My Night with the Internet Star Pt. 02

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My night with the internet star. Part 2.

I awoke early the next morning. I am used to being up early, the job I work requires me to start my days by 6:00 A.M., so usually by 5:00 A.M., I am awake and starting my day. Today was a bit later than usual, it was 6:15 when my eyes opened. I rolled over to see Jacob curled up in a ball on the edge of the bed, his naked body, barely covered by the blankets. I pulled some over top of him and wandered into the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror with the water running, just staring at myself. I was so happy I did manage to get alone time with him and even though some of the night was uneasy or nerve-racking for me at points, I had built up such a passion and desire for him that when the moment arouse, I went with the flow. I would never have thought I would have slept with a man, sucked a dick, or swallowed cum, but there was something about hm that just made me want it. My hope was that last night wasn’t a one-night stand, hoping the interest, or continuing interest wasn’t only mine and that he felt the same. But I was nervous and concerned how the day was going to go once he woke up. I brushed my teeth, cleaned up a bit and decided I needed some coffee and a smoke to start my day. I quietly got dressed, grabbed the room key and went down to the lobby.

I was down there a while sipping coffee and reading the local newspaper. I went outside for a smoke and on my way back past the breakfast area, I made Jacob a coffee and brought it back to my room for him. When I arrived, Jacob was lying flat on his back, still sound asleep. I didn’t want to wake him, but I wanted to get a start on my day. I rummaged through my suitcase, gathering some clothes and started the shower. I stepped into the shower as the hot water cascaded down the back of my head and shoulders. I wasn’t in the shower for more than about 2 minutes, when I heard Jacob’s voice call into the bathroom.

“Hey Rick, do you mind if I pee? I really need to go.”

“Of course,” I replied.

I heard the bathroom door swing fully open as Jacob walked across the floor. I heard him lift the toilet set and heard the sound of him peeing as I was just frozen under the water. It was weird knowing just outside the thin shower curtain, was a man I had slept with last night standing there peeing. I heard him flush and he turned on the water at the sink. I could slightly see his reflection on the mirror and I could tell he was splashing his face with water. I saw his hands open one of the little complimentary toothbrushes and start brushing his teeth. It was overly quiet, surreal and a bit awkward, so I finally summoned the strength to blurt out, “Hey I brought you up a coffee, it’s on the table by the TV.

“Oh, thank you.” Jacob replied, in a tone of absolute appreciation.

He exited the bathroom, leaving the door open as I continued my shower. After washing my hair and rinsing it off, I could see through open part of the shower curtain, that Jacob was leaning along the wall, just outside the bathroom door, sipping his coffee and watching me, or at least trying to catch a glimpse of me in the shower. As I washed my body, I saw he was further into the door frame, standing there naked, coffee in hand just veering through the small opening of the curtain.

Feeling anxious but rather intrigued I blurted out, “You can join me if you like.”

Almost embarrassed, knowing he got caught Jacob mumbled out, “Sorry, I just never watched a man in a shower.

He güvenilir bahis stood there frozen for a few seconds and then said, “If you don’t mine, I’d love to join you.”

Jacob set his coffee down on the sink and pulled the curtain back. As he stepped in, I felt a tingle in my loins and my cock started to get a bit harder and longer than before. Jacob’s cock was just hanging full and plump. He’s a show’er, not a grower, as I am a grower, not a show’er. I stepped back letting Jacob get under the hot water. I stood behind him, as his back was to me. The water cascaded down off of his head, neck and shoulders, as he used his hands to swish it through his hair and along his arms getting himself wetter and wetter with each passing second. I rubbed along his back and shoulders, giving him that human touch I believe he needed. I filled my Luffa full of soap and started washing his back as he stood there, letting the warmth of the shower water caress his body. I washed the back of his neck along his shoulders, the outsides of his arms, all over his back and down and over his ass cheeks. I handed him the luffa to him as he washed the front of his body up and down. I used my hands and assisted the water in removing the soapiness from his back. Jacob scrubbed his face and hair really well and turned to rinse the soap from his face. As he did, I noticed the flaccid penis he had stepped into the shower with, was now fully erect and standing straight up. Seeing this sent hormonal rages through me and within seconds my cock was rock hard.

When Jacob finished rinsing his head and face and wiped the water away from his eyes, we were standing face to face. Our eyes met and we stood in silence just staring at each other. I placed my hands on the outsides of both of his shoulders and gently rubbed up and down his arms to his elbows. As he edged in closer Jacob’s hands rested on the sides of my ribs while he gently rubbed up and down along my torso.

“I am glad we had this weekend together.” He stated.

“I am too.” I replied.

Jacob edged in closer, almost chest to chest with me. Our heads each tilted to the right and we both leaned in for the first kiss of the morning, it was instant passion as our tongue swirled around each other’s mouths. Our chests touching, our dick’s literally poking against one another. My arms wrapped around him as the water continued spraying from the shower head, bouncing off both of our heads, misting as it sprayed us both. Jacob’s hands grasped and squeezed may ass cheeks as my arms pulled him in tighter. Jacob pulled from our kiss, smiled at me, licked his lips and started kissing the side of my neck. He worked his way down along my collar bone, across my chest and squatted down onto his knees as he past my stomach. I felt his hand grab my firm shaft and he tugged and pulled on my cock for a few seconds as his face lined up to the perfect angle. I watched as his mouth opened and he slid my throbbing cock into his mouth. The water running down my body as his face slid back and forth taking my cock deep into his throat. I moaned in pleasure as he was sucking me off, making me want him more and more.

“OMG Jacob,” I moaned out. As my hands came to rest on his head.

I stood for minutes just enjoying him sucking my dick as the shower continued flowing the hot water on both of our naked bodies. I pulled Jacob up from my cock and kissed him deeply. I wanted him so bad. I wanted to be on my knees sucking his cock. I wanted everything this was güvenilir bahis siteleri going to offer.

“My turn,” I said as I started to get onto my knees.

The water flowed down Jacob’s chest as I made me way to his hard cock. Without hesitation, I slid his erect cock right into my mouth and started sliding back and forth. I was so turned on, feeling so dirty, yet so enthralled by sucking dick. I bobbed back and forth along his shaft listening to his soft groans and whimpers as I was giving him head. I learned through this experience that water is not a good lubricant and I wanted to be out of the shower and on the bed. I pulled Jacob’s cock from my mouth and stood back up.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” I said.

Jacob nodded his head in agreement and he started to step out of the shower as I tuned to shut the shower off. He grabbed a towel for himself and handed me one as I pulled the curtain all the way back. I stepped out and we started to dry ourselves off. He helped me a bit as I helped him, both of us standing there naked, rock hard docks, wanting to be elsewhere, besides this bathroom. Jacob walked out first and I followed along dropping my towel at the edge of the bed. Jacob slid onto the bed, face down, but rolled over as I started to climb in. I was on my knees leaning my torso down towards him as we kissed again. My hand reached for and located his hard cock. I stroked his dick as we kissed, wanting to play with him more and more.

I shifted my position and leaned all the way down, sliding his hard cock back into my mouth. This time, my saliva made his cock all slippery as I bobbed up and down. Jacob laid back, just enjoying his morning blow job as I worked to bringing him to orgasm. I was bobbing up and down so hard and fast, that I was almost gagging myself as his cock hit the back of my throat. I pulled from his cock, used my hand to stroke him and moaned out loud, “I want to make you cum.”

Jacob pulled me down onto the bed, almost face to face with him, so excited and so aroused because of our passion for each other. We laid side to side kissing deeply, softly touching, rubbing and caressing our naked bodies. Our hands stroking each other’s cocks. Jacob hinted for me to lay flat on my back, so I adjusted my body to his request. Jacob got up from his position, swung himself around and started to climb on top of me. He situated his body over mine and with a slight push of his hand, he lowered his cock right into my mouth. His head drifted downwards and he placed my cock into his mouth. We were in a 69 in the hotel room, sucking each other’s cocks and I couldn’t get enough. I lifted my head slightly time and time again off the mattress taking his dick deep into my mouth as his head bobbed up and down on mine. Our moans and groans filled the room, as our hands and fingers, grasped and pulled at each other’s skin during the moments of pleasure.

I laid there sucking his cock, enjoying every minute of it, as he kept sucking and stroking mine. Jacob was getting close to cumming. I felt his cock was getting harder and harder and plumper as his hips began thrusting downwards. I pulled his cock from my mouth, used my hand to stroke him hard and fast, speaking the words, “Fucking cum for me baby.”

Jacob let out a loud moan, as I placed his cock back into his mouth, sucking on it with every bit of strength I had. Jacob pulled himself off of me and shifted his entire body. He knelt right at my face as I pulled a pillow away from iddaa siteleri the headboard sliding it under my head. Jacob leaned over me, placing his right hand on the headboard, while his left hand grabbed a hold of his hard shaft tilted it downward and placed his hard cock back into my mouth and whimpered out, “Suck my cock baby, make me cum.”

I got so excited that I pulled his dick so far down into my mouth with suction, that I thought I was going to swallow it. I bobbed back and forth as hard as I could, while his hips rammed harder and faster towards me. “Don’t stop Rick, don’t stop.”

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” bellowed from his lips as my hand was stroking my cock. Overly excited and ready to take his load.

Within seconds loud whimpering squeals emanated from his mouth.

“Oh, yah baby. Oh, fuck yah. Rick, baby that’s it, suck it. Rick! Fuck Rick. OMG, Rick, Rick, Rick!!!”

With a few more good thrusts, his left hand grabbed the side of my face as he screamed, “I’m cumming.”

I felt his warm sticky cum shooting from his cock, hitting the back of my throat. I was stroking my cock so hard while I was slurping down every bit of his load. He was still squealing out, partial word and Oh’s and Ah’s as I just kept feeling more cum shooting inside my mouth.

“Holy Fuck,” he moaned out as his body quivered next to me.

As he pulled his cock from my mouth, he looked down smiling at me. As he shifted his weight back onto his knees, he noticed I was stroking my cock.

“That’s so sexy.” He whispered out.

“I’m going to cum soon Jacob.” I advised.

He swung his body around and placed his mouth over my cock and started sucking me as hard and as fast as any other person had done before.

“Jacob, here it comes,” I bellowed out.

Within seconds my body locked up and I felt every bit if my cum blasting out from the tip of my cock, deep inside his mouth.’ “Holy shit.” Escaped my mouth, as I was cumming deep inside this throat.

Jacob kept bobbing up and down, making sure he got every drop.

My body quivered and shook, as I released every bit of my load. When Jacob finally finished, he sat upwards on his knees. His cock still partially hard, with a drip of cum at the tip. I was lying there catching my breath as we stared into each other’s eyes. He laid down next to me, cuddled in my arms.

“Thank you.” I whispered to him.

He cuddled in closer saying, “No, Thank you.”

We laid around for a bit until both of our stomachs were growling with hunger after digesting each other’s cum. He went back up to his room to change and we met in the hotel breakfast area about ten minutes later. We enjoyed each other’s company and conversation throughout breakfast with no awkward feelings or pauses. We walked around the camping show a bit more that morning, seeing if we had missed anything, eventually gathering up our stuff to make our way home. Jacob and I sat in my car for about an hour talking after we both checked out of the hotel. We both agreed to not let this be a one night / one weekend stand and hopefully make plans to see each other in a few weeks. We kissed a bit more and held each other in the car, before finally parting ways.

A few hours before I arrived home, I got a message from Jacob reporting he had made it home safe and he was hoping I would be home soon. We spent the next few weeks talking and texting like before and did manage to plan a quick trip about a month and a half later, when he would fly out by me and stay at my house for a few nights with me. And we talked a lot about a possible camping trip, with just him and I. Alone deep in the woods.

‘ll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

To Be Continued…

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