My Senior Year Ch. 03: Rhiannon

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After returning from holidays and discovering that Courtney had moved to another part of the country, I was glum. At the best of times I had been lonely, but I at the end term I finally had someone to share private — albeit brief — moments. Then she was taken from me. I missed her deeply.

I retreated even more than usual from school social life, and found myself frequenting the school’s music rooms more often than before. The music rooms were usually empty during lunchtime, so I could sit and listen to music or play guitar without being disturbed.

The weather at the start of the second term of my senior year was unseasonably warm. One lunchtime, a little over a week into the term, all of the upstairs rooms were in use thanks to their air conditioning. I headed downstairs to a music room that was less used and almost guaranteed to be free on account of it lacking air conditioning.

The sound of a flute greeted me as I approached the door. It sounded bad, and I knew instantly who was playing: Rhiannon. She wasn’t a particularly good musician, but she enthusiastically tried her best to learn every instrument she could get her hands on.

I stopped and leaned against the wall outside the room. I was reluctant to enter given the piercing squeaks of the flute emanating from the room, but I reasoned that at least I’d only have to share the room with one person with that noise.

I bit the bullet and entered. The door was in the back left corner of the room and Rhiannon was standing in the middle at an angle, facing the front left corner. She was reading the music from a stand, but saw me in her periphery and acknowledged me with a flick of her eyes and a nod.

I motioned to a chair and raised my eyebrows. She nodded again and continued to play. I took a seat in the back right corner, behind Rhiannon.

Although I had already pulled out a book and intended to read, I glanced over at Rhiannon and noticed how her navy blue slacks were stretched tight over her bottom and thighs, flaring slightly at the knees. That really is a nice arse, I thought.

It would be a lie to say that I hadn’t always found Rhiannon attractive. At one point I even had a crush on her. She was short and slim — petite — with slightly Germanic features, and red hair that she wore in pigtails. While other girls preferred to wear the school’s blue blouse and plaid skirt, Rhiannon opted for the alternative navy blue slacks and polo shirt that accentuated her figure.

I shook my head and buried my nose in my book. The cacophony of squeaks and squeals slowly faded into the background.

After I had read for about ten minutes, I suddenly became aware that room had become quiet. I looked up to see that Rhiannon had lowered her trabzon escort flute and was flicking through her music book.

“This one time … at band camp,” I said to myself.

I could have kicked myself. What had come over to me? I hated that film and felt dirty just for saying it aloud. I hoped Rhiannon hadn’t heard.

“I stuck a flute in my pussy,” came the reply.

Rhiannon turned and we locked eyes. My eyes darted away, but flicked back to see her thin lips had formed a smile.

She laughed softly.

“You’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?” she teased playfully.

I exaggeratedly tilted my head to one side, then the other, as though I was weighing up the question. Internally I shrugged; why lie?

“You know what, yes. Yes, I would.”

“Look at you cracking jokes, Forrest Grump.”

I stared at her.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” she continued. “I’m pretty sure everyone else has too. What’s up?”

I didn’t know whether or not to confide in her, but I needed to tell someone.

“I miss Courtney,” I said at last.

“Courtney?” she asked rhetorically. “I didn’t know you were close.”

“Only for a little while, just before she moved. We should have had more time. Now she’s gone.”

“I’m sorry.”

I looked at Rhiannon. She meant it.

We sat in silence, until she spoke again.

“Could you hold this for a moment?” she asked, holding out her flute.

I stood up and walked over to her, taking the instrument from her. She wrapped her arms around my midriff and gave me a hug. I felt genuinely touched by the gesture.

After she let go of me, she walked to the door and closed it, dragging a desk up against the doorjamb so that it couldn’t be pushed open from the outside. She returned to me and took the flute back.

“I’m not Courtney, but I think I can oblige you somewhat,” she said with a mischievous grin.

I was puzzled, but before I could saying anything Rhiannon had unbuttoned her slacks and peeled them down to her knees, revealing a pair of jet black panties. She winked, then sat on a desk and wiggled her bottom back until she could bend her knees and put her feet on the edge of the desk. Her short stature came in handy.

Her upper back was now flat on the desk, her neck bent forward toward her knees. She grasped the flute in one of her small hands and put the other between her legs, pulling her panties aside by the gusset.

I could see her thin, narrow slit, a little wet around the edges. She positioned the flute and slowly pushed it past her small labia.

Rhiannon started sliding the flute in and out of herself as I watched with surprise. I felt the familiar sensation of blood rushing to my member and it stiffening. trabzon escort bayan As I watched her, I started stroking myself through my trousers.

I became harder and harder was I watched Rhiannon fuck herself with the flute. She let out soft moans of pleasure as she thrust the instrument into her slit.

I couldn’t take it anymore and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my trousers, and pulled them and my underwear to my knees. My hand went to my erect member and I began to slowly tug myself off.

Rhiannon raised her head to look at me. The flute stopped moving.

“Come over here,” she said. It was an invitation rather than a command.

I let myself go and waddled over to her.

“Around here,” she said, jerking her head.

I approached her, my erection level with her face. She turned her head to the side and opened her mouth.

I understood and guided my hard member into her mouth. Her thin lips tightened around me and sucked. I rocked back and forth, sliding in and out of her mouth.

Rhiannon made a muffled sound and I pulled out.

“Stand above me,” she gasped.

I moved so that I was facing the top of head, looking at her face upside down. She tilted her head back, so the top of her head pointed toward the floor, and licked her lips. Again, I understood, and moved forward to insert my member between her lips.

“Mmm,” she moaned as I entered her mouth.

I began to thrust into her mouth, feeling the breath from her nose on my scrotum. As much as I had enjoyed my first time with Courtney, Rhiannon was making me realise how vanilla it was.

Rhiannon made a gurgling sound and I withdrew from her mouth. I noticed that she had dropped the flute on the floor.

She sat up, her back to me.

“That was pretty intense,” she said, catching her breath.

“You’re telling me,” I replied, watching her saliva drip off the end of my penis.

“That didn’t happen at band camp.”

We burst into laughter.

“I think I’m ready to try a different instrument,” she said, turning around and grinning cheekily.

“What do you suggest?” I asked.

“Grab another desk and put it under my head. Put your bag on top like a pillow.”

I did as she said, finding it easier to do so after I removed my lower clothing, and she made herself comfortable on the makeshift bed. As I arranged the furniture, she removed her shoes, slacks and panties.

“I’ll need something for my feet too,” she said, extending her legs off the desk and wiggling her feet.

I nudged the flute out of the way and dragged two more desks over, putting one under each of her feet so she could put her knees up while hanging her abdomen slightly off the edge of the desk. Rhiannon’s escort trabzon head was angled up so we could see each other, and I noticed that her pubic mound was completely shaved.

“Good enough?” I asked.

“It’ll do.”

I walked down the path toward her, my member like a spear flying toward its target.

I stopped.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“No, just … this might be better with your shirt off.”

“I could say the same for you.”

I nodded and started to remove my shirt.

Rhiannon sighed.

“Guys and tits.”

She put her legs down on the floor and stood up. She only came up to my shoulders.

I noticed how the polo shirt clung tightly to her body. Her moderately-sized breasts made a perky bulge in her shirt. She grasped the hem and pulled the shirt over her head.

Rhiannon swiftly unclasped her black bra and let it fall to the floor. We stood before each other, naked but for our socks. Instinctively, we embraced. She stood on her toes and I bent my neck so that we could kiss.

As we kissed, I carefully lifted her and sat her on the edge of the desk. My throbbing member pressed against her stomach.

She positioned herself with her knees up and legs spread apart.

I entered her slowly, my glans penetrating past her labia. When I was all the way in, I stopped and extended my arms, gripping her small, perky breasts and squeezing. She sighed.

“Guys and tits,” she said again.

I swung my pelvis back, sliding part the way out of her, then thrust back in. Rhiannon moaned slightly.

I thrust again, harder and faster this time. She grabbed the edges of the desk. In and out I thrust, over and over. I was in control of the thrusts this time, and tried carefully to regulate it so I didn’t cum too soon.

We were both sweating due to the heat of the room and the exertion. The heat radiated off our eighteen-year-old bodies as we rutted like a pair of grunting animals. This was only the second time I’d had sex, but I felt much more confident, much more dominant.

I pumped and pumped Rhiannon. A bead of sweat rolled off her forehead. I reached down and use my thumb to stimulate her clitoris. She yelped in surprise, then moaned even louder. I was thankful for the soundproofing.

“Oh, oh, yes!” Rhiannon wailed. “Fuck yes!”

I continued to thrust my cock into Rhiannon’s cunt until I reached orgasm and ejaculated, making one final plunge as I started going limp. A stream of white semen poured from Rhiannon’s slit. I liked the look of my cum dribbling from a girl’s cunt.

We were both panting in the still air of the room. Rhiannon caught her breath and reached down between her legs. She scooped some of my cum onto her fingers and brought them to her mouth, licking them clean.

“I’ve always wanted to taste it,” she said. “Next time you’ll have to cum in my mouth.”

We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed.

I did, in fact, end up coming in Rhiannon’s mouth a few times during that year.

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