Patty’s Lace Ch. 08

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Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter Eight, Little Miss Hollywood!

Patty was looking forward to a quiet evening as she resumed cleaning her place. Washing panties, they went on the line along with the very lacy and drenched vintage Vanity Fair full slip she was wearing and her taps. She didn’t know how she did it, but the lingerie she had on as she hand washed other items always ended up soaked with water. She didn’t care though, because she liked her gorgeous lacy slips wet anyway.

She found a extremely soft and silky vintage Pinehurst full slip with a cute little bow in her bust and a lot of lace and on it went. She decided to put her dancing outfit together for tomorrow’s party as the slip became damp. She wanted something light and bright and lacy for when it was her turn in the circle. Looking through the dresses in her sewing room, she found a pretty little white floral sundress loose with ruffles around her hem and on the edge of her 3/4 sleeves.

“One of the new to her mini slips she picked up from St. Vincent’s the other day would go fantastic with this.” Patty thought as she went to the armoire’ Taking the dress off the hangar and spreading it out on the floor, Patty laid half slip after half slip on top of it to find a good match.

Tossing the ones that would not work to one side because of length or color, and the maybes to the other, she emptied the drawer of minis, covering the floor in front of the armoire’ with silky soft nylon and gorgeous lace. Trying to flip the front of the dress to one side, she found she would have to modify it so it would do as she wanted.

Tucking a Golden Vanity Fair mini half slip with seven inches of lace inside of the dress. she used her detail scissors to cut a curved slit along the outside seam that attached the ruffle to the skirt to the top of the lace on the half slip tucked inside. Flipping the front of the dress now showed off the lace of the gorgeous slip.

Putting in a anchor stitch to secure the end of the slit, she tossed her full slip over her head and pulled the half slip up her legs as the beautiful vintage Pinehurst floated to the floor. Dropping the dress over it she went to look in the mirror. Dancing a little, the slit of the dress showed off a lot of her slip’s golden lace and that’s just the way she wanted.

Getting into her dresser she found some nude Spanx shaping panties. Pulling them up she went to the mirror to check her backside. For once, even she thought her ass looked fabulous in the dress with the Spanx gently shaping it. Now for some taps to complete the look.

Looking through what she had, she wanted something loose and flowing to go under her slip. She tried a few sets on, but they did nothing for her. She decided to forgo the taps in favor some Lacy David Nieper French Knickers from England. They were so hot looking hanging loose and airy from her waist along with being cool and silky to her skin. She hopped around popping and forcing her dress and golden slip up to see how the knickers performed.

Standing in the mirror, Patty held her dress and slip up checking the length of the Spanx against the knickers. Her knickers covered the Spanx completely which satisfied her. Running her free hand over them, she could not believe how incredibly soft and silky those knickers they were.

Dropping her slip and smoothing it, the delicate knicker lace around her thighs sat a couple of inches down from the top of her slip’s lace and behind it. It looked so hot and felt so good on her body, she could not resist rubbing the silky layers over her mound, slipping a couple of fingers between her legs.

Dropping her dress, it draped over her wrist as she continued to play with her slip and knickers. Breaking out of her self-induced trance, Patty smoothed out the layers, checking the length of the slip to the dress. Her slip’s lace hung about an inch above the bottom of the ruffled hem of her dress so she took a few steps away from the mirror. The slip’s lace stayed under the dress covering her backside, just randomly peeking out as she walked away. Turning and walking back to the mirror, golden lace flashed from the curved slit of the dress with each step she took.

Dancing in the mirror, to a remix of, What a Night, by Elvis, everything was just right. Her dress was bouncing up showing off that gorgeous slip, the slip bouncing around showing her knickers as they flowed over her body with the music. It all was splendid and just how she wanted it to be, until she tried spinning. Her dress flew up, but her slip just billowed, and her knickers remained covered.

“That’s not good” Patty thought. She tried spinning a few more times in different ways bouncing the slip over her thighs until she finally made the slip ride up to show off the knickers. It stayed up görükle escort when her dress fell. She stopped dancing and the slip stayed up bunched and wrinkled underneath under her dress one side at the top of her right thigh with the lace hanging at an odd angle to her left thigh. Looking at her ass she could see the silky body of her slip all the way up and over her rump with just the lace hanging over, again at an odd angle.

She started dancing again, hopped and shuffled back and forth watching it slowly fall back into place with a frown. It never settled in place in the rear, leaving her silky body wrinkled under her dress causing her dress to wrinkle. Going to the bath, taking her dress off, she powdered the inside of the dress and her slip, so hopefully they would work together better.

Re-starting the music, she shuffled and bounced a little then spun. The slip just billowed but stayed down. She spun and spun until she was more dizzy than usual and the slip finally went up. At least the powder worked as it fell back into place with the dress. She thought about cutting a slit into the slip, but just for a moment. Why ruin it when she has a hundred to choose from, so there has to be one around that will flow right.

Taking off the dress and putting on a sports bra, she started looking for waist slips that would flow, Sliding a stunning Van Raalte up her legs, she danced and it flowed better, but had the same problem. Trying another Van Raalte same problem. A beautiful Henson Kickernick, same problem. A gorgeous Lorraine, same deal. When she forced the slips up by bouncing them, they wanted to stay up, even with no dress to hold them up.

She found the size large Vanity Fair New Classic and up her legs it went even though it couldn’t be used because it was way too long for the dress. The flowing slip had much more nylon making up her silky body along with a five inch band of beautiful lace all around to each side of her curved slit which was trimmed with a dainty strip of lace. The slip looked beautiful as she bounced and danced over Patty’s curves while she shuffled and hopped, but the same problem, she just billowed during spins. Patty could do spin hops and get the slip to bounce up but it was no good. Even the larger slip did not want to come back down without being forced and when she did, it really went down, to her ankles just about tripping her up!

Stepping out of it, and kicking it to the side, she picked up the vintage Pinehurst full slip from the floor and put it on. Shuffling and hopping in it, the slip looked magnificent flowing over her body and when she spun it went up showing off her knickers as it was suppose to. Even though she knew that the slip was going to be too long for the dress, she put the dress on anyway. All of the pretty lace at the slip’s hem showed plus some silky nylon. She danced and spun. The dress and slip did what they needed to do, flow up and show off her knickers then falling back to place when she did a different step. Now to just find one of the right length.

Going through the full slips on the rod in the armoire’ all of them seemed to be about the same length within a couple of inches. Finding the storage container in the sewing room, she also found some mini full slips. Spending the next hour trying them on, she found a few that fell where the half slip did and flowed ok as she danced in the mirror.

The pile of slips in the floor grew with names like Van Raalte, Kayser, Wonder Maid among others until, she found a stunning Hollywood Vassarette with beautiful cream lace cups plus, four and a half inches of gorgeous vintage lace at her hem.

Her lace was backed with chiffon and her pedal pink nylon body was extremely silky. Patty put her away long ago and forgot about her but, this beauty was staying in the armoire’ and was going to be worn often, no matter if she worked with the outfit or not.

Patty smiled when she dropped the spectacular slip over her head. Falling over her body into place, she didn’t put the dress on before she started dancing to the music in her head. The slip flowed and bounced over her body and when Patty spun, she did also perfectly. The flowing knickers came into view and disappeared when they were supposed to. Patty spun and went through a move then spun again, another move, another spin. Miss Hollywood performed flawlessly each time, spinning up without being bounced and falling back down without being forced. She couldn’t resist and had to play with Miss Hollywood a few minutes before reaching for her dress.

Putting on her dress, Patty checked the length. The elegant cream lace fell to within an inch of the bottom of her dress flashing through the slit along with a little of her ohhh soft and silky pedal pink nylon body with every step she took. The lace of the knickers lined up perfectly on the bottom with the top edge of her slip’s lace. This alignment of lace between the two garments could not have been more perfect if it were planned. Patty hopped bursa merkez escort around bouncing the slip to see how she moved. Up the lace went under the dress and back down, up and down, until she stopped hopping. The slip’s lace went back into perfect alignment with her knickers and Patty smiled wide.

Looking inside the top of her dress as she unbuttoned the front, The lace cups of her slip held her pups perfectly, Not loose with wrinkles in the lace of the cups, but not tight at all. Pulling the dress off her shoulders, she shimmied to see how they reacted. They jiggled in the chiffon backed lace and her nipples popped to attention. She could not to resist but to fondle one with her lace, but closed her eyes, shook her head and got back to the task at hand.

A re-mix of His Latest Flame by Elvis started playing. She danced and her outfit didn’t miss a beat or a move, Her dress and slip flowed together as if they were made for each other. When she shuffled, they bounced with Miss Hollywood’s frothy cream lace spilling out all the way around looking simply wonderful. She spun and up they went showing the flow of her stunning knickers underneath then fell back to cover them. She stepped and spun repeatedly just to watch the dress and slip move up and down.

The song ended after about five minutes and Patty didn’t stop dancing just keeping the beat going in her head, thinking “I’ll have to extend that one to seven or eight minutes” as she admired her outfit in the mirror, wondering if she was even going to be able to finish her turn in the circle without getting off.

She decided to step it up a notch and played, What is Love, by Haddaway. Again, her outfit performed flawlessly in every way. Shuffling, kicks, hops, spins, side twists, just perfect. Miss Hollywood’s lace was on display more than it was not just as Patty wanted. RetroChick would be able to steal the show in this outfit.

Taking off the dress and putting it on a hanger, she looked Miss Hollywood over and finding her in pristine condition other than creases in her silky body from being in storage perhaps over a year, over her head she went.

Closely examining her knickers, she found what appeared to be a faint cum stain around the inside of their right leg. She made two bowls, one with just Woolite for the slip and the other with her solution for the knickers. Dunking them and removing her Spanx, she found some more taps and picked up a very lacy Lorraine half slip from the floor. Putting them on, she put the others away.

Patty swished Miss Hollywood around lifted and squeezed her and few times, then rinsed her out. Hanging her on the shower curtain rod. She dunked her Spanx where the slip was then returned to the bath. Using her blow dryer, the warm air blew the slip around until she was dry, crease and wrinkle free. Miss Hollywood jumped all over as she powdered it, rubbing the baby powder fast between her hands up and down her silky body and into her lace. Returning to the kitchen, she swished her Spanx around, rinsed them out and they went on the towel rack in the back of the shower.

Paying close attention to the stain, she cleaned her knickers. She thought of the night a client fucked them and her through the leg opening after he stroked with them and rubbed her ass with his cock through them. She offered them to him after and was happy now that he didn’t want them. There was going to be no more of that though, since Young came into her life. She was even starting to agree with Sarge, except for the part about scraps. She never worked for scraps and made a crap-ton of money on the streets. In her mind though, those days were over.

When she was done cleaning the knickers, the cum stain was very faint. Somebody had to be really looking to find it, as she could barely see it knowing where it is. Taking them into the bath, she gave them the same treatment with the blow dryer and baby powder as she did little Miss Hollywood.

Now it was time to pay some attention to the lingerie she had on. Both her lacy Lorraine slip and the creamy taps underneath were soaked and soapy as what she wears usually gets drenched when she hand washes her silkys. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror as she passed by and took a step back. She studied the nearly transparent slip with water dripping from her gorgeous wide lace along with the wet taps under, and her furnace was lit.

Patty started playing with her slip in the mirror but decided this was better done in the shower. Into the bedroom she went to grab a favorite “toy.” Quickly moving Miss Hollywood and her knickers to the door, she realized that they didn’t need to be anywhere near that red Van Raalte in a steamy bath, so she grabbed the hangar it was on and threw it into the living room. The gorgeous slip glided across the floor into the kitchen.

She was already rubbing the front of her slip with her “toy” as she turned on the water and stepped into the shower. The hot water bursa sınırsız escort flowed over her body and lingerie rinsing the soap from her delicious slip and taps as she used her Lollicock Slim Stick on them to warm up. The slim stick went under the dripping lace of her slip pushing her ivory taps into her snatch. Playing this game with the lacy taps for a few minutes, she moved them with a hand and the Lollicock penetrated her.

After a few minutes of standing, she sat down in the tub, leaned back and put her legs up spread as far as she could get them. One hand was working her slim stick while the other was playing with the lace of her slip. She kicked the drain lever and the tub started filling with water. The shower was aimed well as the water flowed over her thighs like raindrops running down into the silky body of her slip. Looking around, she was trying to figure out how to mount a “toy” in there, then thought, “What the hell am I trying to figure that out for?”

Pushing the slim stick through the lacy leg opening faster. She adjusted her position so the stream of water hit the slip and what was happening under as Patty screwed herself harder. Her hips started to buck as she gasped going over the top. Squirming and bucking in the tub she was working her Lollicock in her own little world. She just lay in the tub, purring as her slip went under the hot water.

Opening one eye when she heard the top drain of the tub gurgle, she leaned up and turned off the water. Her submerged lingerie felt really good on her body, so she lay back with her lacy slip caressing her thighs and silky soft taps caressing her,,,,

Swishing the water around with her slim stick, she was thinking of how hot her gorgeous sunken slip looked floating on her legs, just below the waterline and how she may just have to give this a go wearing a full slip.

Laying back, she daydreamed of Young and herself on a deserted beach with him in a swimsuit and her wearing nothing but Jacqueline. Holding hands as they walked into The Pacific, stopping to kiss when they were about waist deep, the waves swirled her stunning full slip around her. The continued until she was chest deep, and they started making love.

He kissed her and ran his fingers through her Rich Auburn Hair as he penetrated her. It was a very slow comfortable fuck, almost like they were just standing there with him inside. He slid the straps of Jacqueline from her shoulders and she dropped into the water, with the wave action of the ocean swirling the stunning lacy slip as it caressed her body and a leg went up and around his waist.

He kissed her and leaned back, stroking her hair and smiling as they cooed at each other. She have no idea of what they were saying to each other, but knowing him, it was probably something pretty cool.

Speaking of cool, she thought. This water is getting pretty cool.

Standing up her slip and taps instantly glued themselves to her. Stepping out, she dried herself with a big fluffy towel “Well, that was a clean fuck, a fun one too!” she thought as she patted the excess water from her lingerie. Spreading the towel on the floor, she stood on it, as her slip and taps flapped and fluttered from the warm breezes of her blow dryer until they were dry. Powdering them, they shimmered and shined like a new penny and felt incredibly silky on her skin.

She grabbed Miss Hollywood and her knickers from the door, hanging them with the dress and, her outfit was ready for tomorrow. Jumping into her Bay Window. She noticed the cop car across the street. Dialing Young’s number, he answered quickly and Patty asked if he was nearby. He replied “No, but they can be in a couple of minutes,” And asked “Is everything ok?”

“Yes, Yes, I just wanted to see You,” Patty answered.

She could tell he was smiling by his tone when he said, “We’ll be right over”

“I’ll make coffee for you guys, see you soon.” She said and hung up.

Patty got the coffee perking, and put her shuffle dancing dress on. Finding some sausage egg & cheese biscuits in the freezer, she prepared them and went to her window to wait.

The cop car rolled to a stop and her guys got out. Patty fixed the coffee in the travel tumblers and got the goodies. Down the stairs she just about ran and met them at the door of the building as the other cop car was pulling away. Turning around they went back by their car. Patty set the goodies on the car hood and turned to Young. She found herself with her hands behind her back and her feet shuffling like a shy schoolgirl, until he took her in his arms.

Then she let loose, as he kissed her deeply grinding her hips, slip and dress into him. Taking one of his hands, she moved it under her dress to her slip’s silky body. His strong hand squeezed her fabulous ass and gorgeous powdered slip. Her leg went up went she felt his bulge to be able to get to it better.

Feeling that shiver, she would not have cared if he bent her over the hood of the car, pushed her taps aside and did her right there. She wished he would, even after what just happened in the tub, as she was the only one for almost a week. “Damn, being good girl is hard” She thought as she leaned back in his arms looking into his eyes, “But, it’s worth it.”

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