Our Time Together

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Ball Sucking

I could never concentrate on the TV when she was around. Not that I wanted too if she was around, but it was always good to tease her, pushing her away as I flipped through the channels, causing her hands to roam across my body as I playfully try to fight out…but we both know where this is going.

“All I want is a kiss…” she would plead with me. I always laughed that off, giving her a small peck before returning to the remote, causing her to huff a bit before her hand returned to my stomach. She knew I didn’t like it, and I would squirm and figdet every time she touched it, causing giggles to echo around the room.

“Stop that!” I would playfully yell at her before giving her a longer kiss and pulling her hand from my stomach and pushing it into her chest.

“oooooohhh…” she feigned injury, pouting her lips and fluttering her eyelashes, “…that hurt…”

“Sure it did” I would respond before my lips returned to hers again, our game heating up slowly…just the way we liked it. I could hear a slight moan through our tangled tongues and would continue, climbing on top of her and pinning her hands down, pulling my lips away and this time aiming for her neck. My lips brushing up against the crook of her neck causing her body to arch up, pushing her massive breasts into my body.

“mmmmmm Lish you like that?” I would ask her. Her smile would burn through me.

When we started dating I was always apprehensive about showing affection in public. I am 5’11” and only about 130 lbs. Lish on the other hand weighed about 100 lbs more than me, and while I loved her dearly…I was still a bit embarrassed. Those feelings went away though, after I realized that love is love and it doesn’t matter, and besides…she was still damn hot.

As I keep working on her neck she pulls her head up and brushes her brown hair out from behind her head, making her look even more sexy as I bring my head back up and return to her lips, our bodies grinding together slowly. We would continue this little back and forth for a few minutes, before her hands would make their way under my shirt and up my back.

“Do you want me to take this off?” Of course I knew the answer. Before she could respond my shirt was on the floor, causing her eyes to widen and her body to shiver slightly before her hands continued their little journey. As she rubbed my back I pulled my hands up and rubbed her sides and up under her DD tits, causing her back to arch again before I lean up, motioning for her to sit up with me.

She smiles and pushes herself up and leans her head to kiss me, which I would before returning back to her neck, working my hands down and beginning to pull her shirt up. After a few seconds of pulling she would take over, pushing me away and pulling it off, showing off her loaded black bra as her shirt landed with mine on the floor.

I always loved the site of her like this, both of us slowly giving in to the passion between us. I would push her back down on the bed and return to my kissing, being a bit more agressive with my lips and tongue, licking softly across the top of her chest and around her neck, causing her body to almost convulse under me.

Foreplay was so much fun.

My hands would run over her tits again, squeezing softly before moving back down to her sides. After a few moments of this she pushes me back up again and takes things in her own hands, reaching behind her and unsnapping her bra, pulling it off and causing her tits to fall free. I stay on bursa escort my knees as she lays back and cups them in her hands and pinching her nipples…which were growing harder by the second.

“Look what you did…” she would say as she pinched her tits again. I would simply smile and bring my body down, my face landing between her tits and kissing the valley softly, her body arching again as her hands leave their playthings behind, making way for my lips and fingers.

I always go to the left one first, almost trying to swallow it as my mouth stretches open to fit as much as possible, drool escaping my lips as my tongue encircles her nipple and licks softly. My left hand makes its way to her right breast, squeezing it softly as I begin to trace my tongue all around her left breast, my mouth open so she can see and feel the trail, her eyes fixated on me.

“Do you want me to go to the other one?” I would ask but never wait for her answer, choosing to trail my tongue down into her valley again before bringing it back up and switching places with my hand. My tongue repeats the process before my mouth again engulfs it, but this time my teeth come in, biting softly and causing her body to arch up into mine again. She loved that soft biting and licking…it drove her crazy.

A few passes later and her tits would be covered in my spit, glistening in the light of the room. I would lean up and kiss her lightly before moving off the bed and toward the door. I flip the light off before removing my jeans, slipping them down and off my legs, leaving my boxers on before returning to her side, using this moment to kiss her tits once more as my hands made their way to her jeans.

As I start to unbutton them I can almost feel her smile in the dark as her hands go down to mine and take over, and before I know it I can feel her legs bend up and her hands pushing her jeans down and off. She kicks them to the floor before spreading her legs open and almost pulls me on top of her, the bare flesh of our legs and upper bodies connecting.

This is followed by more kissing and touching, her hands rub up and down my sides and back while I torment her with kisses. Slowly I would begin to grind my crotch against hers, pushing the fabric of my boxers against her panties, causing her body to begin to grind as well.

“No…fair…” i would hear her slowly whisper in the darkness.

“Yes it is baby…” I would always remark as my kisses went back down over her tits, stopping to lick softly before trailing down her stomach and back up, my hands slowly making their way to her panties. As I grab the waistband I can feel her hands meet my hips as well, trying to pull my boxers down and release what is inside.

“Show me that big dick, daddy…give it to me…” she would plead. She always called me “daddy”, which was quite a turn on for me. Complimenting my dick size wasn’t that bad either, considering I was only a bit over 6″…but she loved every inch and pleaded for it over and over as I pulled her hands away and slowly pulled her panties off. The smell of her pussy filled the air, causing me to grow even harder than I already was.

As I finally get her panties off I can see in the darkness that her hands are moving over her own body, between her legs and cupping her tits as she arches her back, begging for more…begging for me.

“Give it to me, daddy…give me that dick…I neeeeeed it…” her whisper filled with sex as I kick my boxers away, springing bursa merkez escort my cock free. I crawl over her and push my body against hers, and I she notices that I am naked her body arches again, her hands moving down toward it, but I pull away.

“Nooooooo…don’t move…give it!” she would beg and moan again, reaching toward me before slumping down as I returned to her tits, caressing them and kissing them…licking them all over once more. Slowly my dick would make it’s way to her now-dripping pussy, causing her to arch her body again. It seemed as though she was trying to pull me inside her, but I beat her to the punch, shoving all of me into her with one thrust, causing a moan to escape her lips as I pull all the way out.

“Nooooo…” she moans again but I repeat the process a dozen or so more times, pushing all of my weight into her with one thrust before pulling all the way out. Finally I ask her what she has been waiting for.

“How do you want it, baby?”

“Slow, daddy…slow and gentle…” she would whisper in my ear as I pushed inside her slowly, causing her to arch into me again as I returned to kissing her neck. Her moans slowly grow louder as I continue my slow fuck, pulling in and out gently, trying to make the feelings last.

“MMMMMMMM…More, daddy…” she would moan after a few minutes of the torture, but I would not give in. I knew she wanted it faster…harder…but she was going to have to wait. I continued slowly, sitting my body up and running my hands across her chest as I looked down on her, my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. Her hands found my chest and her fingers moved up and down as I continued moving in and out slowly, her breathes and moans louder and longer with each stroke.

“Do you want it harder, baby? Faster?” I would playfully ask, causing her to arch her body up to me, her tight wet pussy trying to eat me alive, pulling me in as I lean back toward her, bracing myself…putting my hands on the bed over her shoulders.

With one hard thrust from me and one even louder moan from her my speed would slowly increase, pumping harder and faster with each stroke. Her body began writhing under me as I kissed her lightly every few seconds, rotating between her tits, neck, mouth, and ears before she moans to speed up.

“Faster daddy…give me that dick! Give me that huge cock!” she would repeat over and over, egging me to go faster. After a moment of torture I would oblige, bracing myself up again before speeding up quickly, slamming into her with great force for about 30 seconds, causing her to bellow and moan underneath me.

“yes…yes…GOD…oh right there, daddy…fuck me just like that…Harder! Faster!” her hand would move down her stomach to her clit as I tried to keep up with her demands, her other hand grabbing behind my leg and pulling me into her, trying to satisfy her lust.

“Ooooooooooooooooo…” the moans would come louder, in between her requests.

“Mmmmmmm Daddy faster! Give me every inch of that cock as hard as you can, Daddy! Fill my pussy up! I want to cum all over it!” Her first mention of cumming caused me to almost subconsciously push myself even harder, the hand behind my leg moves away and up to her tits. She squeezes them hard as her moans continue to grow louder and the hand on her clit moves at almost a blur as she works closer to orgasm.

“YES! OH GOD You feel so good, Daddy…OH! Right there! Faster! Harder! Faster! Give Me Every Inch of that big COCK!” she would bursa sınırsız escort emphasis it as my speed and power increased…she was going to cum soon…

“Daddy…Daddy! DADDY OH GOD! I’m gonna cum for you daddy! Harder! Faster! I’m gonna cover that big cock with my CUM! OH! MMMMmmmmm! Oh…I’m gonna cum, daddy! I’m gonna cum! Faster! Harder!”

With as much force as I could I would slam our bodies together, her hand momentarily a blur before slowing to a stop. A brief moment passes and…


Her loudest scream of the night explodes from her body as she cums, her pussy tightening around me, but I am nowhere near cumming yet, still fucking just and hard and fast as before. She moans and her body shakes underneath me, arching up as her hand goes back to her clit, rubbbing harder and harder.

“OH Yes Daddy you feel sooooooo GOOD! Keep going…make me cum again…Cum for me, daddy…I want to feel your cum inside me! Yes! Are you close daddy? Are you close! Fill me with your CUMMMMMMMMMmmmmm…” her voice would trail off as my mouth returns to her left tit and my teeth bite in, a bit harder this time as I try to keep up my speed.

“OH yes, baby…I’m going to fill you with my cum soon enough! Ohmmmmmm you feel so good baby!” I would try to say between moans. She loved guys that made noise, and always told me I made more noise than any other guy she had been with. Each moan escaping my lips would be longer and deeper than the last, causing her to moan to match me, sounds coming from us like animals in the wild, sweat pouring off our bodies as we tried to keep pace with each other.

“OH daddy…I’m going to cum again! Keep going daddy! HARDER! FASTER! GIVE ME ALL OF IT!”

Finally she was going to cum again…I was close and getting closer with each stroke and each dirty word that left her mouth. When we first got together it was hard for us to cum at the same time, now it was a normal occurrence, and I did not want tonight to be any different.

I leaned my body up once more and took a deep breath, knowing this would be my last hurrah before the end. I pushed back into her and started grunting wildly, trying to push her toward the edge as she moaned her approval to my hard and fast strokes.

“Just like that! Right there Daddy! OOOOOOO THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOD! MMMMMM FUCK ME! Fill me up with your cum! Please Daddy give me your cum!”

I was so close…

“Cum for me, baby…I want YOU to cum for me…” I would respond as her body bucked wildly, her hand once again a blur on her clit, driving her and me both toward orgasm.

“Yes! I’m going to cum for you! Right There! Give It To Me! Give Me Your Cum! OOOOOOO I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum for you, Daddy!” Her body arches up again as she tossed and turns, one hand twisting a nipple and the other driving her clit into a cum frenzy. I can feel myself getting close…closer…

“I’m going to cum for you baby….” Closer still….a few more strokes…”I’m going to cum so hard for you…I’m going to fill you up…are you ready?” I would ask in between my hard moans…pushing me toward our goal.

“Yes! Yes! Give it to me! I’m going to cum with you! Yes! NOW CUM NOW!” That was all I needed.

With one hard slam of my cock I would push into her with as much force as I could, both of our bodies spasming out of control as she drenched my exploding cock, cum mixing together as moans exploded from both our mouths.

I feel like I’m going to black out as I collapse on top of her, our naked sweat covered bodies slap together as I lay there, still inside her as my lips kiss her neck again before moving up and meeting her lips in a sensual kiss.

“I love you…” is all either of us can say as we lay there in the dark. Truer words were never spoken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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