Off Campus, the Sequel, Pt. 02

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Off Campus, the Sequel, Pt. 2


In our previous installment, Steve and Cyan and their polyamory partners Phil and Jen rejoined their bartender friend, Ally, for a repeat of their first impromptu date two months earlier at the classic hotel where she works. To the foursome’s surprise, Ally invited three of her bestest friends to share her newfound love for our couples.

In another twist, it was revealed Ally’s father owns the vintage hotel. Dad is more than pleased for his daughter to host our intrepid band since they are so good to her and make her happier than he has ever seen her. Accordingly, they have been given free run of the penthouse guest suite.


10:30 p.m. comes way too soon. My phone’s alarm breaks the serenity and our core group of lovers roust themselves up from their disco nap to prepare for the feature attraction.

We straighten ourselves up and throw on some clothes in order to be halfway decent in Ally’s bar. Phil and I grab lounge pants and a polo, the girls…

…well, the girls. Ally is certainly okay with her panel-front sheath dress from earlier, but Jen and Cyan are pushin’ it as they are wont to do on date nights at familiar bars. Jen is wearing just a long tee sort of covering everything, but ass cheek and pussy are on view if she dares to lift her arms. Cyan’s really pressing the limits of public decency with one of her ultra-short shirred bandeau babydoll dresses that don’t cover much at all. She’s cut the straps off, too, relying on the elastic to keep it in place, which works most of the time. Accordingly, the dress is a precarious balance between showing her modest cleavage down to her nipples and displaying pussy and cheeks. Many would consider the babydolls to be bedroom lingerie or swimsuit cover-ups, but since they’re not see-through she wears them in semi-public settings, anyway.

Like I really object? Nah. She has a fantastic body and I love for her to show it off when the opportunity presents.

Ally gives Cyan the schoolmarm up-and-down as we head for the door out to the hallway, rolls her eyes and mumbles, “Really, Cyan?”

My wife just giggles, “Oh, I’ve worn less in public bars.”

Phil interrupts, “Yeah. Nude. We have pictures,” which elicits a big, drawn-out sigh from Ally.

“I’ll show you later,” I tease.

Another sigh from Ally.

“Guys?” as I try to get their attention. “Separate elevators down.”

“How are we going to manage that? There’s only the one on this floor,” Jen reminds us.

I instruct, “You and Phil take this one down one floor, get off there and wait. I’ll call the elevator back to our floor — penthouse has priority — and Cyan, Ally and I will take it all the way down. But as soon as you see our car indicator pass your floor, you press the down button to call another car, which you take down to meet us in the elevator lobby.”

“Ahhhhhh. I see!” Ally is pleased with the plan. “Smart! You know elevators?”

“Thanks!” I respond. “A little. They have their ups and downs.”

“Boooooooooo!” from our little group.

Even though security will notice that it’s us moving around, by the time they realize it, all they will see is a couple and then a couple and Ally, in different cars.

“We’ll have to coordinate this a little better when there’ll be seven of us going up,” I caution the group. “We don’t want to ‘start the party’ in the elevator, so to speak.”

Yes, we certainly don’t want a repeat of our last visit.

I continue, “Ally, do you have your key to the penthouse on you? And what about Jessica when she comes up on her own?”

“Yes!” Ally confirms. “And Jess is good, she has her room service key.”

“Excellent!” I smile. “That way we can stagger the groups. Your buddy in security will certainly know something is up, but once we’re in the penthouse hallway he can’t see nuthin’ and it’s none of his concern, anyway!”

“Yep!” is Ally’s excited response.

We re-gather downstairs and bump, push and fondle our way through the narrow passage to the bar again.

“Steve, no monkey business with my butt this time!” Phil threatens.

The girls laugh, and each of ’em squeaks as Phil and I tweak bare asses and pussies under their skimpy dresses. Cyan has to quickly readjust after I free a breast during a loving squeeze.

Heh heh heh.

“Hey, Jess!” Ally announces us to Jessica as we stumble in, who at the moment is wiping the bar after a small group just departed. “Where do you want us to sit?”

“In the fuck booth! You know that!” Jess responds.

“Well of course. I just wanted to hear you say it in front of everybody,” Ally laughs.

“Huh?!?” the four of us look at each other.

“‘Fuck booth?'” Jen asks the obvious.

“Yeah,” Phil adds. “What’s the story?”

“Oh, o-kay,” Ally grins. “It’s the bigger table back in that corner,” as she points to a particularly dark ankarada yeni escortlar location in the bar. “It’s where couples and foursomes think they are ‘getting away with it’, screwing in the bar.”

“And are they getting away with it?” I prompt.

“Hell, no! We know, but choose not to let ’em know we know. It’s great for the bartenders and servers because we ‘kinda, sorta’ interrupt most of ’em during the action to ask if they need refills, which elicits great tips mostly out of guilt.”

“You are a sneaky devil!” Cyan chuckles. “I love it!”

“But you guys are going to be dainty and civil tonight, right?” Ally laughs as we slide into the big booth. “But seriously, don’t do anything outlandish that can get me in trouble. Okay?” as she sits in my lap and hikes her skirt up to sit bare-assed on me. “(Pull your pants front down, you fool. Can’t you take a hint? Fuck me.)” she whispers.

“Uh huh,” the others smirk. “We see that!”

“Ally!” Jessica scolds. “You wanna get me in trouble? I have to report this to my supervisor!”

“Go ahead, I’m listening,” Ally confirms in a firm, boss-like voice. And totally fails in her attempt to not giggle.

Everybody cracks up. The two or three semi-drunks sitting at the bar get in on the laugh, too.

Cyan’s slid onto Phil’s lap and is doing the same thing to him. He tugs on her “dress” and both breasts pop out for all to enjoy.

“Phil!” Cyan protests.

“Too much, Phil,” Ally quietly chastises. “Can’t be that obvious. Not down here. Keep the naughty stuff under the table.”

“Oh, okay. We’ll put ’em back,” Phil acknowledges. Cyan pulls the top back up.

“Thanks,” from Ally.

“Drinks, guys?” Jessica prompts.

“Go ahead, Phil,” I offer. He knows what everybody else drinks, but he likes to change it up.

I add, “Good job, Jess, taking our drink orders when we’re… uh… distracted. Ally, is she doing it properly, per the employee manual?”

Jessica and Ally laugh, Jen rolls her eyes.

Phil has our order all but rehearsed, “Jen takes a Dewars on the rocks, Cyan is a plain tonic water and lime, Steve’ll have a Moosehead, and I’ll take a dry martini, shaken.”

“Martini, Phil? Really?” I chide.

“They taste like aftershave, so yeah, pretty much ‘yuck’. But hey, a martini fits the ambiance of this place,” he pushes back.

“I’ll accept that,” I allow.

Jessica whisks herself around behind the bar getting everybody’s beverages in order. Phil’s right, the clatter of the martini shaker certainly adds to our perceptions of the surroundings. Returning to our table, she passes out our drinks, sets down her service tray on the next table, looks at Ally and requests, “Ally, scoot over.”

Since Ally’s still in my lap very much attached to me, I start to move us over to let Jess have a seat.

“No, not you. Just Ally. You’re Steve, right?” Jessica inquires.

Ally rises up and off to sit beside me.

“Uh, yes?” I respond with skosh of trepidation.

“Here,” as she hikes her skirt, assumes Ally’s place in my lap, and takes my hard penis into her. “‘K?” she asks.

“‘K!” I respond in relative shock. Quickly collecting my composure, “Nice to meet you, Jessica. I hear you have boy troubles.”

“Not at this very moment, I don’t. Ally’s right, you’re nice.”

“Thanks. Want to meet Phil?”

“Sure! Looking forward to more of you later,” as she lifts off of my private parts. “You’ve got to be Cyan! You’re beautiful!” as she addresses my better half, still “attached” to Phil, across the table from us. “You mind?”

“All yours,” Cyan confirms, freeing Phil to meet Jessica, apparently in her special way.

Jess slides onto Phil’s lap and does the same thing to him. “Oh! OH! That sure feels different!”

“I told you!” Ally gleefully reminds her.

If you might recall, Phil is uncircumcised, which remains somewhat uncommon in this area of the country.

Jess starts to get into the fuck with Phil, bobbing up and down.

“Hey,” Ally cautions. “We’re at least trying to keep everything out of sight. Too obvious. You’re getting stares from over at the bar. Go refill their drinks.”

“Yes, Mom,” as Jess lifts from Phil, pushes her skirt back down and pads back over to her post.

“That was one hell of an introduction!” Jen blurts, wide-eyed.

“Yeah,” apologizes Ally. “She can be a bit of a nut case sometimes. My bad in telling her too much about you guys so soon.”

“Like we mind?” Phil chortles.

“Not every day a cute young thing’s first impression is this matter-of-fact,” I add. “An affectionate welcoming kiss I get, but a welcoming fuck? She’s a mess!”

“Oh, we’re in for it tonight! That’s clear already,” Cyan muses.

Ally changes the subject, “Hey. Show me those pictures Phil told us about.”


“The ones of Cyan naked in a bar.”

“Oh! Those,” as I reach for my phone. “Here,” as I bring up the photo album app and hand it to her.

The bayan escort elvankent first image is of a nude Cyan with cue stick in hand, wearing a serious expression readying her next shot. Ally swipes to the next photo to find a clothed… well, mostly… Cyan bending over the table in her signature black leather miniskirt for another play, ass and pussy totally exposed to the world. Another swipe, another picture, a fully naked Cyan standing proud with cue stick, her backside to the bar full of patrons who seem to be “…meh…” about the whole scene.

Ally swipes again, and, “Oops!” she exclaims. “Uh… Cyan?”

“Ha!” is my retort. The image is a video clip of Cyan on her back with legs held by her ankles, doing — or being “done” by — an unfamiliar guy with very big balls and what appears to be an equally large cock he’s pushing all the way in.

“Who’s this? It’s not Steve, and it’s not Phil. I know their butts!” Ally queries, with a “you naughty thing” lowered brow expression. “He’s got a nice ass, by the way.”

“David,” Jen answers dryly. “I’ve had ‘im, too.”

I fill in the blanks, “He’s the owner of our swinger club. He and Cyan hit it off on our first visit, and they make it a point to spend a couple of hours together every time we’re there. He’s good for her, actually, and vice-versa.”

Cyan adds, “Almost a boyfriend. Sometimes we make the trip up there just for me to be with him. And, yes, he has a nice cock, but he’s a really great guy, too. Most of our bed time is just talking.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Cyan,” Ally flatters.

Ally glances up and is startled to discover Phil has quietly removed Cyan’s dress while Ally was distracted by the phone pix, and put it on the table. The rest of us have been really challenged to suppress our laughter.

“Godammit, Cyan! You wanna get me fired?” Ally scolds but can’t help from joining the laughter. The guys at the bar are all big grins.

About that time the front door opens and a chilly draft pushes Thad and Hannah into the barroom. Cyan quickly grabs her dress and puts it on as defense against the sudden coolness, hard nips and all.

“Hi!” from Jessica as she greets the pair from the bar.

“Hi, Jess,” is the somewhat morose response from the two. Do they not want to be here?

“What’s up?” Jessica inquires. “You sound not too happy.”

“Oh, we’re okay,” Hannah volunteers. “Slight disagreement as we were getting off work.”

“I said I was sorry, Hannah,” Thad apologizes, apparently for the umpteenth time.

“Ohhhh kay…” Jessica recoils a little, trying hard not to get in the middle of their moment of discontent. “They’re in the corner booth. Your usuals?”

“Yeah. Usual for me,” Hannah confirms.

“Me, too,” Thad adds. “But make it a double.”

They make their way over to where we’re seated.

“You guys alright?” expressing my concern.

“It was nothing really bad,” Hannah says, trying to reassure the group. “Just something stupid.”

“It was an accident! Really!” Thad responds, trying not to further anger Hannah.

“Whatever it is, why don’t we leave it alone for a while and have some fun, okay?” I advise.

“Oh… kay…,” both respond, trailing off in a sigh.

“Folks,” I lead, “while we’re not crazy at this point, let’s go over a few things before we start this particular shindig.”

“What’s a shindig?” Hannah puzzles.

“A small, intimate dance party!” Ally the pop history expert being quick to answer.

“Very good!” I chuckle. “Anyway, let’s get the most important question out of the way. How are the young ladies here fixed for birth control? We don’t want any little Phils, Steves or Thads dogging us for the next two decades.”

“‘Fixed’ happens to be my answer, Steven,” Ally jumps in. “I have no interest in kids — never have — and had my tubes tied last year. The doctors were lecturing me big time about ‘changing my mind’, but they were guys. I finally found a lady gyno who understood my point of view, and had it done.”

“Surprised,” I reply, “but Cyan was the same way. We are way better off for it. I know you well enough by now to suspect you’ll truly enjoy life a lot ’cause of it.”

“The pill,” Hannah responds. “It’s been good for me and Thad. And whoever.”

“‘Whoever’?!? Thad interrupts.

Hannah pushes back hard, “Do I have to keep reminding you we’re not exclusive? Dammit, Thad, I told you I fuck other guys. We agreed, remember? Just because we’re here ‘together’ tonight doesn’t prevent either of us from enjoying the others. I’m looking forward to some ‘strange’, aren’t you? I know you have the hots for Cyan!”

“Guilty,” Thad mumbles.

“Jessica?” as I pass it to the bartender.

“Uhhhh… it’s hard to explain. Ally, help me out here,” Jess deflects.

Ally to the rescue, “Jess is infertile. The condition that kept her so tiny also made her unable to have children. escort bayan etimesgut She was not happy about it, but it was her lot in life. Then there was her hysterectomy due to an accident last year.”

Thad is squirming and avoiding eye contact, so there’s a story there, too. I won’t push it.

Ally continues, “As you two gentlemen found out tonight she tends to take advantage of it when the opportunity for unbridled sex play presents itself. So to answer your first concern, everybody here is either unable to conceive, or protected.”

“Okay, thank you, I confirm. “Cyan and Jen are good, as well. Next, STDs. Everybody clear? It’s a fact of life in the swinger community that we have to keep ourselves “clean” and see the doctor for things like clap, chlamydia, syphilis, or worse. The really bad stuff like AIDS means we take ourselves out of circulation, or use condoms at all times, okay?”

“Good here,” Hannah volunteers. “So is Thad. He wouldn’t be getting any of me if there was ‘something’.”

“No problem here, sweetie,” Ally reassures. “But you know that already.”

“Good to go!” from over at the bar.

“Well it sounds like our little party is on,” I share. “I have one more thing, though — baggage. Thad and Hannah, I’m a little worried about you guys, especially since you walked in here with everything obviously not okay between you. You gonna be alright with all the mind-blowing sex with us, people you barely know? Jen, Phil, Cyan and I are old hands at this game, and Ally’s in sync with us, too. Where are you emotionally?”

Hannah sighs, “We’re good, really. Tonight was something stupid. You already know that you’re on my menu. Phil, too. Plus Thad has been lusting after Cyan since dinner. Cyan, you okay with that? His comment about seeing Cyan and Jen get together wasn’t off the cuff, either. So I’m cool with it all.”

“I’m good,” Cyan confirms. “Steve said he has a hunch that Thad is well-equipped, which Ally sort of hinted about, too. I’ll take him regardless, and I’m flattered that such a handsome young and virile guy wants me in that way.”

“Yeah, I’m kinda big,” blurts Thad. “Cyan, will you let me fuck you tonight?”

Boy, did that turn some heads at the bar!

Quietly, Cyan reassures, “In so many words, Thad, ‘yes’. Looking forward to it,” as she comforts this slightly awkward but stunning young man. “And you’d better save some of that for Jen!”

“Yes, ma’am. Mr. Albertson already talked with me about that,” Thad replies, more than a little embarrassed about being so clumsy in conveying his truth.

Heh. “Ma’am” and “Mr. Albertson”. I’ve clearly made an impression here. There will be no problems with Thad. Phil, on the other hand… no, no trouble with Phil, we just give each other a lot of shit. We’re certainly entitled to that since we’re boffin’ each other’s wives.

“Jess? You’re on my ‘concerned’ list, too!” in my best “mature lover” tone of voice.

“Didn’t you get your answer a few minutes ago?” she laughs. OMG, I’m sooooo cool with it all! Really excited!”

“Then good, everyone. Anything else I should know about?” as I fish for a “gotcha”.

Ally is quick with, “Jess can’t have intercourse with Thad. You’ll understand why once we get back up to the suite.”

“Yeah. He put me in the hospital. Sorry, Thad,” Jessica regrets.

Thad is still restless in his seat and avoiding eye contact.

“Wow,” is all I have to respond with.

“Everybody ready to take this upstairs?” Phil taking the lead.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Do it! Let’s go!” or something like it from everyone ‘cept Jessica, who answers “see you in a little bit!” A couple of the bar patrons’ eyes get really big in the realization of what is going down in front of them.

“Okay, here we go,” as I reveal the next play in our huddle. “Everybody has to be escorted by either Ally or myself because we’re the only ones with keys that work the elevator to the penthouse. We need to split up and not all be in the same elevator car since there are now cameras in the elevators. Hotel security is on the prowl for any funny business in the public spaces. Hannah and Thad, you go up with Ally all the way to the penthouse. Jen and Phil will wait two or three minutes in the bar and will take any elevator to the next highest floor. Cyan and I will follow a minute later, making sure the penthouse car has been released then I will summon it, stop to pick up Phil and Jen, then the four of us will take the penthouse car up the one flight. Got it?”

Phil breaks in with, “Your assignment, Mr. Phelps, should you decide to accept it…”

He gets “Huh?” from the younger contingent, and guffaws from the rest of us including Ally. Generational humor, for sure.

“Ally? Go!” I direct.

No crowding the exit this time. Good thing since truthfully we don’t need to draw any more attention to ourselves than we have to at this point in the game.

The plan executes with sloppy precision. At least Jen and Phil were where they were supposed to be, but I got disgruntled stares since something happened with the penthouse car and I couldn’t get it down to the first floor for a while. It was probably other partiers riding up and down the in-between floors. Best laid plans and all that.

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