Ode to a Stripper

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I’ve always been the kind of guy who really enjoyed going to strip clubs. Not the sleazy type of bars that had marginally attractive women with tons of tats and bad teeth, but the types of places where you would take a business prospect to and not worry about sticking to the seats. I guess some might not realize how many different types of men’s clubs there are, but this isn’t a primer on strip joints, it’s just to set the stage and explain what type of club this was.

I had driven past this club before and it looked classy from the outside. Yes, classy, valet parking, great building with columns and palm trees out front, a large parking lot mostly in back for privacy, purpose built to be a gentleman’s club. Inside the large outer double doors was a small anteroom with a window for the cover charge girl. I paid my $10 and the attractive hispanic looking girl helped me put the fluorescent orange wristband on my left arm.

My eyes needed a few seconds to adjust to the dim lighting inside the club as I found my way to a table up front close to the main stage. The club looked like it had seating for several hundred, with big screens displaying college football games on either side of the stage. The sound system was thumping some good dance tunes as I felt the bass inside my chest even more than I heard it pounding my ears.

An attractive waitress asked me what I wanted to drink and went off to get me my choice of beverage. She could’ve easily been one of the more attractive dancers in any other club. In fact, in this club, the best in El Paso, only one dancer was not to my liking. The rest were different body types and hair colors, but all were sexy to me.

I always like to sit through the first set of dancers before deciding on a private couch dance. I look for how sexy the women move and how they accept tips. You can tell a lot about a woman by the way she accepts her tips. Does she quickly move on to another guy or does she linger to make sure you get your money’s worth? It seems silly, but I’m hardly ever wrong about the women I choose to spend my money on.

My favorites soon narrowed down to a sexy hispanic esat escort girl with very small breasts but killer legs, a brunette with equally small breasts but puffy nipples and perfect ass, and another hispanic girl that was simply flawless and beautiful. The last girl was so perfect, I actually found myself trying to find something wrong with her. I’d estimate her body to be 34C-22-34C with absolutely no body-fat or flaws.

I was tipping each girl once or twice per set, not overly so, but more than the handful of other patrons in the joint. I put off several offers from dancers for private dances until Kelly, the one with the puffy nipples, had me so worked up that I was ready. While tipping her before she had been very sexy, rubbing her thong covered pussy against my hard cock before pulling the string out for me to tip her. She’d flash me her pussy every time I tipped her, surprising since the place wasn’t one of the fully nude clubs. She had sat down next to me for a while and seemed to be very sweet. She asked me how often I was getting it at home and I told her it had been a while. She replied that she was a nympho and needed it every day. When I asked her if her boyfriend was giving it to her enough, she admitted that she hadn’t had it in a long time either since she didn’t have a current one.

She led me to the VIP section of the club and had me sit on a secluded couch in the corner. I knew I had made the right choice when she said we’d wait for the next song so we could enjoy our entire time. She then said I could use the time to get her ready. I knew from the smile she gave me what she meant as I started running my hands over her bikini clad body.

As I ran my hands over her flawless skin, she told me that she was turned on and that she was already getting wet, which she proved by guiding my hand to her thong covered pussy. She was indeed wet and I rubbed enthusiastically but gently on her mound. Soon enough the next song started. Kelly stood up, pulled off her bikini top and bikini bottoms, leaving her in her black dancer’s thong. She danced for me as she rubbed her perfect ass on my crotch, making etimesgut escort sure I was totally hard for her. Kelly was totally okay with me squeezing her small but firm tits and puffy nipples. I’ve always had a thing for puffy nipples, and hers were driving me crazy.

I probed along the side of Kelly’s thong and she sweetly pulled it aside to give me access to her wet pussy. She was really tight and her moving around made it difficult to slip my finger inside. She was trying to keep up the pretense of “dancing” for me since she didn’t want management to get suspicious, but slowed down her hip rolls enough to allow me to slip my middle finger inside her. I told her I didn’t want to hurt her by being too rough and she just hugged me and kissed me on the cheek as she let me finger her for a few more seconds.

The first song ended, and at $30 a dance I briefly considered if I wanted her to keep going. But my cock made that decision very quickly for me, and Kelly never stopped, sensing that I wanted her to keep going.

I looked her in the eye, measuring her intent, then asked, “Can I make myself more comfortable?” I looked down at my walking shorts and her reply came quickly.

“Of course honey.” I was floored. Most dancers are skilled teases, and male nudity is usually totally frowned upon. I undid my shorts and pushed them and my boxers down to my thighs. Kelly stroked my cock with her hand briefly before continuing to dance. She straddled my thighs as she hovered with her pussy over my cock, then lowered it to stroke it. Before I even knew what happened, she had slid first the tip, then half my cock inside her. The feeling was indescribable as her tight pussy clenched down on my shaft. Her earlier dancing had gotten me so hot, I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum. Kelly pretended to be dancing in front of the two-way mirror that would give someone a good view of her upper body, but our crotches were hidden by the back of the couch enough to allow her to continue.

My hands were holding her slim hips as I gazed into her eyes, unable to grasp my total luck at that moment. Kelly seemed to etlik escort be really enjoying it as well as she fucked me back, squeezing my rod with her young, tight pussy. All the dancing had made every inch of her taut, including her muscular pussy, which now was coaxing the cum out of my hard cock. She was so wet that her juices were dripping onto my balls, which has always turned me on and made me cum even quicker.

“I’m going to cum baby” I said to her softly, expecting her to rise up off me. She squeezed even more with her pussy as she sank down another inch few inches, burying my cock inside her nubile body. She held her position as spurt after spurt shot my cream deep inside her pussy. Kelly leaned forward and kissed me before pulling off my cock just as the song ended. She dressed as seductively as she had undressed for me while I pulled up my shorts and fastened them again.

The entire act had taken less than fifteen minutes, but it was the hottest fifteen minutes I’d ever spent with any woman. Kelly escorted me back to my table, not rushing things or asking for money. I finally asked her how much I owed her, knowing that the “extras” were not included in the $30 dance.

“We’re supposed to charge $300, but for you $200.”

I was flattered and stunned all at once. I didn’t have $200 cash left since I’d tipped freely throughout the afternoon. I had told her I was a photographer before the dance and that I thought she should model and that I’d gladly do her portfolio shoot for free, or TFCD. Photographers will often trade their time and services for a deserving model for an agreement called, Time for CD. In exchange for sitting for me, she’d receive a CD of her photos for her own portfolio.

“I tell you what, I don’t have 200 cash, but I’ll give you $100 and do the portfolio shoot like we talked about.”

Kelly smiled and said that was fine. As I gave her the money I was surprised since I had experienced strippers who would’ve never agreed to an arrangement like that. She sat with me for a while longer until she had to get on stage for her set. I tipped her several more times, always receiving the same sweet thank you as before. During a later set I told her how hot she was, dancing with my cream inside her. She gave me a playful laugh as she said it turned her on to be dancing like that. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be as lucky the next time I go to another strip club.

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