sexy Cowboy!”

“I want You to be Proud of Me also” Young said.

Patty smiled as said, “Your Mine, Cowboy! I am,,,, So Proud!” and went to her Vanity Table, quickly putting on a face.

He held her rich auburn hair playing with it as he kissed the back of her neck, making her giggle as she said, “You know You still My Rooster too!” Finishing up, Patty turned and meowed at him then said, “Let’s Get Rolling, Cowboy” looking at the clock, 4:10 pm.

They inspected each other, grabbed bags, wallets, and keys then out the door they went. They held hands as they walked to the station and at 4:20 the Mustang fired up as Patty said, “My Sexy Cowboy, Riding a White Steed!”

They pulled out onto Albany Street then left on W. Pico heading to S. Western then up until it turned into N. Western, to Melrose Avenue, over to Highland and up to Hollywood Boulevard. Chatting along the way as Patty played with Young’s right hand, she said, “I thought The Eagles were based here in Cali.”

“Huh, Who?” Young replied.

“The Eagles, You know, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Hotel California.” Patty said.

James replied “Ohhh, the band! They are based here, right around here in L.A. bahis siteleri I think”

“But.” Patty said.

“The Eagles I spoke of from Weatherford are the local high school teams.” Young replied, laughing.

Patty bonked herself on the forehead like she needed a V-8 and said, “I such a moron!” laughing.

Young intentionally caught the next light red, so he could kiss Patty’s luscious lips and said, “You keep being You, I Loves My Moron. How did I end up with such a Sweet Southern Belle like You?”

“Just Lucky, I guess, Cowboy” she replied in her sexiest southern accent’.

The light turned green, and they made the left onto Hollywood Boulevard from Highland as Patty settled into the car seat and started purring and said, “Rooster” as she hit Sarge’s number on her speed dial and hung up after a few seconds like he instructed her to when they were a few minutes away.

Doubling back into N. Highland Parking he said, “Wildcat” as he found a spot to park the car. They walked across Hollywood Boulevard at the light and into Highland Center. As they approached Johnny Rockets, Patty looked inside to find a crowd of people. She recognized Quinn, Sky and Sarge, and even saw Olivia and Cabbie Cindy! This is going to be a Wild Party! Sarge saw them and quickly ushered everybody into the side dining room. James and Patty entered the restaurant and Patty guided him to the side room. Upon entering the side room, a “SURPRISE” went up from the crowd that may have been heard throughout Highland Center!

Sarge patted Young on the back, shouting “Happy Birthday, Cowboy!” as he put a tiara looking thing on his head with the numbers 3 and 0 on springs waving around. Quinn hugged and put a birthday hat on Patty and the Party was On at 4:50 pm!

Cindy was next asking Patty as they hugged, “We still on for tomorrow?”

“Thrifty Monday? Sure! I’m looking forward to it” Patty replied.

Everybody sat at the pushed together tables at one side of the room with The Birthday Boy and Patty at the head of the tables. Sarge sat around the corner from Young and Cabbie Cindy sat around the corner from Patty. On the other end of the table were Skytower and his Lady, Lisa. 28 people were there total, and nobody was left out of a date for the party or a dance partner.

A waitress came immediately and took Young’s order. Everyone else ordered already including Patty who let Sarge order for her. He went for the Route 66 Double Burger with Onion Rings and a Cherry Coke.

The music played starting the first set with Rock of Ages by Def Leppard, with everybody rockin’ out and just about everybody dancing followed by Walkin’ on the Sun by Smash Mouth.

Only a couple moved off the floor as Sky & Lisa stepped on. Diamond Dave’s version of California Girls played after and the single guys from the station watched as three Gorgeous California Girls, Cindy, Olivia, and another from the club danced with each other.

Tiny Dancer from Elton John came on, and Sarge took Quinn’s hand leading her to the dance floor as three guys from the station took the trio of Beautiful Cali Girls into their arms for a slow dance. Patty and James moved to one side, close to a corner, which was where they wanted to be, as they slow danced in their style.

Patty watched Sarge with admiration as she loved on James, surprised at how different, how gentle he was with Quinn. So different than he was in the streets. He is a real smooth operator she thought as Quinn’s eyes sparkled with a gorgeous smile on her lips.

The entire staff of Johnny Rocket’s brought the orders in as the song was about to end, calling names and placing meals. Couples left the dancefloor as their names were called and the seating order was re-arranged as newfound friends or perhaps even lovers grabbed drinks and sat by each other. The music was turned down as the birthday meal started.

Cindy sat back in her place by Patty as Joey grabbed his drink, sitting by her, while their burgers were placed. Patty asked Cindy as her Grilled Chicken Sandwich was served, “Mind if I bring a friend tomorrow? He wants to show us some upscale consignment shoppes.

Sarge tapped a water glass and asked everybody to hold hands. He said a beautiful prayer as Grace with everybody holding hands around the table. After the prayer was finished, Cindy replied, “Not at all, Tomorrow will be so Fun!”

“Like this party,” Patty said. and turned to look at Sarge with admiration as he sat down.

“Yes, Yes” Cindy replied taking a bite of her Smokehouse Single, “Mmmmm, these are Sooooo Good!

Patty kissed Young’s cheek then whispered into his ear, “Happy Birthday, Rooster! Wanna give up some of that cock, later?” then took a bite of her sandwich.

Young about choked on his Route 66 Double and turned looking at her as he composed himself, Patty turned back like “What?” and just looked at him with innocence written all over her face, until she started giggling.

He kissed her lips, and started tickling her sides as he said, “I give You canlı bahis siteleri Roosters, you just wait and see!” smiling.

Another round of drinks was brought, and the music was turned back up as everybody was finishing their meals. I Knew You Were Waiting For Me by Aretha Franklin and George Michael started the set.

Quinn practically dragged Sarge to the floor and they slow danced. James and Patty went back to their corner for more loving as the floor filled up. Patty noticed that Quinn and Sarge were actually singing the song to each other in low hushed tones.

She thought about how beautiful of a couple they are, as James loved her kissing her neck while he whispered in her ear. She also thought about how Blessed she was to have James in her life. She held him tight as she cooed in his ear and nibbled.

Candyman by Christina Aguilera came on and the Slow Dancing turned to Swing Dancing. Red Lace escaped from under her skirt as James spun her around. Looking around at least Patty was not alone. Lace was on the loose from at least five other ladies including Quinn, Olivia, and Cindy! So, she enjoyed the ride.

Candyman turned to Smooth by Santana with Rob Thomas and the West Coast Swing Dancing continued with a Dirty Dance twist. Patty wasn’t surprised when James pulled her to him, and they went full on dirty dancing. She just rolled with the flow and flowed with him!

She was surprised but not really when she saw Olivia with vintage black lace falling from her skirt as she was full on dirty dancing with her date, but really surprised when she saw the way Quinn and Sarge was dancing. She had one of those long legs up around his waist, and even they were full on dirty dancing. Some white vintage Vanity Fair slip lace was on display, and she was making no attempt to hide it.

Smooth turned to Be My Baby by The Ronettes. Patty and James slowed down to their style gradually as Patty sang to him. He looked into her glowing face with a wide smile as he nodded.

Some went into slow dancing as others including Quinn and Sarge continued to dance dirty. During the set, plates were cleared, drinks refreshed, and as the song ended, a large cake was brought out with thirty candlesticks already lit and placed at the Birthday Boy’s end of the table.

Everybody sat back at the table and sang the birthday song then poof, out went the candles! Passing cake around two servers came, one with coffee cups and set-ups while the other had a fresh pot in each hand. Some had coffee with cake while others had their drinks re-filled.

Wild Night by John Mellencamp and Me’Shell Ndegeocello started the next set and just about everybody returned to the dancefloor. It was followed by I Only Have Eyes for You by The Flamingos and this time the Birthday Boy was singing to His Wildcat. Patty smiled nodding her head with the beat as her eyes sparkled.

She snuggled into him kissing his lips when the song turned to Hold On, I’m Coming by Sam and Dave. It was followed by Scar Tissue by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Patty replaced the word “Kentucky” in the song with “Carolina” and Young sang the rest of the verse to her. Sarge and Quinn, left the dancefloor to help a couple of the staff set up the pile of birthday gifts for James, as Patty and the Birthday Boy sang the song to each other with Patty giggling.

The music was turned down as everybody gathered. Sarge motioned for Patty to go first and handed her gift for her to give to Young. Tearing into the box and finding the image of a car cover for his Mustang, He pulled Patty close kissing her then said excitedly, “WOW, Thanks, Just the ticket!”

Others gave gifts of everything from more goodies for his Stang to gag gifts. Quinn stepped up and handed him a giftbox proclaiming “This is from the girls at the club! All of Us Wish You Happy Birthday! James opened the box to find a Gilligan Hat and an envelope. Inside the envelope was a certificate for a full day private charter with Kamryn Dawson.

Last but not least was Sarge with a small box, he said, “Happy Birthday Cowboy from The Wrecking Crew,” which is what the officers called their group. Inside was a deck or cards and, a travel brochure from Circus Circus. Also inside was a official leave request from LAPD signed for three days with the dates left blank, and a box of trojans! Sarge then proclaimed, “Cowboy, You get to Return to Vegas! Just call that number and get that chit back to me when You and Patty are ready!”

Reaching in the box, he fished out the trojans and tossed them to Patty. She looked at them after catching the box, blushing and saying, “What am I going to do with these?” as the guys laughed and the ladies giggled, some of them even blushing with Patty.

Sarge just laughed and said, “Enjoy!” as the music was turned up. Mony Mony by Billy Idol started the set. Dance The Night Away by Van Halen was next and Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd played as some of the guests started to leave, saying the goodbyes to James and Patty as they slow danced. Kid Rock’s canlı bahis All Summer Long played as Sarge and Skytower pushed a few tables together for the group to sit.

Young and Patty sat as more and more guests took off, leaving the two with Sarge, Skytower, Lisa, and Cindy. Patty looked around for Quinn and asked Sarge if she left, and his reply was no, she just had some business to take care of, and would be back in a few minutes.

My Girl by The Temptations started to play. Young turned toward Patty and started to sing to her as he turned her chair to face him and placed his hands on her knees. She smiled and giggled looking down at his hands then back up with sparkling eyes. Throwing her arms around his neck, she pulled him close, and he kissed her full lips during the bridge. Singing to the end, she leaned back in the chair, amazed with her singing cowboy.

The Blues Brothers came on with Everybody Needs Somebody and Patty stood to go find Quinn. Taking care of business could only mean one thing, she was in the lady’s room, and it was time for a break anyway! Standing and grabbing Cindy by the arm, she stood also, but when it came time for Lisa to stand, she started clinging to Sky without saying a word. Sarge made a slight motion for the pair to go without Lisa, so they did.

Stepping into the main dining area, she found Quinn in the kitchen with the cook staff. Waving to her, then pointing to the lady’s room, Quinn said, You two go ahead, I’ll catch up with You! Patty and Cindy did, chatting about Thrifty Monday, Steve, and how fun it would be!

Stepping out, they found Quinn with the wait staff lined up behind the lunch counter. She was personally thanking each member for their outstanding job while putting Franklins in their hands as she did with the cook staff when in the kitchen.

Quinn finished up with Evelyn, the lead manager who presented her with the ticket. Quinn looked at it without even blinking and peeled off a stack of Franklins, saying “Keep the Change.”

Evelyn answered. “Thanks, It looked like a Fun Party and I’m happy for you guys! There are still a couple hours left until we close, can I ask that you guys move to the big table, so we can start turning the room?”

“Sure! No worries, I’ll head em’ up and move em’ out, give me just a couple minutes.”

“Thanks again!” Evelyn replied then said. “I’ll have fresh drinks and the rest of the cake waiting.”

The ladies returned to the side room and Quinn tried to get the group’s attention until Patty let go with a whistle. Everybody was paying attention now as they looked at Patty. Quinn gave her an astonished look with a smile and announced that they will be moving to the big table on the other end of the restaurant. They grabbed opened gifts, a couple grabbed their drinks and Sarge went for the cake. Quinn said “There will be fresh drinks,” So Sarge grabbed the cake.

Setting it in the center of the table, he cut some slices for self-service as the opened gifts were set in a close empty booth. Sarge, Quinn, Sky, Lisa, Cindy, James and Patty sat around the table and the party continued.

The jukebox shut down, so Sky put a ten spot in the Crosley, and it fired back up. Everybody cut up, chatted, and laughed. Lisa excused herself and went to the lady’s room with Cindy following. Sky spoke up apologizing to Patty for the way Lisa pulled away earlier. Sarge chimed in with, “She is just skittish with people she doesn’t know. She’s had a rough go at it”

Skytower nodded at Sarge and said, “She has.”

Patty said, “She seems like such a kind and loving person”

Sky continued, “Mind this, I’m not downing her when I say this, because I Love Her. She is a little slow with low IQ and has a stuttering problem which doesn’t help her self-confidence. She is a very kind and loving person, and I will ask for her hand in marriage very soon.

Sarge looked up and patted Sky on the back with a big smile saying, “Grats Man! When will this happen? You know Lisa is like a little sister! I believe she is this way to all of us,” looking at James and Quinn.

“Yes, she is, My little Sis!” James looked up and answered. “Go get her, Sky!”

“As soon as the right opportunity presents itself” Sky replied and said. “I will put a ring on that finger!”

“I would like to get to know her better,” Patty said, thinking of Erin, a Best Friend from school who was much the same way and continued, “Do you think it may be a good idea to ask her to go shopping with us tomorrow?”

Quinn chimed in, “You and Cindy are going, right?” as she laid her right hand over her left on the table. “Lisa is like a daughter, to me. Maybe Cindy should invite Lisa, though.”

Patty replied, “Yes, and You too, if You like, we will all raid the stores!”

“Ohhh, I’d Love Too!” Quinn said. “I’ve already had the monthly meetings for the club re-scheduled for tomorrow, so I can make the doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. I’d take a rain check for the next trip out though,” as the lady’s room door opened.

Both James and Sky, looked at Quinn with concern asking if all is well. Quinn answered, “Ohh, the visit is just for check-ups, You know, Lady things.” and smiled when she saw the looks of relief on the guy’s faces.

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