My Sister, My Property

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Fantasy… Not Real… Purely For Kinky Entertainment Purposes Only

I own my sister, Gina. Exactly what do I mean by that? Well… I own my sister, Gina. She gave herself to me. She’s my property. I do with her what I want. Anything and everything. I get off on that power. And Gina gets off… big time… on being owned by her younger, very kinky brother. Our kinkiness is a shared trait though. Gina’s into as much wild shit as I am.

I had her chained up to the ceiling in my shed the other day. She loves when I do that. She’s suspended above the ground, hands handcuffed behind her back, ball gag in her mouth. A studded dog collar around her neck, weighed nipple clamps on her phat nipples. I let her hang there till I wanna go in there and use her… or let someone else use her. It’s totally up to me.

My girl Kaia was blowing me upstairs in our bedroom while Gina was in the shed. There’s a window right behind my bed so I can lay on the bed and look out the window to check out the shed.

Mmmmmmm. Kaia’s blonde head bobbing on my cock kinda distracted me from watching the shed. I have the door on it opened. No reason really. I just felt like it.

Those sweet lips. That naughty tongue. Those glossy, rippling lips gliding up and down my thick, throbbing shaft. Kaia’s spit rolling down my cock to my balls. So distracting. Fuck! I almost came. Kaia’s dirty danced her tongue all the way up and down the underside of my shaft, making my massive cock lurch in her throat. Sexiest girlfriend ever by the way.

I looked out the window. I could see Gina slowly swinging sahabet güvenilirmi back and forth from the ceiling. Her slightly saggy 36Ds hanging down so beautifully under her. The weighted nipple clamps forcefully pulling down on her large nipples. I’m sure her milk was dribbling outta her nips. I love drinking it so fucking much.

My cock was still sore from ass fucking Gina literally all night long the night before. I came six times. She makes me cum more than even Kaia. I’m just obsessed with fucking my big titty older sister.

Kaia orally massaged my cock perfectly. Her mouth and tongue working together in naughty tandem, pleasuring me so fucking much, I ended up cumming down her throat twice in a row. She drank every last drop too. She never spills one. My bitch is the best at that. She never wastes a drop of sperm. Never. I’m marrying this bitch for sure.

After Kaia finished me off, she hit the shower and I went down to the shed to check on my slave sister. I walked in… not saying a word. Gina locked eyes on me immediately. I slowly walked around her, checking her bound body from every possible angle. Running my right hand all over her curvy frame, squeezing those awesome tits, tickling her tummy, then rubbing her slick slit. I smacked her big butt, squeezing and shaking it, then smacking it even harder. She cooed and moaned happily, very much enjoying having her bound body being inspected by me.

More squeezing and prodding of her luscious curves and throbbing holes. My sister’s milky juices all over my fingers.

I walked back sahabet yeni giriş around behind her and pryed her big cheeks apart. I simply bent down and spit right on her bunghole, spitting once more before I stood back up and breathed deep. I could feel Gina vibrating as I softly rubbed my right hand across her ass, squeezing and slapping it three times, then very gently massaging it.

A minute later, my fourteen inch cock was buried balls deep up her large ass, her bowels banging on my cock from every direction. She screamed in ecstasy as I deep dicked her butt in the shed, my hips slamming into her as my cock did. I rubbed her pussy glazing fast as I drilled up her butt non stop through three of her orgasms. She was dripping all over the wooden floor as my giant cock ravaged her ass relentlessly.

Gina kept screaming into the ball gag as I kept up the rough anal banging. Her bug bouncy jugs flopping under her. I reached down and squeezed them as hard as I could, driving my cock even harder up her thumping butt. Gina started crying from cumming so much. She was up to five violent squirts. She came so hard each time, her milky discharge splashed the floor like dumping a bucket of paint onto it would.

I finally slammed all the way in once more and cum dumped up her ass, Gina crying in pleasure into the ball gag, her spit hanging from it, her eyes rolled back in her head. I leaned forward, grinning wide as my cock jumped each time I mercilessly shot my creamy seed into her battered bowels. I shook and squeezed the gorgeous breasts, her milk shooting sahabet giriş between my fingers as I roughly manhandled her big udders, my cock still cumming in her ass.

I spent the next ten minutes under her, furiously breastfeeding, roughly sucking her tits as all of that divine milk shot down my thirsty throat.

I walked out and left Gina, not saying a word to her after using my bitch for an hour. I could hear her crying from the intense pleasure, whimpering and moaning with sex slave delight.

Kaia fed her and gave her water, letting her down to use the bathroom, then chaining her back up.

We let a couple of friends come by and use her, fucking her whore holes as much as they wanted… for a fee of course… then they left and Kaia used Gina, violently fucking her ass with a massive strap on while I pissed all over her face.

I fucked Kaia as Gina watched, cumming all over my girl’s smiling face as she knelt in front of me, slapping my sister’s dominated slave face as I did. I did let Gina suck me clean, removing the ball gag just long enough for her to do so.

Kaia and I went back inside and went upstairs, watching a movie and fucking again in out bed as Gina stayed chained up in the shed. I gave her the next day off from the shed, letting her sleep in a doggy bed by our bed. Kaia and I both used her the entire day and night. Gina cooked for us and bathed us both. We used her as a human urinal and cum dump. Kaia came in Gina’s mouth six times during the day. I came in her holes four times… and once all over her milk melons as Kaia sucked on them.

My sister is mine. She loves me and I love her. She loves being owned by me. Used by me. She exists to please me in anyway I want… and I love her so much for it. It’s a very beautiful relationship. My sister is my property. And neither of us want it to ever end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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