Oil and Leather

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She could feel her nipples getting harder as they brushed against the silky lining of her coat. A wicked smile crossed her lips.

“Working late, is he? We’ll see about that,” she thought to herself.

The chill from the night air heightened her anticipation and she walked a little faster.

Working late into the evening, he thought he was alone in his dimly lit office. The plush carpeting and soft leather furniture were a poor replacement for the familiar surroundings of home. But there was still something comforting about his office. The small touches of personal items helped to make the days and evenings less stressful. Sometimes just looking around at a framed picture of a familiar face or the bouquet of fresh flowers she had sent was enough to soothe and inspire him to do the job at hand and move on. In his desk drawer he kept the scarf she was wearing the last time they met. He took it out and held it to his nose. On it he could still smell the perfumed scent she had been wearing. It brought a smile to his tired face. He sighed quietly to himself and turned the soft jazz that was playing on the radio just a little louder.

As he put the scarf carefully back into his drawer, he saw a shadow outside the office door. Without a sound, the door moved open slowly but steadily. Outlined by the light behind it, the figure in the doorway looked vaguely familiar and feminine. He couldn’t see her face because the room was lit only by the small lamp on his desk. She moved directly at him until he was just able to make out her features. She stood before him with her black leather coat wrapped tightly at her waist. As she moved closer, he could see her seductive smile as she slowly loosened the belt and let the coat drop open. She edged a little closer and he could see a strip of her naked body peeking from the opening of the coat.

Her breasts were full and firm; her nipples were tight with excitement. She had a lot of confidence in her body and she knew how to use it. Her hands spread the coat aside and he could see every inch of her breasts, her pendik escort fabulous hips, her long, lean legs. She moved one hand to the tip of her chin and with her middle finger slowly drew an imaginary line down the front of her body, hesitating just a little as she approached the hairline of her pussy. Then with a wicked smile on her pretty face, she slowly moved her finger down, in between her thighs, just grazing past her clit. Bringing her finger slowly back up to her mouth, she licked it, twirling her tongue around it.

He started to move towards her, but she motioned him with her hand to stop. He dropped back into his chair obediently. She let the coat slip to the floor and gently stepped away from it. Gracefully, she stepped out of her high-heeled shoes and gave them a nudge with her foot, pushing them out of her way. As she stood proudly before him, he noticed the only thing she was wearing was a red garter mid way up her right thigh. Tightly wrapped around her leg, the lace garter held a small vial of clear liquid firmly against her flesh. She took a quick glance around the room and smiled as her eyes focused on the leather couch. Moving silently toward it, her eyes met his and they locked in anticipation.

Suddenly, he didn’t feel tired and work weary anymore; he only felt the stirring in his pants. He loosened the tie around his neck and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. His belt, his shoes, his socks, all came off as he stared, unable to take his eyes off of her. Still sitting in the chair behind his desk he was mesmerized by her silent, alluring activity.

As she sat her naked body in the center of the couch, she shivered slightly from the chill of the cold leather against her skin. She gathered her warm brown hair behind her head with one hand as she reached for the small vial with the other. He made another move to approach her, but again, she motioned him to stop. By now his cock was resisting, straining in his boxers to be set free. But she just smiled sweetly, slowly turning the lid of the vial loose and dropping it to the floor.

Tossing tuzla escort her head back, she tilted the vial against her neck, releasing the scented oil onto her body. It slid down her neck, slowly, torturously weaving its path down between her firm breasts. Lowering the vial slightly, she continued to let the shining liquid spread over her body, slowly tracing a path of oil down to her stomach, parting to her left thigh, then her right. She poured what little was left on the couch beneath her. Tossing the empty vial aside, she began to caress each breast, spreading the oil to every crease. She lay down on the oil-covered couch and let her hands find their way to her thighs. He watched her caress every part of her body that he so badly wanted to touch. Her nipples, oiled and taunt, looked like they were just begging to be licked and sucked. Oh, how he wanted some of that!

Ignoring the growing bulge in his pants, she closed her eyes and let her oil soaked fingers gently probe between her legs. She rubbed her hands over her neatly trimmed mound, around her thighs, and back to her pussy. Inserting one, then two fingers into her well-lubed cunt, she moaned softly and thrust a third finger into herself.

No longer willing to wait, he removed the rest of his clothing, releasing his throbbing cock and quickly moved to the couch. She didn’t stop him now and he eagerly straddled her oiled body with his, wrapping his thighs firmly around hers. He let his muscular body slide over hers, pressing her into the leather couch with his weight, the oil becoming the only thing between them, coating every part of their bodies. Everything they touched became warm and scented from the oil. They clung to each other, their eyes still locked as his bulging cock found its way between her thighs. Then forcing his legs between hers, and sliding his arms beneath her, he plunged his well-oiled cock into her warm, wet pussy. There was a gasp of pleasure from both of them as he thrust his aching cock into her, penetrating her, over, and over, her body rising to meet his every time. He kartal escort could feel the heat in her pussy and the passion in her hands as she wrapped her arms around him and dug her fingers into his broad shoulders. His cock was hard and throbbing. Her pussy was wet and screaming for more.

Without warning, he suddenly pulled away from her, straddled her thighs with his and effortlessly flipped her to her stomach. Before she could utter a complaint, he slid his hands over the small of her back spreading oil to her ass and in between her cheeks. With the full weight of his body on hers, he pressed her solidly into the couch. She could feel the strength of his rock hard cock pressing into her, spreading her oiled cheeks.

There was no resistance as the oil let his cock slide into her anus. So tight, so warm, so willing – there was no stopping him! It took her breath away for a second, but as he rode her, she reveled in every thrust, filling her pussy with her fingers and rubbing her clit. The two of them were lost in their own frenzied madness. He pumped her ass knowing she wanted it as much as him. There was nothing else that mattered – thrusting, sliding, absorbing every last molecule of the musk scented oil – he could feel her hole tighten around his determined cock as he pounded away at her. Her fingers moved furiously around her swollen clit and her ass rose to meet his cock with every thrust. She felt no pain, nothing but lust for his cock. She could feel his fullness every time he penetrated her and she wanted more. “Fuck me…. Fuck me hard… Fuck me”, she whispered in a low growl – the only words she spoke. Their explosion was wild, unified, and abandoned – a total orgasmic release.

Their bodies clung to each other in total exhaustion until the warmth of their passion gave way to the returning chill of the leather couch. The oil that wasn’t absorbed in their passion, she massaged gently into his back for a few minutes, and then, without speaking a word, she got up, retrieved her shoes from the corner of the room, and put on her coat.

The door closed silently behind her as she left, and she felt a little less dressed than when she came. He picked up the red garter from the couch and wrapped it around the scarf in his desk drawer.

Working late indeed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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