Our Trip to Italy

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The trip

The wife and I had always wanted a trip to Italy and we had finally made it, and it was so amazing. About the third day in to our three-week trip we decided we would go exploring into old Rome and we had come upon an old run-down shopping center, there was a man handing out discount flyers that were all in Italian, he walked us over to the entrance, and in broken English, he tells us that we will be amazed at what we find inside.

The place looked very old and rundown inside, and it was a bit hard to navigate. Once we started to figure it out there were some unbelievable deals, but you had to open every single door to see what was inside, and go through all these long hallways, and they seemed to stretch on forever. All the shops were kind of dim lit, and musty, the place was a little bit of a dump and it was a real maze.

We started in this one store, and we were looking at a rack of suits, they were top designer names, like Versace and Armani, and others.

I picked out a couple of suits, and I was trying them on, when my wife, she goes and disappears on me. Now I was just guessing, but I figured that she had just wondered off, she went down into the maze of stores to browse something that interested her in another store or something.

When I finished, I asked the clerk if he had seen where my wife had gotten off to, he gave me a strange smirk and said no, but I’m sure you’ll find her eventually he says with a little laugh.

I thought, well, okay, that’s weird, but then I thanked him and headed out the door and began to try to track down my wife, and as I navigated my way through the maze, I thought I heard my wife whistle softly the way we always do with each other when we are trying to locate each other in a store, it’s a little soft high and then low-pitched whistle, and it’s our little tracking device.

These old stores must be over a thousand years old and they have no store front windows, you have to open up each door to see what’s inside, the doors pretty much look the same with opaque glass with the name of the shop embossed on them in Italian.

I walk down about twenty-five feet or so and opened a door, but I don’t see her anywhere, I keep hearing her familiar whistle and I keep trying to follow the sound. I whistled back again and again but she always somehow seems to elude me.

After about ten doors I am starting to get a little frustrated and I hear her say in a happy playful voice;

“I’m over here”

“Come and find me”

I walked around and looked in every direction and then quite a way down and a little far off in the distance, I think I can see her open a door and dart inside.

I say to myself, oh, okay, I think she’s messing with me trying to be funny, I’ll play along.

As I backtrack down through the hall, I’m thinking to myself;

“How did I miss this door before?”

It’s so big, and it’s different from the others.”

This door is brightly colored red, like a fire door or something, and there is no glass, or name embossed on it; weird.

I open the door, and there is a dimly lit descending spiraling staircase.

Then on the walls of the staircase I notice that there seems to be some kind of engravings, or carvings, but my eyes can’t seem to fully focus on them and I can’t quite make them out,

“What are they”

“Are my eyes deceiving me,”

“It is so fucking dark in here.”

Then I thought I could see the figures on the walls changing shapes, also weird, they seem to be moving and it feels like I am being watched as I climb down the stairs, I am telling myself that it must be an illusion like a hologram or something, I don’t know but with next to no light it was a bit creepy.

I keep stepping down deeper and deeper underground and I can hear quick footsteps ahead of me.

I call out;

“Where are you going?”

I hear a faint call back up;

“Just follow me,”

“Come on hurry.”

When I finally reach the bottom I go through another big heavy door, only this one is wood and looks even older, it’s got a big and heavy sliding metal lock, and when approaching the door, I notice that it is open a bit, so I enter.

On the other side of the door there is what looks like a passage way, it is lit with torches, the air is very thick and still and smells of kerosene, it is silent with the exception of the popping of the torches.

I am thinking;

“Where the hell are we?”

“Where the fuck is she leading me to”

There aren’t any shops down here;

“What the fuck!’

I walk forward through the passage; I can barely see with only the flickering light to guide me.

My eyes are trying desperately to focus in this dim light, but now I think I can see the shadow of my wife up ahead, and it looks like she is getting naked.


I think she is taking off all her clothes while she is moving ahead and just throwing them on the ground as she jogs;



Then I can hear her yelling back;

“Come on!”

“Hurry up!”

I güvenilir bahis yell out;

“What are you doing?”

And just then, way back, the big door behind me lets out a big clunk as if it’s being bolted shut from the other side and I am now feeling pretty uneasy;

“Am I now locked in?”

As I feel a little panic, I start a brisk walk towards her and start to run, but she must be at least 75 to 100 yards away from me. The closer I think I’m getting to her the further away she seems to get.

I start to run faster and then I realize that I can’t see her because this passage way has started a steep incline blocking my view.

Where we were going down and it was easy, we are now climbing up a snaking tube that is wearing me out with physical exertion.

The tunnel is getting narrower by the minute and has really turned into a tight, tight passage way with ribs every five to ten feet that help you to pull yourself up and through.

I pause and lay on my belly to catch my breath and then the tunnel goes completely dark, I think I hear a shuffling sound, my heart beats faster, I feel something pulling, tugging and touching me, it’s ahead of me, and then behind me too, it’s almost molesting me, and now there are very soft whispers saying;

“Just relax”

“It’ll be okay”

“This will help you make it through”

The torch light flickers back up to a soft glow lighting my way again, but I realize the tugging was my clothes being removed, but I could not feel them being removed, freaky, and now I realize that I am now completely naked and I don’t see a soul anywhere.

“Who? Or what did this, and what happened to my clothes, wallet and passport?”

I’m now pretty freaked the fuck out now and I hear my wife’s voice say;

“I’m up hear”

“Keep moving baby”

Alright “Fuck!” so I continue toward the sound of her voice.

I climb through, what now seems to be a tight tubular passage.

As I pull myself through, it gets even more narrow, super tight, like I can barely move it’s so fucking tight.

“Goddam this is uncomfortable,”

Now it’s to the point that I begin to feel like I can’t go any further, I’m feeling pretty fucking claustrophobic. My heart is beating hard and heavy, I can feel my chest tighten, I say to myself;

“Fuck this shit!”

I try to go back down but I realize the tunnel has somehow closed behind me. Now I have but one choice, and that’s to keep moving forward.

I grab the ribbed walls of the tunnel and keep dragging myself through.

I move myself inch by inch, until finally I get to what seems to be the end of this tight ass tunnel, it so tight that I can hardly slither my body through, I get a little stuck at first but the passage has gotten very smooth like a polished rock, my body is so sweaty, I pull the top half of my body through, but my ass cheeks are grabbing the top of the opening.

I pull and struggle a bit, and then I slip the rest of the way out.

I slide down about six feet on a slick slope into what is now a wide-open cavern, and what looks like a system of more tunnels.

Once inside I stand up and take a look around, the walls are solid stone, rounded and smooth, the air is hot but seems to be flowing, it’s weird, it is hot, but somehow very comfortable, it’s hard to explain, and there is something sweet in the air like a musky perfume.

I feel a soft gentle touch behind me and a beautiful scent, and as I turn to see what it is, I see a stunning full figured red headed woman who appears to be in her early thirty’s.

She stands up on her tip toes and whispers into my ear;

“Are you looking for your wife”

I gently nod yes and she motions for me to follow her, she puts her hand on the small of my back and guides me down the tunneled passage way.

As we start heading down the torch lit path, in a very serious tone she tells me;

“There are some rules down here.”


“One-enjoy yourself”

“Two-feed your desires”

“And the third and the most important rule is don’t interfere with somebody else’s enjoyment, or pleasure, or you will be dealt with and punished.”

“Excuse me”

“I don’t understand”

“I just want to find my dam wife and figure out what we are doing down here”

“And punished?”

“Punished how?”

“What are you talking about?”

She says; (sounding angry)

“Just calm down and listen to me.”

“Now Pay attention!”

You will get five lashings for every infraction, and then in a much sweeter more kind voice,

“Just behave and it will be all fine and there will be no worries.”

“Who are you?”

“Where is my wife?”

“What is this place?”

My name is Lilith, I was the first wife of Adam before Eve, I refused to be a subservient wife, leading a life of the mundane boring sex slave, so I opened my wings and flew off and ended up here where the female is treated as a sexual goddess and an equal, I have been here for thousands of years serving as a host, a guide and a goddess.

You are güvenilir bahis siteleri here because your desires have led you here.

I will offer my body and soul to the human pleasure to those who seek enlightenment. My beautiful breast produces a very sweet nectar that will return your body to one that it was intended to be, when the time is right you will drink my milk and you will be amazed.

“I just want to find my wife, where is she?”

We are almost there but I warn you, you may be shocked at what you are about to see. She has already begun her initiation into our world and her journey to feed her ultimate desires.

“Remember don’t interfere.”

“If she wants you there or for you to get involved you will know.”

After a healthy long walk through the tunnels, we arrive at our destination.

The room or cave seems empty, it’s very dark so I ask Lilith “what we are doing here?” and she just smiles and tells me” Well you wanted to see your wife didn’t you, and here she is.”

She walks me in deeper to this cavernous space, and as she urges me forward, I can here fucking noises, loud grunts, moans and slapping sounds.

As we approach the deepest point of this cave, there is a short wall that stretches the width of the space.

I look over the wall and about ten feet below, there is a large room and it’s like we are in a balcony in a theater.

The area below is all lit up with candles and torches, and this illuminates a group of people engaged in a full-on orgy.

At the center of the action, I can see my short little Latina wife getting fucked from both ends, being spit roasted and sporting something she didn’t have before she entered this place.

She has a very large tattoo on her lower back stretching down onto her ass, a wicked looking red Devil with two large penises, one going into her pussy and the other into her ass.

This wicked looking devil has a wicked grin on his face, he also has a very long snake like tongue coming out of his mouth wrapping around her hip, that I can only guess is heading for her clit.

Even in this very dim torch light I can see a tremendous amount of detail and color.

I look at Lilith and say;

“You must be mistaken,”

“That can’t be her”


“My wife would never”

“I mean she doesn’t even have a tattoo and she would never participate in acts of debauchery like this, I know I’ve tried talking her into this kind of thing and it has always been a resounding, no fucking way!

She looks at me and says;

“Look closely, you know that is her, this place brings out your true desires and it will give you new ones that you didn’t even know you had, all of your inhibitions will be gone and all your pleasures will begin.”

For your pleasure we will watch the show but as I said before, do not interfere or there will be some consequences.

As I look over the ledge and stare in disbelief, I see the man behind my wife push into her hard and deep, he is grunting very loud, his body is wet with sweat, it would appear that he is dumping a huge load deep inside her. The man that is face fucking her, pulls out of her throat and squirts his creamy load all over her face.

Both men back away, and this makes room for two more men to take their place.

This happens over and over again, harder and harder, and I can hear them making her scream.

She screaming;

“Fuck me harder!”

“Slap me!”

“Spank my ass!”

All around her men are fucking other women but before they cum they always move over to my little brown fucking machine of a wife to finish.

For myself I just can’t believe that she is going at it like this, but she is fucking and sucking like the slut I had always dreamed she could be, the whore I always wanted her to be with me.

“What the Fuck”

“I wanted to be the one spit roasting her!”

“Goddam it, we should be doing this together, that little cheating bitch”

The next guy stuffs his cock in her pussy just as another shoots his load deep into her throat and the rotation continues.

Then I see another huge guy climb underneath her, from the bottom he slides his massive rod into her and another massive big black dude comes in from behind her and puts his big huge black cock into her ass and now she is taking them both like a pro.

More and more men move in so that she can blow them too, and she seems unfazed by the two massive cocks fucking her in tandem, and these two guys fucking her are not holding back either, both are just pounding her hard, so fucking hard!

These guys must have been in her together pounding for at least fifteen minutes before the guy in her ass pumps all he has, and I think all he can take.

He drives his load in as deep as he can get into her and then he starts grunting out;


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh yeah, this bitch knows how to fuck!

as he discharges his gigantic wad deep into her asshole.

As he lays on top of her with his cock still inside, another guy taps him on the shoulder, iddaa siteleri then he pulls him away, her ass is oozing cum, he then moves in to take his place and the he starts pounding her ass too, and then another and another and so on, they all shoot huge loads deep inside her, each leaving her creamier for the next guy.

After I watch my wife fuck about 30 men or more and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down, she flips around to reverse cowgirl and starts in with more double fucking and I hear her yell;

“I want more! Give me more!”

“Is that all you fuckers got!”

Then this guy fucking her pussy forcefully grabs her around the throat and pushes her back forcing her down on her back, all the while making sure his cock stays deep inside her. The guy in her ass pushes in deeper and then a third very long thick cock pushes into her pussy joining the other guys for triple penetrations.

I hear her start screaming “that’s it!” Fill me up!” “it’s so fucking tight!” “that’s it!” “Fuuuuck!” “Fuck me harder!’

But then these guys get a little too rough.

The guy face fucking her starts choking and slapping her so hard that her face is turning purple, he is getting too rough on her now.

He slaps her so hard that she no longer looks as if she is enjoying herself, tears are rolling down her face, and now this asshole is practically punching her with such hard hits.

Then I hear her cry out;

“Stop!” “Stop!” “No!”

I can’t stand it; I start pacing around the room trying to find my way down to her to help her. I start yelling

“She said stop!”

“Get off of her”

“Get off of her you mother fucker!”

“Get the fuck off my wife!”

I am getting concerned looks from Lilith, but before she can stop me, I climb over the ledge and drop down to the floor with shocks of pain shooting through my feet from the heavy drop. I get up and run over to my wife and try to pull them off.

The man stops his choking and slapping her for a moment while looking puzzled over at me, and then she looks at me with glazed eyes and doesn’t say a word, with her arm still over one man’s shoulder she pulls her other arm down, puts her hand on the back of her aggressor’s neck and pulls him in for a hard kiss, her eyes are still locked on me and then says to him “harder, fuck me harder.”

Now I am just fucking dumb founded.

So, I look at her and say;

“We have to get you the fuck out of here!”

“Have you lost your goddamn mind!”

“What the fuck!”

“What the hell is happening to you?”

The men are so strong that I can’t get them off her and then I can feel myself being dragged away.

Now I am being dragged by a bunch of big goons and I am fighting it all the way, I am kicking and screaming and trying to get away so I can go back, but these guys have me in a choke hold and they are way too big and are punching me in the ribs while they are dragging me, it would seem that I don’t have a chance, and then I can see Lilith directing the way looking pissed.

“Put him in here and lock him down”

They drag me over to a big wooden saltire cross and shackle my wrist, one on each side with my face toward the beam and then they just leave me there to wait.

After about twenty minutes of waiting, I can sense someone is entering the chamber.

I can hear a woman’s voice saying that it’s time for my punishment to begin.

The next thing I hear is the sound of a whip slicing through the air.

There is a loud cracking sound and a searing pain across my back as she shouts out;


And then another crack!








I can feel the sting of the welts and the burning on my flesh from the cuts from the whip, this pain is so intense, and if that wasn’t enough, my ribs are still bruised from being punched and dragged.

Then I hear Lilith say in a very soft voice;

“I warned you”

And now in a forceful mean sounding voice;

“Now don’t interfere again!”

After that, my mind and spirit felt broken, I felt drained and I could feel myself passing out from the pain, I was so weak and tired.

When I woke up, I was in a different chamber, alone, it was dark and quiet, I could feel the welts on my back burning from the salt in my sweat,

“It is so fucking hot in here “

When I go to move around, I realize that my hands and legs are bound, I am chained back to the wall with only a few inches of slack on each leg and wrist allowing me to move but not much.

Now being chained to the wall in pitch black, I feel so disorientated, but I think I can hear something moving around in the room but I can’t see a fucking thing.

It being so dark I think my senses are heightened and I catch a whiff of that sweet and musky odor in the air and I wonder what it is, it so familiar, you can almost taste it, and I like it. The smell is kind of making me aroused in a weird way.

In the darkness I can hear another sound and that musk in the air is getting stronger and more powerful.

I feel a very light touch on my chest, I can feel my chest receiving a light caress from a hand, and then comes a kiss on my nipple on the left, and the same, from what must be a second person on the right.

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