My New Sister Ch. 04

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Fallan really was a virgin, if you don’t count the dildos and strap-ons Sammie and a few other girls had shoved into her, before she bent over and impaled herself on my dick. She really was in danger of getting pregnant, too. Not that it mattered to her, she was trying to find a way to piss her father off so bad he’d kick her out. Apparently getting knocked up by a white American from a broken home was the sure ticket. The big-titted blonde, whose name was Trish, really did want to fuck me, and Sammie already had four others lined up for the rest of the week.

All three girls had climbed into my car when school was over, and Sammie ordered me to drive to an apartment complex her father owned. “After my parents divorced, my dad would bring his dates here to screw around. Didn’t want to bring them home and risk upsetting me.” she told us and led us to a room with no numbers at the front of the lot. “Your mom’s probably been here a few times too, Jason.” she laughed as she unlocked the door.

That’s when I picked her up and slammed Sammie against the wall of the small apartment, her legs were wrapped around my waist, her tongue was wrapped around mine. I don’t know what made me want her more, the fact she watched me fuck my lab partner earlier in the classroom, or the things she told me afterwards. I tore open her shirt, feeling blindly for the steel rings that hung from her nipples as she continued to suck on my tongue. She gasped as I hooked my fingers around one ring and twisted slowly.

“Excuse me, when do I get him? I paid just like Fallan.” Trish said as she slammed the door shut behind her. I looked over my shoulder and drank her in. A few inches taller than Sammie, she weighed an easy eighty pounds more than her, nearly all of that was in her ass and on her chest. Her shirt was cut so that the entire top half of her breasts were bared, the image of some band I’d never heard of was stretched over the front to the point that it was even more unrecognizable, and her black flare leg jeans hugged every curve she had between belly and knees.

I smiled and nearly let Sammie go, but she grabbed the back of my head and planted her fake vampire fangs in my collarbone. “Fallon.” I groaned out. “You wanna keep Trish here entertained?”

Sammie let go with a heavy sigh. “I promise you can have him as soon as I’m done.” she told her blonde buddy. “I mean you don’t want him getting you pregnant too do you?” Trish got a slightly confused look on her face and shook her head. “Good, then I’ll go drain him, then he won’t have any sperm left when it’s your turn.” Sammie went on matter-of-factly. “And Fallan, do keep her entertained.” she ordered and the darker girl just smiled and nodded.

“Bed?” I asked and Sammie shot her eyes to my left at a red door with a matching frame. I carried her over and decided that one hand on her ass and the other toying with her nipples left me with a hand short to open the door. Luckily, Sammie sensed my dilemma and reached for the knob herself. We feel into the room, still licking the insides of each other’s mouths, and I managed to stumble to the bed before I lost all balance and fell on top of her. I kissed my way down her chin, her neck, and stopped to wrap my tongue around her pierced nipple while she cooed and laughed at me.

I was unbuttoning the butterfly crotch of her too-tight straight-leg jeans when I heard “This is SO unfair.” from behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see Trish still pouting, now with her arms folded under her massive boobs. The girl was hot, and I did want her, but she was really getting on my nerves with the interruptions.

“Get out.” I ordered and her mouth dropped open in amazement. Apparently I wasn’t allowed to speak to her that way, not that I really cared at the moment.

Sammie pushed me into the floor and sat up, breasts exposed and pants half off. “Listen, bitch!” she barked “Before Jason is your whore, he’s mine. Before I rent him to you, I can use him, lick him, suck him, bite him, fuck him, whip him, and abuse him any damn way I want for as long I damn well please!” she said bouncing her head back and forth with each word. She raised one hand, pointing at the larger girl when she tried to speak. “If you’ve got a fucking problem with that, you can come in here and try to take him from me, or you can go the fuck home!” Sammie screamed. Trish looked like a dog who just got caught shitting on the carpet and started to turn away. “I offered you Fallan to keep you busy, you should be fucking happy I was that fucking generous!” Sammie added, then finished with “Shut the fucking door on your way out!” Every hard edge on my step-sister softened visibly as soon as the door latched and she threw herself at me. Kissing and sucking on my mouth as she pulled me off the carpet by my head. “Where were we?” she smiled and I quickly reminded her by jerking her pants off along with her shoes and kissing my back down her milk-white body. I stopped at her belly button, sticking my tongue in it while I started rubbing her pussy through her soaking wet black panties. “God… fethiye escort Jason… Don’t tease me…” she mewled pathetically.

I just smiled and eased away from her body. “And why not?” I asked and jammed my thumb into her clit through her black cotton panties. “You’ve been teasing me all day.” I continued and jammed my hand at her pussy again, rocking her whole body and making her gasp and clench her jaw. “You even sicced your little Iraqi slave on me just so you could watch.” I said and she braced for another impact, but this time I didn’t move.

“Kuwaiti.” she moaned and relaxed all her tensed up muscles.

“Whatever.” I answered. “You knew what you were doing to me, ignoring me, driving me insane, then you put her on me!” I told her and spanked her sharply on her crotch

Sammie sat halfway up and propped herself up on her elbows. “You loved fucking her in that lab and you know it.” she accused. I smiled and shrugged. “You got so fucking turned on when I told you she wasn’t on the pill you almost blew your load!” She went on and then said, grinning, “And when you FINALLY came in her after I told you she was a virgin,” Sammie smiled and rolled her eyes, and I think I might’ve even seen her blush, “I actually creamed my panties.”

I glanced at the soaked cloth covering her snatch. “I can tell.” I chided.

Sammie slapped me playfully. “I’ve never done that before. Ever.” She smiled a me and asked, “You are able to do an encore, right?”

I snorted, “Did yesterday teach you nothing, little sister?” I teased and placed her hand on the erection popping seams in my jeans.

She rolled her eyes. “Little? You’re like two months older than me.” Sammie re-informed me, and quickly undid my belt and pants before sliding her hot little hand inside my boxers to bring out my now engorged dick. She rubbed me a few times as I jerked her soaking panties from her body and started down towards her pussy again. “No, no, no.” she complained. I looked up at her, confusion on my face. She explained, “There is no time for foreplay, just fuck me, ok?”

I crawled back up her body, pushing her back on the bed as I went, and let her guide my shaft to her shaven box. “Works for me.” I told her, smiling as I pushed into her greased up fuck-tube until I felt her lips around the base of my dick. Sammie groaned as I opened her up, sighing and closing her eyes as our hips met.

“Don’t bother being gentle, either.” Sammie told me and kicked me in the ass with her heel. “Gittyup!” Then she started laughing, which made her pussy clench and pull on me. We both moaned when felt it, but before her walls had stopped gripping, I was already out and pushed halfway back in.

It wasn’t like the first time we were together. There was no discovery, no what “What does she like?” running my mind. No, there was just my cock splitting her pussy open, our flesh meeting and slapping, the bed rocking back and forth, my grunts and groaning, and Sammie’s screams.

I sucked and kissed her neck as I pounded into her, trying my best to shove my entire body into her tiny pussy. I felt her body tighten up, and the spray from her orgasm splashed on my stomach. Sammie let out a howl that I thought for sure would have the cops called on us. Just then, she grabbed me by the hair, lifted my head, and sunk her pointed teeth into the left half of my collarbone. “Ooohh, FUCK!” I yelled. Somewhere between her pussy pulling on my shaft and squirting me with cunt water, and her biting into my flesh, I started cumming against the far walls of Sammie’s body.

We froze for a few seconds, before she eased her jaws from me and I eased my dick from her. “There,” she panted, licking my blood from her lips. “now we have matching scars.”

I looked down at my own collarbone to see teeth marks embedded into torn skin. I touched it gently and winced in pain as the endorphins from my orgasm started to wear off. I said, “You bitch.” but couldn’t keep a straight face.

Sammie just laughed and crawled off the bed, heading for the master bathroom. “It’s only fair!” she yelled over her shoulder as she fished out something from beneath the sink. She sauntered back to the bed wearing a black silk bathrobe, and carrying a small first aid kit. “Now, let me see.” she scolded when I turned my shoulder away from her. When I finally offered the wound to her, she went to quick work bandaging me up. “I’m only doing this so it won’t get infected, you’ll still have a scar, a big one.” she told me as she taped the last corner down.

I poked her through her robe, where I knew she had a similar bandage on her right shoulder. She winced slightly, trying to be tougher than I knew she was and I smiled. “Did you doctor yours the same way? Or did you try to knit it up first?” I asked.

Sammie pushed me back on the bed, laid on top of me, and kissed me on the cheek “You’ll find out when the bandage comes off.” she teased. I heard a polite knock on the door and Sammie scowled. “Do you want a condom for Trish?” She asked.

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Do I need one, or is she escort fethiye clean?”

Sammie squinted and curled her lip. “She’s a whore.” she finally answered. I rolled my eyes and she rolled off the bed and popped open a door on the nightstand. “Are you ready for her?” Sammie asked and dropped a Trojan on my chest on the way to the door.

I picked up the condom and smiled up at Sammie. “Why don’t you get me ready for her?” Sammie looked back at me and smiled, and started back away from the door. “No,” I stopped her “Go ahead let her in, she can watch. Maybe she’ll learn something.”

Sammie beamed at me. I never knew someone could look so evil and full of glee at the same time. She popped the door open and walked back to the bed before Trish had even seen her face. “Come on in,” Sammie chided. “He’s not quite ready yet, but I can get him there for you.”

“What are-?” Trish asked slightly confused, but stopped when she saw me laying there naked. She stared in stunned silence as Sammie plopped her head into my lap and started licking my semi-hard cock. “You are such a bitch.” Trish whispered as Sammie started rubbing my balls and sucked the juice-covered head of my dick into her tight-lipped mouth.

“Mmmmmm” She moaned, staring past my feet at Trish, and I nearly laughed. Sammie bobbed her head up down, tapping the back of her throat with my cock and leaving more than enough drool behind to let Trish know what she was missing. I was groaning, really hoping she’d keep sucking and Trish would have to wait. She popped my tool out though, with a loud sigh, and wiped her mouth before ripping the Trojan’s package open and slowly rolling the condom down over my dick. “He’s all yours, Trish, but that stays on.” she commented as she hopped off the bed and walked for the door.

Trish scowled at her. “What if I want him to cum in my mouth?” My dick perked at the thought even though she asked just to be a smart-ass.

Sammie eyed her sideways and looked like she might lunge at her, but said, “Then suck it out of the rubber, after he cums in it.” instead. When she left, Trish tried to close the door, and Sammie kicked it back open. “You want the door closed? That’ll be fifty more dollars.” she spat and held her hand open.

Trish glared at her, slack-jawed, the said, “Fine, you wanna watch me fuck your boyfriend? Go ahead, freak.” I was beginning to wonder why Sammie and her were friends. Sammie shrugged and walked away to find Fallan, and Trish turned back to me, with an uneasy smile. She walked over to the bed and smiled down at me. “So, that was pretty hot, watching you do Fallan in class.”

“Thanks.” I answered “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the rate for half an hour with me anyway?” I asked, reminding her that I was basically a whore. I mean, sure Trish was an attractive girl, and I really couldn’t wait to get those big tits of hers in my face, but the shitty attitude she had since we left school was wearing on my desire to fuck her.

Instead of answering me, she pulled her top off, followed by her pants and panties at the same time. I watched her and was disappointed that her bra hadn’t been removed, and wasn’t surprised when I saw the pubic hair shaped into a big T over her slit. Trish stroked her bush a few times then climbed into bed and straddled me. “It’s not that much actually,” she told me as she reached behind her and grabbed my dick and aimed it up at her slit, “You might wanna ask your sister to raise the prices.” She popped the tip of my dick inside her with a gasp. She slid down my shaft slowly, with a loud moan and her eyes half closed. Her pussy was tighter than I expected, and even through the condom I feel how hot and wet she had gotten.

When I felt her pubes touch mine, I reached up and popped the shoulder straps on her bra, “Take it off. I wanna suck your tits,” I told her. Trish bit her lip and leaned back, her weight crushing down on me and forcing more of my cock up inside her as she put her arms behind her and unhooked her bra, letting her hooters fall into the air and my waiting hands. I pulled her down by her big pale nipples and inhaled one of them between my teeth as she started moaning and rocking her hips on me. After teasing and nibbling her nipples until they stood straight on her tits, I shoved my face into the middle of them and enjoyed the sandwich they made of my head.

Trish laughed and shook her upper body, slapping me with her big tits and twisting her hips around my cock. We both moaned at the new sensation, but I didn’t stop sucking or licking her giant orbs. “God, you act like you’ve never seen big boobs before,” Trish moaned out as she rocked back and forth on my shaft, “Then again, I’ve seen Sammie’s and I guess you have been deprived of breast meat.”

I shot her a glare with her nipple still in my mouth and bit down harder than she liked. Before she could stop moaning to complain, I dug my hands into her meaty ass and rolled us both over. “You think that’s funny?” I growled and stood off the edge of the bed, then roughly pulled her over to me. She just moaned fethiye escort bayan in response as I shoved my dick back up her gash. “Not so funny now is it?” I barked and jerked her legs up and over my shoulders, holding her by her knees and slamming into her cunt as hard as my legs would let me.

Behind the slaps of the backs of her thick thighs hitting my stomach, I could hear her moaning. “N-n-n-no i-i-i-its n-n-n-n-not,” I stopped suddenly, popping my cock from inside her, followed by a gush of her pussy juice, to ask her what she said. “Oh Fuck!” she screamed and fell back to the bed. “Jason! Don’t stop!” she begged and I threw her legs back open and jumped on top of her, plunging back into her steadily flowing cunt.

“You want to know why I had to have Sammie before I fucked you, Trish?” I growled in her ear while I continued to spear her pussy. She looked at me, confused. “Its because I probably wouldn’t be able to get hard enough to fuck you otherwise.” I told her.

She groaned and I’m pretty sure she had an orgasm when told her that. “Why are you being so mean to me?” she panted out while my dick kept up it’s repeated invasion of her body.

“Cause you’re a fucking slut, that’s why.” I told her and could hardly believe the words came from my own mouth. Trish moaned at the words, and I knew that she had an orgasm then. I laughed, “Holy shit, you really are a slut!” and she moaned louder. “You just came on my dick, cause I called you a nasty slut!” I told her and felt her pussy clench up. I fucked her through her first orgasms and when she started breathing halfway normally, I started abusing her again. “You are such a fucking slut, Trish, you had to pay me for my dick.” I told her and she clenched her eyes shut trying not to cry as her pussy told the rest of her body to just enjoy it. I asked, “How else would I give up Sammie’s tight cunt for this plate of ham you call a pussy?” and slapped her on the ass. That’s when she started crying and having orgasms at the same time.

I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to stop or not, but when I slowed down and started to pull away Trish grabbed my arms and pulled me back. “Don’t stop, Jason, please.” she sobbed out and pushed her wide hips up at me, searching for my cock. I drove back into her, noting that she was much wetter now then when we started. I started ramming away at her again, rocking her big body and the bed back and forth causing ripples in her flesh. “Are you gonna cum for me, Jason?” she asked through the impacts and her own sobs.

I laughed, but didn’t stop hollowing out her cunt. “What makes you think you can even make me cum, slut?” I asked her, leaning out of her range when she reached for me to pull me into a kiss. “And don’t fucking touch me,” I ordered and slapped her hands away. “I’m here for your pussy, your kisses don’t interest me.” I barked at her.

“Please cum for me, Jason!” she started crying and went limp. “Please! Just cum for your slut!” she was moaning and sobbing at the same time as her pussy clenched and pulled at my dick. “It’s all I want, Jason,” she wailed, “I only want to make you cum!”

Some time before she ran out of tears, I felt my balls clench up. “Here it is slut,” I shouted, “this is what you fucking wanted!” Then my dick swelled up ever so slightly and spurted what little sperm I had left into the condom. I pulled myself away from and out of Trish and pulled the condom off my dick. “Here slut.” I spat and threw the used rubber towards her face, where it slapped wetly on her right tit and leaked a little cum out.

Trish reached for it and shuddered. “Thank you.” she muttered and started crying again.

I won’t lie, I felt horrible for what just happened. When I turned away though, and saw Sammie leaned up against the door frame with Fallan’s head between her legs, I felt a little better. “Is she gonna be okay?” I whispered to Sammie.

She gasped and moaned as Fallan apparently hit a sensitive spot. “She’ll be.. Mmm… Fine.” she answered me. “She likes it when.. Ooo, God… People treat her like that.” She put her hand on top of Fallan’s head and removed the Muslim’s mouth from her crotch. “You need to quit before I can’t walk.” she pointed and Fallan smiled up at her before she crawled into the living room. Sammie closed her robe and followed, I wasn’t far behind after grabbing my boxers and pants.

“See Jason, Fallan and Trish are mine.” Sammie explained to me as Fallan made us all drinks at Sammie’s request, or was it an order? “The difference is, Fallan really enjoys the pain and humiliation of me ordering her around. It doesn’t even have to be sexual for her, she just gets off on being bossed around.” She told me as she sipped on her rum and coke. “Sure, she serves me sexually, and I occasionally go down on her too. Usually I just make her masturbate so I can watch though.” Sammie stopped and pointed to the now closed bedroom door. “Trish, on the other hand, only responds to violence and screaming, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. She likes to bad mouth me behind my back, because she knows it’ll piss me off and I’ll hurt her.” She stopped to swig some more alcohol and caffeine, then continued, “She hates the fact that her body responds how it does to the abuse, but even you can’t argue with the orgasms calling her a filthy slut produces.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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