Mystery Interlude

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You walk up to your house after a long day. You are the only one home tonight. A quiet night at home is all you have planned. You are just unlocking your door to walk into your home. Suddenly you feel a presence behind you. A nondescript man with close-cropped hair and piercing blue eyes is standing there. He tells you to go inside, and he invites himself in. You don’t know what you feel as he walks in with you. You should be afraid of this stranger but instead, you feel… Curious, you feel a desire for him. Kiss me he says, and you are compelled to do it. His lips touch yours, an electric shock travels through you as you try to mold your body to his as the kiss deepens. His tongue pushes past your lips; you taste a slight mint but more than that you taste his lust for you. His hands grab the back of your neck and pulls you tighter to him. You can feel your heart rate increasing, your breath is catching in your throat. You’re fading out, the passion is overwhelming you.

Then you feel him step away; you instantly long for his touch again. NO, you moan as the memory of his lips linger on yours. He looks into your eyes. Take off your dress off, he says. You rush to comply, what hold this stranger has you don’t know but you want to please him, you want to make him happy. You can feel a fire starting in your body; you realize you are standing there in only your leggings, bra, and your panties under the leggings. He’s not forcing you but you feel that you want his approval, you know that if you please him, he will please you. Remove your leggings, he commands. You turn away from him and start to remove the leggings; you bend at the waist and you know he is looking at your ass, he can see the meat of your pussy wrapped in the thong you are wearing.

Wait, you realize you are getting wet. His only touch was the smoldering kiss that trabzon escort he gave you, yet you are feeling lust, a massive desire for him. Take off your bra; his words reverberate through you. You try to seductively remove your bra, and your nipples harden in response to the air in the room. You know what is coming next. You want to rush to pull your thong off you want him to see your pussy to see the moisture on your lips. But inside you know that you can’t until he has told you to. Your juices are almost leaking out of you. His voice rings in your head as he says, Put your finger inside your panties and push it into your wet cunt. You are dripping wet, you want this man, and you need his touch. He tells you to remove your panties. You quickly slide them off your legs. The scent of your arousal fills the room. You see his nostrils flare; you know his desire for you matches the longing you feel for him.

Come to me he says. When did he undress? Your mind is reeling. Did you miss it? He points to the spot in front of him. Instinctively you fall to your knees in front of him. His cock is there in front of you. Without a word from him you know what you must do, what he wants you to do. You stick your tongue out and lick the length of the shaft. It twitches as you lick back and forth, but you must have him, you need this. You open your mouth and slide his hardness inside your warm wet mouth. Your lips suction to the shaft. You feel his hands in your hair. Yes you moan the vibration of it is passing to his cock, raising his excitement also, you love the feeling. Now you feel gentle pressure on the back of your head. You know he wants to possess your mouth and next to possess your throat. But you want it; you need it. As it hits the back of your throat, your breath catches. In and out it slides, with each thrust, it presses trabzon escort bayan deeper into your throat. It’s not a giant cock, but as it finally presses into the back of your throat, you feel a swell of excitement. You know he is about to cum its quick, but you know it’s only happening this fast to make it so the next part is longer. He begins to thrust all the way rapidly in with each thrust, your nose pressing against his pelvis. Finally, he holds your head, with him buried in your throat and his release is powerful his cum shooting into your mouth and down your throat.

Stand he tells you. He kisses you; you know that he can taste himself on your lips and you find it arousing that he doesn’t seem to mind. He pulls away from you, and his hands find your breasts and begin to massage them. His lips lower to your nipples, and he begins to lick and kiss and bite your tits. Yes, you beg.

He tells you to lay back on the kitchen table. You readily comply spreading your legs as you lay back. You are open to him. You want him to look and to see your excitement. Whose pussy is this he asks, you tell him it is his. He owns your pussy, you want to gift it to him. You want him to consume it. You lay back resting on your elbows to watch him. With an impish grin, he lowers his face to your dripping wet pussy. His tongue flicks over your skin. His fingers are prying your lips apart fully exposing your most intimate part to his eyes and lips and mouth and hands. You feel him stick his tongue into you. He can taste your excitement. Your juices are already running down his chin.

A voracious look of desire fills his eyes, and you know that he is determined to pleasure you. To take you to such heights that you have not dreamt of yet. His tongue pushes deep inside you. His nose rubs against your clit. Tingles shoot escort trabzon through you. He begins a relentless assault with his mouth licking and sucking your pussy. He adds a finger. He is pressing in trying use his finger like a miniature cock to stimulate you. You can feel a puddle forming under your ass. You are dripping all over the table. Your nectar has run down the crack of your ass to pool on the table top. Relentlessly he continues the onslaught. A finger sliding in and out his tongue is exploring your womanhood.

Now you feel another sensation a gentle pressure against your puckered asshole. A finger is pushing in. Your juices have provided the lubrication. A finger in each hole, exploring your body. Another finger is added to the one in your pussy and then one more in your ass. You’re feeling a sensation of fullness. Then the focus changes from your whole pussy to just your clit. He sucks it into his mouth and begins to flick his tongue over it faster and faster. You can feel the fingers inside you separated by only a thin membrane. Suddenly an explosion is brewing inside you. A release is coming. You begin to thrust your crotch against his face you want him deeper. The fingers, the tongue the lips, your ass your pussy your clit. It’s all culminating. Finally, you feel it, your release is right there. He looks at you, his eyes just showing as he sits between your legs. You know what he wants, and you give it to him. You begin to tell him to make you cum, begging him to suck your juices. Finally, your body shakes as an orgasm wracks your body, your thighs have clenched together holding his head as you experience a bliss that you have not felt. Finally, he lets you rest as the afterglow washes over you. You fall back in exhaustion. Your eyes close. You smile and enjoy the waves of pleasure.

Suddenly you open your eyes. You are standing there looking around the room. You are dressed, the man is not there. It was all just a dream. It was a vivid, detailed hot dream. You sit down at the table and notice a puddle on the table, its scent is in your nostrils. Was it a dream or was it real?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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