My Wife Passed Away Ch. 02

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About six months after my wife passed away I began seeing a widow. We dated and it soon turned into an intimate relationship. I discovered that I had erectile dysfunction and the little blue pill doesn’t work for me. I get a semi hard erection but not hard enough for penetration so I would sexually gratify her with my mouth or fingers and she in turn would gratify me with a hand job.

After a while the widow became frustrated and started seeing a younger more virile man. Can’t say that I blame her. What destroyed me was that she no longer wanted to be intimate with me. She just wanted me for her free lunches, dinners and entertainment plus; I have a few bucks so she was enjoying a higher social status.

She became very upset when I ended the relationship but I was not going to be her entertainment director with no benefits. I was angry so I wrote chapter one of this story and posted it on, sending her a copy of it.

After a few days she replied to my story admitting to me, that yes, she was having sexual relations with a guy named John. She was doing it behind my back because she didn’t want to hurt me.

Her honesty with me was a game changer and I told her so. We agreed to meet for lunch where we could discuss getting back together, in an honest and open relationship where she would understand and respect my needs.

I was excited to be seeing her for the first time since our break up but something changed. Now that she knows that I knew that she has a lover, the relationship between us changed. I could no longer pretend that I didn’t know about her boyfriend. I now had to face her with my humiliation and shame with both of us knowing that another man is gratifying her.

But now that she has admitted to me that she has a boy friend who she does not love. It’s just that the sex with him is so good that she has to have him. I told her that I understood her needs and I was willing to accept her having a lover and so I entered into a cuckold relationship with her.

When Carol admitted her affair to me, she knew that I would not get angry, that I would meekly and humbly accept my cuckold status. Now that I am her cuckold, she is in a position of power. She has the authority to demand absolute fidelity and obedience from me. She will get it and she will constantly test my obedience to her. That is what happens to a man when a woman cuckolds him.

My marriage was always a cuckold relationship and when Carol cuckold me, she made me realize that I am a natural born cuckold. I can’t help myself. It doesn’t matter which woman I Pair-Bond with, I am going to end up as her cuckold. I was trained from birth to be a cuckold and I am at my happiest when I’m serving my mistress and getting her approval.

My father was an accepting cuckold and he adored my domineering mother. She was a very beautiful woman. My father worked the night shift and one night I woke up to the sounds of my mother moaning in pain. I went into her bedroom to see what was the matter with her. She got out of bed and I saw that my father’s friend was in bed with her.

I was only seven years of age and many nights I would get up to go to the bathroom and he would be there with my mother dressed in only her slip. She said that he was my uncle Joe and he would stop bye at night ulus escort to keep her company.

Add to this that I endured eight years of parochial school, where the sisters had strong resentments against boys. They were always disciplining boys and not stopping until the boy broke down and was humiliated by crying in front of the class. So you can see that I was trained from birth to be dominated by a woman.

Getting back to Carol; I asked her when is the next time that she will see her lover? She said that Saturday night he will pick her up, they go to dinner and then he takes her back to his apartment and she stays the night.

She never stayed the night with me. Our intimate times together were always rushed and in uncomfortable environments. I was never able to get enough time with her to get comfortable enough to get a good erection.

I told her that Saturday night I want to take her and her lover out to dinner. I want to meet him. I want to pick her up and we will meet him at the restaurant where I will turn her over to him.

She’s apprehensive at first but then agrees to my plan. That night while driving there, I instruct her on how to act. When she sees him, she is to go up to him like they are lovers. Kiss him and show him her affection. This will put him at ease and show the restaurant staff that they are lovers. I try to hide the fact that I am the cuckold.

The hostess shows us to our table but I see an empty booth which looks more intimate. I point to it and the hostess agrees that we can sit there. Carol slides into her seat and her lover slides in along side of her. I sit on the other side of the booth facing them.

Her young lover is the Alpha male and he knows it. He’s the Bull and even though I’m older then he, I address him as Sir, saying to him, “I want to congratulate you. You seem to have won my girlfriends favors. Whenever Carol and I were becoming intimate, I was under tremendous pressure to perform. Now you have relieved me of that pressure. I want to thank you, sir. I am now her cuckold and I will provide her with all of her worldly needs. Thank God we have you to provide her with the one thing that I cannot give her. Thank you sir.”

At the beginning of the meal, I toast the Bull by saying, “Thank you Sir for giving my mistress so much pleasure and sexual gratification. You make her happy and contented. I wish that I could watch you pleasuring her in the many ways that you do because when she comes back to me she is so happy, contented and sated.”

I’m the cuckold so I pay for their dinners and while I’m paying the check, he has his arms around her, kissing her. He is in his foreplay mode so he’s anxious to get her home.

She’s whispering something to him. I think she has taken compassion on me and she’s asking him if I can watch. I hear him say, “No.”

She looks at him seductively and in her soft sensual tone of voice says, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

Then she opens her mouth and circles her lips, wetting them with her tongue. Like me, he has no resistance to her so he agrees. We leave the restaurant and I follow them to his apartment. In the elevator going up to his apartment, he sets the ground rules, telling me that I am there as an observer. I am not to speak unless I’m spoken to yenimahalle escort and I will do whatever he says or I can leave. I answer each one of his commands with a, “Yes sir.”

In his apartment he commands, “Don’t get comfortable, we’re going into the bedroom.”

He has a double bed with end tables on either side and a dresser. He points to a corner telling me that I can sit there on the floor.

I sit on the floor with my back against the wall and they start kissing and caressing when he stops and glares at me saying, “No, no. I want you nude. Take all of your clothes off.”

“Yes sir.”

They both sit on the bed and watch me strip. They are both dressed so it’s embarrassing to be naked standing in front of them. He says to me, “Turn around so we can see all of you.”

He’s doing this to embarrass me. The shame and embarrassment causes my flaccid penis to shrink even smaller to a little boy size. There is nothing I can do to hide it. I sit back down on the floor as he says to my mistress, “I can see why you’re with me.”

They start kissing and undressing each other. By now they are standing and she pulls his silk boxers down exposing his erection. He’s proud of it and he poses in front of me with a smirk on his face. I feel so inadequate. He steps up to me so his erection is very close to my face saying, “You wanted to watch.”

“Yes sir.”

He did not want me there. In an arrogant tone of voice while looking down at me and his erection, he says, “Well Cuck, take a good look at it. You know where it’s going.”

“Yes sir.”

In front of my girlfriend, he’s demonstrating his superiority over me as he commands, “Give it a kiss good bye, Cuck. Get on your knees and kiss it.”

Oh God no. Not in front of my girlfriend. I look over at Carol to see if she would intervene but she just nods her head, “Yes.”

I kiss it and he commands, “No, no Cuck. Give it a good wet sloppy kiss. Take it in your mouth and get it nice and wet so I can slip it into my girl.”

Once again I look over to Carol but she just nods her head yes, saying, “Just do it.”

I take the head of his cock into my mouth and he grabs the back of my head and forces his cock deep into my throat. I gag as he says, “Oh that’s it. Yes. That’s enough Cuck.”

He pulls his cock out of my mouth and I look at my mistress. She’s smiling. She’s enjoying the show that he’s putting on for her. He goes to the bed where Carol lies back, opening her legs, saying to him, “You’re so bad.”

As he pushes his cock into her he replies, “He wanted to watch.”

She wraps her arms and legs around him while moaning in pleasure. I’m watching his buttocks rising up and then down as he pushes his erection deep into her ovaries. Like a wild animal, he begins to furiously pound in and out of her. He’s making guttural, grunting noises and she is crying out, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh, it’s getting so hot.”

She orgasms which causes him to stop and stiffen up his body and with one final push into her, he begins ejaculating into her ovaries. With each ejaculation, he grunts and his body jerks. One, two, three and on until his ejaculations diminish.

They lay in each others arms sated while the experience has left me feeling inadequate, jealous, eryaman escort humiliated and shamed. I’m emasculated to the point that I feel like I’m feminized but very much aroused.

After a while he gets up and stands by the bed facing me. Using his finger he beckons me to him. As I approach, he points to his wet flaccid penis saying, “Clean this up.”

In my aroused, feminized state, I drop to my knees saying, “Yes sir.”

He stops me and then positions me so that his penis and my mouth are in full view of Carol. His hanging penis with it’s thick coating of their combined juices glistens in the light. I’m overcome by the strong scent of her pheromones. He looks down at me and I see a look of surprise on his face as I realize that he is looking down at my very hard erection. The scent of her pheromones has caused it.

He places his hand on the back of my head and pulls me into him while feeding his cock into my mouth. I take him deep into my throat and begin sucking his penis clean. Their combined juices are sweet to the taste.

After I clean him, he motions to my mistress to open her legs so that I my clean her. I begin licking and sucking their juices out of her vagina. I’m so grateful to be a part of their love making.

I’m laying on the bed between her legs cleaning her and he is sitting on the edge of the bed watching me. It took me a while to get her clean but I continued licking her because I knew that I was pleasuring her. My neck was beginning to hurt me because of the angle I was at so I looked up at her Bull and said, “Sir, she is all clean.”

He replies, “Good. I want to fuck her again so be a good cuckold and get back on your knees and make me hard.”

“Yes sir.”

It didn’t take long to make him hard and then he sent me back to my corner where I watched him take my mistress again. This time it took them much longer to climax after which I cleaned them up again.

Then he said to me, “We’re going to sleep now so you go in the living room and sleep on the couch.”

“Yes sir.”

It was early in the morning when I heard them making love. It was very arousing hearing my girlfriend crying out in pleasure. I began masturbating to her sounds and I ejaculated when they climaxed. It got very quiet for a while and then her Bull called out to me, “Hey cuckold!”

“Yes sir.”

“Get in here and give us a cleaning.”

He is still working so on Saturday nights, I will pick up my mistress and we will meet him at a restaurant where I will turn her over to him. We will have dinner and then go to his apartment where we will go through the same routine. They have me there as there clean up man and he uses me to get him hard whenever he wants to do her again.

The shame and humiliation that I experience in front of my girlfriend, results in an extreme, intense intimacy between us.

One day during the week, I’ll meet with my girlfriend and she will spend the night with me. We will make love, ending with her masturbating me. It’s her way of ensuring that I remain her loving, obedient cuckold.

I have her Mondays to Fridays and then on Saturday night I bring her to her Bull. By then my E.D. condition has left her frustrated and so sexually aroused that she can’t get enough of her Bull. I’m happy that she is getting the pleasure and gratification that she has earned.

The relationship has been working for us and we are planning a weeks vacation for the three of us.

She has designs of us getting married and I let her think that but I know that I will never marry again.


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