My Strict Young Governess Ch. 04

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My Strict Young Governess Ch. 04

The Little Red Book

By Susan Greenway

[You may find this story more enjoyable if you read My Strict Young Governess Chs. 1, 2 & 3, in which the characters are introduced. However, you may also read this one and decide if it is to your fancy. This story involves severe discipline and bodily functions. If either of these topics bothers you, please do not read the story. All characters are well over 18.]

Suzanne, my 25-year-old governess, had been living with my husband and me for a few months. The experience with her controlling everything I do has been exhilarating. I’m 45 and had been married for about 25 years but felt I needed someone to take charge of me, other than my husband.

Ned was a good provider and great in bed. For reasons I probably will never be able to explain, I wanted a strict young woman to supervise me in all my doings. Suzanne had met the need, including the major need I have to be embarrassed and humiliated. She decided on what I would wear and had made me wear juvie and shameful clothing.

We met another pair of women–a governess named Linda who was Suzanne’s age, who was in charge of her Aunt Frances, whom she referred to as Franny. This encounter occurred when Suzanne had taken me to a shop called Melanie’s Feminine Fashions, where my governess had selected what she felt were appropriate clothes for me. She and Linda apparently shared the view that we middle-aged submissive women should be dressed in dowdy old-fashioned outfits, including granny panties, as well as short skirts and other apparel that would make us seem embarrassingly juvenile.

Linda and I had agreed to have teas at each other’s houses on a regular basis. These usually turned out to be occasions when Franny and I would be subjected to humiliating inspections, followed by administration of punishments and other shaming situations. The two had been inviting a young saleswoman at Melanie’s shop, Adrienne, who was blonde and lithe, and quite sophisticated despite being barely 20 years old.

At the tea today Adrienne had arrived in a spirited mood which Linda and Suzanne found pleasing. She indicated to them that she wished to speak privately with them, so Franny and I were dispatched to Franny’s room and told to play quietly as if we were young girls. When we arrived there and Linda left to return to the tea with Suzanne and Adrienne, Franny smiled and told me that I was lucky that Suzanne was not as cruel with me as her niece Linda was in dominating her as her governess.

I agreed that Suzanne was a considerate governess and her rule in my home had been salutary. But then I disclosed to Franny that that did not mean that she gave me a lot of slack in things like toilet supervision, which could be especially shaming.

“She does tell me that she wants me to become able to defecate cleanly without leaving any residue around my anal opening,” I reported. “So, she makes me do my business on a toilet seat she has set up on the floor so she can watch my movement slide out of my anus and coach me on not clenching so as to cut it off before it has emerged completely.”

Franny then agreed that Suzanne had her aspects that were as severe in their own way as Linda’s, but that she did have a nicer manner. I was willing to go along with that.

Meanwhile, Adrienne was showing Linda and Suzanne a small book which Melanie’s shop was now selling to dominant women, many of whom were regular patrons of the shop.

“This Little Red Book, as we are calling it, is a perfect way to keep track of your adult child’s behavior,” she said. “Deb or Franny, for example, will always be required to have it on their person or in their purse. It is set up and the pages arranged so that when the girl misbehaves, she may be told to hand the book to her governess. Then there are specific pages for the governess to enter such offenses, the punishment awarded, the date and time, and comments.

“Other sections provide spaces for you to enter the dates of her menstrual periods, the amount of flow each day, records of any accidents (and also for urinary accidents), and again, appropriate comments. The front section has places for you to enter her age, measurements, including length of her vulva, and clothing sizes. Perhaps most useful is a scoresheet, so to speak, where you award naughty marks, from 1 to 5, depending on how serious her naughty behavior has been on any occasion when she has earned them. You can keep a running score so that you may decide to spank or cane her when she has acquired either a set number of marks, such as 10 or 20, or a specific number within a day, week, or month.”

“Who designed this charming product?” Linda asked, as she paged through the small book’s contents.

“Oh, this was put together by one of our staff, Jacqueline, who is an old friend of Melanie’s and worked for a number of publications before she came on board at the shop as business manager for Melanie,” Adrienne said with a smile. “She herself has been a governess bursa escort bayan but has told us that she wants to pass on her knowledge to those of us who are younger, like the three of us, so we can benefit from her experience.”

“It sounds like she’s thought of quite a great range of information that would be useful to us,” Suzanne joined in. “I assume the incident or offense report will accommodate a detailed report of events such as panty inspections and such.”

“Oh yes,” Adrienne replied brightly, “and there is a place to enter continuing disciplinary actions, such as early bedtimes, groundings, or maintenance spankings, punishments that continue from day to day for a certain time or indefinitely.”

“I wonder if there may be a problem with the girl possessing the little book,” Linda speculated. “Do you think she may be tempted to try to alter entries or even remove pages that she would prefer were not there?”

“We think that it’s good for her to be able to see what her record contains,” Adrienne observed in response. “This may get her to think before she acts, which is definitely something we assume governesses would like to encourage.

“When you purchase the book, we will give you two special pens–they are the only instruments that can be used to write in the book. And I hope you emphasize that the consequences will be severe if there is any attempt to alter entries or destroy any of the pages or contents. In that respect, we now will provide at your order packages of stinging nettles which are receiving regularly.”

“I’ve read about using nettles,” Linda said, “but have either of you used them or seen them used?”

Suzanne nodded negatively but Adrienne said she had recently been retained as babysitter for a woman in her late 30s who lived at her mother’s home but had become unruly and defied her mother.

“I suggested that she give us a call whenever she felt the daughter needed to be disciplined,” Adrienne reported, “and I went to their home on several occasions. Usually, she wanted me to take physical control and give her daughter a good spanking or caning. The daughter tended to become very quiet and never resisted when I would order her to lift her skirt or take down slacks and then panties.

“What did surprise me was when the mother, who seemed quiet and restrained in every way, came over to me and whispered that her daughter had behaved very badly,” Adrienne related. “She then told me in that whisper that she had placed some nettles and gloves on the side table behind her, and would I please sit on the chair in front of that table, spank her daughter in the usual position, and then apply the nettles to her bottom, ending with pressing them into ‘all of her openings.'”

Linda and Suzanne were spellbound. “So how did that go?” Suzanne managed to ask.

“I had the daughter across my lap and spanked her well,” Adrienne went on. “Then keeping my arm over her waist to prevent her from rising or even moving, I reached back and put on the gloves. Then I picked up two of the stems with leaves and gently applied them to the daughter’s mature bottom. It took a bit for her to realize what was happening and she began to scream.

“I was able to hold her in position,” Adrienne said, “and I then ran them down into her anal crack, poked into her bottom-hole, and then moved them slowly through her legs and, as requested, pressed them into ‘all of her openings’. She had passed the point of screaming and seemed to have lost all ability to resist with what must have been the stinging sensation she felt in those places.”

“That’s quite an account,” Linda managed to comment first. “I was spanked growing up and for the most part, I don’t feel it did me much harm, and possibly when I had been a total brat, maybe it did me some good. Or maybe it just made me want to be a governess!”

Linda smiled at her own recollection of being a naughty girl, and then added, “I was often spanked by an older woman who was our family babysitter, and I must have heard about nettles, maybe even from her, but probably not. I dared to ask her if she would use nettles on my bottom if I were very naughty, and she looked at me with a blank expression and merely said to me, ‘If you continue to be a naughty girl, it could happen.'”

“Do you both think you will want to have this little book?” Adrienne brought the talk back to her product.

“Definitely,” Suzanne said. Linda nodded her agreement.

They told Adrienne to wait while they brought Franny and me back to the room.

When we were back, they asked Adrienne to tell us about the book and how we would use it. Adrienne emphasized for them that the book was fair because it would record what they did and how they were disciplined, so that rather than relying on imperfect memory, Suzanne and Linda would know just what had happened when we had misbehaved previously.

“We also like the idea of giving you naughty marks when you behave badly,” Linda told us. “Sometimes it doesn’t make sense for you to be spanked görükle escort right when we are most angry with you, both because we may not decide wisely in that state of mind and also because it may not be a convenient time for us or for you. The marks will allow us to review your behavior and respond accordingly.”

We had been at Linda’s and Franny’s home for quite some time and Suzanne suggested that it was time to leave. Shortly, then, we retrieved our coats and bid our hostesses good-bye. I was still thinking I was lucky not to have Linda as my governess, but I also saw a side of her that seemed to have the good of her aunt in mind. She was not just a disciplinary automaton. I felt sorry for Franny mostly because she needed the control.

When we got home, Suzanne began filling out the pages on my profile in the book. I recited things like my clothing sizes and personal measurements, and even managed to talk about my period without blushing. Then Suzanne grinned and said she knew it was embarrassing, but she did need to have me pull down my panties so she could measure the length of my vulval slit.

This did make my face turn red, but I did raise my short skirt and lower my little panties she had made me wear that day. Then I spread my legs as I was sitting on the edge of the couch, hoping as I exposed my pussy that my husband wouldn’t walk into the room, although he had seen my genitals more than anyone else.

Suzanne had a little tape measure and she placed one end right above my clit at where my labia began and extended it down to where they again reunited before my taint. Even she, I thought, was not ready to say anything as she measured my lady parts.

I asked her about the marks. “Giving me those marks when you think I deserve them is so shameful,” I said quietly, “but maybe it is what I need.”

“I’m glad you said that,” Suzanne responded, “because I think that you will behave better if you think about how many marks you might get if you do something naughty, Deb. We already do go over how you’ve behaved for the week when you and I sit down every Friday afternoon. I expect that your maintenance spanking then will be based on how many naughty marks are in the book for the week.”

I didn’t tell her that I thought the book was quite the clever idea. I felt this way because I remembered from school how teachers would make you feel very nervous and afraid when they took out their grade book and made an entry when they had caught you misbehaving, like passing notes or talking during class. It was like their use of their red pen in marking your papers or their writing cutting comments on your report card.

Later that day, Suzanne must have been unable to suppress a very unladylike fart, something that I had noticed that occurred more with younger women, who had not been as thoroughly schooled in controlling natural acts like that. I couldn’t resist laughing and Suzanne looked at me with a very annoyed look on her face.

“Deb,” she said sharply, “are you making fun of my farting?”

I tried to be serious, but I just said that coming from my governess, it seemed funny.

“You do need to show me a little more respect than that,” she snapped. “If I pass gas, it is because I can’t always control its release. It’s not something for you to laugh about.”

Then she took out the little red book and started writing in it.

“I’m giving you two naughty marks for that, Deb,” she said very angrily. “And you’ve made me lose my patience, which is really worse than your making fun of me.”

I tried to apologize but she was in a huff. I was ordered to unzip and remove my skirt. Then she marched me over to the table and told me to bend across it. I felt her slowly pulling my panties down to my knee. Suzanne ordered me to spread my legs well apart and I now feared whatever implement was going to be kissing my bottom soon.

“You really need some discipline, Deborah,” she intoned. I felt her eyes staring at my protruding bottom and at my pussy which must have been pooching out down between my spread legs. Even though my underpants were real granny panties, I felt so ashamed to feel them down at my knees and I prayed that I didn’t have any stains in the crotch.

Sure enough, I felt Suzanne behind me peering into the crotch of the panties.

“There’s a smudge in your panties where you missed some doody in your wiping,” she commented derisively. “That earns you two more naughty marks, Deborah.”

Her use of my full name always meant that she was disappointed and annoyed with me. Now I could tell that she was holding her favorite thin cane.

She lay it on my bottom, drew it back, and I heard the swish and then the crack when it hit my bottom right in the middle. She followed that stroke quickly with two more in the very same area. After she allowed some time for the strokes to sink in, she fired three more at the very base of my bottom, where it really hurts, and the sting lasts for a long time.

“That’s six, Deborah,” she bursa escort bayan said, still sounding peeved at me. “I should give you more but instead, you’re going to bed early, right now.”

I was marched to my bedroom and before I was put in bed, I had to wash myself and brush my teeth while she watched. Then I sat down and peed, while she watched me wipe thoroughly. Before I could leave, she told me to get up on the table she had placed at one end of our large bathroom.

She said that I was going to be diapered. And that I was lucky, because if it were during the day, I would also be wearing plastic pants that would crackle when I walked.

“It would sound like you were farting constantly,” she said mordantly. And then she laughed, undoubtedly at the spectacle she was imagining of me walking along and farting incessantly.

She hadn’t told me that she had ordered a package of fresh nettles from Adrienne before that young woman left to return to Melanie’s Feminine Fashions. A package arrived as I was about to be put to bed at 4:30 P.M. Suzanne went to the front door to sign for the package–I soon learned that it was the package of nettles she had ordered.

“Because of your overall behavior, Deborah,” she said very sternly, “you are going to have some of these in your panties, or in the case now, in your diaper.”

She untaped my diaper, put on the plastic gloves that had arrived in the package, and then grasped some of the bunch, only a few, and placed them in the crotch of my diaper. I was totally frightened because I knew little about nettles, but I did remember hearing that they stung and used to be used as a feared punishment.

She pulled my diaper up tight after putting them in the crotch and retaped it. Then she told me to get back in bed. She sat there for a while, and I soon felt a terrible stinging sensation down there. One of the nettle leaves, it seemed, was right on my clit and the sting was horrible. I started moving my middle and my bottom in a fruitless effort to stop the sting, but nothing helped.

“Please, Suzanne, this is horrible, I’ll be good, I really will, I’ll wipe so well when I make doody, please, please, let me out of this!!” I pleaded.

She must have decided that she had made her point. Very calmly, she stood and came over and lifted the blankets. Then she untapped the diaper and had me lift my bottom so she could take it off. The nettles went with it, in the crotch. I could see that they had wilted but they had done their insidious work. My clit and my whole pussy were burning with the stings.

Suzanne took me to the bathroom and saw that I was truly in pain. She took out some cream and started to rub it on my pussy. I cried that my clit was on fire. She softly applied the cream there and first it hurt more but gradually the fire subsided.

She then sat on the toilet with its cover closed and took out the little book. She started writing in it.

“I’m making a note about your being given the nettles,” she said. “I promise not to use them again unless you misbehave seriously, Deb. I think that once you get over your anger at me, you will behave well like a good girl more of the time.”

I decided to take the initiative in improving Suzanne’s attitude toward me. I asked her if she would like it if I gave her some oral pleasuring in her front and rear.

Surprisingly, Suzanne smiled at me, reached under her skirt, and pulled her stylish patterned panties down and off. Then she sat on the other side of my bed and leaned back on the pillow and headboard while lifting her knees so that when she spread her knees and kept her feet flat, her pudendum was on full display. Her sex was quite attractive with auburn hair and medium-sized labia. Her little clit was now firm and protruding from her vulva slit.

I moved myself so I was lying on my stomach and placed my head between her spread legs. I found her intimate smell to be lovely as I began licking her pussy lovingly. I felt more wetness as I moved by tongue and even got it inside her vaginal opening. She then pulled her legs up and together so as to expose her very cute little puckered anal opening. I bent down and began licking it and insinuating my tongue into her bottom-hole. It wasn’t long before she orgasmed.

When she had calmed down from her excitement, she smiled at me and pulled her to her face and kissed me on my mouth. I told her she had been a wonderful governess and I was so glad she was mine.

She grinned some more and asked, “And is that so even when I discipline you, Deb?”

“Yes, Suzanne,” I answered, “because I’ve seen that you only do punish me when I have behaved like a naughty girl.”

That seemed to please her because she took the little red book and made an entry.

“You know that I am able to enter positive things about your behavior in the book, Deb,” she observed. “I’m putting down that you showed me very satisfying affection even though I had punished you severely by placing nettles in your diaper.”

I told her that I was very grateful to her for that nice note she had written. I added that while I hoped she would not need to punish me so severely in the future, I was resigned to the fact that I clearly needed to be disciplined from time to time to ensure my good behavior.

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