Nude Beach Adventure

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Big Ass

Everyone in this story is over 18

It was my first summer since turning 18. I have left high school still a virgin. So this summer I planned to fully explore my sexuality.

At this point in the summer I have had many experiences from meeting online to unexpected meetings to cruising. It had been a pretty full summer, but it was far from over. I woke up in the morning and logged right on to some dating sites, this was going to be a busy day. I had the day of from work, my parents were out on some trip so I had the whole day to find some fun.

At this point a had a few regular men that I would have some fun with, so I started my search there. While finishing breakfast I get a response. It was Rob, he was probably in his 50’s he was very fit for his age, full head on salt and pepper hair, and small goatee to match. But what caught my eye was the body hair. He had a thick coat of hair allover his body, this kept me coming back to him.

“Sorry, can’t meet up today. Heading to the nude beach in the city.” his message read. At first I felt disappointed, but shortly after another message appeared. “Unless you want to come?”

I jumped on that over instantly, we arranged for him to come and pick me up and head out within the hour. I eagerly pack my bags with the essentials, some water, towel, sunscreen (so he might offer to rub it on my nude body), and bathing suit. As I was heading for the door I realized “What am I bringing a bathing suit to a nude beach for”. I took it out of my bag and threw it on the table.

Just as am leaving Rob pulls up in his car. “Ready for some fun kid?”

“Of course” I respond. Still feeling a little nervous, i jump in and we start making our way out.

After a few minuets of pleasantries and conversation Rob asks “Feeling nervous there?”

“No… well… erm” I deny it but I have never done anything like kaçak iddaa this so of course my nerves are getting to me.

Rob chuckles “I can read you like a book kid, it is written all over your face.” He reaches out and puts his hand on my leg. “Listen I’ve got quite the day planned, go around and “show you the ropes”. But at any time you feel uncomfortable or anything we can head back.”

I nod feeling a little embarrassed but comforted by his words.

Soon after we pull into a parking lot near a forest. No beach in sight. “Sure we are in the right spot?” I joke.

“Of course, don’t you trust me?” He lets out a charming smile. “Follow me!”

I grab my things and follow him on the trail. “I would have figured that the could have made the parking closer to the beach” I remarked.

“Well, this is not quite and official beach” he says as we suddenly break of the path towards the water. “Unlike the official nude beach, this is a gay nude beach. It is more secluded, full of only men, and open to sex”

“That eases my mind a bit” I say. “I was worried about… erm… getting too excited in public…”

He lets out another large chuckle. “No need to worry about that, kid. Everyone will love to see this one full display” as he reached down and gropes my already stiffening package.

We finally make it to the beach, it is pretty full. Men swimming, sun bathing, having a picnic, all of them naked. It is like a wet dream. As I am looking around taking in the sights, I spot a couple of guys gathered around this one man jerking off. Enamored by the show I am woken up by a pair of underwear thrown at my face. “Lets go kid” Rob said with a huge smile, now completely naked and walking away.

I quickly follow and strip down and chase after him. “This spot will do” as he lays down a towel and lies down. I set up next to him now getting a good look kaçak bahis at his body. His toned muscles, a even tan suggesting this was a regular event for him. He was even wearing a thick cock ring making his already 7″ cock even bigger.

He notices me entranced by his body and puts on a little show, stretching and flexing. Running on hand through his thick chest hair the other teases his cock. I couldn’t take it anymore, as I jump on his cock and start sucking it. tasting the sweat form the sun, and some precum. I do my best to take the whole thing, I know I am doing something right because I feel him squirming and and hear him moan.

I can feel his cock getting harder, and realize he must be getting close. He takes his cock out and pushes me back, and starts working on my cock. Now that I have a chance to look around I see that a small crowd has formed around us, a couple guys watching a jerking off, others starting their own fun. seeing this turned me on even more. My cock felt so hard in Robs mouth. I was getting close, but just as I was going to cum he stopped, got on his knees and shoved his ass in the air.

I spit on my cock, knowing what this was an invitation for and stuck it in his hole. It felt amazing, and Rob loved it too. He moaned each time I thrusted in. Soon another man went and put his cock in Robs face, I was surprised at the forwardness, but Rob instantly took in in his mouth and started to suck. This stranger and I were spit roasting him. The stranger was younger than rob, maybe 40’s with a large man with a nice clean beard. His cock was uncut, and probably around 5″, he had some body hair but nothing like Rob. Watching this stranger getting sucked off, while I fucked Rob turned me on. I was at a whole new state of horniness. I started to feel Robs ass flex and began to moan even louder. I watch as I see him explode on the towel, illegal bahis again I get so close to cumming but Rob stops.

He flips around and starts sucking my cock and motions to our new friend to come. He comes down and I have the both of the making out, with my cock between them. I see one of Robs hand goes down and strokes the stranger, who moans on my cock. Robs other hand reaches up and plays with my nipple. I’m in heaven, with all of this it doesn’t take me long to get to the edge. I feel it building, as I watch their tongues dance around my cock and I cum all over the both of them. They both race to clean up my seed as Rob continues to pump the my cock.

Once Rob was sure he got every last drop, he pulled the stranger in and they shared a long kiss. Sharing and exchanging my cum between them. Soon after he the stranger lets out a huge moan, almost bear roar and shoots his load all over Robs cock.

Rob and I fall back on our towels, avoiding the newly made wet spots, reveling in our endeavors. I curl up next to him one hand on his chest, playing with his fur, I close my eyes and take a breath in, felling the sun on my body and Rob next to me. Next thing I know Rob is nudging me awake.

“Nice nap?” He said, again with that charming smile.

“Oh… Im sor…” before I could get my apology out he interrupts me.

“Nonsense, I loved it. Haven’t just cuddled up in a while… It was great.” The pauses and gives me a wink. “… But maybe it would be nice to clean up…” He motions to the drying cum on his face, chest and cock”

I couldn’t help but laugh seeing this and strangeness of the situation, but jumped up and we ran into the water. After a little bit of playing and swimming we ended up heading back to our towels, relaxing watching the sun set. Soon we are the only two people on the beach. Lying next to each other.

“So how was that kid?”

“Great… absolutely wonderful…. “

“Would you do it again?”

“Definitely… tomorrow?…”

“Sure thing kid” Rob says as he puts his arms around me.

to be continued…

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