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School on Monday sucked more than usual. The only teacher that she ended up liking this year had been ready to pop for months now and she was dreading the day she did, not wanting to end up with some crappy sub who couldn’t control a class full of seniors already bouncing on the edges of their seats. As luck would have it, she finally gave birth to a healthy, happy, baby boy on Saturday and wouldn’t be returning for the remaining 2 months of the school year. Lexie heard the news before she even made it to the class that day. What she had not heard was that they had already had a long term sub lined up to take over for today and the rest of the year. She also had not heard that he was hot.

“Hello everybody, my name is Kyle Trandor. You can call me Kyle or Mr. Trandor, whatever you’re more comfortable with. I know this is going to be an adjustment so close to the end of the year, but hey, we can’t say we didn’t know this was coming!”

A few kids in the room smiled as he spoke. Most appreciated that he seemed to be a pretty chill, laid back guy judging by his allowance at using his first name. A few girls in the back giggled and fluttered their eyebrows in his direction. She honestly couldn’t blame them, even though their obvious attempts were lame as hell. Kyle Trandor was tall, easily 6’4, maybe taller. He filled out his button-down dress shirt and slacks quite nicely with large toned muscles. Hazel eyes twinkled when he flashed a lazy, slightly cocky smile all rounded off with dirty blonde hair neatly brushed off to the side in an attempt to manage what seemed to be normally disheveled hair. She felt a sudden rush of heat between her legs as she studied him standing at the front of the room commanding power and attention by his presence alone.

Having zoned out with her inappropriate thoughts she realized too late that all eyes in the room were on her. Mr. Trandor stared at her, a brow raised waiting on some sort of response.

“I’m so sorry,” embarrassed she had to admit, “I must have zoned out. What were we talking about?” her cheeks flushed red.

Something flashed in his eyes that she couldn’t figure out but was quickly replaced by a look of annoyance.

“I have asked everyone to tell me your name, age, and your plans after high school so I can get to know you all better.”

“Oh okay. Um, my name is Lexi Harvey. I’m 18 and after high school, I am attending culinary school upstate.”

The words rushed out of her mouth, eager to move on and get the attention away from her. Her face still burned with heat from the embarrassment as if somebody had known why she had not been paying attention and where her thoughts had drifted.

She fought to pay attention as they finished up with the last few students saying their names and other information for Mr. Trandor. When the last person had finished his gaze returned to her and when he spoke it felt targeted directly at her.

“I am a nice guy and I know most of you are practically adults. I would like to treat you as such and finish off the year having some fun and getting to know each other. That being said, I am not some sub who will let you walk all over me or let you spend the hour per day you are in here goofing off or zoning out. I need you to remain focused as you would have for Mrs. Bailey. If you can do that, we can have a great few months together.”

Lexi sunk down in her seat even further. She was a good student, top of her class, and not the type to be inadvertently lectured in front of all her classmates. This day was definitely not going well.

Over the next week, Lexi found herself spending more time than usual getting ready. Instead of her usual yoga pants and sweatshirts, she opted for tight-fitting skinny jeans and tops that clung to her curves in all the right ways. She told herself she wanted to end the year with a bang but she also knew that was a lie.

Lexi took the time each morning to curl her long blonde hair and carefully apply her makeup in a way that highlighted her bright blue eyes and hide the freckles that she hated so much. She didn’t care what anybody thought of her appearance until a certain substitute teacher had entered her life.

She also found herself more engaged than ever in his class. History was typically just one of her classes that filled up her day. Not her favorite but not something she hated or struggled with. It wasn’t uncommon for her to doodle and keep to herself during that class but after her humiliation on Monday, she felt the need to prove herself. He could easily look up her records and see that she was a model student. She kept a 4.0 average GPA and was involved in more student organization than she had time for and yet she felt the need to prove to this stranger than she wasn’t just some brainless bimbo skating by to graduation.

“Nice work Mrs. Harvey.”

Lexi smiled at the 100% circled at the top of her test.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I have to admit I seem to have been bursa escort wrong about you.”

“Excuse me?” Lexi replied astonished.

It was the end of class and nobody else was in the room. Anger flashed through her and boiled beneath the surface of her skin.

“I’m sorry but after our first meeting I had assumed you were…” Kyle weighed his words carefully, “a different type of student.”

He was attempting to apologize and start fresh with her but it seemed to be backfiring.

“Don’t you think that is an unfair judgment based on one 5 minute period of time. I slipped up once and got distracted by my thoughts. One little daydream and you thought you had me pegged for some slacker who didn’t care to be bothered? I hardly think that is fair.”

Lexi had no idea was she was reacting this way. She was a very even-tempered person. It took a lot to get her fired up and never over something so futile yet here she was yelling at this stranger who was now her teacher. She took a deep breath realizing her sudden temper could get her in trouble if it wasn’t already too late for that.

“What had you so distracted, if you don’t mind me asking? Maybe there is something I can do to help?”

Kyle hadn’t meant his offer to be so brazen and dripping in innuendo but unfortunately, it had come out that way. He hoped she wouldn’t notice. It seemed when it came to this girl he could not help his thoughts from turning to some erotic places and as she stood before him, he couldn’t help but drink her in. She had taken more care in her appliance today than on Monday. Her hair then had been piled atop her head in a sexy messy bun where today it fell in soft curls framing her delicate face. He loved how he towered over her small, petite body.

Knowing he could easily pick her up and throw her over his shoulder turned him on like no other but he fought to redirect his thoughts back to the matter at hand. Lexi was standing before him with that growingly familiar blush creeping up her neck. This intrigued him even further. He had assumed she had been distracted by, well he wasn’t really sure what but the way she squirmed in front of him at his question made him wonder if she had been thinking something entirely unrelated to school.

“Oh um. It was nothing. I don’t even remember now. It won’t happen again though sir, uh…Mr. Trandor.”

Lexi quickly darted from the room and towards the nearest bathroom. She sent out a silent thank you when she found it empty. Lexi braced herself against the sink and tried to clear her head. Something about that man just made her so uneasy. She couldn’t think straight in front of him which ended up making her look like a blubbering fool. When he brought up Monday’s incident, her brain had once again been flooded with naughty thoughts of running her hands down his bare chest and through his messy hair with her tongue entangled in his. She had felt so flustered by the rush of thoughts that she ended up racing from the room like a fool. She needed to get a grip on this before she made a total ass of herself.

Several weeks went by rather uneventfully other than Lexi stuttering and stammering and generally making an idiot of herself every time she opened her mouth in Mr. Trandor’s presence. Apart from what had become the usual, things remained much as they had been before Mrs. Bailey had left. He continued her lesson plans where she had left off which meant that he would also be staying true to the big end of the year paper she had planned on them writing.

“Remember everybody, papers are due Monday. I expect your best work. If you have not started on it already, I better not be able to tell! This is a huge part of your final grades, take it seriously people.”

He got the same grumbles and moans along with several looks of panic that he had been getting since announcing the paper. His students were anxious to finish the year and the last thing they wanted right now was a difficult paper to fuss over but he was just following orders. In truth, he was dreading this paper as well because that meant over a week of reading through the same material worded slightly different and then grading each and every one. Kyle decided he better enjoy this weekend as Monday guaranteed to be the start of a very long week.

Lexi sat at home Saturday night staring at the flashing cursor on a blank word document. She knew she should have started this paper weeks ago but time had slipped away from her so here she was cramming it in last minute with no idea where to start. She was not remotely in the mood to work on this.

The last few weeks had been stressful and she was just ready to unwind and set aside all thoughts of school. Well, all thoughts except one. Mr. Trandor popped into her head once again. She found herself daydreaming about him more and more often and with each thought her sexual frustration grew further.

Tonight, she resolved to just give in to the fantasies and allow her mind bursa escort bayan to wander to her sexy teacher. As she played out images in her head of laying naked on his bed, his hands roaming her body touching her in places that caused her to squirm just thinking about, she found her own hands traveling down her body to the apex of her thighs. Heat radiated from her and her pussy was dripping. A moan escaped as she touched herself, sliding her fingers along her wetness seeking relief from the tension building inside her.

A thought suddenly popped into her mind. It had been a while since she had written anything so why not now. Maybe it would even help her focus if she got all these erotic thoughts out of her mind on paper so she could move on to more important things. Soon she found her fingers rapidly typing out her fantasies on that same word document that was supposed to contain her assignment. When she finished her story she was finally able to focus on her school work and this paper that she was running out of time to finish. She opened up a new word document, titled it, and began typing away.

Lexi woke up to the sound of the garbage truck clattering cans around outside her window. She lay in bed for a moment before deciding that even though her alarm hadn’t gone off, she would get up and put a little more effort into her appearance. Slowly she got out of bed and made her way to the shower.

When she got out she wrapped herself in a towel and went to check her phone. She was surprised that her alarm still had not gone off as surely she hadn’t woken up that early. The sun was shining brightly in her window after all.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Lexi yelled out as she checked the time on her phone.

Apparently her alarm had gone off, 2 hours ago. How could she have let this happen? She was so late! Lexi raced around trying to get ready as fast as possible. Lack of time had her throwing on a soft yellow sundress laid over her desk chair. Suddenly she was thankful she had forgotten to hang it back up. She ran a brush through her hair not taking the time to style or add any product. Her natural curls would have to do for today. At the last minute, Lexi remembered she still had not emailed her paper to Mr. Trandor. She fired up her laptop and dragged the document to her email quickly shooting it off and racing out the door.

Lexi arrived at school in time for the tail end of her math class. She decided to skip the last 5 minutes and head straight to her history class. She stood outside the door catching her breath before the bell rang and she entered the room.

Kyle heard the soft ping of his laptop notify him of a new email. This was the 5th one in the last hour as students papers poured in. He had preferred they emailed versus handing in paper copies. It allowed him to work on grading at any time without having to carry around a messy stack of torn, crinkled, and stained papers that students always ended up handing in.

“Alright class, I am giving you today’s class to work on any missing assignments, makeup work, extra credit assignments, or whatever else you need to get completed. I will start grading your papers and calling you up one by one as I complete them to go over your grades so be listening for your name.”

Kyle briefly noticed Lexi sitting in her usual spot. She looked different today. Beautiful as ever but in a much more simple understated way. The dress she had on had him thinking all sorts of bad things as it accented every beautiful curve on her body. He had to force himself to look away and move back to his desk to begin the grueling task before him.

Lexi was all caught up on her work for this class as well as all of her others so she ended up with nothing to do for the free period Mr. Trandor had granted them. She pulled out a free read book from her bag but found herself unable to focus on the words before her. Instead, she found herself in another trance thinking about the hot man at the front of the room. She took advantage of his concentration and used the time to study him; the hard curve of his jaw, his plump kissable lips.

About halfway through the class, Lexi was still staring off at her teacher when she noticed his cheeks grow flush. He looked up from his computer straight at her. He looked shocked and flustered. She quickly averted her gaze back down to her book worried she had been caught staring at him. A few more minutes passed by before she heard him call her name. His voice was strained and he had to clear his throat like her name was painful for him to speak.

Slowly she made her way up to him and sat on the chair he had placed next to his desk. She started to ask how bad her paper could have possibly been when she noticed that the words on the document pulled up on his computer were not the essay she had written. Instead, she was staring at the very private document laying out all her thoughts and fantasies about him. She had written this bursa bayan escort for her eyes only and hadn’t even bothered to change the names of the characters.

Panic began to rise in her. Suddenly she was having trouble breathing. This was worse than even her worse nightmare. She stared at her lap not able to dare look at Mr. Trandor. His own red cheeks suddenly made sense.

“Miss. Harvey, I assume from the look on your face that this was not intended for me to see?” Kyle struggled to even speak.

When he had first opened her paper he had been shocked. The shock had been replaced quickly by extreme arousal as he read further into her paper. She had depicted some explicit acts starring none other than himself. He had to give her kudos for the level of detail she used. He was rock hard by the end of the first page. Thankfully he was tucked behind his desk out of view of anybody seeing his problem. It took at least 10 minutes after reading her story to calm himself down enough to call her up.

Sitting here now it was clear to him that this had been a mistake and not an over the top attempt to seduce him. Lexi was on the verge of tears and her whole body shook in the chair next to him.

“I swear I never meant for you to see that! I was late and in a hurry this morning and attached the wrong file! I…” Lexi was cut off.

“Please have the correct paper emailed to me no later than 4 pm today,” he stated simply before motioning for her to head back to her desk.

Kyle immediately felt bad for how curt he had been with Lexi. He hadn’t meant to dismiss her the way he had, but she was already worried enough without him being a jerk on top of it but he found himself unable to think straight around her. She had been so close to him, her shampoo overwhelming his senses and the pink flush of her cheeks shooting electric shocks down to his cock. He didn’t trust himself to speak to her any more than was necessary and he certainly didn’t trust himself being that close to her.

Lexi floated through the rest of the day in a trace. She hardly heard a word that was spoken to her in any of her other classes. Fear hung over her head like a rain cloud. What if Mr. Trandor decided to report her. She could get suspended or even expelled despite it having been an accident. Even if that didn’t happen, she still had to deal with seeing him every day for the rest of the year and knowing he knew what she thought of him. It took every ounce of her will power not to run home and cry.

When the last bell finally rang she rushed home as quickly as possible, darted to her room, and shut and locked the door. First thing, she needed to email the correct paper, after that, it was comfort movies and chunky monkey ice cream for the rest of the night. Lexi immediately deleted the incorrect document before it somehow ended up in the wrong hands again then, after triple checking she was sending the correct one, she finally fired off her email to Mr. Trandor.

Lexi was surprised to hear her computer ping alerting her of a new email just moments later. Confusion overtook her when she saw the reply to her most recent email to Mr. Trandor.

‘Thank you, Miss. Harvey. I suspect that this document will be much more appropriate than the previous one. Even if it is less…entertaining.’

Lexi’s mind reeled in a hundred different directions. She read and reread the email at least 15 times trying to make sure her mind wasn’t deceiving her. No matter how many times she read it the words remained the same. Was he flirting with her? No, he couldn’t possibly be. But then, how else was she supposed to take that. There was no way he meant anything different than what she was thinking; he had left little room for interpretation. So how the hell was she supposed to respond to that?

‘Yes, that is the correct document, I double-checked about six times. I cannot apologize enough for my error this morning. I promise you, my extreme embarrassment is the worst punishment you could give me. But I do understand if you feel something more is necessary. ‘

There, he can take that however he wants to. She had played on the safe side just in case his message was somehow not what she thought or if in some cruel way he was baiting her for more trouble. Maybe he was setting her up and would show this to her principal or even the school board. Yes, safe was better. Her naughty side clung to a small amount of hope when she had typed the last piece of her message. It could easily be argued as completely innocent but, given the right state of mind, it could also be seen as an invitation. Or maybe even a challenge. Lexi could think of several ways she would enjoy being punished by Mr. Trandor.

‘I will have to give the punishment some thought. You should not be embarrassed, you are a very talented writer with quite the imagination.’

Kyle couldn’t help himself. He knew he was just asking for trouble with his emails to Lexi but after reading her story, he couldn’t help himself. It was impossible for her to deny that she was attracted to him so he didn’t worry too much about her turning him in. Still, he knew this was wrong but she was making him crazy. He had read over her story until he gave himself a headache from the eye strain.

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