Our Brazilian Exchange Student Ch. 04

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I was like a little kid waiting for Santa Clause. Despite that, I fell asleep. However, miraculously, when I opened my eyes and looked at the clock it was 2:14. I silently got up, went to the bathroom, took my Levitra, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and then tip toed out of the room.

The house was completely dark. I made my way to her bedroom, tapped lightly on the door and then let myself in. Amanda was sound asleep. She was lying sideways, with one of her legs sticking out from under the covers and placed over the other covered leg. This allowed me to see everything from her barefoot to that gorgeous ass of hers, completely naked.

I softly shut the door behind me, took off my shorts and t-shirt, and made my way to the bed. I then knelt down beside the bed, and very very softly started running my hands over her ass and thigh. This caused her to stir and turn over; right side up, with her legs spread just enough to let me access her cunt. I then slowly started running the backside of my hand over her cunt lips. At first, there was no reaction, but within a few minutes, almost unpercievably, she was gyrating her hips.

Then, I slowly started running my fingers over her clitoral hood, trying to do so as lightly as possible. With this, she slowly spread her legs a little more.

This was my cue. I crawled up on the bed, as softly as possible, trying not to move it, and placed myself squarely between her legs. I then slowly, and pretending that my tongue was a feather, started licking her lips…almost imperceptibly at first. Like brush strokes, I went up and down each lip. After the pressure increased a little, I would brush my tongue against her clit, which got a moan out of her, and she inadvertently spread her legs even more, this time completely pushing the sheet and comforter off her.

I don’t how asleep or awake she was, but she lifted her hands and grabbed my head and placed it firmly against her womanhood. I then gradually built up the pressure, and as she got more and more into it, she started lifting her ass off the bed in an attempt to try to MAKE me stimulate her clit. Of course, with the increased movement, I had much better access to her cunt, which I was introducing my tongue into.

I played around for a while, nibbling on her outer lips, teasing her clit, and sliding my tongue into her, when all of a sudden she said, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now, but I want to cum with you inside me.”

Who was I to deny this lady her pleasure? I moved up, we kissed, and as she grabbed my cock and lined me up, I introduced myself.

You know, I’m as adventurous as the next guy, but there’s something about fucking on a regular bed that makes me happy all over.

“Oh god that feel’s good…I don’t even remember the last time I got laid,” Amanda moaned.

Of course, I tried to fuck her as well as I could. I started slowly, then picked up the pace, then changed positions. As she got on top of me, she leaned over and turned on the light on her night table. What a sight. Her hair was a little messy, but it just made her look that much sexier. Her breasts where standing straight out, and her areola was crinkled with the nipples nice and stiff.

“Uhh, uhh, uhhh….god I love this feeling,” she would moan.

After a few minutes of this, and a as I was getting closer and closer to the inevitable, I stopped, turned around on the bed and placed my feet on the wall behind her bed, so I could brace myself better, and she got right back on top of me…we then got into a rhythm that left nothing to be desired. I was pumping into her, and she was grinding downward as hard as possible.

My hands were on her hard ass pushing me into her, her head was tilted backwards and those magnificent orbs were jutting towards the sky.

“Uhhh, I’m going to cum, let’s…., let’s……uhhh…..cum together” she would say as she bit her lower lip.

The orgasm was not as explosive as others, but DELICOUS. We came together, and then she collapsed on me.

“God that was great…it was just what I needed,” she remarked.

“You have no idea.”

“I didn’t think you would come?” she said.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Ohh I don’t know, your wife being here and everything, maybe you felt uncomfortable?”

“I wouldn’t have missed this for anything in the world.”

“It was great…I was having this incredibly vivid dream and when I woke up you were between my legs, it was awesome.”

“Sooo, have you had any other adventures since Christmas?” I asked.

“I wish…..I think Gabbi and I are turning into lesbians. You won’t believe me, but I swear we already broke one vibrator from over use.”


“Yep…but there’s nothing like the real thing. When can I see you again?”

“Oh Amanda, I’m certain that a million opportunities are presenting themselves to you everyday during Spring Break. Young, strong, great looking guys.”

“Of course they are, but I don’t want to “experiment”, you know what I mean?”

“I have no idea.”

“Listen, bursa escort first of all I’m not going to have sex with some guy just because I’m horny. That’ll give you a very bad reputation down here very very quickly. Yes, obviously I want a boyfriend whose closer to my age than you, for sentimental and romantic reasons. But as far as sex is concerned, I would much rather have it with you.”

“You’re joking, right.”

“No, I swear. You KNOW how to fuck. You always make sure I’m satisfied before you cum AND, nobody makes me cum like you do, not even Gabbi.”

“Careful, I might just believe you.”

“I’m totally serious. But anyway, I don’t care if you believe me or not….when can we see each other again?”

“How about we play it by ear?”

“Whatever, but I want it at least once a day, OK? Ohhh, and forget about going to the mountains next week….I’m already working on ixneighing that idea.”

I crawled back to me bedroom at a little past three, and fell sound asleep.

I was awakened by Gabbi sitting on top of me, grinding her cunt onto my dick.

“What the hell are you doing?”

I looked over at the clock and it was already 10:00am.

“You gave Amanda some of this last night and haven’t taken care of me you bad, bad boy.”

“Sweetheart, you gotta get out of here, what if my wife comes in?”

“She’s down stairs sipping on a margarita poolside with everybody else AND I’m not leaving ’till you screw me.”

“I can’t, really….what if Heather walks in, what if Carlos walks in, what if anybody walks in??? Let’s not be foolish….ok? We’ve done what we’ve done fairly well so far, let’s not screw it up.” I pleaded.

“I want it, TODAY, ok? If not, I swear I’ll come in here and screw you right in front of your wife.”

With that, she got up off the bed and left the room in her bright green thong.

I swore I would have a heart attack.

I got up, showered, shaved and got dressed and made my way downstairs.

The girls were all there. Patty and Michelle were sitting around a large round table with a huge navy blue umbrella over them shading the whole area while they sipped on some tropical-looking drink. All three coeds where lying on their stomachs in lounge chairs getting sun. Amanda of course in her invisible g-string and Gabbi and Heather in very small thongs. All had their tops off.

I enjoyed breakfast with my wife and Michelle, and asked about Carlos. Turns out he went for a motorcycle ride and would be back before lunch.

I lounged around for a while and enjoyed catching up on my reading. The rest of the day was pretty tame, and for Happy Hour, Carlos had invited a few friends over. It turned out to be a group of about seventy people, young and old. Great crowd.

I was eyeing Gabbi, but she was in a whirlwind of activity and wasn’t even looking over. At about 1:00 am, I called it an evening, and Patty and I went off to bed. Honestly, even if Gabbi and I had found a moment, I don’t think I had an ounce of sperm left in me.

Monday was different however. I woke up at 7:30, showered and got dressed in my beach apparel, and made my way downstairs. Carlos was up already, and we had breakfast outside while he read the local paper and lent me his laptop so I could read my hometown news. At 9:00 the women were all asleep, and Carlos asked me what I would like to do, golfing, massage, or just staying put. I opted for golf.

Carlos was actually a very good golfer, and considering the course was new to me, I was very pleased with my 89. We had lunch at the clubhouse, and then sat out back and had a few drinks with Carlos’ buddies. We had a blast. It was a group of about six of us, and all the guys were complete degenerates. I felt right at home. Here I was, surrounded by CEO’s of very wealthy Costa Rican companies, and they were all shooting the breeze talking about their maids, secretaries, and even daughters’ friends! I mean it was a no holes barred type of crowd.

Finally, at about four, Gregorio suggested we go to his house and continue our happy hour there. Everyone was hip to the idea and fifteen minutes later, we found ourselves in an ultra modern and luxurious beach house maybe a mile or two from Carlos’ house.

It turns out that Gregorio had just gone through his first divorce, and was thoroughly enjoying bachelorhood. This became evident when we made our way to the pool area and there were at least twenty young ladies in varying degrees of undress, drinking and carrying on as if this occurred everyday.

Seems that Gregorio was a shareholder in one of the local bottlers, and he invited all the models that work on his brand to spend Spring Break at his house, making it more or less the equivalent of the playboy mansion in Costa Rica.

As the group of six gawking men made their way around the pool, the girls got up and hugged and kissed all of us. Some were tall, some short, blondes, brunettes and even a red head. This was a smorgasbord of women. All pretty.

All escort bursa of us ordered drinks and dispersed. I, however stuck it out with Carlos, after all I wasn’t certain how the language barrier would affect me. Thankfully, we actually found two girls who spoke very good English. We started talking about this and that, and to make a long story short, we ended up getting completely hammered and leaving at around 11:00 at night. I was certain the party would go on well into the wee hours of the morning, but I sensed I wasn’t going to get “any” anyway, so what would be the point of ticking off my wife.

When we arrived home however, there was nobody there! The girls obviously went out partying, and our wives left us a message to meet up with them at an individual’s house who had been there the night before.

“Well my friend, we have three options; 1) we stay here and catch up on some much needed rest; 2) meet up with our wives at Gustavo’s house or 3) go back to Gregorio’s.”

Being as drunk as we where, we obviously did the foolish thing…we went back to Gregorio’s. By now it was close to midnight and the party had taken on a completely different flavor. As we came in, girls where dancing up a storm in the living area with the music full blast. Two girls where dancing ON TOP of the inside bar. As we made our way outside, at least a dozen girls where in the pool playing volleyball with two of the guys we had left behind, and despite the darkness, appeared to be at least topless. Believe me when I tell you nobody was feeling any pain.

We made our way to the bar and met up with one of the English-speaking girls I had been talking with earlier. She poured me a drink and then came around from behind the bar, placed her arm around my waist, and asked me to take her for a walk on the beach. Unfortunately, no sex, but we had a great time. Annmarie was an extraordinarily intelligent girl. She knew what she wanted, and was completely focused on achieving her goals. She wasn’t into drugs or anything, but enjoyed a good time as much as the next girl. She didn’t have a boyfriend, and lived at home with her parents. She was a straight “A” student, last year of college, and going to Chile for a postgraduate degree.

We talked about anything and everything, and when darkness turned to light, I knew it was time to head home. We went back to Gregorio’s house and searched for Carlos, whom we later found asleep, buck-naked on a bed with five girls. I woke him up and told him I would wait in the car. Annmarie walked me outside, and as we said good-bye, she leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips, and thanked me for being a gentleman and listening.

Carlos was still SO drunk that he made me drive the short distance back to the house. We each climbed up to our rooms and past out.


It was just past noon when my wife slammed the door behind her as she entered the room. Oh shit.

“You mind telling me where the hell you were all night?”

“With Carlos.”

No shit?

Sweetheart, I’m his guest, I go wherever he takes me.

Aren’t you the good little puppy? You FUCKING LEFT AT 10 YESTERDAY MORNING AND CAME BACK AT 6 THIS MORNING YOU FUCK. Where the hell where you???

Calm the fuck down…we went golfing, then we had lunch, than we had a few drinks at the club with four of his friends, who then invited us to his house for drinks. We stayed ’till around 10 and came back home. When we got here, there was no one home so we went back to his friend’s house.

Where you stayed until 6 in the fucking morning???

Where we stayed until 6 in the fucking morning.

Doing what pray tell?

Just sitting around, shooting the shit…you know…guy stuff. Bonding?

Bonding my ass…just you and these five other guys until 6 am, right?

I swear.

Listen, if you leave me alone for a whole fucking day again I’m leaving…do you understand? I’ll make a scene, I’ll grab a cab, and take that four-hour drive back to the city, do you understand ME??? THIS ISN’T YOUR SPRING BREAK…IT’S HEATHER’S. ACT YOUR GOD DAM AGE!!!

And with that being said, the storm was over. She left the room, and everything returned to normalcy. Thank God she had yet to discover I had been shaved.

Needless to say that little chat put a damper on my social life the rest of the afternoon. After I had had lunch (or was it breakfast??), I went back upstairs and fell asleep ’till 6 when I showered again and came downstairs.

As I hit the ground floor Carlos waved from the kitchen hurriedly.

“Well, how did it go?”

“It wasn’t pretty, she was pissed.”

“They are young, and they will get over it, trust me my friend. However, make sure you never give in…we’re going out tonight so be ready.”

“Are you nuts? I don’t know about your wife but mine will kill me!”

“Nonsense. Annmarie has called twice already asking if we’re going to show up tonight, so get ready.”

Now I felt like a little high school boy who’s just been told the escort bursa girl he likes, likes him back. “Well” I said, “if you can swing it, I’ll be there.”

We had drinks with the ladies out back and where soon joined by Carlos & Michelle’s friends who seemed to drop by every evening. When it got completely dark outside the 7 of us had dinner poolside, and then the girls excused themselves to get ready for another night of partying. Our wives on the other hand wouldn’t let us out of their sights. When asked what they felt like doing, they said, “whatever you want to do, as long as we’re together.”

“Fantastic” Carlos said, “let’s have a few more drinks and then go skinny dipping in the ocean.”

Michelle faked being insulted, as she ordered another drink for her and Patty.

Needless to say, the evening progressed downhill from there. No skinny-dipping and no freedom to go elsewhere either. Patty and I retired to our bedroom at around midnight.

I remember having a great dream and awakening to the feel of my cock being stroked. As I opened my eyes, I focused in on Gabbi in what appeared to be a bathrobe next to me. She placed a finger on her mouth, indicating me not to say a word, and then signaled me towards the door.

As she made her way out the door and I saw that my wife was asleep, I looked at the clock…3:33AM, and then got out of bed slowly and softly walked to the hallway. I closed the door behind me and made my way down the dark corridor. Gabbi was in the second to last room.

The lamp on the night table was on and she was sitting on the bed with her robe open down the front and her right hand massaging her womanhood.

“I’m tired of playing with myself, will YOU play with me?” she asked coquettishly.

With that, I took my shorts and t-shirt off and almost threw myself on the bed, where we made out like little high schoolers. We kissed and kissed, and then kissed some more, as our hands roamed each other’s bodies. My hands eventually landed on her rock hard ass as I pushed her entire body closer to mine.

I was obviously completely taken with the situation because I didn’t hear anybody come in, and I got the scare of my life as I heard someone clear his or her throat behind me.

“Well, well, well, isn’t this sweet? Everybody’s getting some except little old me” remarked Amanda.

“Oh shut up and get in here with us you little hussy,” replied Gabbi.

Amanda shed her long t-shirt to the floor and joined us, just like old times. Amanda and I kissed, and as my hands roamed her body, Gabbi put my cock in her delicious mouth. This progressed nicely until all of a sudden Amanda decided we needed to get into a chain. Gabbi started going down on me again while I went down on Amanda, who in turn went down on Gabbi. Well, honestly it was something I had never done, but left a lot to be desired.

I broke the chain and helped Amanda get Gabbi off. We would alternate sucking and licking Gabbi’s clit, while the other introduced his or her fingers into Gabbi’s two holes. After Gabbi’s third climax, Amanda decided she wanted to fuck…and climbed aboard. As she road me, Gabbi went to the bathroom and returned with baby oil, which she poured all over Amanda’s breasts and started massaging them, and tweaking her nipples.

It took a long time for Amanda to cum (10–12 minutes), but as the first orgasm roared through her, Gabbi poured oil on herself and started pressing her boobs against Amanda’s back, all the while continuing to massage Amanda’s tits.

As Amanda warned us that her second orgasm was imminent, Gabbi bent Amanda forward till Amanda’s breasts where against my chest, and just as Amanda started convulsing, she inserted her well-lubricated finger into Amanda’s ass.

This caused Amanda to freeze, roll her eyes almost all the way back, and then scream out into her third and most powerful orgasm of the night.

Of course, the scream unfortunately did not go unnoticed. Within a minute, there was a knock on the door, which literally almost made me have a heart attack. Thankfully, Amanda locked the door when she came in and surprised us, so that gave Amanda and me time to get up and hide in the closet, with our clothes in our hands.

Then all we heard where voices.

“Sweetheart, are you alright?”

“Oh, it was just a dream, don’t worry.”

“Dream huh? Are you alone?”

“Of course I’m alone.”

“Well, whatever it is that you’re doing, please do it quietly, or else everyone will know what’s going on, OK?

What in the hell was that suppose to mean? Regardless, Gabbi came over and signaled that the coast was clear and that we could get started again, but my dick looked like it had just been exposed to sub-zero temperatures. Although there were two naked gorgeous coeds all oiled up in front of me, I was thinking that Amanda’s scream might also have woken up my wife or Heather.

I decided it would be prudent to get dressed and out of dodge.

Within five minutes I was back in my on bed.


I guess it was turning into a habit, but I awoke to Gabbi sitting on top of me and grinding herself on my cock.

“I risked everything to come wake you up last night and I didn’t get any of this” she said as she continued her dry humping.

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