My Teacher, My Prey

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This is my first attempt at a story so I would really appreciate any feedback. thanks.

It all started last fall when my parents sent me to serenity catholic residential, an all girls catholic boarding school 3000 miles away from home. I was 18 and in their eyes still a child. When they found out I was dating the boys from school they freaked out, and told me I was not to be dating until I was at least 20, and that I knew that already.

You see I grew up in a small catholic town with a population of about 5000. There wasn’t a whole hell of a lot to do other then go to the roller rink. Which was not my idea of fun. So I started hanging out at the docks. There was always something to do there and someone to talk to as it had become the local teen hangout.

After a couple days of hanging out there I met this guy Damion. He was the hottest thing I’d ever laid eyes on. Oh I wanted him bad. But I knew I’d never have him. He was the untouchable one of the crowd. But he was the most fun person to be around. He always had all the drugs and the booze. We would hang out all night, get high, and just talk about random crap.

Then one night when I came home higher then a kite. My parents were sitting in the living room waiting for me. They had a woman with them. Mrs. Anne Sawyer. She was the headmaster at SCR. And was there to bring me back with her. My parents had everything arranged without telling me a thing. When I left earlier that day they had gone into my room and packed all my bags. But there was only 1 small suitcase of clothes. It turned out id be wearing a uniform when I got there. And I could only wear my clothes over the weekends.

I was horrified. Not only was I going to be leaving home for the first time. I wasn’t going to be able to say goodbye to anyone. Not even Damion.

I got into the car with Mrs. Sawyer and bawled like a baby for the whole 10 hour drive to the school. It was the worst day of my life and I knew I was going to hate it there.

Or so I thought…

We pulled up to the school at about 7 am and were greeted by 1 other woman and a man, the assistant headmaster, Mrs. Beverly Jones, and the school administrator, Mr. Paul Corson.

Well Paul was a total hottie he looked to be about 26 and he had the best body id ever seen on any man. As soon as I saw him I completely forgot about Damion.

I had all my bags brought into my new room, and went down to see Paul to arrange my new schedule.

He greeted me at the door with a gorgeous smile. I felt my knees go week beneath me when I looked at him. He led me in by the arm and sat me down in the chair across from his desk.

When he started speaking I could feel myself getting wet. So when I heard him say he was also the history teacher, I instantly told him I loved history and would love to take that class.

My whole schedule got set up. I had history with Paul right after lunch starting Monday. So I had the whole weekend to myself. I was given permission from my parents to be allowed to leave campus during adiosbet yeni giriş my days off, yet I could not leave town.

Seeing as I didn’t know anyone or anywhere in the area I decided to sit in my room all weekend. My roommate hadn’t arrived yet so I had the whole room to myself.

I lay down on my bed and started reading one of my many romance novels. I was really getting into the story, until I got to the sex scene. It made me think of Paul. So I imagined that the scene in the book was about me and him. Before id even realized it my hand was down my pants rubbing my clit like crazy. I was gunna cum soon. That’s when I heard a gasp and a chuckle from my new roommate… and Paul. He had helped her carry her bags up to the room.

I was soo embarrassed yet soo turned on by him catching me like this, that I couldn’t move to cover myself up. I just kept going at it, staring him in the eyes. His eyes were full of lust and I knew id had him. I let my eyes wander down to his crotch when I came like a mad woman. I looked back to his crotch and noticed the big bulge starting to rise in his pants, and smiled at him. He stammered some uncomprehendable words and walked out shutting the door behind him.

That’s when I heard my roommate say, “ya he’s a hottie eh?”

I just nodded my head, still in a daze when she started laughing hysterically.

This brought me out of my daze quickly and I laughed with her, falling back down on the bed.

Her name was Mackenzie she was the same age as me and it was her 3rd year here.

She told me how all the girls wanted Paul, but nobody had succeeded yet to getting him.

But she thought that after the way he looked at me from show id just given him that I’d have a better chance than anyone thought. And she wanted to help make sure that I did get him.

She told me that the first week of school was casual dress as the uniforms have to arrive first so I’d better find something somewhat revealing to wear to his class.

DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT… my parents had packed my bags for me, and all the clothes they packed weren’t the slightest bit revealing.

I had to go shopping!!

Mackenzie and I left for the closest mall we could find. She knew her way around the whole city so getting around was easy.

We left with about 10 bags of clothes and shoes. I knew I was gunna be the hottest thing in school on Monday.

Monday morning finally came around. I was sooo excited yet soo nervous as I hadn’t seen Paul since he walked in on me the other day.

I put on the shortest mini skirt I could find, and a sheer black g string, with a very low rise shirt and no bra.

When I walked into his class, I saw his mouth hang open, and I heard comments from every other girl in the class. They were soooo jealous… I loved it.

While Paul starting talking about what we were gunna be learning about over the year I stared him in the eyes and started opening and closing my legs for him. I kept staring at him. I was in heaven, I could adiosbet giriş feel myself getting wet and I knew my panties were probably see through from all my juices by now.

I shifted in my chair which brought my skirt right up around my hips, and spread my legs for him. He started mumbling all his words when he looked down to see my exposed panty clad pussy.

He mumbled his way through the rest of the class and finally called it a day 20 mins early… I don’t think he could handle it anymore.

I took my time picking up my books and things just so I could be the last one in the class. When everyone had left I knocked my pen off the desk and leaned down to get it. I could hear him gasp from behind me. When I got an idea.

“Mr. Corson?”

“Yes Charly?”

“Some of the things you were talking about today I couldn’t really understand. Do u think I could come by at the end of the day so you could help me with it?”

“Umm, ok. Ill see you at 3:15 Charly”

With that I winked at him, thanked him and swayed my hips as I walked out of the class.

I sat through 2 excruciatingly long classes until 3:15 finally came along.

When I knocked on the door to his office I was extremely nervous.

He opened the door and smiled nervously at me.

“Come on in Charly”

I walked past him brushing myself up against him. And sat down in the chair across from his desk.

He hesitantly closed the door behind him, and sat back down on the other side of his desk.

I started asking him some stupid question about World War 2 that I already knew the answer to, as I leaned over closer to him. I knew he could see down my shirt as he kept taking glances then looking away afraid of being caught.

That’s when I spoke up and said “u like them, don’t u?”

He just looked at me with complete shock and nodded his head.

I started unbuttoning my shirt slowly as his eyes were glued to me. I had complete control and he knew it.

When I got down to the last button I said “do u wanna see more?” and stared lustfully at him.

He didn’t move… just looked at me.

So I said it again” do you want to see more?” as I toyed with the button.

He looked into my eyes like a terrified child and nodded his head.

I undid the last button and watched as his eyes widened and his mouth hung open. My nipples were totally hard as I started breathing heavily. He just continued to stare, when he attempted to reach out and touch me but pulled him self back.

I got up from my chair, walked around his desk and straddled his lap, facing him. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my tits. He looked into my eyes, looked at my tits then went for it. His hands were all over me squeezing and caressing me. He pinched my nipples and I let out a quiet moan. He continued his assault on my tits as I started grinding my pussy into his crotch. His breathing became deeper as he started thrusting forward with his hips. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth down to adiosbet güvenilirmi my nipples. He started sucking and biting them savagely.

I reached my hands down and started rubbing his growing erection through his pants and heard him groan. He looked up at me as I did this with his eyes full of lust and pulled me into him. He brought his mouth down on mine and kissed me senseless. I was no longer in control and he knew it. He picked me up and sat me down on his desk, grinned, and pulled my legs apart.

I was so wet I could feel my juices dripping down my legs, as his hands started working their way up my thighs. When he reached my drenched pussy he ripped my panties in 2 and started rubbing his fingers over my slit, but not entering me. I was squirming and loving every moment of it.

I gasped when I felt his tongue part my pussy lips. It was soo warm and wet. He licked up and down my slit, never touching my clit, but always coming close.

He continued this until he had me begging for release. When finally his tongue found my clit and he started sucking on it. It took me about 10 seconds before I was screaming in an explosive orgasm. He had my pussy juices all over his face and had a smile from ear to ear. He stood up and pulled down his pants as his cock sprung free. It was massive at least 9 inches and very thick. I had no idea how that was going to fit inside of me but I didn’t care. I wanted it and I wanted it now.

He positioned himself at my opening and slowly started to enter me. When he hit my hymen he stopped and looked like a frightened little boy again. I guess he didn’t know I was a virgin. He started pulling out when I grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way into me, letting out a cry as a sharp pain spread through my body. He tried to pull out again, he was very worried now. When I spoke up.

“Yes Mr. Corson I was a virgin, but I’m not anymore so u better fuck me now and make it memorable.

With that he began pumping himself in and out of my dripping wet pussy. He was soo hard and big and he filled me so full. I loved it. I never wanted it to end. He began to pick up the pace pounding his cock into my throbbing pussy. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust.

I pushed him off of me and told him to sit down in his chair.

He did and I lowered myself onto him. My pussy enveloping his thick rod. I slammed myself onto him and began bouncing on his cock. I could feel my juices dripping out of me. He grabbed my ass and started lifting me up and down as he thrust himself into me. I was screaming and moaning, yelling out his name as another orgasm washed over me.

He yelled out, “Oh Charly, I’m almost there, I’m gunna cum”

With that I climbed off of him, got on my knees and sucked him off as he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, and kept sucking… he was still hard. Boy was this going to be a fun afternoon.

We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking every way possible in his office.

When I went back to my room that night. Mackenzie looked at me and burst out laughing.

“Well?” she asked.

“Oh my god!!!” was all I could say as we both started laughing.

Thanks mom and dad for sending me here… I really learned my lesson. He he he

To be continued…

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