My Neighbor’s Daughter Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

This is chapter

of my earlier story ‘My Neighbor’s Daughter’. You will remember that Sally and Bill met a sales clerk (Judy) in a store near his Maine cabin who turned out to be hot for Bill and gave him her phone number. Let’s see where this goes.


I had met this girl Judy in a department store and she was so pretty she literally knocked my socks off. I was in the store with another gal I had agreed to buy some clothes for but got talking to Judy when the other gal went into a dressing room. Judy volunteered her phone number but I then went nuts trying to find it when I got home. When I was talking to her in the store we got talking about sex and I sort of joked that if we ever went to bed I would eat her pussy till her ears caved in and fuck her until she couldn’t walk. She smiled and said something to the effect that that would be great. Damn, I have to find that number.

Shit, it was right on my desk and I must be blind.

“Well, are you ready to have your pussy eaten and your legs weakened?” I asked; referring to the promise I had made her the first time we met.

“Bill, I didn’t think you were going to call even though you said you would.”

“Well, here I am and wondering what you are going to be doing this weekend. I could leave here tomorrow morning and be up in that area late afternoon. If you knew of a good place to have dinner between where you live and my cabin I could meet you there, that is if you would have enough clothes in your car to last you the weekend.”

“I hope you aren’t kidding for I am off work this weekend and I know of the perfect restaurant. You would have your choice of fish or meat. It doesn’t get any better than that does it?”

She gave me the name and location of the place and we made plans to meet there around five the next evening. I called the woman who cleans my place to make sure it was going to be OK and had her get me some more wine and booze. I was going to be ready!

The drive went well and I made it to the cabin mid-afternoon and made sure everything was going to be OK in it. I put some kindling in the firepit and some logs on top of that and planned to light it just before I left for the restaurant. The fire would be good by the time we got home and if I threw another couple of logs on it then it would be perfect for the rest of the night while we were sitting out on the porch and looking at the stars and each other.

I was able to follow her directions perfectly and got to the place at five on the dot. The maitre de looked as if he was waiting for me for as soon as I walked in the front door he said with a question in his voice, “Bill?”

When I confirmed that was who I was he ushered me to her table. She must have been to the hairdressers for she was fixed a bit differently than I remembered her but she was good looking gorgeous.

I leaned over to kiss her and said, “You look absolutely fantastic and too good to roll in the hay.”

She responded with, “Oh roll me in the hay big fellow. I’m counting on it.”

We had a great dinner. The food was superb and the conversation was every bit as good. She is a remarkable gal in that she had to support her mother after her father passed away and her mom had died the previous year and she was now going to college at night and working in that clothing store to pay her way and support herself. She didn’t inherit a dime from her folks passing so she was doing it all on her own.

After dinner we jumped in our cars and she followed me to the cabin rather than look for a place to park her car for the weekend near the restaurant.

By the time we got to the cabin the fire was on its last legs but a few logs later and it was on its way back to a roaring life.

I went inside and poured us a couple of drinks before returning outside to the sofa to find her bare ass naked waiting for me.

God this woman doesn’t waste any time. I had figured we would sit around the firepit and just talk for a while and not even get close to having sex until we hit the sack a lot later. She sure thought differently.

The flames from the fire showed me that her tits were even larger than I originally thought. I stood there with the drinks in my hands and then put them down on the table along side of the sofa and began to strip myself. It didn’t take me long before I was as naked as she was. I quickly grabbed one of the cushions from an adjacent chair and dropped it on the deck and knelt on it while I positioned my face in front of her lovely pussy before she knew what was happening.

I used my hands to spread her legs and then dropped my face to the lips of her pussy. It was wet with her excitement and I soon had my mouth buried deep between her lips with my tongue working feverishly on her clitoris. Her moaning could have been heard a quarter-mile away. I used my old trick of folding three fingers on my hand into a teepee and then inserted it deep inside of her only this time I didn’t stop there. As soon as my fingers were buried I fethiye escort kept opening and closing them quickly instead of keeping them together while my tongue was still working away.

“Oh GOD Bill, what are you doing to me?”

“I told you I was going to suck your pussy till your ears caved in didn’t I? What I am doing is just a minor modification to that but it sounds as if you are enjoying it.”

“Enjoying it. I am so excited by whatever the hell you are doing I’m ready to go on to the afterlife.”

“Please don’t stop.” She said more than just a little breathlessly.

She was panting and gasping for breath and tossing her hips all over the sofa and I was having a hell of time just holding on. She began to whimper and then squeal and finally she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled it even deeper inside of the lips of her pussy.

Right then she exploded. Her hips were being thrown as high as the back of the sofa and she was clamping her thighs around my head. I could feel her pulse quicken and the juices began to flow as her yelling increased to a minor roar. Her breathing became so fast I started to get worried that this could be a huge problem.

I let my face slide down and away from her pussy and then just rested my chin on the sofa in front of it and looked up at her. She was still breathing very fast but it sounded as if it was slowing to a more normal pace.

“How do you feel now honey?” I quietly asked.

She answered me through her fast breaths without it being totally understandable. “Wonderful. I can’t believe how wonderful.”

I stayed right where I was and just stroked her stomach as she calmed down.

“Bill, you are dangerous. If you kept that up a little longer I am not sure I would have survived it.”

“Can I take it that you enjoyed what I was doing?”

“ENJOYED it, damn, it was awesome. I haven’t been with many men, in fact only two in my entire life, and you take the cake. You ought to be given a license for what you are able to do.”

“Oh cut the shit. All I did was eat your pussy.”

“Oh listen to Mr. Humble. You know damn well you had me going a bit nuts.”

“Well, maybe just a little.” I responded with a laugh.

Her breathing had returned almost to normal by then and she laughed and banged me on the top of the head.

“Whew, that was something else Bill.”

“Glad to be of service Madam.”

She laughed again and then pulled me up and planted a huge kiss on me while her tongue was doing its thing with my tonsils. I had my hands massaging the hell out of her tits and all of a sudden she pulled away shouting,

“Oh not you don’t. You are not going to get me all exited again so soon.”

“Aw, the poor thing can’t take a decent piece of ass.”

“Decent piece of ass! Is that what you call it? It is more than decent my love. It should be patented.” And she ruffled my hair while laughing up a storm.

I slid up on the sofa alongside of her and handed us each our forgotten drinks. I need a big one and so did she.

She looked down at my crotch and let out another screech.

“Oh my God, look a the size of that thing. You are a real ‘fucking machine’ Bill with a cock like that.”

“Judy, by the time you have it in you for a few minutes you will wish it were larger but the only way you will know that is for me to put it there. Stand up behind the sofa and lean over the back of it. I am going to fuck you from the rear.”

She scurried around and assumed the position and I was right behind her. I slipped a condom on as I was going behind her and then put one hand on each of her hips and held them while I began to slide into her.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice.” She said and then “Eeeek, holy shit. How deep is it in now?” as I drove another inch or two in.

It was in her almost all of the way but I thought I would shake her up a little and said, “I still have about half way still to go.”

“Oh my God. Bill, I’m not sure if I can take any more.”

“What a pansy. Can’t take me eating or fucking her pussy.”

“I didn’t know I was going to date a horse.” She said somewhat sheepishly.

“Oh be quiet big tits. It’s been in you all the way for the last five minutes.”

I then began to thrust in and out deep, hard and fast. It wasn’t going to take me long to dump my load and I only wished I wasn’t wearing a condom for I would have loved to fill her nice tight pussy with my white hot come.

“Whew, you are something else. No kidding, have all the women you have been with had the same trouble with your big cock as I did?”

“Nah, the other several dozen had easier times.”

“Are you telling me that you have been to bed with several dozen women.”

“No, I never said that. I didn’t take most of them to bed. A few I fucked on an airplane and a couple on a boat. A few were on the grass of Penn State’s football field and the rest all over the place. Two I fucked on the upper deck of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. That was something. “

Her escort fethiye face showed shock and perhaps fear until I laughed loudly and said,

“Yes sweet thing, the few woman I have had sex with have taken a few times to get used to my cock. I have only had several women …not dozens but I really had you going didn’t I?”

“You SOB, you did have me going. I was ready to jump in my car to escape a sex fiend like you were sounding to be.”

“I’m sorry Judy. I really do apologize. Forgive me?”

“Yes, if you will kiss me again.” Which I gladly did.

“I better quit teasing you for sometimes I get carried away and it comes out all wrong. Let me be serious for a few minutes. Last week when I was at your store and you were fitting Sally out in a bunch of new outfits I fell for you right then. I don’t know what it was but the more I looked at you the more I wanted to hold and kiss you. You are one good looking gal.” “Damn, you can go from one extreme to the other. A few minutes ago you had me worried that I had become involved with a sex maniac and here you are being as nice and sweet as a woman would ever dream of.”

“Judy, this is the real me. The other one is just a big mouth who is always trying to be funny. I promise that I’ll stop that crap with you. OK?”

“OK Mr. nice guy.”

“Now don’t you go the other way and try to match my feeble attempt at humor.”

We were both still bare ass naked and it was still early and we each needed another drink. I went in and freshened what we had and came back out and we sat on the sofa and just looked at the fire. It had gotten a little cooler so I had her stand and I pulled the sofa another foot nearer the firepit. I had a fireplace in the living room but this one got more use than the one in the living room other than in the deep winter. The flames from this one were almost hypnotizing. We sat there cuddling and sipping our drinks without saying a whole lot to one another. This woman is getting to me big time just being herself.

“Judy, I think I am ready for bed. How about you?”

“I’d like to finish my drink first before going in. It’s still early.”

“No problem, I’ll have another one to stay with you. Would you care to join me or are you OK with what you have?”

“I’ll finish this one but I could use another small one.”

When I brought the next drinks out I didn’t hand hers to her but rather set it down on a nearby table and put mine next to hers. When I sat down I gently put my arms around her and pulled her to me and gave her the warmest kiss I could. It wasn’t one that could be mistaken for one full of sexual feelings but one of simple loving warmth.

We sat chatting quietly for the next hour or so sipping the rest of our drinks and then got up and went inside.

It had gotten a little chilly inside so I turned the propane heater on low just enough to take the chill off. We slipped into bed still naked and I cuddled closely to her. It didn’t take long of that kind of closeness with both of us naked before I was aroused again and I reached down and guided my cock into her. She threw herself back to me and we moved slowly in sync with each other and just as I was feeling the warmth of an orgasm coming over me it dawned on that I hadn’t put a condom on. I pulled out of her and shot my load on a towel that happened to be lying alongside of the bed. She rolled over to face me and said,

“I hope the day will come that you don’t have to do that.”

We rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning she was up early and making bacon and eggs and the coffee was nearly ready. Mmmm, this gal may be a keeper.

“Well, what would you like to do today big tits? You have a choice of hiking, fishing or fucking. What will it be for you fair maiden?” I asked with a huge smile showing.

“Well, since you are being such a smart ass how about all of the above and in the order they were presented.”

“Sounds great to me. Now you are going to have another choice and that is whether I am going to fuck your ass or your pussy.”

“You are out of your mind if you think you are ever going to put that thing of yours in my butt. “I’ll do a Lorena Bobbitt on you if you ever try it.” (Lorena was the gal that cut off her husband’s cock when he angered her about something or other).

“Oh what a poor sport you are,” and couldn’t keep from laughing.

“Noooo, that isn’t the choice I was thinking about. The choice is where you would like to eat. Would you like to go to another nice looking restaurant I passed on the way up here or would you rather stay in and eat? If we go fishing and catch something that will make the decision for us but if we come back empty handed I still have a ton of food in the refrigerator if you don’t want to go out. Why don’t we wait until we are through fishing to make the decision?

“Sounds good to me.” She answered.

Breakfast was over and she was standing at the sink rinsing the few dishes we had dirtied and I went up behind her fethiye escort bayan and reached around cupping her breasts in my hands. She turned her face over her shoulder and put her hand up and pulled my face to hers where she gave me a huge kiss. She then pushed herself away from me and turned to face me as she was dropping to her knees. She then took my half- hard cock in her hands and directed it to her mouth where she buried a lot of it.

Her tongue was doing some kind of magic on the head of my cock and then up and down and around the shaft. Whatever it was it was driving me a little crazy. “Oh God, that feels nice Judy. Do it the same way you do it to all of the other guys.” Me and my big mouth, I’ll never learn.

She went along with my feeble attempt at humor and said, “OK.” As soon as she said that she closed her mouth on the head of my cock and was starting to bite hard.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I screamed as I pulled away from her.

“Well, you told me to do it the way I did it to all of the other guys and I didn’t want you to feel neglected. That’s the way I did it to all of the rest of them before they ran for the hills. Especially those that I sucked off at the top of the Eiffel Tower.” By then she was away from me and rolling on the kitchen floor laughing so hard I thought she was going to piss herself.

I had to laugh. “Honey, I love your quick mind and a sense of humor every bit as weird as my own.” And saying that I dropped on the floor with her and we rolled around together laughing.

“Well, aren’t I going to get that blowjob?” I asked with a big smile.

“Nah, you haven’t been nice enough.” She said and I laughed even harder. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t have gotten a hard-on if I tried.

“OK big tits, up and at em. We are going for a hike and I am not going to let you suck my cock. So there.”

It was a super day for a hike. The temperature was in the high seventies and the sun was out in all of its glory. We walked hand in hand where the trail was wide enough for that and then single file where it wasn’t. The deer must have been waiting for us for we came across a small herd of them just a few feet off the path where they had crossed to get down to the lake for a drink. This time there was a buck with them which is somewhat unusual to see both sexes so close to each other like this. The buck dashed off but a few of the does just stood there and looked us over. I was wishing we had some kind of food with us to see if they would have eaten from our hands. Maybe another time.

Further down the trail we came across some raccoons that looked as if they had gotten some fish and were gorging themselves on the meal.

Judy was getting a huge charge out of the wildlife and I was happy for her. She really isn’t a city girl but she never seemed to get out in the woods to be able to see some of the things that are here in the hour or so we had been out. We hiked another few miles before turning back. We didn’t see any more wildlife on the return trip but it was a nice hike.

When we got back to the cabin I told her to get on some old clothes for if she caught any fish I didn’t want any of her good clothes to be ruined with the smell of fish. She hadn’t brought any real old clothes with her but she pulled on her oldest pain of jeans and I did the same and we jumped into the Jon boat for our fishing expedition.

Our luck wasn’t anywhere near as good as it had been with Sally but at least the scenery was nice. It is really a huge lake and the vast majority of the homes around it are on the far side so on my side it is as if we had the whole lake to ourselves. Our arms were getting tired casting when she asked me to flip one of the life preserver cushions her way. When she caught it she put it on the bottom of the boat and slid it towards me where she knelt on it saying,

“Ok big boy, get it out. Since we haven’t caught a fish it’s time for my appetizer if we are going out for dinner.” She knelt on the cushion while she was working my zipper.

That was all it took for she soon had my cock out and in her mouth. God, she had the damn thing buried and I swore it was touching her tonsils. Whatever, she had it down far enough that she was driving me over the top and I knew if she didn’t stop what she was doing and stop fast I would be filling her mouth with my juices and it had only been in her mouth a couple of minutes.

Within the next minute or so without me saying a word she slipped her mouth off my cock and then was holding it with one hand while she was using her tongue up and down the shaft and then up and around the head of it. She was using her other hand to lightly caress my balls. Every now and then she would look up at me from around my cock and I could see the traces of a smile.

It didn’t take long and I found that I had two hands on the back of her head and was pulling her deeper on my shaft as I began filling her mouth with white hot cum. She swallowed every drop and then slipped off it and licked every drop that was on the head of my cock.

“Wow, that is a hell of an appetizer you gave me.”

“No problem, you can have it at every meal if you want.”

“Mmmmm, if that’s an offer. I accept.”

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