Paradise Ch. 02

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“Eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast Madam or fruit?” our servant Leilani asks in a bright good morning voice.

“I’m not sure,” Zoë mumbles as she wakes up on the balcony of our beach shack. “What do you want Serge?” she asks as she swats my naked ass.

“Huh?” I ask opening my eyes to a bright sunrise.

“Leilani wants to know what we want for breakfast.”

“Breakfast? I want to make beautiful morning love to you first,” I say as I reach out to cup a large breast in my hand while rubbing my morning hardness on her body.

“Not in front of Leilani please.”

“What do you mean? I seem to remember seeing Nunui licking and sucking your pussy until you came while Leilani sucked my cock last night. What do we have to hide from them now?”

“Well, nothing… I guess.”

“Good, now please roll on your side with your back to me so I that can make love to you from behind, Baby”

Leilani waits patiently as Zoë rolls over to push her sweet ass into my crotch so I can slide into her still wet pussy.

“Ughh, Ughh fruit, Leilani, Ughh and coffee please, Uhhh, Ooh” Zoë manages to tell her as I drive my thickness into her.

“Of course,” Leilani smiles and leaves us.

When we wake again we find that an umbrella has been placed over us to protect us from the sun. A platter of fruit is on ice and a carafe of coffee waits on a table beside us.

“Do you think that we will ever make it to the bed in our room?” I ask.

“Who cares?”



“Serge, I need to go to the bathroom.”

I open my eyes at the soft sound of Zoë’s voice to see that the sun is much higher above the horizon. It is half way to noon and we have already made love once on our patio today in front of our beach shack servants and in full view of anyone who happened to walk by on the beach below. We ate our breakfast before falling back to sleep in our comfortable deck chairs, still jet lagged from our trip and tired from yesterday’s introduction to Paradise.

“What? There is no bathroom here, you know that. The toilet is next to the shower, here on the balcony.”

“Yes, but I have go.”

“So go, Baby.”

“No, I really have to go,” Zoë pouts at me with her expressive eyes.

“Oh, you mean you have to go…”

She hangs her head, “Yes.”

“I promise not to watch.”

“You know that I don’t mind us peeing in front of each other, but…”

Nunui appears out of nowhere to ask, “Would Madam like a privacy screen for the morning?”

“Oh. Yes please. I am so embarrassed!”

Nunui disappears and returns shortly with a three sided wicker screen that he sets up around the toilet for her. You can’t really call it a toilet. It isn’t a porcelain bowl with a tank behind it like in North American bathrooms and it is somewhat discreetly off to one side of the large balcony. It’s a comfy seat facing the lagoon with a padded backrest and arm rests that can be pulled down. There is even a footstool so you can put your feet up to relax in comfort.

Zoë looks at the screen and scowls, “It’s not very tall is it.”

I look over to see that it is, in fact, just tall enough that when she sits I will still be able to see her beautiful breasts while sitting in the chair.

“Well it’s better than nothing, Baby.”

“But it’s open in front.”

“Nobody can see you from there while the people on the beaches on each side can’t see you at all.”

Slightly mollified she sits on the throne with a sigh of satisfaction at its luxury as she looks out across the lagoon. I hear the arm rests go down and the footstool dragged into place and then a sigh of contentment.

“Oh, Damn!”

“What now, Baby?”

“I forgot about the toilet paper!”

I have too and chuckle as Zoë turns beet red when Nunui approaches her from behind with the ornate toilet paper holder in his hands. We learned last night that what with the humidity and the sudden rain squalls that it is best to store the paper inside. The holder even has the only button that remotely activates the toilet’s flush so we can’t go without our shack boy or girl being there for us.

“Your toilet paper, Madam,” Nunui says as he discretely looks straight ahead while holding the dispenser for Zoë.

“I’d feel a little better about this if Leilani was standing beside me while I shit in public, Serge,” Zoë tssks then shyly smiles at Nunui and I.

All I can do is shrug my shoulders.

“Yes Madam. We shall endeavor to please Madam in her desires in the future,” Nunui answers Zoë in a very fruity, English sounding voice.

I hear a quiver in Nunui’s voice that Zoë misses. I look up to see him standing slightly behind her with his eyes looking away from her holding the toilet paper dispenser as steady as he can while tears run down his smiling face as he suppresses peals of laughter. I know the tone of voice that Nunui used and I have to think for a minute before I too start shaking in quiet laughter; thankful that I am out of her line of vision as well.

Nunui bursa escort is pretending to be Jeeves from an old P.G. Wodehouse series of books written in the 1920’s about a dignified butler looking after a petulant, scatterbrained son of the British idle rich named Bertie Wooster.

Zoë tears another strip off the roll to complete her morning toilet and then stands to silently walk to the sink by the shower to wash her hands. She then struts to the railing of the balcony to look out across the lagoon at the sea beyond; ignoring us all in her pet as the British called a snit back then.

The humor of the people of the South Pacific is infectious and even a jet lagged and tired woman can’t ignore it. At first when I see her body shaking I am afraid that Nunui has gone too far; that she has taken offence, but then her shoulders start shaking as well as she puts her head back to let out a great peal of laughter. Relieved, Nunui and I both finally start laughing out loud as well.

“Fuck, you do a perfect impersonation of Jeeves, Nunui!” Zoë laughs as she turns around to put her back to the balcony railing and face us. Nunui laughs even harder now as he realizes that Zoë understands what he was trying to do for her in her embarrassment.

My laughter dies, though and turns to slow breaths of lust as I stare at my Lady. She is leaning back with her legs slightly spread and her hands are gripping the top rail behind her; pulling her shoulders back displaying her breasts and her shaved and pierced pussy for me in the late morning sun. Zoë’s beautiful and radiant smile doesn’t leave her face as she watches my cock rise and thicken at the sight of her. Her eyes become hooded with the lust of her own yearning and she spreads her legs wider to show me the juices of her pussy and my own cum as they run down her thighs.

One of her hands is on the latch for the gate in the railing that opens to let someone dive off the balcony into the lagoon four meters below. I watch as Zoë’s face changes from lust to a mischievous grin.

“Catch me if you can, Lover!”

Zoë swiftly turns, opens the gate and dives off into space in a perfect swan dive. I have a brief glimpse of her pretty tits hanging free on her chest before she is gone. I hurry to the gate and look down with a hand on each side of it to see my Lover deep in the clear water of the lagoon below me. She is slowly floating back up to the surface and looking up at me with small bubbles of air escaping from her smiling mouth. Her hair streams behind her head as she rises from the depths. She looks like a mermaid beckoning me into the water.

I move to jump in to join Zoë in the beautiful water below me but I stop.

It’s not that I don’t mind heights; it’s not the jumping off but the long wait to land in or on whatever you are above that bothers me. I have learned in school that when you jump off things you accelerate at so many meters per second per second until you reach terminal velocity. Good words those; terminal velocity. I don’t mind the speed word but the other one sucks. The stairs are near on both sides of me and I can be with Zoë for a morning swim in just seconds.

“Will you be joining your lady in the Moon Pool, Sir?”

I look behind me to see Nunui crowding me at the railing with a look of mischief on his face.

“Yes, I’ll just run down the stairs and swim out to…”

I don’t get the chance to finish that sentence. I won’t say he pushed me but the next thing I know I am over balanced and I have a choice between an ungainly and painful belly flop or jumping off the balcony feet first.

I do the only thing I can and jump off to begin falling to the pavement far, far below. No, it’s really water.

Is it?

It’s the time lapse while I fall to the ground that bothers me. My mind has the time to conjure up all manner of dire thoughts while I fall through space into the warm water of the lagoon that I hope is there below me.

Falling feet first and naked into water from four meters up with your legs spread as you flail about to keep yourself upright is not highly recommended by me now. You slam into the hard water and your cock and balls are driven by the impact painfully up into your stomach. Yet one more lesson about how height, time and gravity can hurt.

Much later when Nunui finally talks me out of my phobia so that I am regularly diving into the Moon Pool I learn what diving with a raging hardon feels like. It’s like having it ripped off by the root. Your balls are fine with that way of throwing yourself head first off of ridiculous heights though; they’re nicely protected between your legs then.


In pain I curl into a ball as I sink into the warm lagoon. Soon the horrible sensation of some fiend pressing my balls in a vice recedes so I that can stretch out with my feet together and my arms pointing to the sky above my head. I begin a slow float back to the surface not far above while I take the time to gaze around me. I may bursa escort bayan fall into the water like a lame duck but I swim like a dolphin when I am finally in it.

Doing a slow spin as I rise through the water I first see the sandy bottom of the lagoon, then the black lava cliff face that goes down ten meters or so below me with a curious cloud of bubbles jetting out of a hole near the bottom. I realize that it is a lava tube below our shack. There is a strong flow of water from it that keeps the sand from forming here, making a deep pool. The bubbles of air or whatever they are composed of are all around me as they rise. They form on me, and move sensuously up my body.

I feel buoyant and my body tingles as the bubbles flow across my skin. “It’s like being in a pool of tonic water,” I think as I float to the surface with the bubbles. My cock swells and grows hard yet again as the tiny bubbles form on it to rise up its length. My entire body feels like it is being caressed by the water as I finally look up to see Zoë floating on her back just above me.

“She must be feeling the same wonderful sensations I am,” I think. Her legs are spread wide and it looks like she has a hand between them. Running out of air, I give one final kick to surface beside my Lady. I watch her as she slides the fingers of one hand in and out of her pussy and plays with her nipples with the other. I want to stroke my hard cock but that would keep the bubbles from forming at the base of my throbbing length and rising up it like I am being stroked in one direction. They are driving me to an orgasm without any help on my part. There is something strange going on here; we shouldn’t be acting so horny just from bubbles on us.

Sensing me beside her in the water Zoë turns her face toward me to moan, “Oh God I’m coming again!” Her knees rise out of the water and her back arches as she pants out her climax. I am not far behind, my balls tighten, my cock jerks and I begin to shoot out ropes of white cum into the water in front of me.

“I need you to fuck me Serge!” Zoë moans as she takes my arm to urge me through the water towards the shallow edge of the pool. When we are finally out of the stream of bubbles we both calm down a little bit but we are still extremely turned on, she can’t keep her hands from stroking my cock and I can’t stop myself from caressing her body. One hand plays with her breasts while the other is between her legs probing and feeling the wetness of her.

We stand on the sandy bottom of the lagoon at the edge of the Moon Pool and slowly come back to earth. “What the hell happened there?” I ask as I continue to play with Zoë’s clit.

“I don’t know but don’t stop touching me. I need to cum again!” Zoë yells as she too can’t keep her hands off my body taking me to yet another orgasm. We both yell out our release and collapse into the warm water as we cum one final time.

Zoë starts laughing, “God that felt good!” she cries out and falls back into the water to playfully show me her body. She lifts her tits out of the water to present them to me and then runs her hands down her body to spread her pussy lips to show me the pink insides of her most private self. She smiles up at me and stares at my new hardness and rolls over in the water to stand in front of me. “I think we need to fuck on the sand now, don’t you?” she pants in my ear.

I feel her hand glide slowly up and down my shaft, “Yes, Baby, right now!”

“Let’s go,” she says as she pulls me by my hard cock through the water toward the white sand beach.

As we get even farther from the pool our passion wanes; I am still hard as a rock and Zoë is still hot but we find that we don’t need to fuck ourselves silly on the sand. When we reach the shore we calm even more and wade out still very turned on to find two chairs and a small table with two Mai Tais waiting for us under a large umbrella. Each chair has a thick towel over the arm ready to be used.

“What a pleasant surprise. Paradise really knows how to pamper its guests,” I say as I follow my still raging hardon and up the beach to the table.

“Let me dry you, Zoë” I offer as I pick up a towel.

“Please,” she responds and raises her arms to clasp her hands high above her head offering her naked body to me on a beach in Paradise and letting me touch her anywhere I want.

I start by gently, oh so very gently, patting her face dry. Putting down the towel I walk around her to take her long thick dark hair into my hands to stroke and twist the water out of it. Zoë arches her back, pushes out her breasts and moans quietly as I almost roughly pull her head back to work the water from her hair.

“Oh I do so love this,” she whispers while I continue to dry her, gently patting the towel up and down her body and over her nipples. I reach between her legs with the towel to dry her in one of the few parts of a woman that should be gently rubbed.

“Oh, Baby, your touch is heaven to me!”

“Now your legs, Zoë,” bursa bayan escort I tell her as I stop rubbing her clit, “and then you’re done.”

Holding onto my shoulder she lifts each leg in turn so I can I dry them. She cries out her mini orgasms as I continue to cherish her naked body by softly drying each foot in its turn.

When I am done drying her Zoë is almost limp.

“Your turn now, Lover.” Zoë picks up the towel beside her and begins to roughly rub my wet body down; paying special attention to drying the parts she loves the best after rubbing me from head to foot.

“Ouch! You’re too rough!” I groan even as Zoë touches me as she wishes.

“Poor Baby,” Zoë purrs, “You know that a woman’s tender body is patted dry while a man’s tougher skin is rubbed.”

“That’s not tougher skin that you are playing with right now.”

Zoë eases up a little and a wicked grin forms on her face as she continues to stroke me with the soft towel, “I know, but I want you to come in the towel for me.”


“You’ll see. Now cum for me Baby!”

I am on the edge and after being so excited in the Moon Pool I do cum as if on command. My cock jerks in the towel surprising me by pumping out as much sperm the fourth time today as the first. What is really amazing, though, is that the whole time that we are standing by our table on the beach with Zoë stroking me off at least half a dozen couples have walked by with most waving us a cheery hello and the rest are either politely ignoring us or just smiling and nodding.

Zoë milks the last of my cum into the towel and opens it to show me my load before she spreads it out on one of the chairs with my cum spot on the seat. “Sit in the wet spot for me, Lover,” she asks me with that wicked and almost evil smile from moments ago still on her face.

“I’m not going to sit in my own cum!”

“Well, I sleep in it every time you fuck me.”

I don’t even answer that one. Shaking my head and smiling I sit down immediately and either by design or accident my cooling wet spot hits me between my ass and my balls. I am thankful that I’m shaved because if she asks me to sit here too long I would have lost some hairs after my sperm dries.

Zoë looks at me with a cat that ate the canary grin and sits in the chair across the table from me to lean back in the sun with her pretty, firm tits pointing her nipples up to the sky to sigh, “Amazing, Paradise is simply amazing Baby.” She looks at me in wonder at what I have just gladly done for her and smiles and shakes her head at her own audacity for asking.

I pick up my drink and offer it to her in a toast. She reaches for hers so we can clink glasses as we feel the final loss of the tension of our working stiff lives leave our bodies and we both say, “Amazing!” The word amazing has become our catch phase, our litany of stunned wonder on our dream vacation.

We really are in Paradise now and we know that we both can and will do anything we need to make our stay here perfect.


I slowly come awake to find yet another umbrella shading us in our beach chairs. We must have dozed off again. Traveling half way around the world for a vacation really does knock the shit out of you. The sun is getting closer to the horizon and I know that it is now late afternoon.

Leilani brings me a glass of cold juice and stands beside me while I drink it. I look up at her young body knowing that I can have her or touch her anyway she is willing. I am astonished at that idea. “She’s young, very young, is she even eighteen?” I wonder as I gaze at her firm apple sized breasts with their dark brown nipples and at her tight, flat belly over the velvety and sparse vee of black hair between her thighs that is sometimes partially hidden by her tiny see through loincloth as it flutters in the sea breeze. Leilani sees me staring at her and she smiles coyly back from under her long, soft eyelashes and saucily shakes her small tits at me before breaking out in a fit of giggles. I smile back at her happy face then close my eyes to nod off again.

What has to be a short while later I feel a hand gently shaking me by the shoulder. I look up to see my beautiful Zoë standing beside me.

“Serge you can’t miss this wonderful sunset!”

The tiny bay our beach shack is on faces west. I sit up to watch the quickly setting sun paint the bottom of the clouds red and pink and at least three different shades of purple before it sinks into the sea like a rock. We are now surrounded by the warm, soothing black darkness of a tropical evening. It is only a little past six o’clock and we are finally wide awake and rested. We both look forward to our first night in Paradise.

Nunui comes sauntering down the stairs from our shack to the beach with two flaming tiki torches in his hands. He plants them firmly in the sand behind us and takes the, now useless, umbrella away. I see Zoë looking intently at the large cock and balls that pretend to be hidden behind his tiny loin cloth. He is young; maybe not as young as Leilani and very well hung. I can see Zoë’s nipples harden as she looks at the island man in front of her. She sees me looking at her and smiles back at me. “Maybe we’ll have them later. I am amazed at the idea that we can ask that of them.

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